Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016: A lazy New Year's Eve

 Happy new year and stuff. I woke up in time to meet Larry and Lisa. I  had to take Uber however because I was so exhausted from the 18 hour drive I took yesterday.  It really finally took a fact. The Uber driver got me there by 10 o'clock   nd I met up with Lisa and gave her her book for her Christmas present.   he liked it and she then went to get her car at the parking lot and I went over to old city coffee to meet  Larry. I ordered up a yogurt and orange juice and coffee. I needed extra help. I even brought  up yogurt from the house that I had bought yesterday at the Reading terminal market.   t's now 5:23 PM I'm supposed to be at Larry's at 5:30 but of course I'm gonna   e late and he's going to be concerned. Murray hasn't made any contact with Larry so my bus just be us three celebrate New Year's. I'm gonna stay overnight instead of walking home like I did last year. It's cold but it's not bad outside this time. Hey!! I just  saw the 6 o'clock fireworks  and now my friend Larry his wife and myself are going  out to dinner in old city where they live and then we're going to hang out and see the   ireworks at midnight. Dinner was delicious. it was spicy I had a taco soup which wasn't spicy but very tasty. I then had three mini tacos and soft shells they were very tasty.   I tried some of Larry's Hot sauce that came along   ith his fajitas or shrimp that both him and Veronica ordered they were very hot. It was so  hot I had to go to the bathroom and kind of just   hill out from the heat. When we went back to Larry's house and watched his DVD of the Rolling Stones concert and Ivana.  It was much better than listen to cheesy 20-year-old saying. It's also   better than watching that freak show Jenny McCarthy who is weird. We we then went up to the roof deck and solve   he midnight fireworks and I shouldn't 2017. They're a bunch people up   n the roof deck this time. Some younger folk were up there as well. It was cold but no t horribly cold. I got some videos and photos of the fireworks    mostly videotaped and then I'm going to take stills from the  videos seems to work better. It's nice that I can zoom in and out while the video is being taken. It's a real convenience not  a contrivance. So  I'll have to see how the   ideos came out. We then came back home and watched more cheesy New Year's Rockin Eve with   yan Seacrest. Miria Carey got caught lip-synching with Maye her ex screwed up. It was a fitting tribute  to the whole performance end of the New Year's Rockin Eve.  Old Dick Clark must be rotating in his grave. Well it was a nice New Year's eve and I crashed at Larry's. On the 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday, December 30: A Hellish ride through Northern Michigan and Western PA. Meet up with a friend

At 12:06 AM I approached the Ohio Turnpike I tool  I-80 East towards Cleveland. You can see   hat from the picture I was to take in at 12:06 AM. After I left the Ohio Turnpike I went into the Pennsylvania Turnpike which started off very smoothly but soon became a driving hellhole . It was curvy hilly and there was blowing snow. That point it was white out conditions we   had to drive 15 miles an hour and try not to slide off the road as trucks go by zooming past me. I mean terri ble time. I was just worried about getting out of the snow. Afternoon northern Michigan is about tired of seeing snowfall in higher rates of speed blowing in my face. It left me very tired and  achy and thirsty. I was extremely  relieved that nothing happened and I was was not an accident. I don't think I'll drive that direction during the winter if I can help it. That was probably    the worst road trip home wiped ever taken. I did make it and I'm home. The dentist still agreed   o see me and the rental car place didn't charge me the extra 2 1/2 hours I was late. That's a nice relief. I'm supposed to  meet my friend Lisa somewhere between one and 2 o'clock today. I   ent to the dentist and he extracted teeth and put i The two tooth partial that Dr. Colman &  urner made. I  got jacked  up a lot to Novocain because the infection was the rendering the Novocain less effective. It was funny that the prescription had the wrong name on it but the pharmacist was nice enough to call up to the dentist to   et it right.  Yes The   entistry  went well. It went quick  fter they had to Novocain me 6 times with   he needle. they said I could eat in about an hour but I have to eat soft stuff. so that's not hard you know things like yogurt pasta etc.     isa and I ate at th Little Pete's  downtown then we wandered  off to the Reading terminal market and then we walked  from there to the hostel she staying at on Bank Street. Since I go down here in old city for my meeting, I'm going to give her the 
book I bought her instead of having her come all the way up to Fairmount.  
She's seeing other people and going to  to New York so that'll shorten her trip.I hung out at the chapter 

house coffee shop Larry decided not to go to the Christmas light show and I'm finally running out of get got her just make some pasta because that soft food that I can eat. Fortunately right now I'm not in any pain hooray