Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aug 27th

Well, August is winding down. It is 5:30 and I hear the nice sound of crickets. Work is going a bit better, I got a biospy done 2 days ago and payday is tomorrow. I got a ride home from my Step-Daughter who happened to be in town. Man, what a relief, I had just missed the 6:30 bus getting home as well.
Congress is still on its month-long vacation, health-care reform is in limbo while we hear that Ted Kennedy just died. He was a champion of health-care reform.

I was on the internet and saw this sign. Its pretty funny and it reflects how I feel at work somedays.

Monday, August 24, 2009

This Past Week

Well, I just had to mellow out after last week with its death panels for Grandma and paper shortages/system problems at work. I was one frustrated amigo for sure. 3rd Friday went pretty well. Bob White and others (including a former RRCA Board member) paid a visit. We had to take our sign that was on the corner of High and Pine Streets. (So did the Psychic as well). I will have to ask about the ordnance and when the sign can come up etc this week. Going to the dermatologist tomorrow at Penn in Philly. They are going to check on a small growth on my temple. Its barely noticeable but the doctor thought it should be checked out.I paid a visit to see 3 old friends in Baltimore for dinner. Steve cooked up some tasty chicken and homemade sherbet (not sure that is the correct word). This past Sunday we went to a park in Vineland (near the intersection of Lincoln and Chestnut Sts) and celebrated our neighbor's child's birthday. The beans and chicken were very tasty as well. Went to Carolyne's Yoga class with our dog June. Its very good for my tight muscles.
I am getting pretty good business in my dog walking and being my friend's agent. Its good to have extra spending money these days. Man, It was so HUMID, it was gross.
In the outside world, the Phillies are doing well They are up 7 games at this time. The Eagles signed Michael Vick and the uproar began. I mean he has a drink and THAT makes the (Phila Daily)News??
The state budget impasse continues on but at least I am gettting paid. Its still hot outside and I am very tired.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's Go to a Town Hall Meeting!!

I woke up to a comment from my brother on Facebook. Its GREAT

Hey let's all go to a townhall meeting, all filled with nonsense we've heard on AM radio, and scream at a member of Congress. " DO NOTHING AND DO IT NOW!!! WE LOVE BEING RIPPED OFF BY HMO'S AND PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES!!" Makes me want to smack someone with a solid oak death panel.
I mean lets get real people. NPR had a man who said that the reaction at these townhall meeting is anxiety from poor whites (legit) mixed with folks like Glen Beck, Sean Hannity Rush Linbaugh and element of the Republican party EXPLOITING this. Of course NPR has to be rational like good liberals. Hell, this not about being rational, its smashmouth politics you wimps. Its about time for Obama to cut though the crap and not act like a wimp and just taking it like a abuse victum.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chris Christie. Above Reproch??

Chris Christie is running for Governor on a reputation for busting corrupt public officials. I for one applaud these efforts. Behind this squeaky-clean image that he has marketed well so far, is something else.
In today's Philadelphia Inquirer, the editors discuss the partisan firing of US attorneys pushed by Carl Rove and Mr. Christie is part of the article. Read for yourself:

U.S. attorneys were loyal to Bush. Chris Christie, the Republican nominee for governor of New Jersey, was listed as “loyal” in 2005 but ended up in 2006 on a list of prosecutors who could be terminated.

Later that year, Christie was involved in an incident that seemed uncharacteristic of his apolitical reputation. His office leaked word of a probe of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Bob Menéndez concerning the rental of a building, two months before the election. Menéndez won; no charges were ever brought.

Rove acknowledged that he counseled Christie about running for governor about two years before Christie resigned his post. U.S. attorneys are prohibited from engaging in politics.

“I talked to him … regarding his interest in running for governor, and he asked me questions about who — who were good people that knew about running for governor that he could talk to,” Rove testified.

It’s not shocking that Christie would discuss career options while he was still a prosecutor. But in the context of Rove’s meddling, it creates the perception that Christie may have been subjected to partisan influences. The Justice Department’s probe and the congressional investigation should pursue these questions wherever they lead. Trying to bend law enforcement toward partisan goals should never be tolerated

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog Days of August!

Ok I will dispense of the 2 big stories today. First off Les Paul died today. My friend Pat encouraged me to check him out twice in NYC Its cool to see check him out twice in a legend who can really play. Next the Eagles signed Michael Vick. As a pet owner I just watched the 11pm news agape and I know others were too. It was the TOP STORY channel 3 in Philly. I am guessing I will get used of having him on the team if it makes the team better. What we need 4 quarterbacks?? Our future Kevin Kob is going to be 3rd string I suppose. Reading this story will make the ride to work quicker for sure. As for me, work was very busy, I got to see my mother and did plenty of walking.
As for Millville theArts District Façade Program is going to expand and they are looking for UEZ money for a 2nd Street Sweeper. This is good news for sure and Its Friday AM and got to sleep now. Health Care will have to wait as I ride in the bus.
Its the Dog Days of August in many ways this year...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Planning Board and Union Lake Development

The planning board voted to approve rezoning 85 acres of a 400-acre plot owned by Wawa Inc. near Union Lake This 85 acres could potentially become the new home of an access road required to continue the construction of a pair of hotels next to the land under the owners of the nearby Union Lake Crossing shopping center.
The Board allowed comments on this matter even though as the board attorney reminded everyone at least twice that this was not an official public hearing.
The city led by Dr. Kim Ayers plans a "phased development strategy for the 400 acre WAWA property. The first phase approved last night is the 85 acres and the next phase is the remaining 300 plus acres.
There were many speakers. The one speaker had a new idea I have never heard before. It was to place a “moratorium” on development of the remaining 300 acres. The board attorney Mr. Mitch Daniels seemed intrigued by this idea. I think this might be a good first step to calm the fears of the nearby neighbors if it indeed is a workable idea.
Steve Durst spoke strongly in favor of this project and stated that the Planning Board does not need to use leverage since that is not the way business is done today.
Most speakers expressed concern for the future of the 300 acres. They came to the meeting worried that the WAWA plan was going to be the future of the 300 acres. One person referred this plan as WawaLand. They told me that it would discourage people from visiting the Arts District. That on its own gives me pause for sure.
Matt Blake of the American Littoral Society's Delaware bay Program spoke and urged the board to hold off approval of the 85 Acres.
Fred Jacob who had represented the immediate neighbors urged the city to change the Lakeshore Conservation zoning area to be changed or the city will have no leverage to change any proposal to develop land in this area.
This plan will change as time goes on but folks will have to pay attention and have their say.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Fine Sunday in August

It was a good day of rest. Got up at 10:45 which is a great feeling and then had breakfast and did blogging, email and facebook. I got into some good discussions about health care reform. Next did some stuff aound the house. Took a break and went to the Artists Consortium and saw Jenny and Isabelle. We both cooked up a great meal of Kale and veggies and a pot of rice beans and Indian spices, Later, a Thunderstorm rolled though Millville and cooled things off a bit. This week we are visiting my Mother and I am planning to go to the planning board meeting tomorrow. At some point will have a rug cleaned of pet smell as well.

I am in Favor of Health Care Reform!

I am in support of Health Care Reform. There are some who state that the big insurance companies and big pharmacy are in support of the plans to reform health care. This is false. They stand to loose money and influence if health care reform is passed Bill Moyers talks about the issue of health care lobbyists and corporate media greasing palms Mr. Moyers talked to a former executive of CIGNA who bares all about about how the health care industry is AGAINST any change. Here is part 1 of the interview This is part 2 of the interview The Republicans and right wing radio have told people to attend and disrupt the town hall meetings. Apparently this has little to do with the health care plan and more to do with a desire to get Obama out of office, Here is an article about how opponents of health care are using town hall meetings to disrupt discussion This is a well financed republican party and corporately controlled and funded operation being facilitated by a complicit media. Pretty soon more and more of us will have no health insurance and become poorer.I know Bill Moyers has a liberal point of view but he uses research not yelling and ranting. Here is a Dr. making for case for single payer.
"Obama is also being criticized by those who think he hasn't gone far enough. Dr. Thomas Clairmont, a primary care physician in Portsmouth, said he would ask Obama why he doesn't embrace a single-payer, government run solution. Clairmont said such an approach would be far more economically and medically efficient by cutting out the costly middleman of private insurance companies and be far less costly for taxpayers. He said the success of the Medicare program is evidence that the government can succeed where private industry ultimately can't over the long run."

Right now the insurance companies are deciding what you may get and they are in business to make a profit. Notice nobody is critical of the spending by big insurance companies and pharmaceuticals but govt is always critical. This would force any govt plan like medicare to be more efficient since it is taxpayer money

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Issues on a Saturday

Its Saturday and I am minding the store as the humidity increases. Had a busy week of pet sitting(e.g Dog Walking) and finding out I will get paid next Monday. Meanwhile I learned that Friday afternoon commuting in the Summer is bad on a bus as it is by car Meanwhile in national news, President Obama is going though a rough patch dealing with health care reform. Meanwhile his Republican critics are fighting it with all they got. You know like in 1993. Cries of socialism and no choice and having the govt decide care. Oh their favorate bogeyman ACORN too!! Umm, who do you think decides care now? Who is making a profit from having almost 50 million people having no health insurance. Well, I am not too optimistic since some of my countrymen & women will believe anything if its said enough.

The News of Cumberland County is getting hip to the web.
On Twitter its TheNewsofCC. The breaking news blog at If you want to read letters to the editor, head to
Well, that is all for now. Going to walk the dogs.

Union Lake Development Update August 8 2009

One Issue that has come up again is another proposal to develop the 400 to 500 acres behind the Union Lake Crossing shopping Center and Union Lake. Those 85 acres could potentially become the new home of an access road required to continue the construction of a pair of hotels. The Millville Planning Board meets this coming Monday will consider rezoning 85 acres of a 400-acre plot owned by Wawa Inc. near Union Lake.
There has been charges and counter charges by the city and Matt Blake. The city representatives seem extremely angry as if they were blindsided by Mr. Blake's comments.
I am afraid were going the way of the Motorsports Park and the Trackracket where both sides are going to talk past each other. You my dear reader need to read both Dr. Kim Warker's letter printed today in the News of Cumberland County and Matt Blake's letter that was printed in the News on August 5th. Mr. Blake's letter did alarm me when I first read it and a friend got a different take from a city offical that Mr. Blake was "a liar". Well, I hope to make it to the planning board meeting and get a clearer picture of what the plan is.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

What Can I Say??

What can I say. You ask folks to work without pay. Yup we get paid Tuesday of next week.
From the DPW intranet

Welcome to the OIM Web

Policy Clarifications - SNAPPFS14904567

Subject: Income from State Employees for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
How do we treat state employee income now that a “bridge” budget has been passed?
Response By: Division of Federal Programs and Program Management
With the signing of the bridge budget, wages for July and August will be released in August for most state employees. SNAP households having a state employee must have eligibility re-evaluated using anticipated August wages.
For households with a state employee whose SNAP benefits were open in July or August, the household’s eligibility must be redetermined using anticipated income from August and September wages. Action must be taken timely to reduce SNAP benefits effective September 1, 2009 or stop SNAP benefits effective August 31, 2009 using appropriate advance notice.
For households with a state employee that applied for SNAP benefits in August that have not been processed, income from August wages must be anticipated for August benefits.
Employees of agencies whose funding requires special appropriation will not have their wages released with the signing of the bridge budget. These agencies include, but are not limited to:
· Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System
· Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System
· Public Utility Commission
· Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
When reviewing cases for households with a state employee, ask whether the employee’s wages will be released due to the signing of the bridge budget. If the employee’s wages will not be released because they require special appropriation, do not consider the employee to be receiving or have anticipated wages.

OIM Web Disclaimer Text Version Contact Us © 2005 Commonwealth of PA - DPW

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

City Commission Meeting

I was not expecting a long meeting with controversy. This by and large was the case at yesterday's City Commission meeting held at City Hall. I was late (as usual). Jane Christy spoke out to defend the " WAWA Tree. This is a white oak that is about 250 years old and is the 3rd largest tree in Cumberland County. This tree may be a victim of the roadwork that is planned for the intersection of Wade Blvd and RT 49. This was reported in April 2009.

This is the Infamous road project brought to us bumpkins by Gov Corzine, and Lou Magazzu.
Next, Michelle Post called out the City Commission for allowing a person to make a personal threat at the last Commission meeting. She has a point but she came off heavy-handed. I sense the the frustration she has with the NJ Motorsports Park. She states there is no "solution" but voting and changing the noise ordnance. The motorsports park is too wide/large to barricade the sound as well. Like I said, I sense a lawsuit and the city does not need THAT for sure. Charles Flickinger spoke about the Wall of education.
After the meeting, I heard something that could have a very negative affect upon Millville and the County. Hope cooler heads prevail or this will eventually make headlines here.
Well, good bye for now

Fighting the Foolishness of Pa Politics

Yesterday August 4th our union SEIU Local 668 had a lunch breakout to make it clear that its not OK to hold our pay while Harrisburg burns. Today the Senate Bill 850 was signed after Gov Rendell vetoed most of the bill except to fund basic services. This means a paycheck next Tuesday.As a co-worker repeated over and over. "I JUST WANT MY DAMN MONEY!!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pa Legislative Circus!!

Hi got this from the Pa Cable Network:

A review of the Commonwealth Directory shows 529 names for the Senate alone. The majority leader has 85 staff, the minority leader has 55. Do we need all of these people. And the worst part is that in many Senate races more than half of the candidates are unapposed

Names and phones numbers of those 11 Legislators that Voted NO to Pay State Workers!(the temp budget) flood their phone lines!!!

Kerry Benninghoff -717-783-1918
Thomas Creighton - 717-772-5290
Paul Drucker - 717-705-2003
Garth Everett - 717-787-5270
Kate Harper - 717-787-2801
Scott Hutchinson - 717-783-8188
John Maher - 717-783-1522
Bob Mensch - 717-787-6937
Mark Mustio - 717-787-6651
Dennis O'Brien - 717-787-5689
Steven Santarsiero - 717-787-5475
Go here

This is just plain bogus and stupid. They finally passed the "Bridge Budget" and it could have been done WEEKS ago. Now they say it will take another WEEK!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lets Clean Up Graffiti!!

Graffiti can be a menace if it is ALLOWED to just sit. It has to be removed IMMEDIATELY or the element will see that its ok to just deface any building. Near my home at Pine and High Streets some clown put the letters YG on the window of the old Foglios building. It has been there for over 2 weeks. I have sent email to the City Commission (2 of them) and its STILL there. I know the city does not own the property but it MUST be proactive or MORE of this will deface the Arts District. Graffiti and crime seem perfect together.
Other cities like Philadelphia where I used to live learn from the broken windows theroy that you act proactive on small crimes to keep more serious crime from infesting like roaches. Come on lets get this off soon!!!


After last nite dream of a killing massacre at Glassboro State Col loge (oops Rowen) where too much testosterone was causing aggressiveness I wanted to share s some photos.
First off I saw monsoon-like rain when I was leaving Philly on Friday. Here is a photo and a video. Route 42 was closed for a spell and I did not get home till 8 PM to meet the woman who bought my car.