Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Day of June 2010

Good morning. Its a fine day with MUCH lower humidity. I slept in since I am driving into work today. I don't get to see this kind of action. Yesterday, on the 6:53pm 408 Bus out of Camden, I saw this heroin addict shooting up at the back of the bus. Man, I got the f** out of there and moved up front. The driver was already told about and said to call NJ Transit and ask for transit police to take a ride. I mean, its pretty obvious who is an addict, you do not have to be a cop to figure it out. Good thing since I have a full schedule of shopping and walking 2 dogs today. Still have to get my July pass for the bus soon. I will have work hard and block out the noise

I was talking with Steve and he never heard of the Snoopy vs Red Baron. This was by the Royal Guardsmen one of those one-hit wonders of the 60's. Pat has an album by them and its not too bad. I saw a post on Facebook with this video

Last night the City Commission had their meeting. Lou Thompson retired and was praised all around. Some say he actually ran the city with his wealth of knowledge. The city authorized $5,000 for "professional services" to defend against a lawsuit against Track Racket's lawsuit. Just like Paul Porrima and Citizens United did Track Racket is going to cost ME and ALL taxpayers money that we do not have. How many more cops could we have if not for spiteful lawsuits by these groups. I need to ask how many lawsuits the city is defending while laying off employees and furloughing the police. I do realize the $$ come from different parts of the budget BUT this is STILL a waste of taxpayer money. We could have had Summer Events but NOOoooo we have to defend against lawsuits that will get tossed out anyhow. While this was going on, the Commission said NO to a request to allow taverns to sell at 9am on July 4th which falls on a Sunday. This was a one-time request. Fellow blogger Robert Owens feels this was a poor decision since it denies businesses an opportunity for more revenue. He makes a good point. Commissioner Dave Vananaman was the only one to give his opinion. I think they were concerned about their reputation and the city''s reputation. This is understandable but again these were businessmen in a shaky economy. Last year I was called out for supporting a rental fee increase. One quote I loved was this gem "Unlike Mr. Krull with his college degree and comfortable city job"Good news, Millville is getting UEZ cash of 535,000. This will pay for 4 police, 3 firefighters and 266,263 in the Mall's debt service. No events can be paid by UEZ due to new restrictions. Good bye Summer Events for a long time..I guess. This week is our monthly Zoning Board meeting. Meetings have been short since the economy and real estate is still in the tank. This photo is of the back yard where our trash cans used to be. Carolyne did a nice job of reclaiming the space from the trash!! Hope to hit the beach this weekend, now got to run to work now. Enjoy this nice day, its gonna get hot and stick again soon. Enjoy this video taken this morning. Its very confortable today!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Interesting Day

Went to work as usual via the Rt 408 bus. After work met up with some friends at the Oar House. We discussed current and past events and I had a cold one. Next I went to Fred's house and had a delicous dinner. I got to bring extra home as well.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning June 28

Here I am at 5:30AM doing my early morning thing. I tried the blogger tab that says "Next Blog" and 4 out 5 were religious themed blogs and I am not sure why. It was strange. I went to the Daily Journal and saw an editorial about the DJ Forums. They state that anonymous post will continue in the tradition of the Federalist Papers, but they will add another level of oversight. Read it yourself and give your opinion. Frankly, the fools who always are negative will find a way to trash Millville and ANYONE who does SOMETHING to more our city ahead. They have the right to speak, but I do not have to respond to idiots!
Well, got to catch the bus now!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Watering the Garden..

Today while Carolyne was in yoga teacher training, I set about watering the parched plants and other related duties. The dogs were walked and enjoy it much. I then watered the fun plants which
were parched. Several of them were drooping from the heat. Fred stopped by with his latest work he made last night. Quite the creative man that's for sure! Looking forward to dinner tomorrow nite. I am going to have to hustle out of work to catch the 555pm bus out of Camden to get home on time.
Its now 5:08 pm and I just read that extra Federal money for the states was stopped by the GOP. Yup, thats their way, get brownie points for being fically tight and may EVEN cause a double-dip recession in time for the 2010 and 2012 elections. They first cut off Unemployment benefits. Its going to affect DPW where I work. I think next contract there will be NO pay raises and its NEXT YEAR!!
Rendell had one word last week to describe the impact on the state budget should the Medicaid money be permanently axed: Armageddon.

He predicted the loss would result in 20,000 layoffs of state, county, and municipal workers, as well as public school teachers. Losing the money could also affect thousands of social-service organizations in the private sector that rely on state funding.

Now its 5:16pm. Time to get a cold one at Bojos. Hope I got done what I needed to get done. I think I will need to go to the supermarket later on this evening since food is running out. Well, I did go shopping but forgot milk. Oh well. I did get to go swimming at Carl's. Man, that was cool. His dog Thor joined us in the pool and it was fun. I bought a 6 of Miller Lite from the City Liquer just before it closed at 8. Man that is so ghetto there. You feel like your are in a bigger city when you see some of the folks who go there. I should go there more often for a swim. It cooled me off BIG TIME. Well, on to Monday and the week ahead...

Welfare Stats

An email from the District Admin


We are back up to 6th place in the denominator report for 05/2010 and increased compliancy be nearly 5%!! Fantastic. Great WORK CDU! I have included the Denominator NC list 6-17-2010 file above showing those clients (by CDU worker) not at EDSI which did not meet compliancy goals. Please review each of your clients (which should have been done already) and determine how to make them complaint. With 28 more people exempt or compliant we’ll be at 50%. Thanks for your hard work on this! Keep up the great work. (Note: These are unofficial results. Looks like Delancey’s gaining on us! Yikes.)

Dist 03/10 % Compliant

Elmwood 42.6%

Dist 04/10 % Compliant

Elmwood 42.1%

Dist 05/10 % Compliant

Elmwood 47.0%

Last Weekend: June 2010

Its again hot here at 11:56pm on Saturday June 26th. My cat is sprawled out next to me and the fans are blowing air all around. We have stayed off the AC's but we 3 new fans. I think we will still make out. One of the roommates uses the AC in her room and in her space but that is all so far. Friday took the car to work and happened to cruse on my old block at 49th and Locust Streets. It was sunny out and it pretty much looked the same as the video below shows. I see that the University City Swim Club got a pretty good mural on the wall at 49th Street between Spruce and pine. When I lived there the Garden Court Community Assn discussed this issue and I do not know when it was finished.

I got to work 15 minutes late but worked hard to clear away work and answer as many calls as I could. I got my evaluation on this day as well. It was good but one negative is that I can stir things up and I at times irritate others. No body's perfect. A Supervisor collapsed in the ladies room but was conscious when the ambulance showed up. It was a bit scary and I hope she is ok.
Today, I went to Carolyne's yoga class. I first had to have some iced coffee to wake me up and it seemed to work. Carolyne, Steve, and Janet had a photo shoot with a student photographer, who Carolyne met on Facebook thru Piranha Betty's Facebook page. This gallery put her plan to have photo shoots with artists in their studios. We learned that Piranha Betty's closed and that the woman who ran it went home to Nova Scotia. I forgot her full name but I did remember that her last name was Dye. She was cool and seemed to know what she was doing. She took really good photos of Carolyne with June our small pup. I am looking forward to seeing her blog and then the book that that she plans to publish. She also had a photo shoot with Dennis Taws as well. I am curious of what he thought of his session. I suppose I might find out pretty soon. We are planning to have dinner with Fred Kramer Monday night. What a treat that will be. He is good company who cooks wonderful food.
Well, the US Soccer Team LOST to Ghana 2-1. It was fustratating game to watch. The US had its chances and Ghana took advantage of 2 US defensive errors to prevail. this is the 2nd World Cup in a row that Ghana ended the US run! Phillies lost 5-1 to the Toronto Blue Jay and the Oil from the BP oil well STILL keeps on flowing in the the Gulf and a tropical storm is heading toward the Gulf as I write this.
Well, good night. Time to shower and cool off. The heat keeps on coming and it seems not to end. Its really now 1:12am and its really time to hit the sack

Friday, June 25, 2010

Its Friday June 25th

Good morning. Good news to report. The City and the Millville Police Union agreed to no layoffs for the Police. Instead the police will have 8 unpaid furlough days. I am really relieved about this. We need all the police we can muster. Glad, both sides kept their heads and made a fair agreement. Its been a long hot summer of crime. Just 2 doors down on my block of Pine, there have been 2 robberies this past week. I was told the Bloods were involved from my neighbor. There were lots of police but the latest scum got away. Yesterday, we had a VERY POWERFUL thunderstorm. It happened about 3:15 to about 4pm in Philly. Millville got 10 minutes. It had hail and some swear there was a tornado but that has NOT been confirmed as of now. It was a sight to see

Last night was Artists night at Carl's. We had delicious gumbo and a Stromboli from Hard Times pizzeria near the Ashley store. Man that was good. We had good conversation about BP, the Millville Police agreement, and that dude who went to Pakisstan to capture Osama Bin Laden. He failed but then again who didn't. We wondered aloud if Bin Laden is really DEAD. He needs kidney dialysis and well Pakistan and Afghanistan are not the most advanced in the health care field. Finished the nite with Sitar Bob and Carl listening to some coo groovy tunes. I will find out the name soon!! In the outside world, things are pretty much the same. Gov. Christie is calling on Public Sector workers to "share sacrifice" with the NJ budget. I KNOW next July state workers will be TOLD to share the sacrifice no matter WHO is elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Pa. I am sure my pay increase in October this year will be the LAST for several years. Well, I will keep my benefits then I can live with that. So many are unemployed around me so I ain't gonna bitch. Now if the Pa Legislature fiddles with the budget AGAIN, I at least will GET PAID!! Our Union SEIU 668 took the state to court and the court stated that state employees must be paid. So thank God for that. Oh and still more complaining about the NJ Motorsports Park. Not sure what the opponents REALLY want. This writerseems rational for asking racing to stop at 10pm. He says that racing went till Midnight. Yup, I can hear it but I hear the sound of commerce and economic help which Lord knows we need here in Millville. One last item to write about today. NJ Transit is going to eliminate one of the times for my bus the Route 408. The 6:15 out of Camden is history after today. So I either catch the 5:55 or catch the 6:53pm and if I MISS the 6:53pm due to errands or pet-sitting, then the NEXT bus is 8:13pm YIKES. This is pretty bogus I say my fares go up 15% and I have less rides. My biggest salary increase EVER was 4% and I have worked for the state for almost 20 years! Oh F**ing well, the Middle Class squeeze. When I ask my co-worker at the Welfare Office, "What's up?", she says.."the gas bill, the water bill, electric bill!! NOW that's what's REALLY UP!!! Well, lets hope SEPTA (they increase their fares July 1st) does not have problems like the one that happened below with smokey tracks. Oh I am driving today and doing several pet jobs. Lets hope Team USA beats Ghana tomorrow afternoon!! Next week is supposed to be cooler. Lets hope so...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Summer Daze!

Well, its been awhile since I last said anything. I went to Brignintene with Carolyne and the dogs. There is a section that allows dogs and 4-wheel autos. It was a nice time. I left work early on Tuesday and we went out to early dinner at Toad Fish for dinner and I watched my first WHOLE World Cup game. Argentina beat Greece 2-nil!!
My friend Carl experienced good ole Verizon customer service. I feel your pain man. Work is getting really buzy with more paperwork then ever. They love to use paper even though the goal is a paperless office. OK, we can all start LAUGHING NOW!!
Its real HOT!! Its been over 90 for 5 days now. Its going to be 96 in Millville and 99 degrees in Philly.
I have 2 pet-sitting jobs today so I wear shorts to work and then change at work. Lets go USA

Team USA Advances!

Here are the highlights. They include ANOTHER goal taken away. It don't matter cause Landon Donovan SCORES at the 91st Minute.
Next is Ghana!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17Th Thoughts

Good morning. I am going to stay in Philly this evening. Steve showed up after 4 days in Va. Glad he was ok. The weather is still warm. NJ Transit is eliminating the 6:15pm bus out of Camden. So if I miss the 5:55pm bus the next one is 6:53 and the one after THAT is 8:13pm. So NJ transit is not serving the commuter that works past 5pm. Yup, my 15% fare hike at work.
Of course we have Millville First. They support seeing 8 police being fired. Hell, they do not live in Center City Millville so f- it why should they care about crime? Well, a nice crime wave might support their contention that the Arts District was not successful. I must say it not ALL members of this organization but their leaders. Two of them receive GOVERNMENT PENSIONS!! Can you say hypocrite boys and girls??? SURE, I KNEW y'all could.
Another person has left the welfare building and is going to be a real social worker and REALLY help folks. She was fustrated by all the paper that the state loves to use. I know in the Career Development unit at welfare, they want more paper for EACH carfare you give and they want overpayments if a recept for a transpass is not received in 14 days. Hell, I am against fraud but when you add more paperwork requirements with a shrinking staff, you INVITE ERRORRS. Well, I guess finding errors in complicated Welfare policy and procedure is like shooting fish in a barrell and gives someone a job and political talking points. I am so glad I can do my little part. Good luck Kim in your new endevors.
Well, got to fly to make the 5:47am bus and working on pet-sitting projects.
Stay in touch and watch the World Cup.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Bummer

Yup, I am afraid that Jon Stewart really hit the nail on the head in regards to the President's performance over the past few weeks. Its really depressing when the President does not speak of a direction for our energy policy. Being compared to Jimmy Carter is NOT a good thing Mr. President. I remember the "malise" and it got us almost uninterupted Conservitive rule which led to the worst recession in recent memory! He needed to be more forceful here. Jon Stewart is surprised that President Obama is continuing some Bush polices. Its the Democrat being wishy-washy while we have extreemist Tea-Baggers waiting in the wings. We have to be reminded who might run for President in 2012 and Sarah Palin would be one. She is spreading another false statement that the President did not say the oil spill was his "Top Priority"..Lets see the Republicans would do a better job in regulating big oil? Lets get real here. Only a big DORK would think this. We need ACTION!! I mean who needs a FREAKING COMMISSION to deal this this OIL DISASTER?? Get some balls Mr. President. I mean the GOP is mocking you for being like Bush on Katrina.
Lets be real, the GOP would NEVER EVER hurt their buddies in the oil industry. Remember Dick Cheney with his buddies writing an energy bill? Guess who has been SILENT during this who 56 day episode? Yup, Al Gore.. We have not heard much of anything from the former Vice President. I do have to give him a small break since he just separated from his wife of 40 years.
Well, got to go.
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Fred Kramer's New Work

Before going to the Nail House Fundraiser, Fred paid a visit and wanted to show his latest creations. I first chilled at his gallery the Amethyst Gallery, where progress is being made. It was a relaxing time. Hope I can assist in helping him out with his gallery during the weekends when I am not on the bus or working for the Welfare Wakka. Time to go through the straight and (not so)narrow!

A Nice Place to Spend a Hot Sunday

Well, I did go to the Nail House Museum fundraiser. It was held in a beautiful home on East Lake in Bridgeton NJ. The fundraiser was well-attended. I knew only 2 people so I went outside to enjoy the cool landscaping and cooled off. Carolyne and I went on a paddleboat and plunged into the the East Lake. We then enjoyed
the fresh water pool that they had on the property. The water temp was purfect. Folks in their hot stuffy clothes were jellious of us and Carolyne made a splash with people as well. The owner was pretty cool and wondered if anyone was going to take a dip. We are sure glad we did for sure. It was VERY HOT!! Thanks Carolyne for showing all of us how to cool off!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To the Nail House I Go.

Its about 3pm. Walked the puppies down High Street and saw a painting by Jim Penland and I also re potted some plants in clay pots before running out of dirt watered in general since is so hot out. I had to dunk a Smunk 3 times so she would stay cool. Going to an event at the
Nail House.
Of course I will report on the event. It the first event like this I have gone to in many moons since the events of 2 years ago..

USA vs England

I got to watch the US England World Cup Match at the Oar House yesterday. There was myself and another fellow who watched intently as the US survived English pressure to tie the favored Britts 1-1. . It was 1-1 and stayed that way. I missed the US goal but the replay shows the English goalie plan MUFFED the ball. Can;t wait to read the English Press about that! Needless to say the British Media is none to happy about the result

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12.The Sun Comes Out

I started my day after breakfast by walking the dogs down High Street and along the riverfront. They were really up for it and June got cooled off There were several artists doing some plein air painting along High St and the riverfront. Its not so humid and there is a breeze out at this time. I then went to Bogarts and had a nice iced coffee. There was a story-time for kids and all was cool but the dogs needed to leave. It was mellow and one of the kids wanted a photo of each of our dogs, so I just sent an email to her Grandfather who I see at the bookstore fairly often. Next I plan to walk to Carl and Liz''s Art Sale and see how it is going. Its about 1:04 pm and I am having lunch. I am off to Carl and Liz its now 1:30
Hung our with Rich Liz Carl JT and family. It was a gas just to hear some good stories that are true. Watched most of the 2nd half of the US vs England World Cup game. It was 1-1 and stayed that way. I missed the US goal but the reaplay shows the English goalie plan MUFFED the ball. Can;t wait to read the English Press about that!
Walked the pups back to Carl's and hung out. The dogs had some good fun and there were good laughs and laughs are good for you!

Cloudy Saturday

Its thankfully not as hot as I thought it might be and I am pretty tired. The US plays Englandtoday at 2 and I might catch it. That is me waiting for the bus to finish a pit stop for snacks for me and cigs for others.
A co-worker said if I had a salor cap and pipe I might look like Popeye the sailorman. Umm..Michiel Stipe and Popeye. It could be worse.
Carl and Liz are having their art sale todayfrom 12 to 4. I will most certainly be there to check it out. I will change the kitty litter, walk the dogs and stop by Bogarts. Not used to having a free day. So, thats it for now

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Crazy!.. Updated

UPDATE 3:52 pm June 9th!!
There's a large police raid unfolding on 3rd street right now, between Vine and Oak - just happened upon it on my way home. Probably about 20 police in tactical clothing. Perhaps it's related to the recent violence. I counted at least 4 fine young men carted away in handcuffs in the few minutes I was there!

Here is a more detailed report from Carl.

Well, good morning. I am tired but slowly getting awake. I read the paper and what do I see, gang violence in Center City.
A total of three people have been shot and three stabbed in four incidents since last Wednesday, police said Tuesday. All four incidents are likely gang-related, police said.

Well, that seem obvious. We have see this kind a spike in this kind of violence before back in 2008.when folks were freaked out and pastor Ennis had a community meeting in his church Jan 17th 2008. City and county officials were there and the County Sheriff Department sent patrols out to Millville.
Today, we do not see this reaction. A friend noted to me the comparison and it is striking. Its gang-related and if you read the article from the Daily Journal, it's readily apparent!!

Stephen Rambone Jr., 23, of the first block of Morningside Drive, suffered a stab wound to his ribcage, police said. He was taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden, where his condition was described as serious but not life threatening, police said Tuesday.

It appears that Mr. Rambone was buzy..

Rambone was reportedly involved in another incident Sunday -- a series of fights along North 3rd Street around 4:30 a.m. -- during which a Vineland resident was stabbed. Rambone was arrested for disorderly conduct and then released. Two other city residents were arrested in that incident, police said.
"It appears (Sunday and Monday) may be related because Rambone was arrested in the first incident," Cornish said. "Then he was stabbed the following day."

Hello! Is anyone out there? Gov Christie? Sheriff Autino? Speaking of the Sheriff, where is he? I do not see him showing ANY concern. No help for the Millvill Police who are going to be shorthanded with layoffs in July. Will Mayor Shannon and Commissionor Vanaman call him out and request some help here? Pastor Ennis and other church leaders, I can't hear you!!
As a co-worker says while talking to her girlfriend about some gossip.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Interior Decorating 101

The critics agree!!!

I found even better interior decorating, just up the street @ 375 Aubrey, kind of diagonal from someone's old house:
You must must must view pictures #2 and #9.
OMG that's unreal. Clearly the man of the house was absent or horribly, horribly pussy-whipped. ;) Any buyer is going to have to figure in the cost of ripping that stuff out!!!
Maybe he was colorblind. My birth mother's husband is color blind and once bought these awful purple shoes because they looked plain to him.
Gotta be at least $50k of demo to get to bare walls and floors.
That pool room is way-out man...Far out. That is outrageous. Man this is fun!!

Ich glaube nicht an deutsche Beitrag

Nun, seine Montagmorgen. Zeit, sich für den 408-Bus bereit und zur Arbeit gehen, wo meine Kollegen von Babys sprechen und "Mädchen, brauchen Sie nicht, daß der Mensch". Folks, wie sicher zu züchten, nicht wahr?? Die Luftfeuchtigkeit ist beendet und der Kaffee ist ausgezeichnet. Das Google Translate ist fucking Groovey Menschen. Wonder, wie Craig Rabinowitz ist im Gefängnis zu tun. Du weißt, er ist der dude ich zur High School mit, die sein ganzes Geld auf eine Stripperin ging. Er war ein Trottel, dass die Stripperin liebte ihn dachte. Strippers wollen nur Ihr Geld. Ich wage es jemanden der Lektüre dieses zu kleiden in einem Anzug und gehen zu einem Strip-Club, dann zu einems