Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday, August 31 Hot Way to End August

Fairmount Ave
Today is Monday the last day of August 2015. I managed to get up before the 811 alarm my fat which is a good thing because I have to walk the dogs
My New Bag
this morning. And political news outside my bubble,
Trolley at 22nd Street
Donald Trump is still leading  the Republican race with Ohio Governor John Kasich is NOW coming in 3rd third-place once  he was in 8th place. I finished the dogs, I walked up 50th Street to the 21 bus. I want by Barkan Park.  The place brings back some memories that's for sure. I got really lucky just as I got the 21 bus as it was arriving a block away
Cedar Avenue
The Mini-Pins
So I'll be less than 15 minutes late to work!!! I'm open to write up some sanction
packets today. This is barring any other interruptions. I got a nice new courier bag. It fits everything I really need and it's so much lighter than my leather
Barkan Park
bag up and coming around. My friend gave it to me
Here Comes the 21 at 9AM
and I'm extremely thankful. It's pretty cloudy out but there's no forecast of rain as of 9:16 AM. Well
50th and Walnut
during work I had to deal with a lot of BS stuff from over the weekend. At 3:33 PM and I have not written
1:30. Its Hot
back yet so I need to get cracking. I just want to finish my 24 person with       today. Well it's
Arriving to Work
5:23 PM. I did not get the list done. I had very many interruptions with goofball weird request and whatnot.
Tomorrow I have about 11 to 15 people coming in. Yes the temperature is 90° at 5:25 PM well I got the EL and proceeded to walk down to coffee Joe. I got a
Heading Into Coffee Joe
iced coffee and listening to the clash.
Coffee Joe
I'm with a lot of portable boyfriends here and I'm eating a danish. More news from outside the bubble.
Outside Coffee Joe
In Harrisburg negotiations are still going on about a state budget. Republicans want to use changing the pensions for new state employees. Nothing was mentioned about liquor store privatization
though. It'll probably stretch out until mid to late fall at the rate they're going. Well, I soon have to get going to the meeting since its now 6:38pm.
I finished the Monday
Finding Solutions
night and now I'm at 19th St. waiting for the 34 trolley to hopefully arrive. I'm hoping to walk dog
Hair Today
and get home as close to 9 PM at humanly possible. Well I'm not gonna make the 9 PM deadline but any luck I'll get home by 9:45 PM and meet Sharon at
Bishops  since "it cheaper than Little Pete's." So
Sky View
the trains going to get here at 46th St at 9:18 PM and then it directs me to walk to15th and JFK,
that's the 32 bus. The 32 bus came right on time at 9:32 PM so it won't take me very long to get to where I want to be. Well
I went to Pete's picked up at two pizza special and some drinks and we came
Colorful Studio
back and chow down and then talk about the future of one of our gallery we've already set up the lighting.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday August 30: A Hot Day for Dogs and Art

Here Comes the 48!!
Well I attempted to awake @ 8:30 a.m. to it but on my phone wanted to go back to sleep so bad. I felt exhausted When I tried to go back to sleep I had some
The 48 in Action
weird sensations in my head & I could not stay asleep.
Nice Woman on 48 Bus
very long so I got up around 10:30. Where proceeded to quickly get dressed and then I decided I
Heading to 49th & Hazel
needed to go take care of these dogs. The ride bread coffee shop with way too crowded one from women not miss the bus especially on a Sunday. Well,
Trolley @ 40th and Baltimore
I got lucky the 48& 7 showed up just as I was coming to
One of the Mini-Pin's
the bus stop. I got on the bus and talk to a nice woman. She noticed my T-shirt and the most
On the Morning Walk
excited about coming. We then got to go I'm going and seven children and then she works for the bus aide and a notery public. She was
Mike on Landlord Duty
really nice when I talk to her till I got to 13th and market. I think on the
Cedar Ave Facing East
trolley at 13th and got lucky that it was the 34 trolley which takes me pretty close to 49th & Hazel Avenue.
Outside the Coffee Market
Well I finished walking the little miniature pincher's. They are super poopers that's for sure. They are pretty
My Brunch Today
 easy to walk which is a good thing. I decided I needed to eat. I stopped at a coffee shop at
Almond Milk and Coffee
45th and Osage home called the coffee market. Back in the day it was called Sam's. Another
incarnation was called Earth Cup. Pat is here a lot but he's at work right now.
It's Sunday and here
40th Street Trolley Terminal
is a columnist from the New York Times commenting on the Trump candidacy for president. I also read
another New York Times columnist as well. He  states
40th Street Tunnel
that Trump is a bump in the road for the Bush and Clinton dynasties. I think he make a good  point because the Democratic front runner Hillary definitely has a lot of questions about her candidacy. "Jeb"! Bush
To 22nd ST
is a joke even to Republicans. Americans are tired ot the political status quao.
I wanted to get down to the gallery by 230 but I'm not sure I'm
Add caption
gonna make it that quickly. I'm good got to trolley at 40th St. I only
waited about 10 minutes. Then I want t 22nd and Arch Street & caught the 48 at 1:53 PM. I came home
to take a quick shower and get on some decent clothes. Sharon with that hello to the dogs. I told Sharon
Add caption
she didn't have to show up. I know that it's deathly coming Amy is probably coming and hopefully 1 Facebook friend and 1 OK Cupid friend 
will pop by.. πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒI caught the 2:31 PM  48 bus so I'm going to be about 10 minutes lat I may take  a cab or Uber from eighth and market to 8th and Catherine. Well I got to the
Add caption
gallery about 10 minutes late. 
Add caption
The first friend of  mine show up with Amy with Jill. About that time the battery was dying while Mo Tucker was
My Path to the Gallery
speaking. I for the life of me could not get the battery to charge up. So I don't have very many pictures from

the closing reception. Debbie showed up that was cool. That showed up with girlfriend who I knew.
Add caption
Both the people that I've been writing to online showed up as well. Right after the gentleman spoke to Art is
Add caption

being taken down by the artists even before 530. Pat and girlfriend & another friend
and I all hung out and had a coffee and I found out that the cord is the problem not so much the phone.
Mo Tucker Speaks
Really,  the jury is out on that. Happy laughed and then Laura drove me to the whole foods and I sat
Coffee at the Gallery
in the car and charged up my phone to 8% while she got her food. She then drove me here
to Saxbys which is a real break for me!! 
Well Larr
showed up and 2 other folks showed up including a new person. He told me about his trip out to Livingrin to bring a friend over. He also drove to the beach and back he was pretty tired. I just decided
to do another commitment a the GSR this evening. That's on Tuesday night. Got to find an alternate for my
other commitment!  I got to go get these dogs walked!! I am going to catch
Sunday Night
Off to West Philly
the trolley to 50th and Hazel Avenue clean up the poop etc. I will then try to time the trolley back to
Going to 49th
22nd Street so I will be home AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I am glad I slept in. I got  off at 45th since it's closer to Baltimore!! Holy shit I got  lucky and caught the
49th and Baltimore
Baltimore  trolley up the 50th. I think that  SAVED me 20 minutesπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
On of the Dogs
OK Sharon just checking in. It's now 9:55 I am at 50th and Larchwood a block away from the's going to be a late night! It's now
Last Trip Home
10:36 PM. I I got to walk to 50th and Spruce to catch the 42 bus downtown and then eventually
On the 42 Bus
get off at 22nd St. and hope I catch the 7 or 48. I got the 48 at 22nd St. and then I got off a 2017 round since I wasn't paying attention and the bus when a different way. But some food so now I can
Junk Food 
eat when I get home which will be in about a minute. Well I had my Burrito and Sharon had her burger. We are now watching a
Not So Good!
movie called by me. It's a really cheesy 80s movie starting
Ok Cupid?!?
Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum. It also features beautiful checking out for the day bye. Its the start of a busy week and tomorrow is the last day of the month of August