Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday, November 30: Rain Part II

 Good morning I got up early watch dishes and had breakfast. Along   he way I woke up Sharon. Yikes. I guess maybe I should just put my shoes on after I go downstairs.    don't like waking her up in the ensuing conversations   bout it. Well I went to the sunrise and spent most of the meeting texting my sister about childhood and it's effects   0 years later. Very interesting even via text.
She's encouraging me to get a website up. Afterwards I talked to a friend who's burnt out on meetings. Kind of depressing but kind of real too. Well I got to work on time and immediately started working on the alerts it came up yesterday. I also sludge through yesterday 
and Monday's appointments of people  

who didn't keep him. It's still overcast and spitting rain right now as of 5:12 PM.  
Well as I was heading towards pats house I got really exhausted and came over there. Pat paid me back and I went upstairs to 
his room to crash for 2 1/2 hours. I really needed that sleep badly. I have been now exhausted in a while. We then ordered out the vegetarian platter and watched a movie about life under Soviet domination in  

Eastern Europe. They focused on east Germany. I talked to a friend of mineon FaceTime and then I'm gonna head home where Sharon is cooking up something good. First of all I have to get myself a ride through Uber because it's really nasty outside. Once I got home  

Sharon was making German egg noodles into a nice meal. I had a little bit watch some football videos and went to bed

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday November 29: A Very Rainy Day

 Good day everybody in the world. Here in Philadelphia it is a steady rain which   ill last all day long. It started before sunrise and expected to go on all day and into tomorrow. Anyhow I ate breakfast took a shower and ventured out   o catch the 48 bus. I had to skip the coffee since I was running a little late. The bus took 10 minutes to show up. When the seven but still finally show up,
 it got stuck behind a trash truck  right near the London. The trash people are emptying the   ondon's trash. I got the trolley for pretty quick and the EL showed up just as I was arriving at 30th St. so I  arrived at 9:01 AM. I got there before my supervisor. I realized my report   as due today and rush through that because I knew that I would have some people  coming in. I realized I had scheduled 18 and so far as of 1:18 PM five at showed up. I think  the rain is keeping most of them away. I did have one or two people reschedule but the other 10 just didn't show up yet. Yes I do have some around   etween 130 and 230 so I may still get a rush but it's highly doubtful. Well I came back and I didn't have   nybody. I ended up seeing nine people in total. That is a 50% show rate which is generally the average. It is now 5:07 PM and it's still raining and pitch dark outside. It is   retty mild out I must say. I now have an   ppointment  o go to at 5:30. I just missed an owl so I'm probably going to be a little bit late.   ell I got there about five minutes late. It was a pretty intense session especially at the end.    brought up my Pinyan of having children and childhood stuff.i Which is as deep as I go. Guess I'm gonna go there to begin   ith next week. That's the genesis of it all. Well I'm heading to an 11 o'clock meeting   ate. The rain has stopped and that's a good thing. They do limit this soy here they don't let you pour your own soul here. Not at all Starbucks but in   ertain ones for some particular reason to save a few dollars. Well I'm heading to 17th and Delancey   ish me luck. It went all right there. I shared a little bit and then I headed home and caught the 38 home which is a good thing. Then came home and talked on the phone and  eventually the bed. It was in a pretty good day

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, November 28: Work, Rent and Da Vinci

 Good day everybody. I skip the morning meeting because I knew I had to take   are of my art at the da Vinci today. I stayed up late trying to figure out how I was going to make it gallery ready. The frames are kind of a pain in the ass about that. I am probably will be leaving early so I'm   unning to Amy at the da Vinci. I worked on the alerts and saw 40 from people. One of them was a walk-in. Another walking was taken care of by the CSR out front. Two of the people that I closed came right on the closing date which was today. For lunch
  I am having clam chowder and some chips. It's 2:20 PM so I'm going to be leaving probably around between four and 4:30 PM today to get the  artwork. The bus almost made me late because there was a huge detour 20th & Hamilton   treet. I did manage to make it at 9:04 AM. Well I click the way at work till about 410. I then got a text that my friend was up with leaving for the Art alliance.    started to take care business and pay for my entry into the exhibit, and then make the entry information   mailed. I left work at 4:50 PM. I'm now at 30th St. and it's 5:04 PM. I just got a text at 5:08 PM and my friend just arrived at the gallery.   I then took the train and the cab to the Da Vinci Art Alliance with my 2 framed photos.   hey were in a big plastic bag with newspapers to keep it from breaking. I then had to get a money  order for $715.00 to pay the rent. It was a bit depressing because I  spent too much   ver the past week. Oh well I couldn't get a nicer place for $700 a month in a nice part of the city.  I just think  about that then I get over it. I'm chilling out another coffee shop called   offee Joe. I'm just sitting here listening to far out hip space music which is feels good when when you just need to unwind from a busy day. Tomorrow I have 18 people scheduled. This is Mark's mass  insanity.  Believe it or not there     is a method to my madness. I just going busybody mode put on my blinders and go go go!! 
It's also the end of the month and I have to finish a report tomorrow. I love it after a long holiday it's even busier afterwards. I hope to talk to friends after my meeting .  

 I would hate to feel sick like some folks do in this world 
right now. That would suck. Anyhow at least the   weather is not freezing cold or windy. Tomorrow supposed to rain though. I'm glad I slept around my photos today and not tomorrow while it was raining. I'm then going to a meeting at:6:45 a block away.