Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday, November 29: A Moody Good Day

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Good morning are you holiday shoppers and non-shoppers. I decided to get up for the men's meeting even
though this was the week and to get sleep. I got up before the alarm and took care of some business at home
3rd and Arch
Men's meeting was excellent I really wanted to share to Chris's about "routine". It's a big part of
2nd and Market
Pof how I run my own life. Good things are going to these meetings bad thing is it's really not getting
enough sleep.
I just got the 48 downtown and I'm going to meet Larry at Starbucks about 10 o'clock.
Well I went to the men's meeting and the subject was "routine". It was very good. I talked to Mike about making a living will and then joined Larry
Fresh Fruit on 2nd Street
at Starbucks and went to the 10 at 10:30. I'm going to see fucks catcher at the Ritz now. It's 12:30 PM is when the movie starts. Well Foxcatcher
We Watched Foxcatcher
 was not too bad. It was pretty long though and it kind of felt that way. I even went to the restroom
Gloomy  Day Out
during the movie. Well we ate at a Chinese restaurant called the pagoda. Food was all right it wasn't that expensive and I'm filled.
The Doors
It's feels like a really dreary day.It's the kind of day  that would definitely get a person depressed. Well I got on the 48 early it's taking
The Movie
a pit stop. I'm perfectly content to wait for the bus inside while  the bus Driver went to the official employee restroom
Pogoda Restaurant
 that's located at the bus stop @ Front and Market Streets in Old City. 
The Supreme Court will be deciding on what folks are saying is
Old City
a really important free speech case about the Internet and free speech. 
Journalists and free-speech advocates want the court to rule in favor of the defendant and domestic violence advocate wish
Matt and I???
for the court to strike down the free-speech of a man who threatened his wife after they separate 
and I don't know what to do with half of it. I don't have enough closet space
My Place
and I'm disorganized  but I'm making
The Bishop's
progress. Sure no one out with the Rambo so I'm here by myself trying to make my stupid little
The 2nd Floor
 Blue tooth speaker work but so far no luck. Well I throw stuff out and I am earth my high school yearbook which is quite a trip reading some of the long ass comments.
Good Music for Moods
I have a problem I don't know to do
Rambo and Sharon
a lot of the stuff. Where to put it. Anyhow back to you Jim. Well there's plenty
of room in there. We had fun  when Sharon put on a mask
and she looked hilarious  then we decided to go out to Bridget's and had the most delicious muscles at bar. The muscles game and pasta and the baby arugula with Parmesan, walnuts and goat cheese
It was so delicious and we just had a nice time as friends hanging out.

Salad at Bridgits
came back and I got a lot more done. I took stuff down to replacement. I'm glad to do the basement
in her place is pretty big. Having Jerry Sharon around really brighten my outlook of today. I stopped
getting in my own head which is a bad neighborhood as you all know.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday, November 28: From Horsham to Philly in the Cold!

A Fixer-upper
Greetings from Horsham Pennsylvania. I got up little after 8:00 AM took a shower and had some breakfast. Yes,  my mother
The Bus Stop Near My Mom's
made some of her delicious send pancakes. Taste like the days of your period is now 9:19 AM I am
waiting for the 930 Route 55 bus to go up Easton Road also known as route 611. It's freaking cold out here man😖 It is a blustery 34° here
On the Route 55 on Easton Road
in Horsham Pennsylvania. It is now 10:26 AM I'm on the Broad Street Line. I am just going by the Wyoming
Olney Transportation Center
stop. I was able to buy my Transpass at the Olney Transportation Center. That's a relief so all I have to do
Well I got to the City Hall and lo and behold I run to friend of mine who cuts my hair. There was an Albanian celebration right
Broad Street Line
at City Hall. It was to celebrate Albanian Independence Day. I was just about to email her but I was there and then she pops up out of nowhere. It was pretty cool.
At City Hall w Friend
I did go to TD bank to get my rent & to warm up a bit since it's a pretty breezy and chilly outside as of 11:43 AM. According to my temperature app on my phone it is 39° but it feels colder
I was at Parkway
than that waiting here for the bus. Can't
My Last Leg Home
wait to get home and warm up. I got home and Sharon had coffee ready. I am going to the store to get juice, dog and cat stuff. I am then renting a car at 19th and Poplar which is a 15 min walk from my place. I plan to get clothes at West Philly then start
Sharon Getting Ready for Work
getting stuff loaded for drop off at 2nd Mile Center. I need to call them and confirm that they're still
My Desk
open and get my butt moving since it's 1 o'clock now. I'm gonna walk the 19th and Poplar first
and then do the mini shopping at the store. Fun fact of this afternoon., Did you know that Poplar Street between 21st and 20th is
called "Dixie hummingbirds Way"? Well it's true so now you some food a Kabobbish got Pat's
Picking Up Rental
check. Will speed back home to Sharon's and then pack shit in this car and come back to
West Philly to the Second Mile.         Center. Well I took care of picking up the laundry @ the You Do We Do.
43rd and Locust
and then some food at the Kabobbish. Hi got back to our place on 24th St. and proceeded to pack stuff
Nut With a Gun
that was sitting in the front parlor room into the car. I'll so I had some of the food as did Sharon. We then
dropped it went off to the second mile center and dropped off all the items fairly quickly. We then stopped over to pats. There will Sharon meant Rocky
Sharon Taking Photo of Stuff
The squirrel. Pat showed off the squirrel in the squirrel ran
Second Mile Center
around Pat for a while and also Sharon met the dogs.we hung out for about 15 minutes and Pat shared
Sharon and Pat with Rocky
some Coke with us. On the way back home the sunset was absolutely stunning. Perfectly blue sky
City Skyline
just enough clouds to make it a golden colored again some of the buildings downtown including the art museum. Is a great opportunity
Nice Sunset
to take photos that's for damn sure. I got home for a minute and then walk to take the 43 to my massage
My Path to Message
appointment. Fortunately there was a store with an ATM real life they spent most my cash from
Arriving on the Parkway
the laundromat. Should be really close to stop and that was a good thing. The appointment went well felt really good.I now taking the
10 trolley to 22nd and market where I'll be catching the seven bus back home thought maybe the meditation meeting at 4th and Pine.
On Lancaster Ave
There was no way! I'm to mellowed out. And it's now 7:12 PM anyhow. Well I got the 10 to 22nd St. I waited
Trolley Stop
and then instead of the seven showing up I got the 48. It's nice at 22nd St. and arch you can have a choice of buses. It is now 7:37 PM I am just about to get home and that's a good
Friends Put on Notice!
thing. I think I might have more the Indian
Good Album
food because it's the only thing really in the cupboard and I probably will have to go out
Going Home
and get something to drink. Well I got iced tea and OJ and 2 yogurts for myself. I got Sharon a cherry Slurpee. She is watching Dowton Abbey and I was on the computer doing this blogging and checking out the news of the day. I did hang out but she talked about that show and mellowed out. And Butters snapped for a bit and almost bit me but missed All went well overall. I went to bed I guess around  midnight. Which is good. I am trying to go to bed @
Butters with THAT Look
a decent hour now These days since I'm 53 NOT 35. Amy called later &  said she didn't get my
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messages. She said just got her text messaging  got messed up for a moment. I find myself  being very tired. Anyhow is decent day.