Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Nice Ride

Carolyne and I went out to Roadstown and stopped at flea markets etc. Its nice to go to the western part of Cumberland County off of Route 49

This week's Cartoons

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Artists Get-Together in Millville

Last Thursday nite friends came together to eat, drink and share thoughts and laughs and I got to try out my new camera. Liz and Carl started these informal gatherings last September
and have been held at their house every month except Janurary when we had folks over to help finish the drinks that were unopened after our New Year's party.

Sumlords of Millville

Recently I went out with a friend and decided to check out some rentals owned by Dennis P. Ingraldi. One property owned by him was mentioned in the papers
Here is a quote from the AC paper from April 24 2007
"A woman whose center city home has been visited by police 69 times in the past four years was arrested Sunday night and charged with maintaining a nuisanceA woman whose center city home has been visited by police 69 times in the past four years was arrested Sunday night and charged with maintaining a nuisance."
The property on the right is on Broad Street. Notice the trash and the rundown look about them.

Dennis Ingraldi is a realtor in Vineland, NJ. His offices are located at 634 E Landis Ave, Vineland, NJ. His phone number is 856-690-9482. Feel free to call his office and voice your disapproval.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dottie's Walk

It was a fine day for Dottie's walk. We met at the Culver Center went up Sassafrass Street to 4th to Oak. We went down to Buck Street to the Riverfront. We saw many rentals with no stickers. We met some neighbors and enjoyed the walk. Hope we can have even more folks next week (weather permitting)

Monday, April 23, 2007


I spent yesterday (Sunday) working on the attac with Don and Dana. It was a beautiful Spring day in the real world but it was 95 degrees in my attac where we needed to pry the floorboards so Don could cut trenches for the electric wires that were lying on top of the floor joists. This was a pain cause we had to wedge our hammers under the plywood then check for wires. The trench had to be made for the wire so weight would not eventually fry the wires and cause a fire hazard. After that, the nails had to be pulled out and then then the plywood would have to be hammered in. It got done. HORRAY!!.


To celebrate the nice weather, I though I would share parts of a press realise from CU
The photo is of an osprey checking out its new digs next to original nesting tree at Thompson's Beach Rd.
"In this past week's Nor'easter, Maurice River Township's calendar girl's nest came down - the osprey nest, that is! Yes, April's pin-up girl's nest came crashing to the ground, leaving two ospreys homeless. Apparently tough-on-the-seas Captain George Kumor was tender-hearted on the land and called Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River and Its Tributaries, Inc. (CU) President Jane Morton Galetto, asking about putting up an emergency nesting platform. It just so happened that CU volunteers had made an extra nesting platform for just such a possibility. Kumor went into high gear, notifying the Road Department of the fowl disaster. On Friday Galetto got a call from the Road Department that Mayor Ronald Riggins had ordered the crew to fetch the nest and go to the birds' rescue. "When the road crew came to pick up the nest they told me that there were two very confused and unhappy osprey on the Thompson's Beach Road looking for a home," Galetto said. "I told them we had just the right place for them - no rent, no mortgage. We are very happy that Maurice River Township cared so much about the ospreys and we salute Ronald Riggins for sending the crew into action." Thompson's Beach Rd. is a haven for bird watchers, especially in the spring. Between the PSEG viewing platform and the spring migration of shorebirds, hundreds of birders visit the area. The Road crew put the new nest rather close to the road because the original nest was there and it was also the Township right-of-way. Citizens United hopes the nest can be placed a bit more off the beaten path to avoid vandalism for the next season."

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring is HERE

Good day. Today I went to work and did a little OT. That was fine cause I need to catch up. After work, my friend and I flew his radio controlled plane. It had several good flights but the crashes hurt the wings and he will order more. He got the plane pretty high at one point to the tree tops. It was pretty fun. After that came home and chilled out. I also bought a Sony Digital Camera. Its a DSC -W55 model with 7.2 megapixel. Looking forward to learning how to use it and have pictures on the blog. Well, good night cause its late

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Monsoon Monday

Well, the great Nor'easter of 2007 has come upon us and it was a doozy for sure.
Sunday, 4 inches of rain come down and today the winds blew in like a hurricane. I took off work today and boy am I glad I did. The picture of this tree was taken today by Kyle Cassidy who I know from a list I used to be on back in good ole West Philly. This picture is on Walnut street between 47th and 48th Street. I would have been driving on this very street if not for the fact that I needed to take off to work on my attac. My friend Don and I put the subfloor today and its looking pretty good. I have the electrian George coming back on the 28th so we have to get movin on getting the framing for the walls. It is quite a job and someday when we are done I will have a whole set of pictures to share. At this time the picture is of the subfloor and work will continue to May. Good nite

Friday, April 13, 2007

Corzine's Crash on the Parkway

Hello Its cold and windy but no rain as of yet. I am realieved that Corzine is not brain-damaged. He was lucky cause he did not wear his seatbelt . This is a Diagram
on how the crash happened. As you see above the Governor is going to be in a great deal of pain. Click on the image above and see the injuries the Governor sustained.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pension Panic

I read the news today....Oh Boy...about a state playing games with its pensions
Anyway I read that the State is going to make local govts pay 100% of their pension obligations while at the same time the State is currently not required to do the same. Well, now at least one State Senator says you can not blame it on the TERRORISTS
We find out that that out taxes may go up because the state is going mandate 100% pension funding from local govts.
Its a monsoon out there. Here is a GREAT tune from the Beatles.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fun at the Deptford Mall

Hello. Yesterday was another COLD day in April. We had to cover our plants and now hope they can make it. My friend Pat and I decided we need to get our Tux's fitted. The Deptford mall was a logical choice since I just have to cross the bridge and I always use Exit 58 on RT 55 as a shortcut around that bogus section of Rt 55 that turns to ONE lane.
Anyway it was pretty busy at After Hours men's tux shop. The 2 women said its prom time and we just waited. Its a good thing we had a cold one before we went so we just chilled out. When we were finished we were asked to try some Ocean Body Scrub from this woman. She said she was in the Israeli Army. She could not tell us anything about her service. She was quite the salesperson for sure. We both got our hands treated with this stuff and Pat got one of his nails shiny. She said the shine will last a month. That was pretty funny. Well we have to pick up our tuxes on May 3rd so we will see. It was pretty fun for what otherwise was a chore at the Mall.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Soft Drinks

This is broken up by EVERY COUNTY in the USA! I think its pretty this weather. ENJOY!!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

House of Blues

This past Friday 4 of us went to Atlantic City for a bachlor party. We agreed to meet at Showboat Casino which is attached to the House of Blues where we were to see Buddy Guy. Well, myself and my buddy Pat were not into the casino scene. I blew $75 CENTS and so did pat. I think the others broke even or made $20. The atmosphere inside of the casino was loud. Imagine a triage of sound which has the beeping music of the slots, the sound of pouring coins coming down from the ceiling and classic rock all togather. Well that got me hungry for some Jamblya at the House of Blues Resturant. It was excellent and the pepper was out of this world HOT! Buddy Guy was an super proformer. He was rocking and rolling all nite to about Midnight. Do yourself a favor and SKIP the casino and go eat and hit the concert