Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday, August 18: August Goes Down to the Wire

Well I had my alarm set for 6:30 as per the dogs. I'm done with
 the dogs vet I got up anyway since I was interested in 
 oing to sunrise for the first time in a while. It was smaller than what I'm used 
 o but it was nice. I then skips taking a 21 and decided to walk towards 
 heEL I just cited I check out target sent my campaign 2008 Obama T-shirt is
 feeling a little tight on me. I also wore it to work yesterday so I decided I'd 
 et a shirt. I got two shirts on sale for like $28 something like that. This
 weekend definitely laundries got to get done. Anyhow I got to work with no problem. My supervisor was late and half the unit was out today. My goal is to get through 
 s many alerts as possible since I wanted them
 to be done so I can concentrate on finishing I report and seen 
 eople and doing sanctions till August 30 my last day of work till September 5, 2017. 
  was able to concentrate because there wasn't a lot of loud noise her incessant talking going on in my ear 
 hich was nice frankly. I had my last bit of pasta and enjoyed that very
 much. I just kept pushing through this alerts and I saw a couple people. 
 ut fortune wasn't able to see a person with drawl her up here. So I have to get to 
 ork by 830 on Monday to cover my ass. I didn't write up a sanction 
 acket. I'm assuming the woman that answered the phone and if she does I'll set up an appointment. 
 he big news and politics in the world of Trump is that Steve Bannon was let go as senior advisor. He's the o
ri Alt-Right  fellow Who ran the online right-wing publication called Breitbart news . He also used
 to work for Goldman Sachs like 1/3 of Trump

's  cabinet members. I think the final straw was when he did an  interview for a magazine called the American prospect. He call the Neo- Nazis clowns and disagreed with trumps

 stance on North Korea. Well I got all the alerts done except for five.
 Four of them or two parent household so it's basically two cases. I 
 tepped out of the office and the humidity was absolutely stifling. 
 here were some looming scary clouds happening and I took the DL and the
 trolley the 22nd and then caught the 48 bus at 22nd and Eirich. It's now 6:26 PM I just got coffee and it's now really starting to 
 torm here we go. Well the storm 
 ame it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I then met up with Sharon at the Bishop Colin we talked for a while about her sister stuff being delivered to the house. I then went upstairs to my room and fell asleep for eating all that Bishops collar chili.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 17: I have decent day for sure

After hitting the alarm three times I did manage to rouse myself up take a
 shower and get a move on towards West Philadelphia to walk the mini pinchers. I did
 skip breakfast however. Well I called the 48 as it was showing
 up and that helped a lot. I've been caught the 11 trolley to 40th and a bout five
 minutes later the the trolley going to Baltimore Avenue came by. The 34 trolley 
 ot me up to 48th or I walked the dogs picked up poop from the floor and 
 ed them. I caught the 64 Bus at Osage Avenue. The bus driver pointed out to me that Osage Avenue 
 ide to stop but she picked two of us up. I got to work about five minutes early. While I was 
on the bus reading there are over 900  hate groups across the United States. Scary 
 ounding groups out there. The president did the  country a  diservice enabling these  assholes  Anyhow 
  plug the way at work and so some people cleaned out my calendar and even 
 ouched upon my sanction list. I really do need to concentrate on 
 he sanction list because I'm gonna be out on the 30th and 31st.  The runs that same weekend

 so once again Friday and Monday I have to do some. My friend
 Kerry's wedding is coming up. I hit the mega bus I believe Tuesday night or 
 ednesday night the 30th. In the world outside my sweaty bubble in Philadelphia, Trump
is still at it again. He is mourning the loss of Confederate statues. He still giving tacit support to the racist and the 

 azis in the KKK it's really depressing. He's isolated himself from almost everybody even Republicans. It's 
 mbarrassing and sad. Anyhow back to work. I worked hard and had my pasta for lunch and Dovend to 
 etting as much done as possible. I thought it was pretty productive today. I'm hoping to clean up 
 ome alerts plow through the the list as much 
 ossible and start writing up a couple sanctioned by the end of the day. Well I walked from 22nd and market all the way up here to Fairmount. 
 'm now at the OC have coffee house I was only about five minutes slower than the bus 
 ould've been if I had waited forever and ever. At the OCF I ordered my usual ice coffee for $3.25 and I was just going to going to raise the place from 325 to 4 dollars starting tomorrow I think. He said something his boss boss command of the price. Because
 the ice coffee is "steeped. That's ridiculous. No more ice coffee for me there at 
 east. Well I enjoyed the meeting it wasn't packed and people were nice to me too. That always fax my opinion of something for sure. After that I wobbled myself home and get reacquainted with Shar
on and Tom. Tom went off to work for Uber 

 nd I found out I had to had my frozen Indian food left. I was very please with myself that moment. 
 've been in touch with Lisa now 
 n Australia for at least the next 6 to 8 weeks. I really can't playing about today wasn't a bad day at all now on to payday Friday.