Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday December 31: Frigid Last Day

I got up at a half decent around 10 AM. I loved around a bit and then 
 inally decide to get out and pick up a few things I needed. An extension cord, 
 indow plastic and I don’t know what else. I went to this 
 iscount store first and got a couple of things. I next Wednesday to the closest hardware store which is a 10th and Spruce. The block is like a little Chinatown 2 massage 
 laces and three Chinese restaurants. I then went back home and proceeded the process of installing
 my frost king window insulator. I’ve installed these before. This doesn’t make him any more fun.
 I did manage to get the sticky stuff to peel off so I could put on the plastic. Well the plastic was about a six which 
 s short for the window. Fortunately it was perfectly
 wide. So I just taped the bottom with some packing taped.I already had. That was quite a relief. I think it’ll help. The wind is billowing out that’s for sure. I then gobbled
 some turkey slices and took a nap. I did try to make a phone call at 2:30 butnobody answered
    I was hoping to meet her for some coffee but that isn’t going to work out. I figured I tried to save myself from walking outside by catching the PATCO. 
 pparently it’s running 
 ay late so I am waiting here with a bunch of people got out from really pitiful Eagles game
 with a lost six to nothing. There’s a 
 unch of people wearing Eagles green waiting here at Petco you know a lot of people in 
 ersey come here and stuff. Well talk to Pat go to Ethan market deal came pretty quick but I had 
 o get off the 30th for the trolleys. There woefully in efficient especially
 in the weekends when it’s cold. Speaking of inefficient, how about that Nick foals Eagles offense?!?  Cowboys 6, Eagles 0: Nick Foles struggles again as season turns to NFL playoffs. I saw the highlights. I don’t know
 anybody could’ve sent through that whole game. There must be super hard-core fans 
 o out in this weather especially on a
 meaningless game. Why can’t the trolley to 40th St. because I couldn’t wait for
 the 34 trolley. So I walked all the way up to the greenline at 43rd and Baltimore. I 
 bought a ginger beer and a small coffee occupy my time. I then missed the trolley so I walked to 46 in Springfield to take care 
the cat. I sat here for a while. It’s now 6:50 PM I’m going to leave and get picked up by Pat a
t the corner of 46th & Baltimore. Well we talked and he made a delivery to Bartrum
 garden. After 
 hat delivery is made, he drop me off at his house. I proceeded to 
 o to the Kaaba beach and order myself a vegetarian platter to ring in the new year with. It was a bit of a wait but I didn’t care. It was just good to be back.  

Saturday, December 30th: Sleeping In

Well, I decided I would sleep in. I didn’t realize how much
 sleep I really needed. I ended up getting out of bed around 2 o’clock taking a shower and lounging about until about 6 o’clock when I woke up just in time to contact Karen. We agreed it  ould be to see I Tonya at 
 :30 at the Ritz at the boards. I had to take Uber because I just couldn’t
 rouse myself any faster sooner the 915 and I don’t want to be late. Turns out she 
 as waiting downstairs and I was waiting upstairs. She did manage to find 
 e and we got to the movie in time for the movie before the movie started. Well 
  like the movie but she didn’t so much because there’s always music in 
 he background. After that we both took the drain out towards West Philly. I got off at 13th and she continued on to West Philly. Then came home and took a nap and that was that

Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday, December 29: Getting Better

Well I woke up after sleeping OK. I took my time and again I had to skip sunrise 
 ecause I needed that extra hour to sleep. I wobbled out the door in the 17° weather
 and cut the market Frankford line from 13th St. This is gonna be 
 y regular routine instead of catching the 48 for the seven to the El. I arrived at work

 just barely on time. It was a good thing because my supervisor
 was already again. I Soum figured out that thankfully, my report was due today it’s due next week. I needed the  extra week. The report
 wasn’t too because January doesn’t have a full weekend till next week. 
 ell we got out at 12:30 PM and it was cold but very sunny. I felt kind of motivated
 so I figured while I’m feeling better I Maesel get something done. First
 off I got a ride to West Philly so I could feed the cats without taking forever. 
 hat was very nice of the woman to give me a ride. That saved a 
 hole lot of time! I fed the cats and then went to milk and Honey and had 
 offee and waited for a trolley. I also caught up to some blogging while
 I was in there. I caught the trolley. A nice woman in front of me ask me about my singing. We did nice conversation. We may go to a movie called I Tonya tomorrow. I came home grab my envelope
 with the landlord check in went to the post office. I went 
 p there to get some stamps and to mail the letter directly from the post office. 
 fter that I decided I wanted to go to springboard and make sure I was gonna 
get my $550 check. Found out that they sent me an email 
 nd I had to sign my name officially. That means
 the check isn’t going out till next Monday. Oh then came back home and decided I needed to go to the Target
 and get some basic food. I remembered to
 bring the plastic bag. I bought about $48 worth of food which was really needed. I also returned the big microwave for a smaller microwave I think that was a good decision. I still need to get an extension cord plastic to cover the window other things