Friday, April 30, 2010

Please Help Keep Flowers on High Street!!

Make a DONATION today!!!!

Please make a donation to help keep the hanging baskets on High Street this Summer. The Millville Merchants Association can be reached through its representatives at Graphicus Communications, 825-4516, ext. 100. Penland's studio can be reached at 327-8300 Thank you Jim for taking this project on!!!

April 29th: Big Brother and Such

Well, got out early from running but I can not why. Went over to a friend's house for a cold one and did some catching up. I then was invited to dinner with some new friends in Millville. The lasagna was quite yummy and I got to see muskrat traps in a tool shed. It was a nice time.
I suppose I will start work tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, my Saturday's and Sunday's will be like singing in the rain in Spain in the Summer...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Cold Day in Late April.

Boy it was cold out. When I took my lunch break, the temp must have been close to 40 degrees out. I hear that by the weekend, it will be over 80 degrees out.Umm..Strange. Our tree and garden in front of the house is sure thriving. It is so green out its nice Had my 2nd day of We learned how to complete how to ask We might even go out another person tomorrow and if not by Friday. I got the ok to sing Sundays, so that is good. We are at a building at Where in this large building. I am now checking out cell phone at and seeing all the heat about the new Arizona that says police can randomly ask for papers if they think a person is an illegal but there is more to come. There is an idea to microchip folks. Note the stunning silence from the Tea Party folks who have NO PROBLEM calling Obama a Nazi. In the meantime they have no problem with this kind of BIG BROTHER crap going on. Photos removed.

Day 1

Yesterday was my first day of Our group is in a decrepit looking building next to Wheaton Arts. It looks like an abandoned warehouse with no windows. Actually the space is not too bad. I first dropped off Carolyne to her work at the Home School Academy and then off to training On the most part we filled out lots of paperwork so we can get paid. II am only 1.7 miles away so that is not going take 2 hrs!! Its nice to be able to leave for work at 8:45 and be on time and to be home by 5pm. I then picked up Carolyne and we went to Philly to visit a friend and chill out. This was possible since we got home from work so early!! Its still cold outside even as we approch May. In a month I will be cranking up the AC's after I tote them up from the basement. In closing I hope the Dems pass decent financial reform. Its outfits like Goldman Sachs that REALLY caused the economic crash of 2008!! It appears I have had new eyeballs on this blog. This is ok by me

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poor Puppy: Update!!

Here is the Update from my earlier report on the abused puppy:
Officer Cills of animal control took quick and decisive action. He and the SPCA officer went out on Sunday and found the puppy in a carrying case or something full of fecal matter. It was taken to the SPCA. A note was left for the owner. The SPCA will pick the matter up. They can keep the dog from going back, Carol Kirshenbaum of Quack's Corner will follow up with the SPCA officer, Charlene, to find out what happens to it. Officer Cills wants the public to know that anyone who suspects animal cruelty or abuse (including lack of food, water, and shelter) should contact the police Animal Control Officer at (856) 825-7010 and they will investigate. The call can be anonymous. Also I urge folks to support the SPCA and Quacks Corner and the work they do. Thank you!

Arrest the Idiot!!

Some jerk torched a pedestrian bridge!! I read in the Daily Journal that gas was used but the police found no footprints or discarded items. Time to get the good folks who nailed the fools who burnt down the Loyale Lanes.Arrest and jail the fool(s) and do it soon! Idiot

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Day Off!

Had the day off from work today since I will be starting Censorshop training tomorrow at the House of Pooh. Today slept in till 8:30 and did some errands. One of them was getting my car inspected. Now I thought that I might miss the long lines that occur on Saturdays. I was very wrong.I was in line for almost 2 hours. I listened to the NJ State budget hearings. I believe Bret Schendler the new Sec. of Education was answering questions. He kept saying he did not like the cut but to vote for Gov Christie's budget and funds will be restored later. I am not buying that one.
In other thoughts, the Phillies are having their struggles and the Republicans with Democrat Ben Nelson have the votes to filibuster the financial reform bill. Lets see how the Conservative tea baggers feel as they plan to vote for more Republicans in office. Geez, I love it when folks vote against their own economic interest because a wealthy TV personality tells them how to feel. (e.g. Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck)

Poor Puppy

A neighbor and I heard this racket coming from another neighbor's house. Turns out this puppy was thrown down the stars of an apt closest to my good neighbor. The police replied in force and animal control was contacted. He was one hungry pup.We had to return the puppy to the owners but hopefully they will be visited.

Friday, April 23, 2010

LEVOY:Let the Renovation Begin

FINALLY!! The renovation will now begin!

The Levoy Theatre Preservation Society (LTPS) is pleased to announce that our financing package is complete and funds have become available for the construction phase of our project.

Work will commence within three weeks as our permitting allows and Project Supervisor, Ogren Construction and its subcontractors will begin the approximate 10-month process of demolition and reconstruction of the Levoy Theatre.

I have followed the long path it took to get to this point. My first mention of the Levoy was in 2006

and this blog has covered progress here and here in 2008 I went on limb and stated that the renovations would be completed by Christmas

Artists Nite

Last night I attended my first Artists Nite in 3 months. I brought my dogs Jesus and June to join me. We had a fun time and I go to see folks I have not seen for several months. I got to see the nice work that Carl and Liz did on the house. I could not stay long but I am looking forward to next month when the Memorial Day Margarita Bash rolls around. As for now I look forward to Census training for 4 days.

April 22nd

Yesterday I awoke after a fantastic sleep. I crashed at 8pm and got up at 6am.I went first towards 30th Street Post Office but it was not open until 8am and I had an hour to kill. I went to a small hole in the wall coffee place which was pretty relaxing. I took photos of the city which are on a previous blog entry. After finding out that the package I was to get was already picked up, I walked out and out of nowhere comes my niece. I have not seen her in awhile. We went to the student center at Drexel and I had another coffee and we caught up. I then caught the 21 bus with good bus karma and got to work in time. After a normal day at the welfare office, I caught the 5:55 Rt 408 but out of Camden. There I saw 2 of my friends who were going to get off the bus at Westville and catch the next bus and surprise the driver who is a real hoot. We waited for about 25 minutes or so and avoided the spotty showers. I had a beer at this place called Grabbies. We caught the next bus and had a blast coming back towards Clayton, Vineland and Millville. When I got home, I walked the dogs to Carl's for Artists Nite.

Earth Day Philadelphia

Taken April 22nd 2010 between 6:52am and 6:57am.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BOE Election and the Levoy.

Yesterday I went to vote for members of the Millville School Board and the school budget. The budget passed since there is no tax increase. On the other hand 2 out the 3 incumbents were voted out. Micheal Santiago and Ali Edwards won defeating Robert Denato and Kelli Nedohon. I was surprised. After some thought and some coffee, it's clear what happened. Santiago won the most votes since he is a retired cop and Edwards won because her husband is a teacher. I think Robert Denato explained it best
"It's difficult running against someone who has the backing of the (teachers) union," said Donato, referring to Edwards. "It's going to be difficult, because she can't serve on committees on negotiation, or professional review. There are already four members of the board who are barred from those committees for those reasons and she'll be the fifth."

When I ran 2 years ago,I learned that teachers and cops VOTE and to canvass only the neighborhoods that have teachers and police.

In other news, the City Commission learned that the Levoy Theatre renovation is delayed due to insurance paperwork. The Levoy had to get Terrorist insurance. When it will be renovated, I am not sure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

School Board Elections and April 20th

Today is the Millville School Board elections. Alot has happened in the past 2 years since I last ran and was elected. There is much more scrutiny and the job has to be more difficult. In this case I will have to go with the incumbents running. Freckinger,Denato have done a stellar job and Kelli has the experience. I was only a board member for a year but I do know they deserve to be elected.
Well, off to work then back on the bus and vote. Polls open till 9pm!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alice in Wonderland. More Housing???

Spring has let out some cold air and stipped the hot air. Anyhow had a quiet weekend in which we saw Alice in Wonderland. It was a fun movie but it made it like a Sci-Fi adventure which I could not imagine the book being like that. I do admit to never reading Alice in Wonderland books.
Well, the Holly Ridge Project looks like a go. The State BPU has a new chair picked by Gov Christie and he quickly had the project come up for a vote. I am not sure if in this economy adult-only housing is going to make it. As reported in the AC Press,
According to several environmental groups, the state Green Acres program, which purchases land and preserves it, offered more money than the developer.
They also claim Millville 1350 has a four-year window in which to purchase the land or back out of the deal, while the Green Acres funding was guaranteed. The groups also cited environmental concerns associated with the area.
The BPU, however, does not have the legal right to rule based on environmental concerns. BPU decisions are based on whether land deals involving a utility company benefit the ratepayer

The city really is eager to build this place up!! We went to Densie's house and mellowed out yesterday as well. and saw some Ginny Hens. Boy are they plump and cute.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The World of the University of Pennsylvania

Here is the front page of today's Daily Pennsylvanian
I was going to work and picked up the student newspaper of this
fine Ivy League University.

U. adds transgender insurance
In the next academic year the Penn Student Insurance Plan will begin offering a new benefit for transgender students — it will cover the cost of the gender confirmation process.In the next academic year, the Penn Student Insurance Plan will begin offering a new benefit for transgender students — it will cover the cost of the gender confirmation process, also known as gender reassignment or transition.

The benefit covers triadic treatment, the term used for the three-step process of gender confirmation. Triadic treatment consists of psychotherapy, estrogen or testosterone hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery, which involves the changing of genitals.

The benefit covers the costs of surgery for up to $50,000. According to a research report by the organization Transgender At Work, the cost of male-to-female surgery can average around $20,000.

The initiative was introduced by the previous Lambda Alliance board, chaired by College senior and Daily Pennsylvanian columnist Dennie Zastrow.

Penn preserves tough pot policy

Philadelphia’s District Attorney recently proposed a new policy that would decrease the criminal grading for possession of small amounts of marijuana.
Philadelphia’s District Attorney recently proposed a new policy that would decrease the criminal grading for possession of small amounts of marijuana.The DA’s proposal would downgrade possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a summary offense. This lower grading would mean a possible fine for possession, but the offense would not be included in a criminal record.
The University’s policy on marijuana use, however, will remain unchanged, according to Director of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives Julie Lyzinski. The University Alcohol and Drug Policy states that first-time violators can face jail time or fines for “possession or distribution of a small amount of marijuana or hashish.”


Well the past 24 hours was a farce. Yesterday being Tuesday, I went to meet folks to see their new dog they had just adopted several weeks ago. I had visited before and I was meeting for a dry run.I fed it treats and the dog warmed to me and all was well. I took SEPTA to Lansdowne to learn a little how Realtors (I left out the silly trademark) operate. Soon after that fiasco was completed I then I went to walk the new dog that I just saw yesterday. It proceeded to bite my shoe, thumb and my right calf. It was a bit of a shock for sure and they apologized. It all could have been MORE of a fiasco but all it was was a good ole waste of time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Millville Planning Board: Union Lake Development

Last night I attended the Millville Planning Board meeting. I was invited by a friend who was interested in the latest movements on proposed Union Lake Development. Brian Slaugh a consultant laid out an idea for the use of the land. As reported by Ed VanEmbden of the AC Press today:
Slaugh,a consultant with Trenton-based Clarke, Caton, Hintz, presented a map of the tract with possible zoning overlays. Like the map produced by Wawa about a year ago, recommended uses would include residential, commercial and open-space areas.

Unlike Wawa's plan, which was more linear, Slaugh's map included various types of open space and recreation, a possible school and even multifamily residential space, something which has not come up in public before.

I did not realize but the city would have to get approval from the state DEP. The DEP is firing folks under the budget cuts by Gov Christie. Planning Director Kim Ayers said in part:

"This particular matter determines where we go in the future," Ayres said about the sewer plan. "To a very large extent, what we end up with in our sewer service area is going to drive (the Master Plan)."

I did notice that the buffer has grown since the old Mansford and Mumford plan. It was 300 feet and now its larger. Its an improvement over the WAWA plan but it does call for big box stores and that would be a mistake. There will be public hearings on the plan in the future.
At the end the meeting Kim Ayers read some proposed zoning changes that would modify the current zoning laws. I am glad I was there to hear this with my own ears.
1. No backlit signs in the Arts District(a little late eh)
2. Sandwich Boards would be allowed at intersections
3. Live and work space ordinance would be modified
Numbers 2 and 3 came up while we were running the Fithian House Gallery. I am glad the city go on it but it sure did take a year. They STILL have to be approved by the Zoning Board in its meeting in May, the by the City Commission this Summer.

In other news, the proposed County Police Dispatch idea has gone nowhere. It was told that nobody has done a study or research on the impact. There has also NO study on the amount of police is needed to keep the city safe. There is no political way that taxes will be raised to support the police/public safety. The Commission meeting of April 6th proved that.

Next, a critique of the Realtors (with that stupid registered trademark)Some of their practices are questionable at best!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend with Kate

This past weekend we went to my mother's place in Horsham Pa. We took the scenic route though Germantown on Saturday and went to her church called St. Catherine of Sienna where she did 2 readings. My mother then made us a Delicious fish dinner.

We woke up on Sunday and had a satisfying breakfast at Otto's in Horsham. Its now owned by a Greek fellow but he kept the German atmosphere. We then gave the puppies a good walk and took the route that went from Landsdowne to Route 77. Saw Alloway and Upper Dearfield before getting home.. It was nice trip away from home. This week I have a meeting tonite then Weds nite. Should be an interesting week

Friday, April 09, 2010

Its Friday April 9

In other news, the Oar House officially changed owners this past Tuesday. Word has it that the city held up the switch and the bank almost bailed on the deal. Man that would have sucked having an abandoned business. I saw a "For Rent sign where Isabelle's shop had been for 4 years. It was a feat to stay open that long. It is certernly a void on High Street. At least she is still around at the Artist Consortium. That has been a godsend during this recession which I hear is ending. Ummm... Well, the Arts District is in general is working to promote itself dispite UEZ funding being frozen by the Governor. As reported in the Daily Journal today, Kim Ayers urged MDC members to keep working.
"There may not be a lot of money but we can still have events to get people down town," Ayres said.
Ayres also said there are organizations that are setting up new foundations to help art districts such as Millville. The board will apply for grants for operations, she said.
Ayres encouraged her colleagues not to dwell on the current financing issues and to go back to the district's more humble roots when it was established 10 years ago.
"I want to get working again," she said. "We did that in the beginning and we can do that again."

I had an interesting chat on Facebook with a person I engaged with on the Daily Journal forums. It was an hour long and we discussed taxes, and other local topics. We have disagreed stongly about the direction the city has taken yet it was a mature discussion. Its a positive step to be engaged but remain civil. I mean the state is going to reduce its funding to local govts and then will propose to cut the funding AGAIN if the local govt taxes more then 4%. The proposed state cuts are much more then a mere 4% As reported in the News of Cumberland County today, the League of Municipalities said this about the proposal:
"It's absurd," said Jon Moran, a legislative analyst with the New Jersey League of Municipalities. "It's really an abuse of power." The league, which advocates for municipal interests, sent a letter to the Legislature objecting to the proposal, pointing out the law said the state should be a "full partner" in making sure the "full burden of providing necessary services does not fall on property taxpayers."

Trenton, we have a problem here!! The citizens who complain about their taxes will see what happens when services are cut such a no leaf pick up and no summer events.So if a town raised taxes $1 million to make up for a $1 million loss of aid, the state would go back and take another $1 million away from the town.
The budget includes $1.46 billion in aid to municipalities and $10.3 billion in aid to school districts to help keep property taxes down, but that's $445 million less in municipal aid and about $820 million less in school aid than last year. That is alot of taxpayer money. Will we see a reduction of our state taxes if this budget passes intact?? I think not
Meanwhile Millville is having a CLEARENCE sale on land that is essentually worthless since its either too small to build on or near wetlands. This is to find more revenue. I know that Millville First has been urging the city to sell and in this recession EVERYTHING MUST GO! In the AC Press, Mayor Tim Shannon said of this sale
"We're looking to unload a lot of land," If we can generate a little bit of revenue to help with our layoff plan, that's fantastic."

I am not sure much will happen. Lets say I want to buy a SMALL chunck of land for lets say $200, then I would have to pay an additional $400 in fees. Maybe the city ought to discount the fees to get this land to sell. We might take a road trip to Kennett Squire or Germantown. This weather is great for crusing and visiting other places.
Well, I am going to catch up on the Facebook now

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

News of Tuesday

It was a warm day in Philadelphia and Millville NJ. Work was work but the bus did not have ANY air and man was it hot. Thank goodness the top vent was open and I had a breeze as long as the bus was moving.
I managed to attend my first City Commission meeting in several months. I was late but caught wind of the manner that the city will save $$ to NOT increase taxes. The budget will consist of layoffs, wage freezes and salary reductions. As quoted from the News of Cumberland County:

The city commission on Tuesday approved a resolution to institute as many as 15 layoffs in the municipal employee force, as well as a reduction of the municipal work week by one day.

The meeting had several folks complain about the noise tied to the racetrack and some man that ripped into the MPD and the Fire Department. He did seem a bit unhinged but you all can be the judge of that
Rev Ennis brought some of his flock to the meeting to complain about the flooding at the Manor Estates development. It appears that the developer failed to finish the roads in the development, then he filed for bankruptcy. The city is trying to work on a solution but the city is not to blame for the problem besetting the homeowners.
In a rare twist Commissioner Dave Vanaman sought to seek support from the public for a possible tax increase to support Public Safety which is after all about 62% of the Millville City Budget. The other Commissioners did not seem to buy into that idea at all. They seemed in agreement with Judge Porecca who stated that research should be done to see how much police the city really needs.
In other news, the Levoy Theatre is ready for settlement and construction should start by May!! This is quite the good news for sure. The city will be announcing a new police chief later this year since Chief Grennnon will be retiring. A likely successor is pretty much chosen.