Monday, February 28, 2011

Dust Art by Pat

Barbara Brenner and Chris Ney on WSNJ with Jim Quinn

Barbara, Chris and myself on WSNJ
Live! Friday February 25 2010. Chris Ney and Barbara Brenner
Yesterday, Jim Quinn of WSNJ TV and radio interviewed Barbara Brenner and Chris Ney. They spoke of the memories of brenner's brew and ther future. It was fun 2 hour segment that covered the economic status of Cumberland County. Jim Quinn was a good host and both Barbara and Chris were naturals behind the Mike. Barbara stated that she is working on creating a non-profit for poets and artists. The open mikes will continue at the Bridgetown Restaurant.  I hope to pick up the DVD this Friday.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Last Week in Feb 2011

Weds Feb 23. Not a good morning to ride SEPTA
Its been a hairy week. Wednesday was the commute from hell..
Here is the Wedsday morning events before 9am...
I got that security job and SEPTA made me wait 45 min in the cold TWICE!! Both the Route 44 to City Line Ave from 8th and Market AND the Route 65 from City Line Ave to 69th Street Terminal.
I had a Dr apt at 7am. I cought the 4:15am bus from Millville. My cell phone
just got cut off and Jack Hummel just invited me to a radio show with Jim Quinn this Friday. I found this out via G-Mail when I finally got to work this past Weds.......

Well, hung out with   at the Oar House and heard some interesting tidbits.
Here is what I heard. Kim Warker is retiring at the end of March.
There is talk that  one or more Commissioners may not run,,then qualifited that statetment hinting they might
Weds Feb 23rd 6:20am at 8th and Market
change thier minds. This person  said I should run for school Board 2 folks are not going to run and only one person has turned in the petitions which are due in March. campaigning. I will think about it. is proposing an expansion and Shop-Rite plans to oppose it since Wal-Mart is non-Union. Gov Christie will END UEZ funding which will result in police and fire layoffs.
Oh, Sun Bank might pull out funding from the Riverfront Condo's if the builder does not put up more money for the project.  I am going to have to miss the neighborhood summit to help my step-daughter and husband with moving furniture for the future baby... I got my hair cut for the interview with the security company that was postponed till Weds March 2nd.
Meanwhile the protests in Wisconson continue. Gov Scott Walker wants to deny collective-bargening rights to state employees. The unions have agreed to the monetary demands but he and the KOCH BROTHERS want to BUST THE UNIONS!! Stay tuned for that
Well, today I blew off the Pittman express and will take the 6:04am bus instead

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Wake Up to Snow

when I got up about 5:30. It was pretty and it stopped. No blizzard today. It just goes to show that Winter is still with us and we should not be fooled by the 60 degree weather we had on Friday.Yup, there was about 3 or 4 inches on the ground here in Millville

Yesterday, we chilled out with the family. Our cat had some fun as well. I cooked up some stir-fry to get ready for the small fry that will arrive this Spring. It was a good day from the Welfare for sure. Now its time to  get dressed and drive ( I will then take care of cat and then Pat and the Fresh Grocer.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend of Feb 18th Though 20th

Dunkin Donuts: Camden
It was on ok week, I suppose. Stayed in Philly Weds night and went to a friend's house. She did her complaining but overall a decent conversation. I then went to get some take out food in the hood which is not far from Pat's house.It all ok but the weekend was better.
West Philly Weds Feb 16
40th St. Station Feb 17
Lotus: 3rd Friday 2-18
Millville 3rd Friday
Jesus likes Sat Yoga Class!!
Cat R Comfortable at home
Hanging in our Kitchen Sun 2-10
Newest and Only Vegan Eatery in Millville at the Cottages.
Friday night was 3rd Friday in Millville. I did a 10 min check of the festivities since it was so mild and I live so close to High Street. It looked pretty festive. Carolyne discovered a vegan place at the cottages on High Street. I had very nice sandwich for dinner. We checked it out on Saturday and Yesterday and the food was real tasty and I felt I ate something good for me. The owners  stated that they did well on 3rd Friday. I wish them luck!
Sunday we checked out Bogarts Books for a short stint. There was a nice crowd there. I also checked out if we could get a deal on 2 iPhones via AT&T. It is yet determined if we got the deal. I did my best but it might be for naught.  We will see.

Brenner's Brew: The Last Day and Night

Hanging Out after Yoga Class Saturday
Bob, Marilyn and I at Brenner's
Yes, its true Brenner's Brew has closed its doors for the last time this past Saturday February 19th. We hung out with Carolyn's Sisters after class and enjoyed the last after yoga lunch. Mmm, the egg and cheese sandwiches were quite yummy.Before it closed yesterday, there was a final party with bands and folks all around to say "good bye" to Barbara Brenner and her coffee shop. Many local musicians have played
Delicious Cake
at Brenner's Brew over the past 14 years. This is a small sample. It was the last open mike. Here are a few pictures and a video summery of the evening from my eyes. Here is one poet John Erianne's memory of Barbara and Brenner's Brew:
I remember the first time I met Barbara. It was just a couple of months after she opened. There was also a new book store, The Hungry Reader, which had opened around the same time. I had been talking with Kitty, the book store’s owner, about carrying my first poetry chapbook. She agreed to carry it on consignment, but then suggested that I talk to Barbara Brenner, who’d was starting up an open mic. I met Barbara shortly after and formed a fast friendship. Less than a month later I read my poetry there for the first time. It was me, a Native American storyteller and a folk duo called My Louise. The open mic nights went through many incarnations and many hosts over the years. Saturday, February 19 will be the last poetry event at Brenner’s Brew ever

Good Conversation
Enjoying the Night Out!
I will miss going there after Yoga and just chillin with family. Good luck Barbara.

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