Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday, April 28: Warm Weather and NFL Draft

 Oh OK good morning good day everybody it's Friday and I am going   o start the weekend. This is after I go to work all day.  I hope you have a good day. I was   ate partially because I wanted to see the back up and so I could turn off my computer. Well it ended and now my next step is cloud back up weather  from iCloud or somewhere else. It's pretty warm out there already.  I'm trying to go  guide a cab out of this Pro football draft area. but I think the tunnel that goes in anything our museum is open so if it is I'm in good shape if not I'm  just screwed. Well it was close but I wasn't completely screwed I probably will get to work  about the same time even if I took Uber. I took a cab instead because he was coming down the street and I'm gonna  be late again because when I get to work after 9:15 AM that's the cut off time I left my supervisor is out doing something. She   ssured us that she would be in today along with my buddy Peter. I bought lunch from the Kabobbish. Well ended up   e all decided to order out lunch at the Bodega. Well the guy was having a bad day because he put mayo and my coworker  sandwich and she wanted return. He even put mayo on my sandwich I didn't notice so I started eating it. They called   bout the sandwich I returned it and he was not happy. Oh well we're good customers I completed mycommonwealth of Pennsylvania financial disclosure form  on the computer and I looked at my student loan.  I owe $13,000 I will be paid   ff in October  2025 I just pay the minimum because it's only $158 a month.  The interest rate is only  2.65% so there. Speaking of 💩 I feel later right now after that one. Well the big   tore in the NFL draft was a temple football player got picked 13th in the first  round. I took a picture a.k.a. screenshot of him in action. Cleaned out some of my email and took a pretty slow  today. My saint report instead of being one page long it's going to be at least three pages long   n May. Fortunately we have another week to all the reports are due. I then left work  and took the EL to 15th St.. I  went downtown and cool off at a coffee shop. There's some nice sites it's    beautiful day. I want to coffee Joe and got some ice coffee. Well I decided to head on back   ome by my feet. I figured I'd stop by the NFL draft experience to see firsthand what it was like. It was    nice day to walk wasn't hot and you made and it wasn't windy and cold so it was very nice. I   alked up and it was a huge extravaganza of booze intense and video screens. They're also each team had banners   epresenting them along the parkway and there's a lot of people. Funny thing I notice is that the Ariel at the art museum   bsorbs that many people without it being ridiculously crowded. 90 I didn't really like with the limited exits they had.   as really only a few ways to get out and walk it was all the way back privately to the beginning when I started The front end of the NFL   xperience where they have the stage in the announcers there is no way to get out. Also there was an area were only season ticket holder's could go in and I did see a  VIP tent. It wasn't too bad. But I don't think I could go there again. To see if the   earest were interesting but way too expensive and there was a Randall Cunningham  signing thing where you could meet him and stuff. I then decided to wobble  myself home.  I talked to Sharon for a while. I think she really needed them here at  that moment. Got her air-conditioning in her window and the room was instantly more  comfortable. I then ate a whole host of pastor talked on the phone and fell sleep. I talked to my friend in Maryland and I still have an extra ticket for the feelings concert tomorrow night. And the next thing on the computer is backing up the files maybe to Google drive.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, April 27: A Late Start Backing up my Computer

 Well I got up early and proceeded to start backing up my to Shiba windows   omputer. I then fell back to sleep woke up at 8:20 and proceeded to save the rest of the photos that were copied on the first round. Well the bus   ook a little while to show up and then I took the trolley and waited for the L for about 10   inutes. The first train came by and it was packed. It was going express straight   o 69th St. so it's now 9:25 PM and I just caught the hill at 30th St. station. 
What happened with the train today? Well at least this train is is not packed at all. I got off at 56th Street and it's now 9:34 AM. I know when  I walk in and was going to give me  some dirty look and I'll just say OK😲 well the  clouds are still overhead. Whatever the system that's been floating around shirts   anging around. It's not as chilly and there is no precipitation. Doesn't really matter   ince I'm not going to the draft today and I'll be indoors most of the time working like a rented mule. 
Well out of 22 people that were scheduled by my coworker only 6 came in so that made the day a lot less frantic in that way generally. It's now 5:08 PM I'm going to my group therapy I'm going to discuss my thoughts about my ADD and medication. We've already discussed that topic at life but this therapist knows a little bit of pharmacology. He's not a doctor but is the most experienced counselor in place. It's at 1420 Walnut St.I just stepped out and I can feel the humidity!! Fortunately there is cool air so it's not too bad.  It's definitely much different than it was this morning. I might hang out with Pat . I'm all anxious because I left my computer on so I could download the files.  I really feel like going home and turning off the computer but that's a major hassle since the NFL's in between Center City and where I live. I think the  computer should be all right I hardly ever leave it on so should be OK. I just haven't had time to sit and geek out on the computer cause I don't get home till late. My next steps are to uninstall some programs. And then delete all my files once I know they're saved.The only conundrum left is iCloud saving my photos from my windows computer.  I think I can do that I just can't do the other files.They all say that JPEG's are cross platform compatible so I'll look it up as usual and figure it out. I hope to have the computer ready by the time Pat is ready to pay for it. I'm guessing hopefully by the first week of May.