Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Monday, January 29: The End of January Is

Well I forgot to write this entry on Monday. Some reason. I made it to the sunrise and it was good I like
 going there when I can get my ass up. I’ve been doing a lot better lately. So I went to work and immediately started on the alerts and some cleanup.

Saturday, January 27: Submitting a Photograph and going to Langhorne

Hi one and all. I got up thought about going to a meeting and then realized I needed 
 o get a photograph ready for the plastic club exhibit starting next week. I then decided to 
 ile my taxes online. That ended up being a pain in the ass but I managed to succeed with that .Well I entered a piece at the exhibit. I fortunately had a picture of a moving subway
 train. The woman taking peoples paintings said it was a nice piece. It’s not juried, so it will be showing. It’s animation in motion I think you’d like it should have a varied selection of piecesI’m catching the 1:20 PM train to 
 anghorne. John lives really close to there. I thought he lived in 
 ollingdale but he lives went outside to Langhorne so he’s going to pick me 
 p and take me to the place after I get off the train.  I’m gonna first
 eat the sandwich I bought.Well I made short work of that sandwich that’s
 for sure. I was really hungry. I got on the train and it was really
 crowded first at suburban station but everyone got off at Jefferson
 Station for the auto show that started today. I brought my charger
 but I found out that the cord that I brought with me is totally deficient and doesn’t
 work. So I rode the train with a bunch of women ready to breed and just zoned
 out they try to preserve the battery on my phone till I got picked up 

 y Jon. Well I got off at him to stop after Langhorne and Jon pick me up and 
 e drove to this bar restaurant met the other guys. They were nice deal with it quiet 
 nassuming dude. One of the dudes was a little bit Traumatized

 but I know how that feels. Anyhow after the meeting I got dropped off at Langhorne and then headed back home.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 30: Work and setting up for the Weekend

Well after night when I crashed on the couch I woke up at 2:30 
 M and then rolled out the bed and slept the rest of the night normal. I was way too tired to get up for sunrise this morning. So I allowed myself to sleep and that was a good move. I took a little time 
 hile to get going and showed up 15 
 inutes late to work. My supervisor and her boss were sitting there so I had to give up the goods. I then worked on my Lord send over payments. It 

pretty good , except for a moment when we when I was confronted about one of my forms it wasn’t filled out completely 
 orrectly with the client who was arguing with my supervisor. At the same time I took to make appointment to get my haircut. 
 ill try again. And then decide to go to early night out half hour late but I made it I then went back home
 and took a nap and was running late to my 
 ppointment. It turns out that he was leaving early that day so I didn’t have a pointman then I ran into my friend to call me and I met her at the William White Center. For another meeting at 8:30 PM that was pretty cool I’ve been what time come talk my phone for a while about my current tuition. I’m meeting a friend in Collingswood tomorrow night.

Monday, January 29, 2018

I Thursday, January 25: Sleep In. Awake 4 Work, Dentest & Cuddling

Well I slept most of the night on the couch without folding up the bed. 
  slept pretty well but I knew I had to switch into full-time bed mode or I feel like I did yesterday. I decided that 
 nstead of getting up at 6:20 AM I would get up at 8:15 AM. That extra 
 our and a half to 2 hours really does help and today was no different. I was
 in sure could get back to sleep efficiently but I managed to
 do so. I think Kati Al and I got there about 15 minutes late but 9:15 AM but my 
 upervisor wasn’t in most of the day so didn’t really matter. 
  then started taking care some more business. I saw 9 people today. The nice
 thing is they came spaced out so I wasn’t running around like a chicken with
 its head cut off. Another 6 of my clients did not show up. Tomorrow I’m gonna finish up sending 
 he notice for two sanctions and working on my sanction list. I know by next Monday I’ll 
 robably have 30 alert since my supervisor has not passed them 
 n to me in two days. I then of course left at 3:50 PM to get to the dentist before 4:15 PM. The ladies get really upset when I show up late. When I KMan in plenty of time and a half from 
 ork that I was late since I got there at 4:12 PM. The dental assistant my impressions and they came out OK. They were quite is the status 
 n the sticky as a used to be. And I’ll have my new partial ready to try in 2 weeks on February 14. After that I 
 ent to the TD Bank. To cancel financial business and went to the early night out. It’s cozy in there. After that I came home and showered. And then couldn’t find my glasses so 
  went without. I went up to the great North East. Took the EL all 
 he way to the end and then took the 66 bus for the reprint for Avenue. It’s a different land out there that’s for sure. I got my cuddle and then came back home ate and fell asleep. Oh by the way I got 
turned down for the Geri show open lanes at the da Vinci. I’m just kind of numb right now so I just kind of feel a sense of resignation more than depression