Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday, March 31: A Wet End of March

 When I got up without the alarm this morning. I took a nice long shower and it felt nice.    then walked out and noticed it was drizzling rain outside. I just missed the  bus so I got some coffee at the Ryebread and waited for the stop and I kept walking   nd walking and walking and decided I catch a cab all the way up to work since apparently   he buses were running that often.  I got to work on time and proceeded to try to plug away at the remains that I left after an incredibly busy   hursday. I had some rice and beans for lunch and never stepped  outside since the weather was pretty nasty out that's for sure. I'm in Penns Landing l ooking for love in all the weird places now🙃💩💪💪I'm actually having a decaf Americano. Another week of working my butt off. I feel hundred percent better than I   id yesterday. I wasn't sick  yesterday seeing 19 people with something I've never done before. Today  which is sort of average. I'm  ooking forward to the weekend but got a couple   hings planned for Saturday and one or two things for Sunday . I'm hoping the rain will posit  self a little bit during the weekend. Well I caught the 33 bus and a   ittle help from the 48 bus back to little Pete's where I met Sharon. We had a really   ice time. I would've the big ass chicken cheesesteak which I could only eat half and Little Pete was really crowded.   e both came home and I was really tired. I talked   n the phone a bit and then passed out around 9:45 PM

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday, March 30: An Extremely Busy Day @ Work

 Good day! Well I woke up for a Pats have to sleeping pretty darn well. His cat was cozying up to me while I was sleeping which is really cute. Pat and I went to coffee and went to get some coffee at the Green Line Café  which was pretty chill I must say. We hung out and then I departed to catch the L at 40th St. to get to work.  I got to work on time despite the helping a little bit slow. Today got busy from the gecko. We're not talking about a gecko like in Geico Insurance. Hello there. Just got out of work. I'm catching the EL   owntown to pick up some photos at the Photo Lounge. I'll probably get myself coffee. At work today I saw 19 people!!!!!!! 
I feel all right but I know at some point it's going to hit me hard. I'm glad I don't have any meetings tonight or other stuff.I literally just ate my lunch about an hour ago and worked straight through practically except a couple little breaks during the day. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I hope your evening continues to go well. this is my intention for everyone who happens to read this tonight. I decided to go to the coffee shop and just stay and sit for a while if feels good to kind of just sit and do nothing and blog which is one of my favorite things to do. I'm a little bit horny too which is weird because I'm tired as crap!!!!
 Anyhow, I got home via the bus and talked on the phone said hello to Sharon. And had a relaxing time   atching videos. 

Wednesday, March 29: spilled coffee yet a nicer day

 Good morning good day and all that. I got up this morning in pretty good shape around 730 I got   ressed ate some cereal and pound it out to Ryebread where I bought some coffee. The 48 bus took a little bit and I walked a little bit. As I   was geg on  the bus I was trying to hold my coffee and get my card out in the coffee   pot and splashed on me and the bus driver it was pretty much of a cluster fuck. Well I recovered  fairly  well from that massive cluster fuck and I put the new credit   ard on for SEPTA and I hope that works. I think got to work and you know  got some stuff done. They asked me to do to sanctions and I managed to whip them out in an hour. It helped they were from the same household so, oping and pasting was very helpful. to my supervisor   ppreciated that and they should leave me alone for the rest   f the week. I guess I'll shall do 2 of them  a week. Well  my Tuesday therapy appointment was moved up to today so I'm going there at 6 I'm leaving work late as usual it's now 5:19 PM. 
It's a very nice day today. It's as nice today as it was crappy yesterday. Well I have a 6 PM appointment tonight that was rescheduled from my normal Tuesday night slot. It was a move good move considering the way yesterday after work turned out.  I'm going to get some coffee at the hipster spot elixir café and heading to my appointment

 Appointment went OK. I found out that this one's going to leave at the end   f April so I have another therapist coming down the road. I didn't cut the bus   nd came over to pats house where we watched movies  @ order dinner. It was pretty fun. We then   oth crashed around 11 o'clock from the food in the movie in the day itself. It's  is an all right day I can't lay claim to it. Maybe we can offer something little bit different than the usual.