Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Low Blow!!

Today as I was taking out the garbage, I saw the ad that brings up the Republican leader's domistic issues. I will quote " Why are the Cumberland County Republican Freeholder candates okay with the violent criminal history of their Party Boss?"
Well, this bringing up someone's personal problems for the public to see and Mr. Greco is not running for ANYTHING!!
My question is WHY are Mr. Peppitone and Thompson being wimps by not saying that this has gone too far and show SOME leadership. This Democrat is just DISGUSTED!!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dottie's Walk Oct 18

Support Millville Weed and Seed at City City Commission Mtg Tues Oct 19!!!!

Today I went on Dottie's Walk for the first time in many moons. My dog Jesus joined us and really enjoyed himself. You can see him in the short video. I was home early since I worked with Re-Store in North Phillyonly till 4pm We walked the neighborhood of Center City Millville NJ. It was pretty quiet but there was still too many rundown buildings around. Commissioner Finch took notes along the way and we all observed and discussed. Dottie could not make since her legs are causing problems. Its going to be the last one till next Spring due to it getting darker early.

It was good to see many streets that were nice and clean but still too many are so trash laden and that brings the whole block down. I know the city is making efforts . It has to to maintain Millville's livability. Well, got to hit the sack now. Its after 11pm now and I have to get my rest after a very physical day removing tile and doors.

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Working for Re-Store

Takin a break
Today I had the opportunity to make a little money by working in North Philly for a company called Re-Store. They are a store that collects old
Removing Bathroom Tile
items from old houses and apartments and resells them to other homeowners. I worked on removing bathroom tile. Man, that stuff is TOUGH to remove without breaking. I also removed doors and doorknobs and carried them down the steps. The building was pretty beat up on the inside.
The Merge of Rt 55 & Rt 42
The Apt Complex
There were 10 of there. I was 5 min late due to the horrable traffac on Route 42. Anyway, the apartment building that we removed stuff will be renovated by Project Home which has a good reputation in the city of Philadelphia. Its on Vernango Street near 22nd Street. Most of the folks were very handy. I held my own. Most will work till Wednesday. As for me, I will going back to work at DPW and getting my pay from Re-Store. Right now the letter A on the keyboard is acting up and very loose. Not sure how to fix it. Next I will report on Dottie's Walk, the last one till Spring since its getting darker very quickly. Tomorrow night is the City Commission meeting and one of the topics will be the Weed and Seed Program. It has been attacked by the Millville First. I hope to make it.
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Bogarts Poetry on High: 4th Anniversary

 Poetry on High had its 4th anniversary yesterday Sunday October 17 2010!! It seems like its been awhile since I was at Poetry on High. Actually I was there for a bit in September. It is held on the Sunday after 3rd Friday. I have covered this event since September 2006
when it was not called Poetry on High and but folks were listening to music and poetry for a Saturday night of poetry before it started in October 2006. and the one year anniversary held in October 2007.Rita Lyman
  was the MC again this year and there saw a good variety of talent this Fall. I will show them to you. Its just a small sample You can see a local TV broadcast of 3rd Friday here.. I hope you enjoy it. A friend had it on his Facebook page. Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Old Cast Iron Stove is Removed.

Well, at last the gentleman who bought it from our ad in Craigslist got some help in moving it to his home. It took plenty of Manpower to remove the cast iron stove. Its  a rare find. We could not afford to make it work in the studio and it was just sitting around taking up space. Yesterday, the men came over and took it apart in the studio and then lifted it to their trailer and drove off. This stove was at Isabelle's home, then her studio. Next we had it at the front of the Fithian House Gallery and then in the art studio in the back of the house. Hope it survives another 100 years!!

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Millville First At It Again

Writing Today's Entry Oct 17
I was at Bogarts yesterday. I took a look at the Atlantic City Press and what to I read, the group against everything (aka Millville First) is now waging its half-truths against the Weed and Seed Program a federally funded program that aims to improve the quality of life in a community through both the use of law enforcement and civic projects.The article states
Of the about the program $824,000has received over the past five years, $412,000, or half, has gone to the police department, the so-called "weed" funding, officials said. That money has funded bike patrols of targeted areas and to help police improve relations with the community.
Only about 10% of the total funding goes to pay for artist salaries. This is the part that Millville First objects to the most. This is in keeping with its intent to damage then destroy the Millville Arts District. The article states that ArtWorks program was targeted by Millvile First and that this program got $30,000. Millville First states more should have been spent on Law Enforcement. Well, this federally funded program is call Weed and Seed. They do not seem to get the fact that the 1. This is not using any city tax money and 2. Its purpose is to Weed out Crime and lay the Seeds for an improved community.
The fact that Millville First is not looking at the expenditures in a fair and objective manner shows its just a political witch-hunt to badger and waste city manpower with OPRA requestes.
"To look at a grant for nine or 10 months out of five years and to say the grant hasn't been a success demonstrates what little analysis they've done and that they already had their conclusion set."
Millville First said it's been studying the Weed and Seed program since February 2009. The group has filed 26 Open Public Records Act requests this year, many of them requesting information on Weed and Seed and Nicklus.
Nicklus said no matter what critics allege, the program has made a difference.
"You can take numbers and you can twist them anyway you want," she said. "I have seen kids who have followed ArtWorks through the years, and it has made a tremendous impact in their lives. That's just a small part of the things we do."
Yes, I would agree of the $824,000 that the grant has given $30,000 is a small slice. I would suggest that Millille First stick to its intent of saving taxpayer money and not going after the Arts District. I mean now there are no events and block partiessince the city had to cut them. Are they not happy with their success in that endeavor??
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Friday, October 15, 2010

3rd Friday

Don't you know it, its 3rd Friday. Its a cool October day.I drove in to work today to work and work was ok. I got stuff done and I now have someone sitting to the left of me since the princess moved on. I felt much better then yesterday. Thinking of going out West to see my brother but want to see the afford ability of it before I commit and stuff.While at friend's house in West Philly, I started to feel depressed but hearing some good road songs on WXPN my spirits picked up. I went down High Street for a bit and met
l friends at Oar House and one of them has the cold chisel I need for my Monday job removing tile. I have the hammer already.
I read in today's Philly Inquirer that officials are optimistic about an 18 mile commuter line to Glassboro. It has faced setbacks due to the economy.
South Jersey officials remain optimistic that a proposed $1.5 billion, 18-mile commuter rail line between Glassboro and Camden will survive recent setbacks.
"We'll find a way. This has to get done," said State Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D., Gloucester), a longtime supporter of the project, which would bring jobs and dollars to his districtand relieve congestion on local highways.

"I'm still optimistic that it's going to go forward. . . . It's just going to take more time to get it accomplished," said Woodbury Mayor Robert Curtis, who hosted a grand unveiling of the project by then-Gov. Jon S. Corzine 17 months ago at his town's 1883 train station.
Momentum for the project has slowed in recent months, stalled by financial and operational issues.
Environmental-impact studies have stopped because the Delaware River Port Authority must put the work out for bids. Last year, the DRPA awarded a no-bid $9 million contract for the work, but Gov. Christie has ordered the agency to cancel that contract and solicit bids. The DRPA will issue a request for bids by Friday, spokeswoman Danelle Hunter said Thursday.
NJ Transit, short of money, told DRPA it cannot honor its promise to pay for the environmental studies. It said it would reimburse DRPA "when the funds become available."
Man I will be old gray and shabby by the time its built and that is too bad. We must prevent more sprawl from taking over South Jersey like what has happened to Cherry Hill  Deptford.and Washington Township. Its all cars all the time. Here is a video of Rt 55 with a Friday afternoon traffic jam. I think a prison bus was driving real slow and caused the problem. Imagine how bad it will be in 10 years if there is NO train to ease the congestion? It will not be a pretty sight.
I was cooking pasta with Lentels and veggies and some scramblers. The pasta was a bit overwhelmed.The pasta
is the wheat-free stuff that overcooks real quickly I picked out some random articles from a list that came up. One of them ought to be of interest to someone.Now its time is to sleep.

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Closing of Bridgeton MVC: Politics as Usual!

Well, read today's Vineland Daily Journal and saw that the state of  New Jersey is going to close the Bridgeton MVC office to save money. I note that state Assemblywoman Celiste Riley was caught off guard and plans to fight the closing.
State Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, D-3, said she learned unofficially of the closing decision Thursday. Bridgeton is in the 3rd District.
"I'm going to fight to keep it open because it's one of the few things we've got in Bridgeton," Riley said.
 Good luck Ms. Riley.  The article talks about the attempt by then-Governor Corzine to close the Vineland office in 2008 and how the Agency Manager James Forcinito who shortly afterward was removed from the appointed position. Now the Vineland office is run by someone well-connected in local Republican politics.
The Vineland manager now is city resident Carlene Greco, who replaces Van Sant.
Greco is the wife of county Republican Party Chairman Robert Greco.
She applied for the job in May and took over July 6 with a salary of $65,500. She is the first woman to hold the job in Vineland
I see they did not attempt to close the Vineland office and I do not expect them to. Political connections matter no matter what political party. Its easy to think that if big Lou loses his throne to the Republicans, a new fiefdom will emerge. Time will tell.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday Oct 12

At the PATCO Station 6:45pm
Center City around 8am
Yesterday, was back to the grind and the  1st time since last Thursday. I was cited at work for not following the chain of command at work since I had a disagreement with a big manager about a case. The insubordination
8am waiting for the El
charge was dropped. Maybe next time I will get a large tattoo on my arm. Then again lets just drop the whole thing. It started to rain during the Rt 408 bus ride but by
A non descript building
at 11th Street since that was the ONLY place that takes credit cards. Its AMAZING that at most SEPTA ticket windows, you have to use cash. Lets get real, credit card machines are not high tech. This is just so backward, but I guess that is just SEPTA. Work was slow and tiring since I was put back in my place. Oh well, lets hope that is over.the time I got to West Philly on 40th street the sun was  blazing. I had to get SEPTA tokens
A woman's cloth bag 
After work, I took PATCO from 8th Street and met Carolyne in Collingswood at the non-descript building that she takes her yoga certification classes. She was observing another class. The Collingswood PATCO station is just a big parking lot. Its such  a sweet commuter town  and you would NEVER know how close you are to Camden. They must have a good police force keeping the Camden dregs and heroin addicts away from the nice crowds at the tony restaurants. Well got to go catch the bus now. BYE
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day 2010: Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Today was quite warm for sure. I had stayed up late last night so I slept in till almost 11. Oh my..Read the Sunday paper and did a few things around the house. Saw folks and talked  about the state of the Arts District during  a recession and the future opening of the Levoy next May or June. The director of the  RRCA may resign soon, there seems to be a search for a replacement when her contract ends. Of course the MDC and the politics of that came up.   After that we walked our pups and went
to Bogarts books to chill.  I got a lucky break when the dentist office called and told me they had an opening at 3pm. I went and it was ok but the best part is that I do not have to arrive at work 3 hours late to work on Wednesday. I do plan to take off the week of  Veterans Day to do stuff and take a break. This weekend weather was just about perfect for any activity. Dog Walking, political gossip, having a beer, watching the Phillies and Eagles and watching Masterpiece Theatre.
Blogging at the Collingswood Library
 I am now in Collingswood NJ. I am killing time at the Collingwood Public Library. A friend of mine who I was talking to suggested I hit the
library and go on the computer. I just happened to be parked right near it and as a "visitor" I have 1 hour to stay on this computer. I am now down to 25 minutes and it is now 6:14pm. Collingswood sure looks nice on an Indian Summer Day, that's for sure.
I am browsing the Millville News and see on Friday Oct 8 Michelle Post sent in a Jeer to the City of Millville for attempting a SLAPP suit and a cheer to the judge who dismissed it.  Not being privy to the the decision to dismiss the Trackracket suit against the city, I can not say for sure she is correct in her assessment. Her accusation is serious since it implies that the City of Millville purposely was stifling dissent. That I am not in favor of. I wonder if the judge called it as such? If the judge did not then her charges are political hyperbole. If the judge did thent its the same political hardball that did in Jane Geletto back in 2005 and 2006 when I first moved here.
Oh I must comment on the LATEST political smear job by Big Lou and his minions!! Last  Thursday when Jane Jannerone asked GOP head Bob Greco to resign because of domestic violence charges that recently came to light through anonymous mailing she said it has nothing to do with the upcoming freeholder election. WHAT?? Is she WHACK??? She must think I (we) are numskulls and buffoons like her. Come on! How do you expect anyone to want to be involved in Cumberland County politics when you attack someone on their personal lives. Its even worse since it the Democrats are doing this bogus stunt. We all KNOW its Lou pulling the apron strings with Ms. Jannerone. Come on Ms. Jannerone grow up and stop being a puppet for Mr. Magazzu. I think the public deserves better then this. Jannerone fiddles while the county burns!I have 4 minutes left on this computer. I will will have to continue this when I get home AFTER I eat something. Its now 6:33pm
Its now 11:07 pm and the big story on Action News and Channel 10 news is that 6 boaters were found. Yup when you have this kind of news while the country is mired in high unemployment and ready to elect some right-wing bozos to powerful positions. Its little wonder that many folks listen to talk radio and the FOX news channel. The faux news is not FOX. Its really the local news broadcasts that titillate, tease and talk about nonsense for half of the broadcast and have the weather for the other 11 minutes. Its new capitalism. Give the people what they want

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Columbus Day Weekend

It’s been a nice little weekend thus far.  Friday, the Millville Fire Department attempted to rescue a kitten that was in the sewer.The cat managed to  run anywhere it would from getting captured. I give full credit to the MFD for working so hard to try to rescue the cat. You can see video of this on  my YouTube site.I only know that the SPCA was called and other then that I do not know the fate of this cat.
Saturday October 9, I took care of some boxes by going over to a red dumpster where boxes are supposed to be thrown out so they can be recycled.

That was kind of fun and got alot of boxes that were to be used when the Fithian House was still open last year. Next we went to Bridgeton to donate some clothes and other items at a place called The Bridge. It seemed like they could use more donations.
The folks were very nice as well. This trip to Bridgeton was a prelude to going over to the Crowe’s house where I met up with Pat. We worked on a cat area in the basement that will keep the cats in a contained area but leave the rest of the basement  intact from all the wonderful cat  stuff that at one point really made a mess of the basement. The floors have been repainted with care in hopes that St. Nick will soon be there.  Pat Jon and I
took off the screening off the front porch, then I rolled up the large screens.  While the door was being framed,  we stapled
Half way done
the screening to the top beams then cut at the bottom.  Stapling of the screens was on 2X4’s. that are to hold the 3 cats in the enclosed area. We will see if this idea works.
 Yesterday Sunday,  was a slow mellow day. It was another nice fall day in October. We chilled out in the bright sunshine for awhile. Took the dogs for a walk at the riverwalk. I took a look to see how the riverfront condo's were doing and for the first time,
I saw a building that was partially built. That is PROGRESS for sure. Lets see when more of them get built and expand the walkway. We went shopping and were to go to the Shop Rite like everyone elese but decided to hit the ACME instead. Boy, its much less crowded! We did notice that there was less selection in some items such as pet food,
but the aisles were larger and in general the ACME was more roomy.  If the contrast in how crowded each of the stores are, then the ACME is in trouble. Also ACME has the reputation for having the higher prices.  We will see I suppose.
The Eagles and Phillies are playing tonite and so far both are leading. Phillies 2-0 and Eagles 17-10.  Here is the Eagles report :
A nice first half for the Eagles, who for won't have to answer questions about a slow start this week (except on kick coverage). The defense produced two turnovers, the offense scored on three of its four drives, tallying 17 points. Injuries to Jason Peters and Brodrick Bunkley are two of the very few things for the Eagles to be worried about, and even more worrisome, Trent Cole went to the locker room early. If he can't return, that will be big trouble as the Eagles try to protect a seven point lead.
Read more: http://www.phi

As for the Phillies. Cole Hamels is looking sharp for 6 innings.  Chase Utly his a solo home run to make the lead 2-0. The offence could stand to get more runs.
Finished watching Kennth Branah as Wallander on PBS. It’s a pretty good show but it does start off very slow and gets all involved in his personal  family issues.  Now it’s the 2nd half of the Eagles game and there is 8 min left in the 3rd quarter.  Eagles just blew a  4th and 1.  Kolb is not mobile and that seems to cause a problem.

Update!!Well, the Eagles barely beat the 49ers 27-24 and the Phillies swept the Reds 2-0. Now its time to move on bigger and better things. Tomorrow, is my day off for Columbus day and Jim's Lunch will be opening again. Its not such a bad place but I have not been there much.

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Friday, October 08, 2010

October 6 and 7 2010

College design major on the bus
The first full week of October was ok I suppose. It rained half the time and I was again busy at work but I did make progress. This photo is of a computer a young woman had on the 408 bus. Oct 6th we almost got into 2 accidents with aggressive drivers.
A bad driver distracted
I missed that action with my camera since I was trying to take a quickie nap before going to the Bridge Plaza in Camden. The same night Ray Halliday pitched a no-hitter for the Phillies against the Reds. I did see Shawn Victorino get a 2-run single to make it 4-0 Phillies. That is how the game ended.  Before I went to work, I left from Pat's house and before work I went to a sandwich place called Yock's. They are on the corner of 57th and Chestnut Streets in Philly. I ordered my favorate which is an egg and cheese and hot peppers on a cinnamon raisin bagel ..YUM!!  After that,  at work, I got into a tiff with one of the managers at work. That caused me to have
to miss the Zoning Board meeing last nite. Guess what, they failed to reach quarom! Man that sucks. Today I have the day off to get stuff done around the house. Man, it is such a nice day out. Our nighbor Kirk is fixing the 2nd floor apt since appairently it was trashed by the former tenents. They were nice people in my opinion but that is kinda sad really. Well, enough for now. Got to go
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Our Dog June this Morning

Boy is she very cute. We call this squiggling! What a nice way to start a 4 day weekend!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tues Morning

Enjoying some breakfast this morning 5 am
Good morning people. Its Tuesday and I hear there is one city offical that refused to take a voluintary pay cut like everyone elese did. Other employees had reduced work hours and there is less staff. Why would he  do that and who is not putting on the political pressure to take his 10% pay cut. I will ask.
Boy it was raining again yesterday afternoon. Here is me driving down Route 55 yesterday afternoon around 630pm.
Well I checked out the website to find out the latest forecast:
Cloudy. Rain likely with areas of drizzle this morning... then a chance of rain this afternoon. Highs in the lower 60s. West winds around 10 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.
Mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of showers. Lows in the mid 40s. Southwest winds around 5 mph.
Mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of showers. Highs in the mid 60s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
Wednesday Night
Mostly cloudy in the evening...then becoming partly cloudy. A 30 percent chance of showers. Lows in the upper 40s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
Mostly sunny. Highs around 70. West winds 10 to 15 mph.
Thursday Night
Mostly clear. Lows in the lower 50s.
Sunny. Highs in the lower 70s.
Yup rain till Thursday. I am off to work now via the Bus

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Motorsports and Noise: AC Press Sunday Oct 3rd

U.S. Census Bureau map of Millville, New JerseyImage via Wikipedia
On the front page of the Atlantic City Press on Sunday October 3rd was a detailed article on the NJ Motorsports Park. It was aptly titled "New Jersey Motorsports Park delivers on jobs but drives some mad in Millville,"
I found it to be a well-written article. It starts off with a summation of the situation at the NJMSP:
Since a decade ago, when the New Jersey Motorsports Park was little more than designs on paper, the promise of jobs has always been its biggest allure. Now, as the track prepares to end its second season, those jobs have led to millions of dollars pouring into the economy and more development on the way.
Still, while the whine of high-performance engines straining in competition has meant money, it’s also led to a weekly parade of residents complaining about the noise and nuisances created by the track
The article talks about the economic impact of the track
In its first two seasons of operation, not even a full two years, the track paid more than $3.8 million in wages to full- and part-time employees. In 2009, the track employed more than 250 people, although only 22 are full-time employees, a statistic track officials attribute to the track’s seasonal operation
The article explains the view of TrackRacket and some nieghbors who state the noise has impacted their lives
Michelle Post, a Lawrence Township resident and ardent track opponent, has heard the jobs argument but still believes the noise and impact on the neighbors is a detriment that outweighs the full-time and seasonal jobs created.
My 2 favorate lines from this article are as follows. Ms Post is quoted
“We work hard all week long. We come home on the weekends, we want to be able to enjoy our backyards,” Post said. “We want to enjoy our quality of life.”
I think she is just talking about herself. Most Millville residents live all year round and have one house.
The other is this statement
Others have gone the route of hyperbole, claiming the track operates before dawn and into the night and that the sound that breaches their homes — always with the windows closed, air conditioning and television on — makes them physically ill.
I guess the writer has been many City Commission meetings where this line is said all the time. Guess he is tired like myself of the endless arguments and ranting.
All I have to say is nice job Ed. Its good to hear from folks who have actually benefitted from the track. They appairently are locals from Millville and nearby CUMBERLAND COUNTY towns.
I only wish the track came out with better PR and at least showed concern for the neighbors. Now we have lawyers everywhere and who will win but the lawyers???
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October 1st Weekend

This past Saturday went to Jon and Densie's to help around the house. Met up with pat and got stuff done and enjoyed each other's company. Jon and I hauled stuff to the local dump in Fairfield Township. They have no curbside pickup there and one has to gather all the garbage and put it in your car or better yet truck and haul it out before it gets really stinky. Say, speaking of stinky,
I was shown what an gathering of stinky bugs looks like. It was pretty creepy. They were on some drapes that were near the back door. Take a look. This is one of  problems living in the country. There are cute Guinna Hens but there are more bugs as well to mess with.
Jon and I did an road trip of sorts to the Goodwill Store. We get the donated items out and several were REJECTED!
They were more picky then usual. Check this video out just to show an example. We all believe that Goodwill has had a high volume of donations and they are trying to stem the flow. It was interesting to say the least. After that little adventure, we went to Joe's Pizza in Bridgeton at the border of Upper Dearfield. The trip was quite sceanic winding though county roads ("take me home to the place I belong..").
The Phillies were playing the Braves and they won this game 7-0. They face the Cincinnati Reds starting this Weds in the Divisional Playoffs. Go Phils!! OH the Eagles lost to McNabb and the Washington Redskins. Eagles could have won in the last second but dude let the ball slip out of his hands.
Well, today we went to Philly to pick up something from a friend. We went to Whole Foods on South Street. Boy is that a cramped place and everyone was zooming on caffeine. It was ok and we beat the rain. Right now at Midnight its raining pretty hard.  Well, time to hit the rack and sleep