Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 31: The Last Day of May

The View as I Woke UP
I woke up this morning at 7 o'clock & and I woke up to a very sunny blue sky morning. As usual, I'm running late to the men's meeting
The 21 on Chestnut Street Near 42nd
but at least I didn't have to spend money on a cab. I'm going to get there around 815 if I'm lucky. After that I'll probably end up going to
Outside the 21 Bus
the 10 at 10:30 AM. Then plot plan to buy a hat lost every single hat that I've been given or I thought this far to the month of May
At Saxby's
2014. Okay I'm waiting for the L sense from 20th to 15th no buses came down Chestnut Street. So hopefully I know will come in next 15 minutes so I can be at this meeting on time.
At Rittenhouse Square
I'm either going to hang with Amy and/or go up to Bucks County to friend of mine's Farm and house. or see a comedy show at 3:15 PM. Obviously can't do all of those at the same time. I'm guess I'm going to see how the
The TD Bank at 21st and Chestnut
wind blows.
Or ask third of the 10:30 AM meeting I was exhausted and wound up. I knew I was wound up when I had a flyer something touch my hand and I still coffee all over the
Catching the EL at 15th to go to 2nd 
sidewalk elms splash deliver a woman. But I rewarded myself with a nap. It was sunny and adventurous pretty comfortable.
Climbing up to 2nd
 I had to buy another cord because I left my cord at work.  Next is the buy my monthly trans-pass for SEPTA for June. I'm at the 11th St. train station downtown. I rewarded got my trench pass that was simple enough. Now

Market East Station around 1PM
I'm sitting on the ground here at market East charging up my phone since I left my portable charger work along with my backpack. I am going to go on Mike chrome book as long as I can get their Wi-Fi connection
Some Essentials
here at market East. Also there could be up to 45 minute delays because of electrical delays. So plans are up and hold at this point if they get really stupid then I will go see a comedy show at 3:15 today. Now it's time to kill some time. Well, I can do THAT. I decided

Making Plans and Blogging
to read MSN and they always have silly articles. These articles are mind numbing. You know stuff about love and relationships. You know so you will compare yourself to other loving couples or fun loving singles
Add caption
. Who cares if corporate media is going to  rake us over.the coals. Well, I am going to wait to 2:30 and then make up my mind. Okay the train to Comar should arrive about 2:51 I think I'll hop on that one. If not I'll hit the comedy show

at 3:30 PM Guess who called me?? Nadine. I am going to go to her place tonight. I am now in Bucks County in a place called Hilltown. Its near Perkase and Quakertown.
Quakertown Mart
He lives on 10 Acres of property. He is broke since the Feds got to him and his side business was tanked. My phone chargers are at work so my phone keeps needing a charge.
Cute and Fun Pup
My friend up here will be driving me back to Philly. Nadine lives in East Falls. Amy was out of sorts so I just stopped waiting for therm and came up here to Comar by the train and was
Watching Mother Nature
picked up. We  went to a tractor and feed store and then Quakertown Mart. It an old fashioned county mall. Its been an been a odd day for me for sure. It's 8:01 we left the Dudeist
The Farm
farm and we we went driving down towards East Falls section of Philadelphia we stopped on by my old roommate Nadine Lansing
Nadine Wes and Chris
10 years at least. Wes called and later joined in the powwow with Chris Nadine and myself Nadine paid the Crosby stills Nash and Neil Young amongst others spirited conversation and some silliness to boot. I did not get
Nadine and I
home till 230 in the morning 2:34 AM June 1. It was a different kind of day. It was what I would say a groovy day with old friends
Groovey Man!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, May 30: the weekend starts

My Morning View
It's Friday morning just missed the 21 bus exhausted try to chase it down. After a long conversation with Mr. Dean last night we had another conversation about the meaning of
My Favorite Doodle
life and what kind of life are trying to aim for etc.
My heart still racing after I missed that bus and it's 9 o'clock. I barely touch the coffee I'm drinking . it's time to just BREATHE...
La Columbe
I probably should take my breaks and lunch not sign brief nice cool air. I got Carferry Rama today. All I have to mention I have a lot of appointments to have a good day.
Work was fairly busy today still have lots of car fare to do as of 2:28 PM one of our esteemed the bullies left the office today we had a little ยต gathering in the conference room today for Nylla. I

ordered a Chinese meal and enjoyed that. I'm going to be pushing through car fare and then trying to stay late so I can get something done. I then got to go home and slap Dean some
The Going Away
cash and then go over to the 7 o'clock for some time. The shopper special is at 5:15 too early for me at this point. Yes it was sunny out but we have some clouds moving in. It's still fairly cool but much warmer.
The Spring Sky at the Work Parking Lot
The weekend is edging closer. Well in my rush to leave work I left my green backpack in the office and I was unable to get back in. Problem is that my portable chargers
Ceiling at Old Pine Presbyterian Church
are in there. 
So anyhow I went home to take care Dean. I then walked to 40th St. and then took the EL down to 5th street. I went to the Cosi & got a coffee
Rest in Peace
and then took a cab from from fort just at the fourth in Pine and made the meeting on time meeting at fourth and Pine was held upstairs and it was a beautiful sanctuary. It was very relaxing. 
Dinner after 4th and Pine
Afterwards, I met with a few folks at the whole foods on South Street. I had to bully and I
walked up to Jess that's to cut the 21 came home tried to watch twilight zone the early twilight since were bad. I never knew there was so dull..

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 29: Cool Day

Chestnut Street Facing 45th
I spent the morning deleting files off my phone see them tonight computer. Basically done from May 14 through May 20. That and missing a
The 21
21 will cause me to be 15 minutes late for the sunrise. It's a very cool grey cloudy morning here in Philadelphia. It is now currently 54° here in
20th Street
Philadelphia it's also 54° in Berkeley and Buffalo according to my iPhone. Well meeting went well and then I hung out with two folks
19th Street
one of them I've never hung out with before and it was really nice. I stayed there till 8:53 AM which means I'm going to be late to work at this point. It's still cold but it feels
About to Catch the EL to 56th St.
like the sun is making an attempt to bust through the clouds. The EL  just picked me up at 9:04 AM. I should be at work by 915. Will take this, I got off at 52nd St. which and I'm supposed
The 31 Bus at Market

go for 56. They start walking towards 4/51. I was fortunate that I caught a route 31 bus going up market which dropped me off at 15th and market is playing 9:20 AM.
My Desk
Well I kind of got into work mode today. I saw some clients and Hefferman didn't show up. I got a little bit of the car Fairdawn minutes
On the EL to 1420 Walnut
when I'm running late to meet people at the Starbucks including my sponsor.
Well my sponsor could make it but I'm saw Larry outside smoking a cigar because I'm late.  It
Meeting a Friend
turned out it wasn't a real big deal that I was running late because Larry was occupied talking with another friend of ours. Well the usual
15th and Walnut:
folks were there and I got to speak up and I learned something which is always good. Hi then caught the 42 bus and met a nice person on the bus and then went home for the night. A side note. The corner of 15th and Walnut will be a Cheesecake Factory and condo's. This area has been under construction since the Fall.
and having dinner.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hump Day Weds May 28

Good Wednesday morning to all of you. In the news this morning there is an article that states that home values have tumbled and Andy Reid is selling his Villanova estate.
Oh yes the economy is STILL acting up years since the finanical collapse of 2008.
This morning I was very fortunate the 21 didn't take 10 minutes between buses. I just missed one
and I really only had to wait about five minutes for the next one. I might be close to making it on time this morning. While on the 21, I struck up conversation with a woman who works
at the Eastern State penitentiary with doors. Is very nice let me .19 Cents so I could get a coffee. And when she said I was a nice guy it didn't sound like a compromise. 
The Saxby's  coffee was very good and I'm now heading toward the trolley to get to work on time. I got a big day at work with lots of appointments. Nothing is free including vacations! Well none of my clients came in that
were previously scheduled by my coworker and it started raining like crazy out there around 1 o'clock or so is now 230 and there is a union meeting I need to go to. I think they
need be soliciting me for some kind of leadership thing that I gave up in 2006.
Well I haven't been formally asked yet but I definitely will know something by next week because the
shop stewards announcing the changes next Friday.
Thankfully the rain stopped as of now 5:38 PM but boy DID it cool off. He feels like it did in Buffalo couple days when I was there.
 Peter and I decided to walk from work. until he gets donate Timothy A+ market
 well we walked all the way from 57th St. to  42nd and then he went to the laundromat. I want to go home and then chill out with Pat
& have dinner,
Yeah as of now 6:33 PM feeling a slight mist of precipitation...
Williams is going home dropping off things at Pats
and then going on Facebook and chatted. I know that that's with my chrome book petting his cute dog Abby and we're going
to have dinner pretty soon it is now 8:50 PM