Friday, September 29, 2017

A Barrier: Why I may just live on my own

I got a reminder why maybe I have to remain single for the rest of my life. Yesterday I could hear this woman at work  managing her husband and giving him the business over the phone. Something about not paying his end of the bargain on something. She spoke quietly in hushed tones & was quiet but she made it clear who is boss!!!!šŸ˜µšŸ˜©šŸ˜®šŸ˜
That’s one thing that I really can’t deal with very well because I tend to just cringe and fold up like a cheap tent. That’s what women do and I guess I’m not quite ready to deal with that part of the relationship nexus

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tuesday, September 26: exhibit opening at international house

Well I got up and there were some really very cool shots I got as the sun was rising 
 round quarter six in the morning. I took the pictures and then went right
 back to bed. I then got up got myself ready for work. I decided I was in the
 mood to listen to some some music from 1978. If they were coming of 
 ge movie about me it would take place in 1978. It was the year of Greese, 
 ong Beach Island, alcohol ,girls and the beginning of high 
school. Gary Raffety Yes that would be quite an exciting movie from
 1978. You know the second year the Phillies lost the Dodgers in the playoffs. It was exciting time 
to be at 16-year-old in America. Anyhow I got to work all pumped

 up on 78 music and I was getting to work done the best I know how. I was 
 eally looking forward to the evening festivities at the international House work to my photos are being displayed. After work I got off a

t 40th St. from the L. I then went to the greenline cafƩ right or 43 equip by self some ice coffee which was tasty.
 I then walked to the international health 
 xtra early and mellowed out for everyone else came. Well, I saw my My photograph disprlayed. And fix 
 y friends came and my mom came with my cousin. And let’s see Amy, Donna, Bob
, Pat,  all came.  It was very nice to see everybody. We then saw a movie 
 bout Philadelphia being the first heritage city in the USA! It was a good day!

Monday, September 25: No Sure

 I’ve been really slacking on the blog. I’ve come close to just saying maybe 
 t’s time to Reston peace. I don’t seem to have the energy and motivation to keep this thing going. I’m not at all 
 depressed or anything track it’s been pretty good actually. Wells Fargo 
 onday morning with my phone freezing and not being able to map the touch screen
 work. I ended up calling Apple Support and they told me 
the right 2 buttons  to push @ the same time is  the home button and the volume button same time that will snap it out of its frozen state. 
 ever had it happen quite like that before. Work 
 as OK but I did have five people walk in and that was kind of a pain in 
the ass to get the end of the month coming etc. 
 fter work I hit the coffee shop and then I had it in to the Monday night beginners which ended up being a party anniversary party that is. I have to clean up and salted my way home

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sunday, September 24: A Normal Da(te) & Football Protests

Well today’s the day I was going to be visiting a new friend in Hatboro 
 ennsylvania. I got up there in a smooth way. I thought it with Uber and then I took the 
 arminster train out and that showed up on time. I got picked up and we 
 ent to a Starbucks. It wasn’t in downtown Hatboro it was outside Hatboro. look like a brand new shopping center. I
did wear my long pants because when I first meet somebody
 I really don’t want to be in my shorts. We then ordered
 our iced coffee‘s and then sat for a moment. We then decided we take a walk and set of just 
sitting in the Starbucks staring at each other. We went to a place 
 here she called it affectionately “goose poop park.”
We then decided to take a walk and ended up at the Zibo which is pictured in the slot. Mark had a nice fountain then we had some shade. It’s very pleasant frankly.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday, September 23: Time 2 do Errands

Good Saturday to everybody. To beautiful day in the neighborhood 
 nd since most of my Saufley set up plans kind of just drifted I decided I needed to 
g et stuff done and do certain things that I’ve been not doing such as 
 etting a lighter a fan, a pair sure a couple photo frames stuff like that. I had to ride
 the wave of motivation and do what I Gotta do. It was a nice day 
  had no plans no dates nothing. It was time to get moving. They at the hardware
 store and got some stuff Sharon really appreciated it.
 She laughingly said honeydews“ if felt good to be motivated! So after that I just had it I headed 
 owntown and see whether errands I could accomplish 
 while strolling on a beautiful warm sunny Saturday. I bought
 my book that I bought about meeting women through phone or building. It was interesting. It was 
 ood 4 thought   and that’s about it. I read it at the Last Drop coffee shop. There were cool young people.
 I was hoping that young Kwong what rub up against me of hoping to get some of that coolness being 
  creep & being 
 nappropriate  rubbing up against people. After I want there my mind set on going to AIDS  Thrift & Macy’s  2 see if
I can find some decent clothing for a reasonable price. On the way the AIDS Thrift, 
  went to Chop Shop and got my haircut. I saw my friend that used to cut my hair 
 ll the time there. I could go to a thrift and it was disappointing and crowded. There’s not much in the way of lens items there