Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday on the 408

I am on the 408 bus. The bus is beeping and the check engine light keeps going on. When the driver called dispatch. They just said to get to Walter Rand in Camden. Hell, we are now just getting out of Newfield towards Franklinville  Dave is now trying to make up tine!!. Now it's 7:05 am and the bus has been running ok. It looks like a sunny day is in store. I plan to leave work early so I can catch the Pitman express. My sister in law is coming to stay over and bring the dogs.
I am now typing this on the iPhone. Not sure why blogger has NO app for this phone. I am unable to post photos or go into "compose" mode. Well time to get off the bus in Camden.

A Poll From the Daily Journal

Scanned image of Barack Obama's Birth Certific...Image via Wikipedia

President Barack Obama produced a detailed Hawaii birth certificate to confirm his legitimacy to hold office. Does this bury the ‘birther’ issue once and for all?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It should have been buried years ago with the release of the short form birth certificate.
Total votes: 238
This is not a scientific poll (Lets Hope Not!!)

This is from the Vineland Daily Journal as of 5am today April 29th. I heard that 40% of Republicans believe
that President Obama was not born in the US.  All I can say some folks STILL have a problem with a BLACK PRESIDENT!!!
Of course this release of the "Long Form" only made these wingdings more crazy. Don't believe me? Read this blog for a moment.
Do you think a white guy would have this happen? This is so sad.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Happy Easter in Fortescue NJ

Jesus, Me, Carolyne and Marilyn
Dawn and Matthew
Carolyne and June
We meet up with family at the Charlesworth in Fortescue New Jersey for Easter. It was the nicest day ever this Spring for sure. We enjoyed each other's company and then after our Easter food we hung out on the beach along with some 4-legged creatures who frolicked all day long. Thanks for Kay for organizing this family get-together. I think it was the nicest way to spend Easter.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi I am on the EL going to work.
Hope to a friend who I have not
seen in months. I plan to stay
over in Philly tonite.
This is being typed on my cellphone.
I really have no time to do this
at work. It is going to be cooler
today and it may rain tomorrow.
I have a bunch of folks to interview
today and I am on call tomorrow.
Have a dog to walk after work today.
I will be landscaping my Stepdaughter's
yard soon. Its good Sping is here.

Another Wednesday Off

I had a nice day off and I will try not to get in trouble by what I say on this blog. In the past week I have managed to mildly upset a few of my 8 readers. That is a high percentage, I think.
Jesus and Coffee. A Nice Start!
June and Carolyne
Anyhow, it was a beautiful day to spend outside. It was about 80 for the high and the sun was out for at least three quarters of the day.
First off, the red coffee maker up and died on us. The Clock said Err2 over and over. We looked up the manual online and it said to turn it off and on. Well, needless to say, that did not work. It was an electrical issue. We did price out new coffee makers but held off. Man they are not cheap. We have from Jon and Densie and we are quite thankful.
Jon Measuring Up.
After going to WAWA for some Guatemalan coffee, I attempted to go to WXTU for their virtual ticket run for this 27th annual WXTU concert for my sister in law. Well, the link never did work, so I noodled around online for an hour. There is one in Millville on May 18th at the Incredible Bulk from 5 to 6:30 pm. Maybe I will leave work early and get a ticket. I myself do not plan to go. I am not a big country buff, but if asked, I will check it  out. Never been to  a country concert. That ought to be a trip.
Shopping for Rocks!!
I did scrape our metal star. It was hanging in the front of our house for several years. Carolyne wants to paint some new colors. Jesus, my cute boy pup helped out while I was scraping.
Next went shopping for various items. One of the items was some rocks for some landscaping for our back yard. Rocks are good for accents and prevent the take over by market forces..Ha..Ha...
I was on Facebook and a person said that Obama was still playing the blame Bush game. Well, folks love to bash Obama with crap like the Birth Certificate stuff. Here is a nice little sample of this. They can not wait to beat him in the 2012 election.
Got to catch the 5:44 bus now Have a great Easter Week!!
Home Grown Lettace Yum!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The dumpster did get an updated permit. I guess between the Levoy fence and the dumpster, we all just need to wait.....
The taken over Millville

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Weekend in Mid April

Our Backyard
New Store in Arts District
Densie and Carolyne
This weekend way pretty good, I must say. Friday was a nice day but quite cool for mid April. I check out one or two places downtown. One gallery had some pretty cool paintings that you have to see to believe. It was the 10th anniversary of 3rd Friday in Millville NJ. I think it went fine, the weather held out. Saturday, we did some gardening and replanting in the backyard. It was in need of a make over and this is what we did. It was nice having the day to ourselves to take care of business. We got done in time before it got dark and a powerful thunderstorm came crashing in. Man, it was drenching rain and wind. Thank goodness we do not live in North Carolina near Raleigh.
Well, President Obama FINALLY called out the House Republicans on the "brave" Paul Ryan plan that ends Medicare as we know it and gives generous tax cuts to those who already know how to avoid paying much in taxes. As As Paul Krugman states in the NY Times:
Now, Republicans claim that last year’s midterms gave them a mandate for the vision embodied in their budget. But last year the G.O.P. ran against what it called the “massive Medicare cuts” contained in the health reform law. How, then, can the election have provided a mandate for a plan that not only would preserve all of those cuts, but would go on, over time, to dismantle Medicare completely?
The Republcan Ryan Plan aint no joke
Its time for the President to just stand up and call the Republicans out. We can not stand wish-washy Democrats. Just STOP!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A day off

Diggin My Day Off from Work
Over my rainbarrel
At the Millville Queen
Back Yard Extension
Well, I had a good day off from the Welfare Wakka. I did some outside work digging and doing a little gardening.Densie and Jon came over and saw that the crib from Target was damaged during delivery. Its now time to figure out how to return it and to get a new one. Hope Target is not a pain in the butt about it.
We went to the Millville Queen after my work on the front of our house and had some good eatin for sure.  I even went to a workshop on how to make a rain barrel. It was at the 4-H building on Morton Ave in Millville. Its closer to being Bridgeton or Vineland to me. Anyway, they had the tools and parts needed to make one and they had the barrels as well, We learned not to have the water uncovered as to attract mosquitoes to the barrel and not to use the water collected to drink or to bathe. Water running off  a roof collects stuff nobody wants to drink.

Please Remove This Dumpster

Note the Dates!!!
A local merchant spoke to me. The store is located near the large blue dumpster that has been sitting on High Street  for awhile. He stated he was losing business since it takes up parking spaces and folks have to walk around it. I went to the Fath Building and the city of Millville did charge $50.00 to have it parked on High Street for 30 days. They gave Thunderbolt General Contractor Corporation 30 Days to use this dumpster. This 30 days expired yesterday. Will they move it?? Will the City enforce its ordinance??  I think folks need to call city hall and the zoning officer so it will be gone in time for 3rd Friday and the merchants nearby can get more business.

The city told me as well as Mr. Operman told me a new permit was obtained. We just have to wait for the dumpster. I have to remember..patience is a virture. I work for $$

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cumberland County in Trouble:Our Political Candidates

Good morning. I have not been writing about our political conditions here in Cumberland County New Jersey. I am now going to play catch-up. Then again this is no game. This is about the continued economic viability of Cumberland County and to Millville as well.
First off some good news. Millville celebrates 10 years of 3rd Friday's. This started with volunteers such as Liz Nicklus, Carl Johnson, Leslie Ficcalia, Mike Cagno and others who started the RRCA from scratch as volunteers. Now we have 2 anchors. The RRCA on one end and the Village on High on the other end. Maryann Cannon deserves full praise for getting this project started at an old gas station on High Street.
Ok, Lets enjoy this Friday
 Back to our politics... I see that Rev Dunkins is not running for Freeholder

but a woman named Carol Masso will be running. She seems to be an insider with the party. I know little about her. I wished that Jane Jennerone had dropped out instead since she has been embarrassing. She has been the bad cop for big Lou. I did notice that Mr. Magazzu is STILL running the party as this statement leads me to believe.
“Cumberland County residents have received the short end of the stick from the Trenton Republicans,” said Cumberland County Democratic Chairman Lou Magazzu, in a statement announcing his party’s county slate in the upcoming November elections.
So I guess Lou is not "gone" like I was told by a Democratic insider last month. I really did believe him too! The face that Jane is still on the ballot seems to confirm my opinion on this matter. Lou comes out and says this statement that the Democratic candidates will defend Cumberland County against attacks from the Christie Admin.
“The team of Whelan, Jannarone and Musso will be a firewall to protect us from any further attacks.”
Well, Mr Magazzu, your current candidates have not "protected" us here in Cumberland County that well. As you said yourself.
The (Chris) Christie administration has unfairly targeted Cumberland County by planning to close the Upper Deerfield (motor vehicle) inspection station and already closing the Bridgeton inspection station, Vineland Developmental Center and the urban enterprise zones of Bridgeton, Vineland and Millville.
Our Assemblymen are not much better in protecting our economic interests.Assemblyman John Burzichelli has no ideawhy the Vineland Development Center is targeted for closing.
A member of the budget committee, the Third District assemblyman stated he doesn’t understand why the center is to be closed when relatives and advocates for those staying there have praise for it — and while many patients cannot speak for themselves.

“Something just doesn’t sit right with this,” said Burzichelli, the Democratic deputy speaker in the Assembly. “I’ve asked for follow-up information on this. This is a real important issue to many people in this county.
“I think there is going to be a need for a facility here.”
Well, with all due respect, you might want to do your job and FIND OUT!!!
Meanwhile Jeff Van Drew is accused of tearing up petitions of a woman who DARED to run in the primary against him. Yo Jeff, why don't you and Mr Burzichelli go out and challenge the Christie Admin on why the Vineland Development Center is being closed, the UEZ is closing its local office, and why another DOT building is going to be shutdown.
Ok, Now that I have commented about the Democrats, its time for the Republicans. I see that Sam Fiocchi gets full endorsement from First District GOP nomination for STATE ASSEMBLY. Gee, did he not just get elected for Freeholder umm 4 months ago? I voted for Mr Fiocchi thinking that he would bring a balance and commonsense to the Lou-Dominated Freeholder Board. I was again mistaken. He just just used his Freeholder seat (barely warm) as a stepping stone. He did not impress my friend who was seeking leadership concerning the proposed closing of the County Library.
I do not know the Republican candidates for Freeholder except Joey Farabella who was a good Millville Cop. If anyone out there can educate me, I am willing to listen. Can anyone get rid of Lou and Jane? Can we get strong leadership so we are not the red-headed step child of the State of New Jersey?

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Spring Weekend in April

June and her new coat
Kay and Carolyne at Guilty Pleasures
Planted our Bamboo Yesterday!
Carolyne in her Studio.
Good day sunshine. It was a mild day in April. You know like Spring was meant to be.  I missed my zoning meeting due to being late for the bus. I did have a very cool weekend. We had a nice yoga class, then we hung out with Kay downtown. They did some shopping while I snapped some photos. We then went to Bojo's and had a beer. We were to have food but after 30 minutes or so just decided to leave. We heard that the 2 women who used to cook left. . Next we went to the Oar House and had late lunch.  It was a good time. I was so tired that I went to sleep around 8:30 and slept till 8 yesterday.
At Oar House
Yesterday, I got to walk the dogs for awhile. Met up with Dennis and Linday at the oppisite ends of High Street. Linda  Works Sunday's at the RRCA and still sees stuff with my name on it. We had a good chuckle at that.  There is a framed photo of Mike Cagno but who is the 2nd director of the RRCA? Can anyone there tell me? Its it like the Commies who leave out photos of non-persons? Um..? Umm?
Anyway back to Spring. Yesterday was  the nicest we had in weeks. We planted our bamboo plant and I can't wait for it to grow. Also we added lights to Carolyne's studio. It was cool project figuring out how to get the lighting in the right spots. We both got haircuts. Carolyne looks very nice!!
Well, its now 5:33am got to get ready for the 408 Bus now.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An Exchange

I received this exchange between a friend who was concerned about the proposed closing of the County Libriary. I was very interested since like myself my friend voted for some of the Republicans thinking it may inprove the quality of the Freeholder Board.
Here is just a portion of my friend's letter to Sam Fiocchi
Closing a library, in my opinion, is a poor decision. Targeting 4H,
libraries, and sr. centers, etc., affect those who most need the services and are
least able to speak out - the children, the poor, and the elderly.
As newspapers such as the London Times and the NY Times (effective March
28th)> increasingly begin to charge for their subscriptions, it will become
Increasingly more difficult for people who are struggling to make ends
meet to have access to the world around them. Libraries will be increasingly more
utilized to access these types of subscriptions. Libraries are also
heavily used by job seekers who in the face of unemployment do not have the extra funds
available to afford an internet connection. Other areas in the county,
astoundingly, are still without a reliable internet connection, and people
from> those areas rely on those connections.
Here is Freeholder Fiocchi's response in part. He seems to blame the Democrats for the entire problem of the County debt of 11 milliion
thank you for taking the time to write to me. The Freeholders do not want
to shut down the library but we are facing a budget deficit of $11 million
dollars. I am a newly elected Freeholder and the poor business and spending
practices of the previous Democrat controlled administrations have put us
on this course, we now are facing difficult choices and we are compelled
to straighten out
He goes on to say the following to back this up

The county levy has doubled in
the last 8 years, the budget has nearly doubled in the same period and our
taxes in NJ are the highest in the nation. Aditionally, ratables are
down, revenues are down and so is state and federal aid. Be assured that the budget committee is looking at every dollar
My friend responds to Mr Fiocchi's assertions
I must say that I am terribly disappointed that partisanship had to enter into your email - especially given that as an independent, I voted for you...
As you yourself point out, we are a struggling community. Removing library services serves will have negative externalities - it will continue to entrench our county with the belief that low educational values are alright. Education gives us the opportunity to do more for ourselves and more for our economy.
As far as partisanship--the country inherited a recession, sir, from a Republican President. Cumberland County has been poorly run by Democrats, which is why I voted Republican this past election.But the truth the economy is a national and global issue, and cannot be placed squarely on the shoulders of any one party.
I understand and appreciate the difficulties that the freeholders are facing, and indeed the entire community, but I am very disappointed in your partisan response.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Random Bus Stuff and Pups

A fun Ball
Yup, They DID mess up
  the Pitman express it was supposed to show up 20 min. earlier which would be approximately 527 is already min. late I'll I'm not sure what is going to come it's now 5:44 and the bus came. The bus driver told me there was a misprint. So it's only 3 min earlier. I found out when I got on the bus. So I benefit since I can take PATCO in the morning as well. PATCO is cheaper.
After work I found this yellow ball. It was so bright and chearful that I had to take it with me. After all all of us need some cheer! I donated it to a kid next door since it would get chewed up or lost. I ate breakfast with my dogs this morning. They enjoyed their chow like I did.
Have a mild Tuesday.

My Chow hounds this morning

Monday, April 04, 2011

New DPW Secretary Blames Rendell for Welfare Spending Increase

Health care systemsImage via Wikipedia
As you know the new Gov of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett plans to reduce my salery. His pick for Secretary of Public Gary Alexander gave his view of what he plans for the Department of Public Welfare.
Rising demand in Pennsylvania for social services during the recession and the spiraling cost of health care has driven up the agency's budget by about 70 percent in a decade. One in six Pennsylvanians is now covered by Medicaid, the 45-year-old federal program created to help states pay for medical and long-term care for the poor and disabled.
You can tell that a new sheirff is in town. Check out this statement.
Alexander, who will manage many of Pennsylvania's services for the poor, elderly and disabled, told senators in a packed Appropriations Committee hearing that the mantra for case workers under Rendell was "when in doubt, give it out" or "close your eyes and authorize" — statements he repeated to a House committee later Wednesday.
"That is stopping," Alexander told senators. "I told the workers, 'That should happen no more.'"
Mr. Alexander proceeded to blame the Rendell Adminstration for the increase in spending in the Department of Public Welfare.
also contended that the administration of the Republican governor's predecessor, Democrat Ed Rendell, practiced gross mismanagement. Former top Rendell aides said such statements prove that Corbett administration officials are either lying to conceal their true aims to slash health care or don't know what they're talking about
It appears that DPW is going after Medicaid to satisfy a political agenda where the well-connected like the gas drillers are not taxed but the social safety net is.
We will have to see how far they go with this. As for our contract which is up for negations. The Commonwealth has not set ANY dates to start negations. The Commonwealth has presented their proposals to AFSME and it is not pretty.
As we expected, the commonwealth has targeted everything financial in the contract and is demanding major concessions on wages, healthcare, scheduling, overtime, leave retiree healthcare, equalization, work-related injuries, mileage and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). They also propose random drug testing and elimination of use of tobacco products. Please realize these are the initial proposals and will be negotiated until we reach an end result.
Well, stay tuned!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

April Begins

Yesterday at Nippers
It's a beautiful spring day  today is April 3 the ACLU on 1955 defended Allen Ginsberg and his book Howl it's a very nice spring day last night I hung out with friends at nippers pub in Deptford which was fun we had a really fun fun time and I came home went to Bogart's and chill today it's the nicest it was had in two weeks and I'm doing stuff around the house Carolyne is now chilling with Kay and I'm here at the house now. I checked out the Village on High that is on High Street near Broad Street. It was pretty cool
Our Tree is Blooming
I got some pretty good photos since it was the nicest day in about 2 weeks. Its supposed to warm up tomorrow with a high of 75. Then the temps are going to drop to the mid 50's with rain on Tuesday
Village on High Sunday April 2

Friday, April 01, 2011

The End of March.

Yesterday from PATCO Train
March, it sure ended with a damp and cold feel to it. Spring has been very cool. The last real nice day was 3rd Friday 2 weeks ago when it hit 70 degrees. Now its wet and 35 out at 5:30am. At least its not snowing like in Maine where my friend in Portland is going to get about 10 inches. I started to tak the Bus and Trains more now that the price of Gas is getting steeper and our car is getting older. Stayed at Mikes on Weds night and ate yummy pasta and watched the movie "Time
The Hat on the Table
What is THIS!
Bandits". It put us all to sleep since it sort of just dragged on after the beginning which was pretty funny. I just got tired of the midgets running aound on and on. Well, today is April Fools day. I can't think of any good pranks but its also Friday so that is a good thing. This rain should stop by tomorrow when I am going to meet my friends from the 408 Bus for early dinner and Carolyne is going to see Wah! in Philly.
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