Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31st: I am a Slushy Mess

Good day everyone. Yes, it's Friday. This is a relatively warm day as compared to most of this month. I woke up at home I got coffee went to my morning thing and then went off to work. Work was busy but not horribly.  I then interviewed about six or seven clients
.  I want to work on getting my face trimmed before going to the concert at the Annenburg Center.
concert was good! Amy and I had a nice time. She is wonderful! 
I am feeling fortunate in that way for sure I have to keep reminding myself
Only problem is that I ended my day being told that I use Siri too much and . I was told to get a neurological exam for frontal lobe damage from my car accident. I don't have ADD and don't communicate sine I am obsessed w my phone and my blogs have not made sense for 6 months. 
If I was in a better state, I would not be lugging all this around.
Good day!

30th 2014: ADD

A Distracted World
The kids! It's 10° outside at 6:40 AM. According to Apple weather sunrise is approximately 7 o'clock. Please have a good day stay warm and
Marching towards Work
have a hot coffee on me.
Went to the sunrise know what to do with the basket I found myself flustered. I can't stand that feeling!!:(  That crap will start circling my mind especially when
This About Says It
I see certain people at the coffee shop. I am not why  they like me that much. Hi! There is more more positive news take a road trip to Baltimore Wednesday the 19th. Judith's going
Add caption
to show her work there at 7. Possibly visit my brother there. We will see if it's possible. I forwarded the link on Facebook  and then I found it was a lecture and go the hint that I might not attend. I went to group and it was quite good. I need to make changes. I hope I have the courage to make them! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

29 January: Foot dragging in the cold

Catching Bus in Cold
Believe it or not it could be the last full day going over Doverbrook to and fro.
It's another cold day in Philadelphia I'm writing this polite quiet talking commuters and schlepping to
Yuppies Thrive!
Center City picking up a coffee and going to the sunrise. I KNOW that I am NOT going to ask permission to take pics from various people shoes. 
Work was a bit frustrating today I was just tired and I saw a number of people. Decided to go to the 30th St. method to Overbrook to go
View from 56th Street Station
work quiet and well mannered tease me into the evening.
I'm in a walk this dog and I think I'm going to crash and see what happens.Would like to get
30th Street Station
a haircut do some laundry but just not enough time in the day.
But I let Emily an announcement center had some food
Amy's Work!
here in Overbrook and then lie down and I felt really nice.
Willy had a big surprise. Emily's owner returned back home from Australia. She had a tan since it is Summer there. She also asked me to watch Emily for 4 days next week. She is going to Vegas for a burn conference. She was at a "burn camp" in Australia for child victims of burns. It was odd in my mind.
there. I know surprises that she's off to Las Vegas starting Sunday so yes I agreed to four more days for $75. Good night everyone.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan 28: A practical Day

Emily in the AM
Dear blogging fans and paranoid people. Today is January 28 it was cold but not as cold as two weeks ago when I was 6° outside.
My Desk
I had to go from West Philly to Overbrook, then  to 19th St. I did it efficiently by renting a zip car for an hour which was cheaper than
A Cold Day it Was.
a cab ride. It went pretty well I caught most of the meeting. I showed the picture of the
Closing Time at Work.
empty room and got positive feedback so I want to send it to the grapevine. What I won't do is ask people take pictures of their feet I just can't do that.
Well work was pretty good.
Going Towards 60th Street to Catch the 46
I was feeling practical just dove into what I was doing and got stuff done. I got car fare still to do the next two days.
A Photo of a Phone
 I then went straight to Overbrook to care of the dog and went to a meeting and then I am in the Pats. He was sleeping so I listen
A Soft Light in a Harsh World
to Pres. Obama's Date of the Union speech. I found out that I have one more full day of back-and-forth to Overbrook before this chapter is completed. Still owes me $100 good night.
Fun with Color!

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27: just Objects

This is how I felt
Greetings creepers peepers and sleepers! We are gathered today to wind down the month of January. a busy cold month.
A Floor Mat
I was determined to be practical and wear comfortable shoes. I am a bit tired but took my 15 min beauty nap.
My Friend Needs These
My goal is to get that magenta printer cartridge and make that printer Shake rattle and roll:) to get that printing cartridge hopefully at Staples before I and up at 19th and
Walnut. Took a nap and then successfully got stapled with a "unlock one before they closed head back and mess with the printer and hope that'll work and then go to Overbrook again
Well I called Kevin tech-support and they were excellent and my printers working and I stayed up late and made a bunch of prints yeah hey okay late-night

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26: So begins the end of January

Hello sports fans and people live in Baltimore mean Philadelphia and vicinity.
Today is Sunday, January 26, 2014. I'll call today but not quite as nasty cold as it was. By Tuesday will be hitting the deep-freeze with the low in the single digits again.
My Friend Made THIS!
Just got off 46 street I'm going to go home and attempt to get my new printer to work and maybe print pictures.
If that works out well then I will do my laundry as well.
I just went to the bar none and then afterwords was invited to someone's house with her boyfriend and believe me I want her to fix up my place. She really did the apartment rightand it looks wonderful.
The thing is she didn't tell the landlord. Well that was easy because the landlords in Israel. Got a new hat and got some gloves last night which for which is really nice.
God willing I'll stay in my apartment for a while and feel like I live there:)
Well you tonight ordered Chinese and I proceed to falsely for about 3 to 4 hours. I then found out that it something very inappropriate. It's one of those things
Frozen River
that will pop back in and needs more serious than most train set transgressions. Since it's of a social/inappropriateness quality.
Anyhow I just got to be careful.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25:

A cold day it is an old Philadelphia have a good one.
Overbrook train was about five minutes late and I met a nice passenger was going to New York with her friend who also happens to be going to the program over the guys name so it's all good but it's freezing my hands been out in the cold too long.
Well after the men's A bunch of us went over to La Columbe and had a really fun time. Next we went to a friends house and they shared some comedy sketches. I then met Drew
and went ton Saffron Indian Cusine 1214 Walnut St. Anything want to go home and see if I can shower fix my printer and then head to Melrose Park by 4pm.
Snow started coming down around 11:00 AM this morning mostly a light dusting but still continues as of now 3:23 PM.
Okay how much snow we supposed to get? I'm at Melrose Park I'm just walking to Amy's place
now from the train station. It is now 4:36 PM I'm just about to approach the home and I will be signing out from blogging for the time being looks like the snow's settling now so looks
like we did get like 1 to 2 inches pretty cold I lost my hat… Bummer.
We watched the weather channel and the movie Bonnie and Clyde feet Conoway and
Warren Beatty. Good thing the snow has stopped but the low tonight will be nine i can go to 30 street and catch the train from here in Melrose Park to Overbrook one smooth touch. I think it's cool that I'm taking the train because basically I'll be indoors a lot of the time.
Well I made it to market East station over stepped Mr. 30th St. but it doesn't matter I'll be catching the train Overbrook around 11:40. I wish
to  write 
a short note. I ran into someone from the program on the way up to Melrose Park. They were sitting in front of me and on the way back I saw them they were sitting behind me. It was pretty cool.

Frosty Friday: January 24th 2014

Good morning portable boyfriends and haberdasher's. Today is Friday, January 24. There's only one week left in January.
it is yet another frosty
cold morning in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It's 10° here in Philadelphia -9 in Caribou Maine 46° in Berkeley California.
SEPTA suffering some transit delays. Trolleys are packed now going to Frankfurt was packed and EL going westbound I'm sure what it does show up will be packed.
Turns out I was wrong!'  The EL wasn't
packed. I guess because we were going opposite way  going out of town.Today feels colder only because there's a nice little stiff breeze that burns the face.It is 16 little degrees
At Hip City Veg
in Philadelphia. I'm at Hip City Veg eating plant-based foods Yum! Alecia joined me and it's nice except when the door opens up arctic breeze blows in.
I came back to my very warm apartment to watch Mommy Dearest with Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford is enjoyable something camping
Mike's Office
you know fun to do with Dean. I will be catching the train which means I'll be leaving here in 15 minutes.
That plan failed my no waiting for (probably

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday, January 23: Time to Get Up Early..Like 5AM

Good morning friends of sanctuary and from penis. It's five of 7 AM I'm on the night out bus. The bus driver had
Emily the Overbrook Dog
Pat Getting up at 5am
a very long night just  groused at me. Better yet, he ditched a passenger  as she was running for the bus. We could her yelling and just left
The 105 Bus
the lady in this cold at 5:09 Am. COLD!!!  Bus#9902
Speaking of cold as of 5:15 AM it is 10° outside. Thank God it's not windy!  Took Emily for a walk
105 bus had a problem and stalled!
and now I'm going to try to catch the 10 trolley. Boy, my 6:40 AM 10 trolley was late slow & crowded as hell!  My duck shoes don't keep my feet warm. I am at the Sunrise and w/ the coffee I feel better. Onward & 
Waiting for the EL
upward!! Right now I am showing at 30th St. station waiting for the westbound L. Apparently it's running a little bit behind 9:06 AM. I am heading towards 52nd St. I'll be getting
At Lunch
off at 56 street I'll have to call him because my coworker and alternate will be out all day today is a sunny cold day in west
A Sidewalk
Philadelphia be signing off on this blog till probably after work. Good news I'll be at anything with Amy on Saturday YAY
it's 2:35 PM. Going to meet up with a friend from IOP
15th and Walnut Construction
tomorrow night as for today it's the regular group thing and I've been moderately busy here at work that's far. Work is
57th Street 5:15
done I had to take one of my 15 minute quickie maps that was good work I am now going to the elbow catch the train and try to get to the Starbucks by 530 then maybe meet somebody from group.
Well I didn't meet anybody from group
but I want to group it out very tired. I expressed my frustration with the dog job and I think they understood. I'm back in my well heated apartment to warm up I really don't want to go to Overbrook but pretty much got to.
I'm a call AT&T now to get my service change since Carolyn apparently succeeded in pulling her phone number out of my AT&T
account through T-Mobile will see how this goes. I will call Amy first while this album is playing on the YouTube. Then call AT&T. I I thought I had to midnight but it was really only
panic p.m. I took a cab to catch the 11:29 PM train Tovar Brookside get home before midnight. I'm pretty tired but at least I got the shower and sit for a moment.