Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday, January 31: Busy Day at Work. The Week Heats up

 I woke up in plenty of time so I thought. It was 7:30 AM when I got up but I did lay   n bed till abou 745 or so. I got all hooked up and some new stories and tell myself running late. I then realized I forgot my teeth. That was pretty funky so I had to go back home. Because of that, I had to call Uber to take me to 22nd and Market. It's good to take it down  there because I save money. I also hasten the slow part of my trip which is going south to market street from my   ouse. The bridges crossing Vine Street are all being repaired in various stages to the year 2019. The Uber driver is   eally fast. I wish I could pick him. I did get to work approximately 9:10 AM and did not get docked. In fact    forgot to sign it at all and nobody said anything which is quite the change. Well it was definitely caused by the regular attendance clerk being out sick today. Well the day started off well right fairly slow. After the staff   eeting however there's succession of clients coming in. It's all total of 12 people and 2 or 3 of them were walk-ins. I just got the work   one before the close of business. Two of them are applications where I got to reopen the cash benefits. Well I   olted out of there and headed on down to Center City right up an appointment from 530 to 6:30 PM I next went to the TD Bank at 15th and JFK. I deposited the checks that I picked up   t the post office   ast night for the district. It's now 7:14 PM. I was hoping I wasn't going to run late but apparently unless the L shows up in the next 5  minutes left it's  going to happen. It took longer than I thought to cash the checks. I also jumped at the Starbucks and got myself a decaf Americano want to Coke.
Well when I got 2444 N. third I was extremely pissed off and frustrated that the meeting was a week ago. Today was the fifth Monday Tuesday of the month. I lost all my energy and I came home and crashed and then had some delicious turkey casserole that Sharon had made. Period

Monday, January 30: A Hectic Day During and After

 Good day everyone. This morning I tried to wake up extra early pick up food from Patrick's but it   as just as well because I found out I had to pick up a frame for   y photo then I'm picking up today and my treasures information so I could go to 30th St. and pick up some checks in mail for the district 27 mailbox. The phone was pretty hot with   hildcare and stuff like that. It was ok though. TD Bank called one of the apps that originally turned down my purchase   he exit to charge my card so I canceled that card and I'll wait for a new one to come in. Thank God they're looking  out. I won't do that again! Well I left work and got downtown in plenty of time. I'm then going to photo lounge and I already went   o the TD Bank.  I then went to Starbucks had a coffee and framed it. Then  I proceeded to then take the bus to da Vinci. 
I'm now at 30th St. station going to pick up the mail for the AA district since I am the treasurer our meeting is tomorrow night. I can't believe it's been a month since I went to Canada
 I ended upgoing to 30th St. I ended up walking to Pats house and kept missing the bus for various reasons. When I arrived at Pats, he was half asleep but I did get my frozen samosas. Once I left pats I took the mystery tour up the EL to Somerset station met up with a friend to care some business and then took the EL to second and Arch and Uber share a ride for four bucks. I got home and Sharon had a nice spread set up for me. It was set on a plastic football tray. It's funny looking but it really works. That was very nice of  

Sharon to do that for me. Who's a nice reward after a very very busy day in Mark's neighborhood.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday, January 29: The Sun Comes Out and I do Visiting

 Well after sleeping pretty well, I managed to get up around 8:29 AM. I clean the dishes and took  a nice long shower since it was pretty cold in the house. I decided to take Uber and not sweat making the   L on time. The EL was only working on one set of tracks. This has been going for them entire   month of January. SEPTA is making repairs at Market Street. It's now 10:35 AM. I'm  at 5th Street station I need to make a pitstop and bring my friend some coffee.   Well I got there and it's really funky. Funky in a good way during the day we see all this   rban collage of urban decay.  Been talking about "urban visions" this area would be a wild photographic cornucopia of different   rban scenes. I'm not up here often so I like to get as many photographs  I can of this area. It is completely different from west Philly and especially from Fairmount witches well manicured and has very well groomed and manage people with money. Well they have   ore money than they do up here in Fishtown/Kensington  Well she had to go visit her mom s I had it on down to the Market  Frankford EL not really sure where
 I'm going to get off the train. Well it's now 1 PM and I decided to get off at 40th St. and go to Pat since I was already on the EL. He wasn't home right away so I just came in and answer the call mother nature   nd took advantage of his Wi-Fi. Well I downloaded some videos and updated   y blog as of 1:15 PM. The animals are just chilling out here with me and I think  I 'm gonna go   nd get some to drink and eat while he's not home. I thought of visiting my friend Amy 
E nd then I thought about possibly driving down to Baltimore visit another friend but I think I'm gonna take the easy  route and just chill out
 with PATRICK here in West Philly and eat and hang out with the Pats   nd that kind of thing which is very relaxing. Well it's 1:37 PM I'm gonna go get   ome food now. Well I got some food and I just laid around eight and watch Super Bowl highlights from Super Bowl 9 and 10 etc. sorry just relaxed and killed a Sunday before my 7 o'clock meeting
 and pats going to feed me some delicious curry  cauliflower soup.   can't wait to eat this yummy deliciousness. Well in the world we live  in with Donald Trump. It was a bit of a shit show for the last 10 days but yesterday  really topped it thus far.President Trump's band on messages from seven countries caused tons of protests! Including   at least 1000 protesters at the Philadelphia international airport . The new president is causing chaos by doing what he promised he would do while he was campaigning. No doubt   his is going to be a chaotic four years or so with the right wing nationalists advising the President.