Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday October 31: A SEPTA Strike?!??

 Well I got up but had trouble getting myself organized. I took Uber and have the   ongest river ride ever . I picked up Uber hair because already there were helping people even before a possible septa strike . It was $4.30 with the share and $12.30 for an individual ride between Fairmount and Center City Philadelphia.  
I came into work pretty grumpy and frustrated because of that stupid Uber. I'm not taking Uber  


pool anytime soon specially during a septa strike. That Uber man was the slowest we had to pick up two other people and he  

went around circles. I ended up being a half hour late. I was peppered with questions and I was feeling kind of grumpy.  
Well I forged ahead to do my job and push through and I started feeling better especially after I ate.  
Well I got better after the food and went ahead and scheduled people. I'm not going to be scheduling anyone until after

November 10. I expect will be doing this for a minimum of a week. They're not going to really move until enough people suffer.  

Well I finished on time at work and decided that I would take care of my financial situation and paying off a couple people. I went to the  
TD bank and then went to the Apple Store to get a last-minute appointment at the Genius Bar. During the morning when I got my  

coffee my phone just shut off AGAIN! I only had a half hour wait so I want to Starbucks and got myself some coffee. I then went to the  

Genius Bar and I was there for 45 minutes. I had my phone completely restored to the manufacturer's original state. She held my hand  

through the process and I basically got the basics back such is the web and messages. I then decided to go to a new meeting at 18th and Wolf. Fortunately, the 17 bus was right there and I caught it and made 
it to the meeting as they were finishing eating.  They've been eating since 630. I had to the most delicious pork roll sandwiches I ever had. That put me in a definite good mood.

Meeting at Southwoods down to the essence going through paragraph by paragraph in the big book. There a lot of young people there  and they may interpret it as different kingds of members there.
by then left South Philly and took the Broad Street line a farewell   venue and walk the rest the way home

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday, October 30: Canvassing and A Da Vinci Art Alliance Halloween party

 Well it was quite a morning. I woke up and it was very  very mild outside. It was the kind of weather I thought it was gonna be  like yesterday morning. I got a bad ass of myself clean the dishes  that I used last night and headed out to the clubhouse on Fairmount   venue. It was packed when I got in but I   anaged to get a seat on the steps and then take someone to chair when they left
. After that, I caught  the 33 bus downtown since I was going to be going to the  Apple Store and canvassing for Hillary Clinton. With scheduled for 1130 and then one was   et for noon. I went to the Apple Store in the man was very nice   nd done give me a card his name is Dan Baker. He works during Dave's I'll   robably have to see him on the weekend if my phone still acts up. After I talk   o him we went and I saw an iPhone 7 Plus. I saw the dual camera in   ction. If I wanted to take porch is the people it fades out the background makes  it much more professional looking. I just have graduated to  taking pictures of people. People are difficult. Anyhow that was interesting next I went down to 326 S. 15th St. or 16th St. and the   ouse is beautiful. Who's with the   Clinton campaign to central in Center City. I just signed parts of North Philadelphia between 15 and 17th   long Wallace and some other street that I forgot. I went to her apartment  complex called 640 N. broad. The man in front desk let me in and was really  cool in general. I decided   o hit to third floor and it was full of registered voters.  This place was white like a glorified hotel. I would never want to live in a place  like this. It had a lot of young people   rom what I looked at on the Botta rolls. After finishing  half of the third floor but the guy from the front  desk approached me while on the third floor to tell me that there were  multiple complaints. This was after I met one person face-to-face in   he entire complex. After that I I only went to a few other addresses nearby on Mount Vernon St. Time was  starting  to run out since it was after 3 PM. I then decided I needed a cab so I caught a cab to the main Clinton  headquarters  on the 300 block of S. 15th St. I got "debriefed" about my camping  experience  and I was scheduled to come help next Monday night and Tuesday night at six at the same address is 328 S. 15th St. Next I went to da Vinci gallery via taxi  because I needed to get there as soon as possible. I got there approximately 4:30 PM and the party was on. They are cool jazz band playing and it looked pretty festive.

I found one of my masks and put it on and proceeded to have some delicious vegetarian food which I enjoyed  immensely.   ung out there for a while and I got a ride back to 19th woman only problem was I left my charger at the gallery. Hung out with Larry   atlie and Veronica and that was pretty cool and then we went to the 60 minutes. I also told them that my hotels hundred dollars less for Gettysburg