Thursday, February 28, 2008

Millville is #1 Arts District in the USA

Here is the Blurb from this this article.

#1. Millville, New Jersey
Glasstown Arts District

What makes it special: Designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a Main Street Community in 2004, the Glasstown Arts District has been thriving for more than eight years. With affordable, mixed-use properties featuring period architecture, monthly art walks, a large public art center with gallery and studio spaces, and lots of cultural activities, this river town of 26,000 is an energetic place to call home.

What it offers: The town’s annual marketing budget clocks in at just over $300,000, bringing in a lot of tourists. Plus, if you purchase a mixed-use property in the Glasstown Arts District, you can get a facade grant of up to $10,000 (1:1 match) to improve the front of your home. While many Main Street Communities offer such grants for businesses in their districts, it’s the mixed-use designation that makes Millville unique among grant programs.

Contact: Marianne Lods, Executive Director, Millville Development Corporation, 1-800-887-4957,

...And #7. Paducah, Kentucky!!!!

Art mag paints Millville as hot spot: City says honor is 'a very big deal'

MILLVILLE -- A national publication has etched Millville into its list of top arts districts.

The March issue of Art Calendar, a national business publication for visual artists, lists the top cities for working artists. Millville is the only Garden State town to make the list.

Marianne Lods, executive director of Main Street Millville and Glasstown Arts District, said the city will use the new distinction on its advertisements and promotions.

"It's a very big deal," she said of the listing. "It's very important, because artists will live and work in areas that need renovation and revitalization."

The district, now in its eighth year, has 16 galleries, which displays the works of about 150 artists, Lods said. But the city wants to do more.

On Monday, local artists and other city officials met for the monthly Mayor's Arts Task Force to discuss ways to bring new artists to the city. Proposals include a fellowship program, and creating new grants and loan programs, Lods said.

"I know we were growing, but we have a long way to continue to develop and grow," she said. When the New Jersey Motorsports Park opens in the summer, "we have to be ready to step up the to the plate and hit a home run."

The distinction already has helped the district, Lods said.

Last Friday, a Las Vegas-based artist called Lods to discuss relocating to the city, after she saw the list.

The publication considered criteria such as artist relocation programs, financial assistance, reasonably priced workspace, tax benefits and marketing assistance.

Art Calendar's editor Kim Hall, who wrote the story, said hundreds of communities are trying to create arts districts, but Millville is unique because of the district's success in helping artists.

"They focus on artists and want them to have an established community and make a good living," she said.

Hall said the districts were not ranked in any particular order.

Art Calendar credited Millville for its annual marketing budget of more than $300,000 and a grant program for artists to upgrade their fa├žade.

This was the first time the publication, which has a circulation of about 15,000, created this type of list, Hall said. The publication relied mostly on reputations among artists, she said.

"A lot of places will have one artist move in, and they're very proud of that," she said. "Millville is making it a very strong place for artists to live."

Maryann Cannon, owner of the La Bottega of Art and The Village on North High Street, has found the city much more accommodating than other towns. Cannon got a low interest loan to open her businesses, which displays works of several other artists.

The city "called and said 'we want you,'" Cannon said.

The artists all talk to each other, and their works all complement one another, Cannon said.

"The artists have a say" in the district, she said.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AC Press sez "Lets Chew Up the ARTS!!

Small- mindedness exposed for what it is. Read the comments at the end, cause they say it like it is!! The picture says it all about the mentality!!

Grants for N.J. artists / One more place to cut
Published: Monday, February 25, 2008
We are not philistines. At least we don't think of ourselves that way.

(For those of you out there who, in fact, may be philistines, the word means a person indifferent to cultural and aesthetic values. See - we at least know what the word means.)

The arts are important. Encouraging and supporting the arts is important. And when times are good and governments are flush, we have no major problem with the state and federal governments throwing some tax dollars at the arts.

But times are not good in New Jersey, and Trenton is not flush, and right now, we have a little bit of a problem with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts handing out grants of from $6,800 to $12,000 to individual artists.

The State Council on the Arts gets money from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as from the state budget. The council takes its job seriously - experts from outside the state are brought in to examine grant applications and make recommendations. Grants given through the council have far more legitimacy than the separate, direct grants that lawmakers often add to the budget for favored arts organizations in their districts.

But still, the council's announcement last week that a total of $225,900 in grants would be doled out to individual artists in 2008 was ... well, troubling - as all discretionary spending is in these tough times. Remember, the state is talking about cutting charity care in hospitals, which haven't been receiving their fair share in the first place. The next budget may force even more hospitals in the state to close. Some state parks might be shuttered. These are tough, tough times. And, of course, Gov. Jon S. Corzine has proposed fixing it all with a wildly unpopular and complicated toll-hike proposal.

So - again, at the risk of being considered philistines - it rankles to see an Essex County artist get a $12,000 state grant so that she may continue her work doing "very detailed, obsessive colored pencil drawings on rice paper, which are cut out, sewn into, and then embedded into vibrantly colored encaustic paintings (pigmented wax and resin painted with the use of a heated palette)."

Grants to arts organizations - theaters, museums etc. - are one thing. But if individual artists can't make a go of it by selling their works, should state taxpayers really be subsidizing them at a time when the state's finances are in such dire shape?

OK - we do sound (a little) like philistines. The arts are important. But it's a question of priorities. Lots of important things are going to face cuts when Corzine unveils his budget on Tuesday. And grants to individual artists should be among the items on the chopping block.

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agree with the comments. Nick Asselta sold our children for his cushy job with the BPU and Trenton shrugs. Now school boards will have to make cuts and guess what Mr/Ms. editor, the arts will end up going first. I have seen the positive changes in children who have taken art classes at the RRCA's Art Creates Excellence program (ACE). This is the mentality that keeps South Jersey down. WAKE UP!!

Posted by: williamwillson on Wed Feb 27, 2008, 7:19 AM

As a working single mom who likes art and takes her children to museums spending that much on an artist leaves me to say get a job. I have one and have worked 2-3 in the past to take care of my children. I have passions. I love doing websites as a hobby, knitting blankets, cooking, making t-shirts, and doing resumes. I love doing stuff on the computer. Yet if I cant make a living doing this should I quit work get on welfare (state grant) while I work on my art. All of my hobbies could be considered art. Money to go to college is one thing but grants to individuals while they pursue their art is something different entirely. How many of these artist come from a middle class or higher income. As an FYI for a family of four you are considered very low income if you make 35200 or less and low income 56300 or less in Atlantic County. To many who make way less then this thats still a lot of money. Someone is working full time at McDonalds or at Macys to make a living and/or go to school for the same amount an artist is getting for doing their art. How do you get these grants because I know several artist who would like them?

Posted by: mom who loves art but.... on Tue Feb 26, 2008, 3:35 PM

Wow – a total of $225,900 in grants would be doled out to individual artists in 2008. How atrocious! Never mind that Nick Asselta was given a cake job on the BPU with close to $200,000 a year in salary and perks as well as free tolls, which he will need when Corzine raises the price to over $40 to travel the length of the turnpike. Unfortunately the artists, nor many other NJ residents will be able to afford to use the state’s toll roads.
Never mind that for every dollar spent on the arts the state economy sees an $8 return. Never mind that these artists work, while Nick Assleta only has to show up to two meetings a month for his plum job. And to think Bryant was prosecuted for his “no-show” job.
Eliminate that one unnecessary patronage job and you can employ over 20 artists. Why don’t you try living on that $12,000 a year. Many artists do on much less. Or, better yet, eliminate the funding to the artists and you, the writer, and all of your whining cronies go out and purchase one piece of original art per year! Prove that you are not a Philistine.
Oh, by the way, the Philistines were advanced in their commerce, technology and arts compared to their Canaanite neighbors.

Posted by: Carl B. Johnson on Mon Feb 25, 2008, 2:26 PM

Philistine? That lets you off a little too easily.
The individual artist who cannot make a living selling art is a biproduct of our educational system which does not impart the values that encourage support of the arts. To accuse an artist who received an unlivable albeit merciful amount of $12,000.00 to do her work, of taking health care from children is to turn a Neanderthal (sorry, cavemen, you did have art, didn't you?) eye to the state of the cruelly inadequate state of the health care system in this country. Much easier to go after an artist, who has no financial clout, than a bribing lobbyist who works against decent health care for children and families on behalf of insurance companies and makes a fine living doing so.
A cowardly way to complain about an unfortunate health care situation that has arizen out of a lack of vision and courage on the part of government leaders and reporters.
Fact is, vision and courage are the primary tools of artists. Our goals are just to subsist enough to share it with you who need it.

Posted by: Rachel Citrino on Mon Feb 25, 2008, 1:36 PM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Millville PAL

The Millville PAL Family Night at the Holly City Family Center attracted over 170 children last Friday despite the snow and rain. Children and parents flocked to PAL's kick-off event. They received water safety instruction, free swim time, aerobic and fitness workouts. The City of Millville's Weed and Seed program gave out bike helmets to 80 children.
On March 14, Millville PAL will be adding art "make it & take it" projects to these offerings. Artists and community members are encouraged to fill out volunteer applications and get involved. Millville PAL has a calendar of events for volunteers to help out with.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Community Events and Activities

Community Events and Activities

This was from the Friends of Millville

On this section we will list events and activities that Friends of Millville endorse. Check back often for updates.

Community Clean-up
The Friends of Millville are adopting a hiway. Stay tuned for more information.

Dottie’s Neighborhood Walk - (On Hiatus for the Winter) Mondays 6:30 - 7:30PM; meet at Culver Center, 3rd and Sassafras streets.
Dottie’s Neighborhood Walks are a weekly event sponsored by Friends of Millville. We walk in groups through Center City.

City Commission Meetings - 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 7PM at City Hall.
Friends of Millville encourages everyone to participate in local government. You don’t have to get up and speak during the public comments section of the meeting. Just come and show support for the positive direction our city is going. And feel free to speak up when you feel the city is not being responsive to needs of the community.

3rd Friday Art Walk
Friends of Millville encourages you to come out for the 3rd Friday festivities every month. The many galleries are open late. We have a variety of shoppes and restaurants. This is a great time for the entire family.

Neighborhood Meetings: we urge you to participate in your local neighborhood meetings. Organized and run by concerned citizens, local leaders and law enforcement regularly participate to address concerns and provide information.

Center City Neighborhood Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of the Month, at the Culver Center, 110 N. 3rd St, 7pm.

3rd ward Neighborhood Meetings - 4th Thursday of the Month, at the 3rd Ward Neighborhood Center at Buck St, 7pm.

South Millville Neighborhood Meetings - 4th Tuesday of the Month, at the Senior High Rise on 2nd Street, South, 7pm.

PAL - The Police Athletic League has been reorganized, and under the guidance of Judy Kessler will be providing safe activities for children ages 8 - 17. Children must be accompanied by an adult guardian, or have a release signed by the guardian. For more information, contact Cindy at the Holly City Family Center, 856-825-3700. Buses are available. Unless otherwise noted, activities commence at 6:00 pm and end at 7:30 pm.

Friday, Feb 22 - Membership sign up, swimming, fitness activities at the Holly City Family Center.

Friday, March 14 - Swimming, art and fitness at the Holly City Family Center.

Tuesday, March 25 - Karate demonstration at St. Mary’s Church.

Friday, April 11 - Swimming, art and fitness at the Holly City Family Center.

Thursday, April 24 - Zumba sponsored by St. Mary’s Church at Captain Buck Park.

Friday, May 9 - Swimming, art and fitness at the Holly City Family Center.

Thursday, May 15 - Gallery tour and art activities at the RRCA.

Thursday, May 29 - Bowling sponsored by St. Mary’s Church at Loyle Lanes.

Friday, June 13 - Swimming and other activities at the Holly City Family Center.

City of Millville Events

Snowflake Swim
Union Lake Beach
Saturday, February 23
Open To The Public
9 Am To 12 Noon
Register By February 19
856-825-7000, Ext. 7392

Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 15
Union Lake Park
Open To All Kids Up To 12 Years Of Age
11:00 Am To 12 Noon
856-825-7000, Ext. 7392

American Red Cross Walk-A-Thon
Saturday, April 12
Riverfront Park, Buck & Main Streets
9 Am To 12 Noon
People Helping People

Millville Elks Youth Week
April 27th To May 3rd
10 Fun Events For Boys & Girls
Grades 1 – 6
Also Soap Box Derby
825-7000, Ext. 7392 For Schedule

Phillies Home Run Derby
Sunday, May 18
Rob Shannon Sports Complex
Cedarville Road
Open To Kids 7 To 15 Years Of Age
5:00 Pm

Senior Citizens BBQ
Friday, May 23rd
Open To First 350 Millville Seniors
Must Be 62 Years Of Age Or Older
To Register
825-7000, Ext. 7392
Registration Begins May 1
Elks Lodge, Broad St.

Union Lake Beach Opens
June 23rd
Beach Passes Availabe At
Millville City Hall
June 1st
For Information 825-7000, Ext. 7392

Gardenscape Contest
Open To All Millville Residents
Who Have Front Yard Gardens
Prizes And Gifts
852-7000, Ext. 7392 To Register

Summer Block Party
Saturday, June 28
5 Pm To 11 Pm
Food Music Fun
Open To The Public
Riverfront Park
825-7000, Ext. 7392

Fourth Of July Celebration
Friday, July 4th
7 Pm To 9 Pm
9 Pm Fireworks
Place To Be Determined
825-7000, Ext. 7392

Kids In The Park Series
Corson Park
July 2, 9, 16, 23
Fun In The Park

Concerts In The Park Series
7 Pm – Corson Park
Thursdays @ 7 Pm
July 10 To August 21
Open To The Public
Music And Dancing
Call For Info 825-7000, Ext. 7392

38th Annual Rob Shannon Slo-Pitch Tournament
Rob Shannon Sports Complex
Cedarville Rd.
July 19 – 8 Am
Benefit Millville Youth Organizations
Call 825-7000, Ext. 7392 For Details

Hot Diggity Dog

Millville Pet Show
Join In A Bbq With You And Your Pet
Wednesday, July 30
5:00 Pm
Corson Park
Open To The Public, Kids & Adults
825-7000, Ext. 7392

Summer Movie Night
Riverfront Park
Saturday, July 26
Free – Open To The Public
7 Music
9 Movie
825-7000, Ext. 7392

Phillies Regional Home Run Derby
To Be Announced
Rob Shannon Sports Complex
5:00 Pm

Millville Baby Show
Corson Park
Wednesday, August 6
5:00 Pm Registration
6:00 Pm Show Starts
Millville Babies Only
Up To Four Years Of Age

Sizzlin Swing Sunday
Riverfront Park
3 Pm To 7 Pm
Free To The Public
Music And Dancing Under The Big Tent
Sunday, August 24

End Of Summer Block Party
Saturday, September 13
Riverfront Park
5pm To 11 Pm

Rob’s 4th Annual Pre-Winter Poker Run
Hosted By Millville Elks Lodge
To Be Announced
Benefit Nj Make A Wish Foundation
Details To Follow
Call 825-7000, Ext. 7392

Halloween Pumpkin Extravaganza
Corson Park
Spooky Fun For All Kids
11 Am To 2 Pm
Saturday, October 18
Open To The Public
825-7000, Ext. 7392

Holiday Home Lighting Contest
Open To All Millville Residents
Who Decorate Outside For Christmas
Month Of December
Call 825-7000. Ext. 7392 To Register

Friends of Millville uses Modern — designed by Ulf Petters

A 532-unit housing complex near Union Lake?

Last Thursday night I attended the Millville Planning Board meeting. City Engineer John Knoop stated that Millville may not be ready for the new residents and the sprawl. YIKES!! Shelly Schneider,spoke and said that only 3 to 4 buses would be at the proposed school location near Woodland Shores since most kids would walk. She said a NEW high school is the #1 on the list and any school built near the lake would be at LEAST 10 years away. Earlier one of the School Board Members Michael Beatty spoke and said the land would be a good location for a school, but that potential project is low on the district's list of building priorities. Most of the neighbors complained about how traffic on Sharp is going to be even WORSE then is already is now. A person came up with absurd notion to say its ok to build if there is NO access to it. (helicopter access anyone? ) That would be a good image to sketch. Anyone who draws a sketch please let me know and I will put on this blog!!! Some said they did not want "AFFORDABLE HOUSING". One of the planning board members (thankfully) asked Kim Warker to define what "affordable housing" is. Dave McCann made a very factual presentation that had numbers and quoted regs that would limit the scope of the development. The planning board is to work with the city staff and reps from the Developer. The Planning Board may announce the date for a work session to discuss traffic issues on the Matzel and Mumford housing proposal near Union lake at its next meeting at City hall at 12 S. High St. March 10 at 7:30 p.m. Here is a recent article I saw in the AC Press

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse February 20th 2008

There was a lunar eclipse last night. Here is a photo taken aroun 9pm in Philadelphia that was taken by Kyle Cassidy. He is a talented photographer in West Philly where I used to live.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something Different

I was going on one of the blogs I like best.
Its called Attytood
The feature article has an old Culture Club 80's video with
new that Obama won Wisconsin (yey!!)
Will Bunch is a very good blogger

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

City Commission Meeting Feb 19 2008

In tonite's City Commission Meeting, there was a bond ordinance providing for preliminary planning costs in connection for upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant-Phase I in and by the City of Millville. Sludgecake will be taken care of in the proposed upgrades. Kudo's for the city for preparing.

Tuesday at the Philadelphia State Office Building

I had to be at Broad and Spring Garden for an appeal. A client appealed a decision I made and we were to be there at 8:30am today. I found out Friday at 3pm!! Well, I got there but my client did not.
This building was sold to a company. As you can see its pretty drab, 1960's government green. I am now off to a Commission meeting.

Dark Clouds over High Street?

I have noticed that the crowds on High Street are less packed on 3rd Friday then several months ago. Some have said the crime has sent folks away, some have said the kids. Others have stated their preference less masses on High Street so that folks can appreciate the art. There have been discussions and debates over how to promote business on High Street and new business group has cropped up as well.
In my humble opinion, we have to listen BETTER! Human beings being what they are, like to give their ideas and tend not to listen to contrary opinions, lest their ego's become hurt. We are going though changes here in Millville and we need to listen because frankly we need each other. Failure to respect and listen to others could threaten the progress that Millville has worked so hard to acheive.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Poetry on High at Bogart's Books Feb 10

Feb 10th 2008 was Poetry on High at Bogarts Books. There was spoken word, poetry and music to fill the ears. This is one event I look forward to since its a mellow time with talented folks.

Millville Schools WeTip Program

The Millville Schools are in the We Tip Program. Go to the Millville Schools website and see the small link that says WeTip

WeTip's School Safety Program is a unique nationwide program designed to provide a way for students and staff to give information anonymously regarding school crime.

  • Our mission is to protect children from crime and criminals.
  • Our goal is to educate school personal and school students about WeTip and the ways to be proactive in creating a safer school environment using WeTip.

This is a program that needs to be publicized!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When Pigs Fly

The picture is of a rally held by Radio Station 101.5. They took Corzine's statement that "Pigs will fly before Trenton makes meaningful cuts in spending."
I listen to the morning program with Jim Ehardt sometimes. He is not as rude as the afternoon jerks who make fun of people with accents etc...
Anyway, they bust on New Jersey and call the political system in Trenton the "BLOB"

This station is Republican orientated but they do make good points on how Trenton is outta touch with the cold realities of being in Jersey. I resent the fact that they changed the School Funding System in the "Lame Duck" Session of the Legislature and that they Screwed some of the ABBOTT SCHOOLS. They gave Millville a puny 2% increase in school funding and I think they are up to Michief in the future. Take a look at your real estate tax bill. On it will be the amount of taxes you would pay IF THE STATE TOOK AWAY ITS FUNDING!
Anyway eveyone stay vigilent and show up to meetings. Planning Board, School Board, Zoning, Commission. You can see what our local govenment has to deal with to make Millville better.

Well, got to get ready to drive back to Philly.

Millville Planning Board Meeting Feb 11

The city’s Planning Board heard proposal for a 532-unit housing complex near Union Lake.

The deal may include a land swap with the developer Matzel and Mumford and the Millville School District to build a new elementary school.

An official for the city’s planning department and an official for the developer said the boarddid NOT reach a final conclusion at the meeting, because of the magnitude of the project and other applications on the agenda.

The Planning Board heard the proposal at City Hall, 12 S. High St., at 7:30 p.m. The public hearing is Weds Feb 21st at 6:30 at City Hall

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flyswatters at Bridgewater Pub

I was invited to check them out. It was a fun way to end the day. I took pictures and Videos of the performance with my Sony Cybershot camera I was first at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts and Saw the Three Dollar Bills and enjoyed it. I have pictures and a Video of them as well.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

In Other News.

I came home to check on political news and went to the The Huffington Post and my favorite website Crooks and Liars
and saw Tyra Banks take off her jeans off during her show today in an expression of solidarity with her audience, which was receiving Paige Premium Jeans. Watch and listen her shouts of "Off! Off! Off!" Mike Huckabee was on her show as well. Is that strange or what?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Republicans 2008

Super Tuesday has passed and it appears that McCain will roll over Romney, while Huckabee tries to position himself as a Vice-President. This Modern World sums up the race on the Republican side. They plan to keep their followers loyal for this election.
Click on the Image for a larger version.

Where is Osama Bin Laden

This looks like it will be a good movie!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What to look for tonite on Super Tuesday

This is the breakdown by states, with the number of delegates in parentheses. All are primaries unless otherwise indicated. WTA indicates winner take all. This is from the Feb 5th NY Times:

ALABAMA (Dems: 52; GOP: 45)

Huckabee working hard to defeat McCain.

Large black population makes this fertile territory for Obama.

ALASKA (caucuses) (Dems: 13; GOP: 26)

Romney making an effort. Ron Paul surprise?

Tilts toward Obama.

ARIZONA (Dems: 56; GOP: 53 WTA)

McCain poised to capture all 53 delegates in a home-state primary.

Hispanic voters are key. They have favored Clinton in early contests but Obama dispatched Sen. Edward M. Kennedy to help.

ARKANSAS (Dems: 35; GOP: 31)

Huckabee's home state.

Clinton was first lady of the state for a dozen years.

CALIFORNIA (Dems: 370; GOP: 170)

McCain and Romney making last-minute stops after polls show the Arizona senator's lead shrinking.

Polls show Obama narrowing Clinton's longtime lead. Hispanic vote is key to delegates.

COLORADO (caucuses) (Dems: 55; GOP: 43)

Romney making a play.

Edge for Obama; party officials planning for large turnout.


McCain favored in winner-take-all primary.

Democratic battleground. Sen. Chris Dodd, an early presidential race casualty, has not endorsed.

DELAWARE (Dems: 15; GOP: 18 WTA)

McCain favored in winner-take all primary.

Democratic toss-up.

GEORGIA (Dems: 87; GOP: 72)

Three-way tossup for Huckabee, McCain and Romney.

Obama should benefit from a large black population.

IDAHO (Democratic caucuses: 18)

Obama favored, after weekend stop in Boise.

ILLINOIS, (Dems: 153; GOP: 57)

Favors McCain. Delegate names are on the ballot.

Obama's home state; Clinton seeking some delegates.

KANSAS (Democratic caucuses only 32)

Obama favored.


Romney's base awards delegates proportionally. McCain campaigned there to pick off delegates.

Obama hopes support from Gov. Deval Patrick and Kennedy can erase Clinton's lead in the polls.

MINNESOTA (caucuses), (Dems: 72; GOP: 38)

McCain has support of Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Sen. Norm Coleman to counter Romney efforts.

Obama hopes for a caucus victory.

MISSOURI (Dems: 72; GOP: 58 WTA)

Most competitive three-way Republican race of the night.

A Clinton-Obama tossup.

MONTANA (GOP caucus: 25 WTA)

Romney tries for another western triumph after Nevada and Wyoming, this one winner-take-all.

NEW JERSEY (Dems: 107; GOP: 52 WTA)

Winner-take-all state should be McCain's.

Polls show race closing in the state next-door to Clinton's New York.

NEW MEXICO (Democratic caucuses: 26)

An early dropout, Gov. Bill Richardson not endorsing. Another Hispanic test for Obama.

NEW YORK (Dems: 232; GOP: 101 WTA)

McCain's, with the help of Rudy Giuliani and large numbers of moderate Republicans.

Clinton's home state. Obama hopes to win his share of delegates.

NORTH DAKOTA (caucuses), (Dems: 13; GOP: 23)

Romney made late effort; McCain could benefit from large military presence.

Obama favored, with the support of Sen. Kent Conrad.

OKLAHOMA (Dems: 38; GOP:38)

Three-way Republican tossup for McCain, Romney and Huckabee.

Clinton territory.

TENNESSEE (Dems: 68; GOP:52)

McCain, Romney and Huckabee all making an effort.

Favors Clinton.

UTAH (Dems: 23; GOP: 36 WTA)

Heavy Mormon population makes it Romney's.

Democratic tossup.

WEST VIRGINIA (GOP state convention: 18 WTA)

Romney attending the convention in hopes of a win. Huckabee also going.

AMERICAN SAMOA (Dem. caucuses: 3)

In a race this close, could American Samoa decide the winner?

Super Tuesday

Do not forget to Vote if you live in Jersey or Delaware. I am voting
for Obama after being undecided forever on whom to vote. Here
is Barak Obama on Letterman

Here is Hillary Clinton on Letterman

Friday, February 01, 2008

Meet our New Dog

His name is Jesus. We got him at the SPCA on Tueday this week. He is half Pit Bull and half Bulldog. He was born Dec 23 2004. Note the tiger markings