Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christmas is 3 months

Here it is Sept 26th and I see X-Mas items in the Rite Aid, Target etc. Man it
seems to start right after Labor day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Blog is 2 years old

On September 22 2005, was Born

Global Mala Project

We participated in the Global Mala project. In Millville, it was held at the RRCA.
The purpose of the Global Mala is to unite the global yoga community from every continent, school or approach to form a "mala around the earth" through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 on Sept. 21st and 22nd, Fall Equinox as the yoga world's offering to further the UN International Peace Day. Each center offers their form of a Yoga Mala according to their yoga tradition and inspiration:

* 108 Sun Salutations (or variations of 27, 56)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thunderbolt Raceway Groundbreaking

After years of delays and hearings the groundbreaking of the NJ Motorsports Park was held on Weds Sept 19th. All the people involved in the project were there. These included politicians, businesspersons and supporters. The speeches were made and the golden shovels were deployed to make it official. I took some video and pictures to give a flavor of the place. Its huge and right now its alot of dirt and promises . According to Rowan University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s economic analysis, within the first five years of operation, the project will have an estimated $229 million economic impact and the creation of more than 6,000 jobs within the greater Cumberland County area. It's to be completed in 7 months to a year. If you are interested check this out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MDC Awards 2007

The Millville Development Corporation had its awards dinner on Monday September 17th. This event was to thank all the folks who make the revitialization of Millville a sucess. There was time out for fun as well.
Each award was named after a popular song. The "Street Fighting Man award was awarded to Carl Johnson
The "I am a believer" award was won by Maryann Cannon and the "You Ain't see Nothin Yet" award was give to Linda Raines She is on the 2nd part of the same video with Maryann Cannon. Bogart's Books won the "Eight Days a Week award for being open every day of the week. The "Knockin on Heaven's Door" prize was won by Christina’s Boutique which is on the Village on High on the 500 block of High Street.Don Cossaboon-DeGregorio got the "Get Up Stand Up" award. He was certified as the 1st Pirate-in-Residence
The "You are Precisely My Cup of Tea" award was awarded to the Vintage Rose Tea Room Jim Penlyn won the "With a Little Help from my Friends" award for opening his studio and shop called JB and Me in the Art District. One of the architects of the Millvile Arts District Kim Warker won the "We Can Work it Out" award. She does deserve this award with all that she does for Millville. The next award was given to Isabelle Samuel She won the "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" for her wonderful colorful studio and shop on High Street. The "There's No Business like Show Business" award went to Sitar Bob Price. He is holding the 2nd AnnualSEPTEMBER SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL on Friday September 28th. Last year's Film Festival was a smashing success.RRCA Executive Director Carolyne Krull won the "Lean on Me" award for developing strong relationships between the RRCA and Main Street Millville. Two new businesses in downtown Millville Flynn Interiors and Blac and Blue received the "Welcome to the Jungle" award for starting their businesses in Millville.Skyline Antiques received the "Staying Alive" award for having the business on the 3rd floor with no elevator.The Emcee's of the festivities were Marianne Loads and Tim Shannon. They were excellent and made the evening very fun for everyone. Marianne Loads and Allison Corson were thanked by Tim Shannon for all the work they do day in and day out for the Glasstown Arts District and Main Street. Watch this Video to find out who won the "Love Stinks" award that closed out the event

Dottie's Walk September 17th

Tonite during Dottie's walk we got some updates. First off this house with the overgrown grass and RED dilapidated fence has been given a ticket. Soon if the owner does not take care of business the city plans to cut for grass for him. This property has become more of an eyesore with each passing week
The Property in yellow. Well, work is now being done. There is a now a dumpster full of the trash from the inside of the house that WAS in the back yard. Not nearly done but its a start.
The Lot pictured is at 3rd and Vine. The Friends of Millville and the Center City Group cleaned this up. The city came and mowed it and its looking alot better.
The graffitti pictured here has been around since at least April of this year. Derick, will see that the landlord has this removed. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Millville Remembers Sept 11th

Here are some photos from yesterday's event at the Riverfront I made a video below and a second video of the events. The skies cleared up and a beautiful sunset could be seen. Tim Shannon led the remembrance and did a fine job.