Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monday, May 31: A Hard-Working Day to Get Home Early

Well after having a difficulty getting Weston I did go to sleep and woke up early enough to make the 8 AM meeting on time but I didn't. I let myself
Trip to Buffalo
get distracted. It's only about three or four minutes late. Anyhow it looks like
Huge Project at 11th
it's going to be a scorcher today. The sun is out bright and sunny. It is 9:18 AM.
Saxby's at 12th Street
This mean I'm going to be probably dock plate because I'm after the 9:15 AM deadline looks like it's
Morning in Center City
a Monday but it's really a Tuesday and I have clients coming in today. I don't like having three people
Rocky Ate Here
my birthday back in but I like holiday. In other news,
Rick MacLeish, smooth-skating,
Cup-winning Flyer, dies at 66. Wow that came out of nowhere. I always remember and have a long-haired
15th and Arch
that he was.
Well books came in ready after 10:30 AM. I just finished
Heading home

Nice Couple at CVS
just went outside its pretty warm  but comfortable. I 
only work till 5 and I'm going to be going pretty much straight home and relax. I came straight
home and relax after going to the CVS. Again
The Salon
I'm low on cash. I've been joyed chili.

Monday, May 30 Memorial Day: A Lazy Start to Summer from Center City to Media

After a decent sleep last night  I decided I'd go to sunrise. I showed up a little late because I got
Finally It Starts
distracted by cleaning out my wallet and then hitting up some things and I want to keep. I had the card from
24th Street Looking North
15 years ago from a woman who had a jazz band playing in West Philly near where the right aid is
My Coffee at Saxby's
there at 48th and Pine. I ended up finding out on Facebook she work developer for school and still performing
Across from Saxby's
 & has two kids. Anyhow are sunrise I camped out at Saxby's  for about an 2 hours looking at Facebook
Add caption
and finishing up yesterday blog post about the Devon horse show etc. I got  picked for the group
photo on the Facebook page for the 2nd time today. The picture was
 of the flag mura near my place.
Walking Up 20th Street
I was gratified and please buy this. I've been defrauded I need to go back home and get some breakfast
and figure out the rest of my day. I took the 48 and arrived with the sun making a return after a very
Backyard at Home

cloudy morning with spitting rain. Well after I came home, I ate a big bowl of cereal one upstairs
My Traval Choices
and crash for about 2 1/2 hours. I then decided to indulge in Sharon superduper caffeinated coffee
Butters in Kitchen
and talk for a bit. I'm truly taking a vacation not doing much of anything. 
Uber driver got
View From Uber
lost so am now on Springgarden where you enter the expressway.

I plan to go to media
after we eat and watch a movie. Well, I did decide to take over to pats and I told him twice and it was
Relaxing at Home
already 6:35 PM when I called Uber. The dude had trouble finding my place but it was inexpensive
because I took Uber to carpool. The other dude was going to upper Darby. I got some Indian
Airplane Disaster Movie
couple beers and watching an airplane disaster movie were 500 people died on a large jumbo jet by
Boeing. I believe 747 if I'm not mistaken. We get a little catching up and then I decided I would take
My Car Share
a sip card to media center instead of take me an hour and 12 minutes I could get there in 30 minutes. It would cost to put all of $18 which is cheaper than
I-95 South
taking that rumor one way. I went out there to
Google Maps
meeting within a nice suburban neighborhood and it was very large with young people. I've been
Getting My Laundry
took the car back. Next I went went 2 the laundromat & took the bus back home I had some of Sharon homemade
Getting Home
delicious chili. I didn't do all that much but it was a good relaxing holiday for this  blogger, photographer
Goodbye May
and caseworker . Well May ends on a  hot note.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday May 29: Devon Horse Show. Past Meets Present

The The
Next Door Neighbors
Good day everyone. The sun is out now what word is out on the street that it might start raining of early at 7 PM tonight. I got up originally at 6:30 AM
I Might Know this Dude
and then went back to sleep. I got out of bed
New Construction on 24th
at 8:15 PM because I want to go to the bar none. I quickly showered brush my teeth etc. I caught
The 32 Bus
a different way of getting there. I caught the 32 bus to the EL and then I got a $4 cab ride. That gave
Still Here!
me time to get some iced Americano. I don't think it was decaf because I was feeling it. It must be
At the EL
very strong! Anyway I had the barn on and it was a good session. Afterwords I went out with 2 people
My Route
at the Milk & Honey cafĂ© and hung out with some others.  I was at the coffee shop and I overheard the book about how the Bible made after the Ice Age when humans
View From Cab
had to deal with groups of thousands of
Riding a $4 Cab
people instead   groups of 20 people. It seems very fascinating "The Good Book of Human Nature." There
Hip or Rucksack
was a group of men behind me and one of them with the scribing his job at a adult bookstore back
Bridgid Foy's
in the 70s. We talked about the play squad busting them for illegal videos. Alpha talk to a nice woman who's a graphic designer
View From Brigid Foy's
living in South Philly. They all left and it's 1:12 PM and I need to look up
After Bar None
the train schedule to get to Ardmore by 3:30 PM. I did bring a change of clothing if I think the T-shirts
Inside Milk & Honey
and shorts might not cut it at the Devon horse show. I am guessing that Sharon is your sleep. She usually
Outside Milk & Honey
take Sundays off because she  works so hard during the week. Guess what I saw as I was sitting
1:15pm Outside
here starting today's blog post me? I thought whole bunch of Segway vehicle in the middle of 4th
Street between Lombard and South Street while I was sitting here at Milk & Honey. Boy do they look dopey!!
Well I walk to fifth and market and caught the market Frankford Al Al to 11th St. From there I went to Jefferson Station and waited for the 3 o'clock he only Thorndale praying to show up. I let my friend know that I wasn't gonna be there at 3:30. Basically I would shop around 335 3:40 PM. We had agreed to meet at Panera bread. When I did arrive it was pretty warm and sunny outside. I'm glad you're getting to gather but overall it was still nice. I took the train to Ardmore. When I go off in Ardmore it was about a half mile walk
The PPA in Action
to the Panera bread. I I was in the mood to take pictures of childhood landmarks in Ardmore. One of them was Saint Colemans church. I
Market Street
attended church and Sunday school there when I was a kid. There
Add caption
also used to be A "thing home and school."There is a school  at that location with a strange name.
On the Train
I took a picture of the school. Bella Italia. That place was there back in the late 70s and 80s when I
St Colemen's Church
don't was in the neighborhood. I took some under random photos I met my friend at the Panera
The Old Viking Inn
Bread but we decided to go to another place that had organic smoothies and veggie burger all that
Add caption
good stuff. I had a delicious veggie burger. She just had a shake. I was pretty hungry eating a burger. It was
Owen Road
sloppy but it was pretty tasty. the shake was even better. It was kale with fruit flavors. It was pretty
421 Owen
good and not plain. The only thing missing that I would put into it was a little ginger. Well, after
Wes Lived Here
having the burger I if we could drive on Owen road to see my childhood home. We first drove by
Arnold Field
Arnold field. She said she'd never been inside the field. I told her about the hole we used to climb under
Wayne Hotel

to get into the field and play in the pole volt padding.  I did see the old homestead
Predicting the Next Crash
at 4:20 Owen Road. It was covered in treason bushes and it  was hard to see from the road actually.
We Arrive at the Horse Show
She remarked it was big. I said yeah we had 7 kids in that house. after that tour, we headed out
Add caption
towards Devon and looking for parking. Referred to stop at a Wawa on the way and I withdraw some
The Grandstands
cash so I can pay for my ticket which ended up costing 25 bucks. When we arrived we were right near the Devon train station.In national
Add caption
news outside my life bubble, route 55 blog brings you the 2016 presidential election.
New Earrings
So far, the 2016 election is looking a lot like the one that came before it. Some say that the results will
be similar to the 2012 election between Obama and Romney. Can Donald Trump Win? These Battleground
With the Horse Set
Regions Will Decide
 We will see if that is the case. Trump voters are the same
as the so-called Regan Democrats from the 1984 election.Well, back to the horse show. We went to the
junior jumping competition. Started at 6:30 PM. We had time to get a bite to eat and get some of that
Cute Corgi
delicious lemonade. About a half hour after the competition started the rain started. It went off and
Setting up for Husband
on throughout the evening. We saw some pretty terrific looking horses that's for sure. Whenever a
The Competition Held Here
horse hit a pole on the jump they would lose a lot of credit on their round. We are pretty good seats
Star Bangled Banner

two rows up on the grandstand. I think I got some pretty good pictures of the horse that's for sure.
The Jr. Jumping Competition
Of course I let my camera run low so I'd go out on my Facebook post things and photo taken.
Racing for Time
It was quite enjoyable though. We decided to leave around 830. We really weren't up for staying
Interesting Markings
there 930 conclusion of the competition. We then walked with the Devon train station where she was
Nice Looking Horse
parked. I then caught the train at 8:53 PM from Devon. I got home a little after 1048. I timed the trip pretty well. I for had to charge my phone at suburban station.

Fortunately they did have frantically getting kind loud and spastic. I got home for a little while. Walking
Vendors and Food
him or game show from the 70s. I knew it would hold because they're advertising for Samsonite luggage.
Leaving the Show
That does go back to The 70'sback from the love boat was on etc.  well while at home the rain really started
coming down hard. Report cover and then I should be home for the rest of the evening. It was a good
Going H
fun holiday kind of day.