Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Murels in Millville

I am here in Millville now and read in the Vineland Daily Journal about Murals on
High Street
. This is a good development for Millville and getting the Levoy Theater renovated and ready for patrons will better still. Local artists like Liz Nicklus and Carl Johnson. Please check out
Leslie Ficcaglia’s web page for other art related links as well.
That's all for tonite. Time to watch Law and Order

Monday, February 27, 2006

Business is Business

I was talking with an old friend and he wondered why I did not update my Blog. I said I did not
want to mbarrass myself. He said who is reading it? Good point.. Well I am going to try update
on a daily basis even if I say a sentance.
I am on a list out of University City in ole W Philly and as most of you know I have a pet sitting
gig on the side with a friend of mine. Here is one realitor's dim view of how I promote my business
"Mark, your advertisements are illegal. You could be fined for them, just as PIC was. It was a hefty fine, if I recall - it was PER FLYER, something like $5000. total. They weren't having any success appealing it, either, even though they were advertising something VERY benign, like a plant sale to raise money for preschool scholarships. When I see your advertisements, they upset me, because I can't advertise houses for sale the way you advertise your services. I have to pay for the expensive newspaper ads. Because I follow the law. It makes me not want to recommend you for pet services. It makes the playing field not level: there are the responsible businesses which follow the law and don't post flyers, and then there are the *other* businesses which post flyers, whether they know it's illegal or not. I do tear down any ads - not just yours, but any ads - illegally posted on my block if I happen to see them when I'm walking down the street. But I don't go out of my way to look for them. I'm sure that you are a responsible business person and you wouldn't have been putting up the ads if you'd known that they were illegal."

And I thought I was legit :(

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

RRCA Winery Tour

Hello, Last Saturday February 11th, just before the snow, Carolyne and I went to a
New Jersey Winery Tour with the Riverfront Renaissance Center For The Arts . Did you know there are 20 Wineries in New Jersey??
We went to four different wineries starting with the Heritage Vineyards of Richwood and as the snow started to fall finished at the Bellview Winery who
have plenty of chocolate left due to the snowstorm. It was a jolly good way to spend Valentines day weekend.