Monday, March 31, 2014

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday March 30th: Rain on my Parade for Spring has Arrived

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Good Sunday to those who wait and wait.. Its a rainy day thus far. After yesterday, I want to go get some coffee. Shoot, its raining hard out there.  Guess I have to head outside. Wish this Sunday could be like THIS Sunday I had in February. Well, I know I will not use orange for a font color like I did on this posting. It just came out funny
She is not Digging the Rain
Detoured Route 47 at 10:12
I showed up at the bar none 20 minutes late. Was good as usual. Then I hung out at the coffee shop on fourth street I forgot the name of it. I'm out with a
Bar None
couple people and then went to Alyan's  at 4th and South  I used my card for the first time and went and got my haircut at the Chop Shop.The woman who cut my hair did a nice job.
View From Bridgit Foy's
 Here is a text that accidentally came out it's very interesting:
  " Months ago so his own. I just want everything this like it's much you want to keep you go to and just say this too I guess a one or zero achieve this closer seawall with all except for the intranets make it a go"
The next thing after ice wait for my friend to cancel gym membership is to go ahead and buy my SEPTA transpass. I ordered a steamer trunk and the book on Amazon today. I need for storage to put some of my clothes. I got 2 day delivery since I really need to put clothes away soon
I joined Instagram. It's a photo-oriented site. It's kind of like Facebook w less words. You might want to check it out for your art...
Lunch at Alyan's
It's now 4:06 PM I'm heading back to my place via the EL. I felt well enough to get some food from the grocery store near my place. After that watch the prohibition series and went to
View from My Kitchen
the 8 o'clock meeting after meeting Larry at Saxbys. It was time to move forward on this day. Today spring
7:30Pm at Saxby's
felt like it was really here even amid the pouring rain. That is plenty good enough for me!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sat March 29th:Drizzle, Sportz and Assorted Other Activities!.

Good day Philadelphia. Its a Saturday. Its supposed to rain this entire weekend. I woke up at 8:30 and had a good discussion 
with Dean. I am supposed to meet Larry at the Starbucks at 3rd and Arch Streets. I am going to be late as usual since Larry walks a couple blocks and I have to take a train from 46 street all the way to second and walk two blocks. Writing this blog didn't help me be on time for sure and also SEPTA Saturday schedule also please impart if you don't plan ahead Well on a different topic. The Eagle released DeSean
Got on the EL at NOON
Jackson this week. The Inquirer got scooped on Jackson's gang ties. This is cited by the media on why he was released. One Inquirer reporter states that Coach Chip Kelly did not want him on the team. This will of course this will be fodder for the next
Waiting for the EL
month and of course when the 2014 season starts in September. Meanwhile the 76'ers are set to break the record for ANY professional sports team with their 27th loss IN A ROW. I thought the 76'ers could not come close to their 1973 record of 9-73. They now have a record of 15-57 as of this date. The Flyers are doing OK after they beat the Maple Leafs 4-2. They are now 1 point behind the 2nd place Rangers in the Metropolitan Division (What a weird name Eh?) The Phillies will be lucky to get 79
Close UP
wins according to this sportswriter. There are so many questions such as Cole Hammels shoulder, Jimmy Rollins attitude etc. So it looks like another ho-hum season. Well
15th Street Going to 2nd Street
, it will be Summer and I will be over this cold by then so its all good.
Well, enough sports for one blog day. I must take out the trash and go hit the EL. It's 10:15
Garden Near Christ Church at 2nd St
AM here and 30th St. station. I will probably get a coffee to go. Got a coffee had a little time to sit. The meeting was in a little room but it was good for me to go.
It's now going on
Cleo the Cat
1 PM. I cruised toward South Philly with Larry. Went down Broad Street near Passyunk and I saw the USS United States. Which is docked and sitting. It is very impressive looking ship especially once looks like
Driving to South Phila via Delaware Ave
it's riding on the streets. I also had a video conversation with my brother and his daughter. I was truly enjoyable. We use the app tango, the one Larry told me about earlier. 
After I met up with Larry, I took three Broad Street line to the L and that the pats house. We then work on recording and jamming a blues too. And after a couple hours we got
what we wanted. It was put on YouTube I am quite proud of the job that we did on the video. I went home and tasted a yummy meal
of chicken tereiki   that Dean made. I am changing shoes that got wet from the rain and going back to Pats to eat. Pet made a delicious
pasta meal and we ate and talked. Pat then had to go to work. He will be at work till at least 1130. I just wanted to watch a documentary about Nazis on Netflix with the dogs.
Now I'm watching Ken Burns documentary on prohibition while Pat was at work. He came home and I stopped watching
the documentary. Pat wanted to check his email now I'm back home and Dean is finishing up watching Drop Dead Diva. I think I'm going to do my teeth fix this blog go to bed The rain was not nearly as wretched  as I thought. it was not a very heavy rain..And so it goes

Friday, March 28, 2014

March 27: Rain

Greeting early risers and rate raincoat loving men and women. It's Friday and yes it is not as cold as it was but we do have rain. Today I probably be expected to finish the carfare and
record music. I would like to go to a meditation meeting and not get soaked by the rain. it's not pouring right now as of 7:21am.
Well I work for the heart today. It never really did rain hard that I was aware of and then came home and just slept

Thursday March 27th: Cold Again

Not So Fast!! It was 25 Out this Morning
It's 7:34 AM it is now 25° and we have ONLY 4 days till April. I am running very late to the meeting over 15 minutes late to sunrise. Temperature rise it's colder but at least
2 EL Trains at 56th

it's not as windy! Sunrise was fine I left a little after 830 but I got off the EL a stop early at 52nd Street. I'm going to arrive at work not until 9:10 AM. Well work was pretty busy today. So I'm number of people and
the very end of the day got some of this carfare completed. We now have to do and written notices which is just going to be a real drag!!
After work I met Larry at Starbucks . Yes, that Starbucks. Larry showed me this this postcard for a
party at Cheerleaders strip club. This is an invitation only event is called the Philly Club Reunion Party. It seems to be  for old bartenders and club people from the 90s. I'm sure it will be fun but
This is the Warmest Temp All Day
the flyer looks  pretty cheesy. I was sleepy and glad I left early to getting up couple times I need time is just plain old really say. I'm out of it. I was very lucky caught the 21 just as I got outside. I Came home and 
crashed and it was time to eat tonight
very lucky I'll 21 just as I got it. Came home and crashed and it was time to eat tonight. I hear its going to warm up and rain for the next 3 days BUT I think the freezing temps are done. The ants say so.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wednesday March 26: Winter

Mike and I on 21
It is really windy and cold out today. When you go down certain alleys I swear it's a 30 mile an hour wind. I found out that I have $60 to get me through between now and next pay:(
Waiting for Trolley
Good thing is I've paid all the bills that needed to be paid:)
My work was very busy today for me. I did not get to my list that I created
Menu of food
yesterday and I will be having pizza eat o'clock at Mike's. 
I'm sitting here at work I heard it was going to rain Friday Saturday and Sunday… YAY.
Pat in the Cold
Well, I came over to Pat's house and he played some guitar but we didn't record anything. Instead we got a before dinner snack at the second Pakistani
Mike's Dog Boo Boo
 restaurant across the street from his house. They're both $5.00 cups that were very very spicy. And I think very tasty!
A Nice Dinner
Pat and I walked in the Spring wind chill factor,  and were walking on 45th St. when we noticed this blackout on  or around 8:15 PM
We came  over to Mike's for some yummy tacos home style too. We made our tacos from a buffet of fixings. Here we are hanging at Mike's before dinner
We watched a movie with Brad Pitt called The Counselor.
The Happy Couple
 I  missed part of it at the beginning talking on the phone but
Pat on Guitar
the rest that I saw was pretty cool. It was somewhat gruesome and violent as it went on drug dealers killing each other off
We got home from Mike's been chilled out a bit This is a real dry run  We decided to  record  on Friday. I made those videos on YouTube I'm a go home and go to bed. The wind is died down but it is still very cold out. Spring is around the corner!! RIGHT??

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look Out America!

Here is a freaky political Ad for this Republican candidate for US Senate. YIKES!!!

March 25: So Begins the Last Week in March

Juice to Fight a Cold
Good day to all. We have a day where it feels like early February but its really one WEEK till April! I again slept in. I am working on getting rid of this virus that just hangs on and on. Meanwhile outside my bubble, there are calls to ban gifts to Harrisburg politicians. This after 4 yes FOUR Philly legislators were
The EL Arriving at 9:19am
caught with the hands in the cookie jar. I love Bernie Sanders! He calls out leaders who support tax breaks for the rich while cutting program for the elderly and poor. Go Bernie Go! Meanwhile in the Ukraine
Brunch at Work
, some woman want to impose sanctions on Russian men but NOT having sex! This in reaction to the Russian takeover of the Crimea.  Well, enough of that, I am running late for work. I like creating links. I can't do that
Organizing My End of Month List
on the blogger app.
Well, it is 5:38 PM I just left work since the big boss wasn't around. Right now we have snow flurries can you believe it??  It is March 25 and we got snow I'm going on. I think we're supposed to get maybe an inch. I'm
Vegetarian Mediterranean  Pasta Created by Pat
going to go to the store to get peta bread and then go over to pats for dinner. Well, the Indian market called Dana Mandi Rice and Spice didn't have pita bread but it did not matter.  Well Pat made up this delicious vegetarian Mediterranean pasta. I even
40th and Market. Can't see the Snow
featured this meal on Facebook and it got good reviews. Well the flurries are still flurrying but it barely
Practicing on Guitar
covers the windshields it's a nonevent. We were going to be recording music but I fell asleep for 2 hrs instead. I
Came home and chilled out  and talked on  the phone for another day. My friend is going to Savannah Ga this weekend. She will have a nice time with family and get some REAL nice weather down South. As for the rest of the week, it will remain cold till the weekend