Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Visit to Long Beach Island

Last night I paid a visit to LBI and met up with John Dave and Mike and their kids to 74th Street. Mike had a vacation this past week and John took his son Alex to the East Coast. I left work at 4pm and  stopped over at Mayo's Halfway House as I have done since my parents took us there for lunch or dinner in the 70's and 80's I took a quick dip in the ocean. Man that was quite refreshing. We then had crab-cakes and corn on the cob for dinner and boy that was tasty. We hung out while a huge thunderstorm hit.
Krulls on Friday July 29
Rockin at Kubel's
Going home today on the GSP
It was quite the lightning show that it scared the kids a bit. We then went to Kubels (Old DeFreata's) to see if we would run in to any of the long lost folks we used to see many years ago, we did not but the band was very good. They played covers of Cream, Alman Brothers and the like and we danced around and had a fun time.
Hope, we can do that again cause LBI is a good shore point and has not changed all that much and I think that is way better then most of the shore points with great sand on its beaches.
Well, I am visiting my Grandson now, so go to fly!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to work

On Jul 17, 2011, 
Well it was time to get back to work this past week.
 Monday, I stayed at Pat's in Philly since there was a union contract meeting at 6:30. After that meeting met  Pat downtown for a beer then we walked back to his house. Pat does not ride SEPTA!! Tuesday, we took a trip to Mauricetown and looked at a house that was once a card and gift shop. It was cute and quaint. It  had lots of land but all the rooms were too small. for house.The price went down from 200K to the current price of 135K. Obviously this is way more than we  want to spend but it was it was interesting. It was fun going back there. We have not been back to Mauricetown in a while nice little break from the everyday.I was over at my mothers  house Wednesday night  trying to fix her computer. It looks like  more memory. Will have to check further. It was a slog getting through the backlog at work. This week was nice and sunny and not too hot just about right. On Thursday night we had a special Zoning Board meeting about a proposed solar farm that is to be built where 300 homes were going to be built till the great recession made that impossible. It was odd and the fact that nobody wanted to second the motion to approve. This was due noise concerns. It was later on was proved after a long time. I then went to a friends house for a minute after the meeting and we had a good laugh over some political goings on.
 Friday morning I had to take the 4:15 crack of dawn bus to go to my seven o'clock doctors appointment on CityLine Avenue. The apt took 10 minutes.. I then went to work after that I walked a dog and I met up with Sue and she was in a good mood. I got home at 10PM which was too late to enjoy the 3rd Friday activities in Millville. Heard it went well. I know Dennis sold some of his work and Fred's work went over well at the RRCA. Saturday, yesterday we visited our grandson Cailiff. at Jon and Densie's house. We met up withe Dawn and John's parents over there. We had a nice relaxing time.  Later, we went back home and we changed some curtains around and chilled out for the rest of the evening and watched a a B grade horror made in the  70s which I forgot the name. It was filmed in Rome so I am to presume it's an Italian flick. 
today, Sunday, I woke up at 9:45. I  am  chilling and writing out this blog entry with my Dragon Dictation app. I dictate a paragraph at a time and then copying and pasting to e-mail. Following that process. I will be pasting on Blogger. I plan to go to John's house to add pictures and make finer alteration since blogger does not have an app. 
Can't wait to a new laptop. Much easier to type with 2 hands then one thumb.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2nd Part of Vacation

Densie, Cailiff, Carolyne and Kay
 Well,  this vacation was certainly not boring for sure. I did sleep in to 9 or 10 am each morning and boy can that be fun. It was kind of cool to forget what day it was after that yucky week at work.  Carolyne's friend Kim stopped by and then we all made a visit to see Cailiff, Jon and Densie.  No welfare and that continues to be good.
Now I prey I can get a real computer, so I can type w/ TEN fingers instead of JUST a thumb!!!' :)

At least I am dealing with the Pa budget this week!!!

1 Woodland Terrace
Today we met the realtor. We first met at 1 Woodland Terrace in Bridgeton. It's is a suburban-looking neighborhood but this house is unique. It's sand-stone exterior and has TREES around it. It's got over an acre of forest behind it. The rooms are surprisingly large since the home looks a bit smaller then ours.    We are NOT in a place to change.  They did not object to the price even though they know a sale may not happen for months/years in this real estate market!
Listening to the Lawyers
Heading out to see Cailiff
They liked the studio, master bedroom and kitchen. . They were concerned that a buyer would a COMMERCIAL loan to buy the house. Is that odd or what?? The Realtor told us the issues with the house on our corner. It was the Psychic at one time.
The expert and the Shop-Rite Lawyer
We had our 3rd Zoning Board meeting concerning the Wal-Mart expansion and improvements. It of course lasted another 3 hours and at the end it was approved 7-0. Word is out that the Shop-Rite Lawyer will file a lawsuit that will just further delay the project.

Saturday we had our first yoga class at St. Andrews Episcopal Church. It was fine except they had some kind of sermon upstairs we could hear the guy had a microphone but overall the class went well. space was fine and had air conditioning. After that we visited the grandson and mellowed out the rest of the day.
Cailiff Crowe :)
  The Word on the street is that  the current director of the RCA's thinking of leaving again. Folks are looking at someowho is well known to possibly take her spot is she decides  to leave the RCA. I have a clue of whom it might be but I will not speculate on this blog. I will leave that to others.
There have been some
Here's a embarrassing photos.of Big Lou in the past week as well. It smells like a local Weinergate except for one BIG difference. The Local Media has not touched it at all. This is just showing that I do live in the middle of nowhere where some politicians are OFF LIMITS to scandal reporting.
Well its Sunday nite and gotta go.

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Grand Bargen!!? For whom??

Cutting Social Security!
How much will the DEMOCRATS give away to get the debt ceiling up. The Republicans keep moving the football 
When will it end?

Sad News and Change

 Ostara Yoga classes will be held at St Andrews church at 186 E. Commerce Street starting This Saturday July 9th at 11am.
We all morn the loss of Joyce Skinner owner of Energy Center Plus. She was very gracious to our yoga class for last 2 years. You will be missed!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

First Week of July at Home

Cailiff Crowe July 7
Well after the hardest week of work that I can remember now appropriate that I picked vacation seen my new grandson to stuff has been neglected because I'm doing the welfare whacka.
Yesterday I mean the day before we got to visit Caleb Chandler our cute grandchild and we plan to make another visit later on today or tomorrow depending on how Jon and Densie are feeling. Right now we are working on the backyard garden around the bird feeders

 I would love to have a time on the computer.
It's a working vacation. I sleep to 10 am instead of 4:15 am.
I will be working on your yard :)
Now getting packed up to leave in 60 min
 Densie and Jon had a doctor's appointment and errands
Carolyne has two apts in Bridgeton today. She is to meet the pastor for the new place  she's having  her yoga and other to return the keys to the energy Center so it's been determined assuming that's okay with you. Just giving the heads up.

Tuesday I got out the Spanish tile and laid them out in Densie and Jon's backyard. Next set up a table with the umbrella. That idea fell flat but the umbrella and table look nice on the back porch. Man, I set the furniture up and it was hot as heck today. Glad I am not at work I'm working hard but I can sleep in till 10. Sleep is dreamy!
50 Summit St Bridgeton
Well came home and set the cat traps and saw St. Andrews church at 186 E Commerce Street in Bridgeton.This the new location for Ostara Yoga starting Saturday July 9th at 11am!! tomorrow we plan to meet up with Kim to see Densie and Cailiff. I went aheadI went ahead and watch the movie Primary Colors which loosely based on the 1992 campaign of Bill Clinton. It was an entertaining and interesting movie I then went on my Twitter account and saw an article about  construction federal agency blame who grin for the collapse of Levoy Theatre  which occurred January 3, 2011 the article written by the
paper was very critical of Ogren and listed their previous violations. This got me upset and sent several emails.   I went to bed tired It's now 4:12 AM I'm usually getting up for work now on a normal week but this week has been anything but normal!! last week was extremely normal!!  My phone is charged and ready for another domestic work-a-day Adventure.
Carolyne and June
We went to Bogarts books in Millville New Jersey and I'm on this dictation program to see if it comes out and we're having doing what once doing a vacation sit around drink coffee talk nonsense and look at books about the secret history of consciousness you know you don't kill time without stopping o'clock  visit the grand baby   and take our dogs with us and it will be grand.
I cooked eggs and lunch and we hung out at Densie's till 3;15PM, then it was time to go.

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