Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am Mark and I Approved this Message!

I decided join myspace to see what its all about. That's me at the Oar House for Weds night Bike Night.

Check out my page if you Dare

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Slumlord Stroll of June 19

I took my morning walk not to the riverwalk but though Center City
Let see what I found in 40 min.
329 Pine ST Trash all over
Corner of 5th and Pine VERY dead tree
332 Oak Trash
427-425 Oak Trash
429 2nd Trash
317 Pine Funky screening and porch roof rotted/burned
226 Mulbrury Trash. Place is the large one for sale.. and the BROKEN RED FENCE
and Last BUT not least
524 3rd Street. A burned out borded up shell and MY
nominee for Slumlord. I have picture. I will submit after work
It was a good time to be out there since its quiet. Any one wish to join me, let me know. It will be morning bright and EARLY at 6:30am??

The broken electical pole is on the corner of 4th and Pine or 5th and Pine. No matter it is easy to spot on this page and on the street. One bad thunderstorm and someone could get killed!!
317 Pine is the YELLOW house with the LARGE hole in the porch roof.

524 3rd Street in Millville is in a class to its self. Take a good look at this boarded up mess with no windows. It is just allowed to sit like this for how long.
Please send your comments on the sorry state of this trashed up property to this week's Slumlord of the week Mr Stephen Burke. You can write him at his address 43 North Packard Street
Hammonton NJ 08037. You can see more information on this property Here
Go to Friends of Millville for more information and links and keep those letters coming

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bogart's "Poetry on High

I spent a warm lazy Sunday at Bogart's Books and relaxed to poetry and music. Its co-hosted by Rita Lyman and Steve Test. Enjoy

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Third Friday June 15th

On a much more positive light, 3rd Friday was last night and it was fun for one and all. I took some pictures and made a short video. I walked down to Bogarts Books and saw Dom play and it was all good.

An Outrage in Millville

This an account that happens too often in the Center City section. "Last night, C and I arrived home at about 10:45 after attending a wedding in ville. The usual shenanigans were going on at -- - people drinking and hanging out all over the front lawn, window shaking music etc. We waited until about midnight, figuring they might disperse on their own, or at least quiet down. No such luck. It got louder and louder, and more people kept arriving. He called the police. Three police cars came, spoke to them, and the inhabitants said OK, turned the music down,and went inside the house. At 1AM the party was in full swing again. We called the police again. Three cars arrived, announcing their arrival with lights, barking police dog, etc. They spoke to them again. At this point I should also mention that we know for a fact that at least 2 of the people who were present have warrants out for their arrest, and we told the police that. Also, several people there took off running as soon as the police arrived, but I guess they didn't think it was worth their effort to pursue them or ask for ID. Then the officer came over to our house and told us, we didn't hear anything, so there's nothing we can do. You can go file a complaint on Monday if you want. You'll love this: we were told: If the music is too loud, why don't you turn up your TV. After about 1/2 hour the party finally started to break up, and the partygoers left, making plenty of noise in the process, and leaving trash all over the sidewalk in front of our house (see attached photo).

If this is the kind of action we can expect from our police force, no wonder Center City homeowners are bailing out. And no wonder the rest of NJ thinks it's OK to dump their human trash here, a drive around Center City will show him we don't really have much concern for our quality of life, either!"

Friday, June 15, 2007

Third Friday

I hope everyone comes out to Third Friday tonite in Millville.
Here is an image that reminds of the Friends of Millville meeting we had
last night. We have a busy summer planning activities. I hope to have
pics and film soon. Oh yeah the flowerbeds were being finished to
the Mural at Captain Buck park this morning at 7:30. Can't wait to get a picture of that.

Gallery 50 Exhibit

I am honored to be on the Art Card for the
Gallery 50 exhibit next month which is PETITE MOMENTS: An International Juried Miniature Art Competition. Come out on First Friday July 6 from 6-9pm
b That is my mug on the front. It is a reduction linocut created by Michelle Post

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crusin June 11

I decided to document my 5x week commute from Millville NJ to W. Philadelphia. Some parts are scenic and others are a big slog. I have pictures and several videos. I put my favorite one on the site. I am driving down 47th Street around Larchwood. Its a nice shady morning with rich green from the trees. As I turn right on Locust Street at 49th Street, I see that my old house I sold March 2004 is for sale again. I am going over the Walt Whitman to an odd tune from the 1980's. When I drive home I listen to various stations such as NPR, XPN etc. I get a real kick out of WPRB
from Princeton NJ. I can get it thought most of Rt 55 south. I listen to the sports show and the news that goes on at 5:30. Well, at the end, they play the Theme from Shaft.
Hope you enjoy this.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mural Dedication

Children of Silver Run, Memorial, and Holly Hights schools
teamed up with the Riverfront Renaissance Center to dedicate 3 murals that the children created. An appreciative gathering was there to thank the children for their creative endeavors.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Slumlords of Millville NJ

Friends of Millville picked this week's version of the slumlord hall of shame. They are:
329 E. Oak. A boarded up wreck with broken fence
PAXTON, JON 101 E 25TH ST Wildwood NJ 08260

423 and 425 N 4th St Dilapidated Trashy Boarded up. This property is owned by

311 North 4th, (Matero real estate sign) Drug dealing all day long.
This property is owned by CONTRERAS, SANTOS & JUANA
Please write a letter to:
Mr. Wayne Caregnato
City of Millville Code Enforcement
Millville NJ 08332

Kids Murals in Millville

On Sunday June 3rd, We put up the Children's murals in Center City at 3rd and D Streets, the Glasstown Plaza and near Captain Buck Park. The RRCA and the local artists helped the kids create these very colorful murals for all to see. The dedication is next Saturday June 9th.