Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday, August 31: a Lazy Day in Buffalo

Well after not sleeping on the megabusts, I arrived in Buffalo around 630 and 
 erry was nice enough to pick me right up at th bus station in Buffalo. I was pretty tired but 
 n good spirits. We then drove straight to a Tim 
 ortons to get a little bit of breakfast and some coffee. We ordered to the 
 rive-through. As all of your readers know, I like to have a lot of soy or milk in my 
 offee. Most of the time with somebody else does it they never put enough 
 f the white stuff in my coffee. But the people at Tim Hortons manage to do that. I was 
 leasantly surprised that's for sure. After you went to Tim Hortons I saw
 Ken for a little bit before he went off to work. He was not in the best mood in 
 he world and he went off to work. Kerry
 that had to do a whole bunch of errands. I was thinking of indulging in a massage or walking around but instead
 I stayed home went to sleep a couple times and watched 
 ideos of the 1993 Phillies playing the Atlanta Braves in the National League championship series.
 I got all the way up to game for. Of course I didn't watch every single minute I did this 
 'm skipping around. It was very interesting to watch 1993
 which was over 20 years ago believe it or not. I then took a shower and then 
 Kerry came home shortly there after after 
 oing a whole  unch of wedding related errands. I then went out side for the first time all day around 5 PM and took some nice pictures of the fall 
 ky and
 some flowers that were growing near Kerry's driveway. I did send
 them to my new 
 riend. We then drove out to A place called Eden New York. We went to a person who is a seamstress. I 
 ould tell she was very much pro 
 un rights from the sign that says "repeal the safe act.". She's 
 een married twice and when her husband joke that when I die you can marry someone else 
 he said "I don't want to have to train someone else." I'm not even going to comment on that.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday, August 30: Working Hard & Getting Ready for Trip 2 Buffalo

OK everybody today's the last day of work for this week. I've got to get the 
 eport done and try to see as many people as possible.  Well I got to work on time which is always a good thing 
 nd proceeded just plow away at my work 
 s I usually do. It felt like a Friday to me since I was not 
 onna be back to work till next Tuesday which is a good thing. I need the time off I haven't taken time off since my niece's wedding back in my think that was in May. I finished 
 y report and managed to ride up to sanction packets to hopefully keep 
 anagement at Bay. Are they soft couple of people but not the couple of others 
 idn't bother to show up including what I'm trying to get in for a for 
 n appeal. After work, I first went to the TD Bank. I didn't have enough 
 oney in my account to  rite a cashiers check so I got three regular checks 
 ade. I made the one check for rent so I have time for my bank account to get my paycheck from work on September 1. This is this is the first time I've needed
 a check float in quite some time but I needed to do it. Next, 
I went to the clubhouse and that was pretty good and then after that I came home and started to 
 ack for my bus trip. The bus is scheduled to leave at 10:05 PM from 30th St. station. I did 
 anage to pack but didn't give myself time to heat up my Indian
 food that I had in the refrigerator so I just took it with me still cold. I was pretty hungry the first 2 
hours of the trip. I did manage however to get the food heated up at the rest stop. The food really

 hit the spot well and I thought I was going to sleep pretty good. It 
 urns out I did no such sleeping at all through 
 ost of the trip. The trip did go by pretty smoothly and we only stopped twice