Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 Years for Murder

Sometime the justice system baffles me. I get beat over the head and the perp with a good lawyer gets no time and since he stayed out of trouble for one whole year has no record.
Well, today I read that "Millville police Sgt. Robert E. Vanaman killed his wife during a heated argument over their crumbling marriage, then cut himself with a knife blade in an attempt to fool detectives into thinking she attacked him before he shot her twice."
He gets 11 years and several months but ONLY has to serve two-thirds of the sentance. He then be on probation for 5 years. I must admit I agree with the fourm comment below
"Why why why is he allowed out on bail? He is a murderer and he finally admitted what we knew and what the jury would have known. I can't believe this. Is this our justice system when the judge allows a murderer to walk the streets? One with a temper? What is wrong here? All of it. For him to be charged several months after he murdered his wife, to be a free man for 3 years and now is still free. To the judge in this case go back into retirement as you have failed along with the prosecutor.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Testa Fest March 29th 2009

Today March 29th was Testa Fest. Musicians and artists came out and jammed at the
Holly City Family Center from 2-8pm!
Groups such as the Knomadz, 4 Peace Jazz, and Bread and Butta played. The Oar House got involved as well. There It was a fundraiser for musician and artist Steve Testa who suffered injuries and a BIG hospital bill. Here some photo highlights of the the day. You can see more video highlights on my YouTube page.

Small Bites

Well, yes its late out but I just felt like watching TV tonight to soften my mind up a bit. Anyway I was glad that Villanova beat Pitt to get into the Final Four and that Law and Order CI had the best actor for the show Vincent D'Onofrio returning BACK!! I guess he came out of retirement since they advertised him on a episode for next week. (then again they could all be reruns). I was hungry to sink my teeth into some good reading tonite:
I was taken aback by this article on the blog driftglass. This writer makes a blistering critique of an article in the Atlantic Magazine written by Andrew Sullivan. Mr Sullivan states that Bush betrayed conservatism and the right wing blowhards can not reconcile this fact Here is the highlight of this blog post:
"Bush, for Sullivan, is always, always, always where the story begins and ends:
“Now that Bush has been removed, the massive damage done, and a pragmatic liberal is trying to sort out the mess in a sane, orderly fashion, they've gone nuts.”
Except, of course, in order to posit his self-serving piffle, Sullivan has to rather flagrantly ignore a period in time we here on the Left refer to as “The Fucking 1990s”.

Sullivan conveniently forgets that the slavering Limbaugh-led orcs on the Right who now treat Barack Obama "as if he's already Robert Mugabe" even though he has "just two months on the job" are the very same slavering, Limbaugh-led orcs who spent the eight years before Bush/Cheney treating another pragmatic, center-left Republican-lite President as History’s Greatest Monster.
Was that fun or what?? Here is a blogger named Alex Knapp who writes a blog called Outside The Beltway. He points out the irony of the folks who are having "tea parties" to protest President Obama and his spending. Click here and check it out yourself. I most liked the exchanges that he gets involved and again I have a favorite. Please bite into something and enjoy.

Alex, are you aware of what a Marxist would do in the position Obama now holds,

My guess is that he would nationalize every industry, break apart large estates into smaller parces held in common by agricultural committees run by the government, end currency trading, round up business executives and have them shot, put the government in charge of distributing commodities, and send dissidents to gulags.

Alex, if your goal was to reduce the middle class to poverty, Alex. How would that be best accomplished except by spending all of our money, Alex.

If I wanted to reduce the middle class to poverty, I would do one of two things: create a marxist state OR create a system whereby tax codes, regulations and laws favored large, multi-national conglomerates and made it increasingly difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete unless they acquiesced to government control by changing their business form to a publicly traded corporation; I would ensure the protection of inherited wealth against new wealth by eliminating estate taxes; I would create a complicated tax system which allowed the wealthy to skirt the law and not pay taxes while those with lesser means ended up effectively being taxed more; I would protect monopolies by force of law through unnecessary licensure on professions such as cosmetology and undertaking; I would set up regulations that make shareholders powerless when it comes to the running of a company; I would enact bankruptcy laws that punish ordinary people for incidents that were beyond their control; I would reward companies that have utterly failed... The list goes on.

I return now to Cumberland County where the media do not ask questions and taxpayer watchdogs roll over when it comes to our county government. I guess Cindy Zerkle needs to write a blog cause she makes a good point about our County government. I saw this on the Magazzuwatch blog.
Well, Its time to go to bed now. Hope you all enjoy this bit of writing

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mo's Birthday at Artists Nite

Last night at the monthly artists nite, we all celebrated Mo's Birthday. Artists candidates and usual suspects came to enjoy good company and food on a cool March night. I had earlier sat thu a training session on hearings and appeals for almost 3 hours. Guess which photo was from that.
Well, its gonna be spring today for a change but its supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday. We plan to hit the "Testa Fest" on the 29th starting at 2pm at the Holly City Family Center. This music event is to raise money to help pay for musician and artist Steve Testa pay his hospital bills from a bad accident that he had this winter.
4 Peace Jazz, Geno White, The Basement Police, John Testa/Michael Mantra, The Knomadz, Bread and Butta...
Sun, Mar 29
2:00pm to 8:00pm
Holly City Family Center-Steve Testa Benefit Event...$6:00 minimum donation
8 East Mulberry Street-Bldg #2
Millville, NJ

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Robert Vanaman Trial Begins

Well, the Robert Vanaman Trial is set to begin!

May 11, 2006
Barbara Vanaman, 37, is pronounced dead at a Vineland hospital after being shot twice in the chest.

November 21, 2006

Robert Vanaman is arrested at his home after a six-month investigation.
It took SIX MONTHS!! That's unbelievable. The spouse is certainly the 1st
suspect in any murder. I am sure our local newspapers will cover this like a wet blanket

I just saw a website called The Bipolar X-Press and this person thinks Mr. Vanaman did it.
Another site called Excessive Discipline Protection Database defends the former police officer.

Comments anyone??

"So, let me get this straight.
Vanaman, a police vet of 17 years, could find no other option to conflict resolution than to put 2 bullets in his wife's chest?Wasn't he paying attention in training sessions and recertification classes in threat de-escalation?
Tell me that there was nothing within reach in his kitchen that he could have thrown to distract his knife wielding wife? Tell me that he has never been trained in disarming techniques - oh, that's right - they use rubber knives at the academy!
Couldn't he have used voice commands to take command of the situation?
Heck, even the 3 Stooges use these techniques:
Moe says to shovel-holding Curly: "Hey numbskull, your shoelaces are untied," Curly looks down and gets the double-fingered eye poke!
It looks like Vanaman conveniently forgot, and wasted, all that he pretended to learn while being on the job for 17 years.

"Vanaman will testify when it snows on the Fourth of July. The defense always says thet defendant will testify in his own behalf. We'll never know the whole truth, we'll hear the defense version and the prosecution version and the real truth always lies somewhere in between. So much for sworn oaths to tell the truth. From what I've seen so far. Vanaman's lawyer is doing everything that he can to get a mistrial before the trial even starts, that's his job. Posturing, posturing, posturing, meanwhile all the families involved go through hell. A little self control on both parties would have solved a lot of problems and heart ache."

"I am not completely convinced of his guilt...I want to hear from the experts. I knew Barbara off and on for over 25 years...and the offs were usually due to her superiority complex and condescending attitude. She wasn't always the sweet person she portrayed herself to be...she cheated repeatedly, was very nasty in conversation, and treated people (in my presence) as less than fully human on occasion. If she slipped up and did this in public, then I have to ask myself what she did in the privacy of her home when she wasn't being watched. I watched her treat some people with total disregard and disrespect for no other reason than she thought herself above them...so the lectures about what a wonderful woman she was are getting a little old for me. Nobody is perfect, and nobody except the people in that house know what happened and didn't happen there...the end."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday March 23rd

It was a busy day. Had to sink my teeth at work and take care of business at home. Meanwhile Dottie's walk was held without the media throng of last week. The Millville School Board meet a bit later. Had a long discipline hearing but a program called Cicero was presented. It is a web-based learning tool. It was very impressive

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fithian House Exhibit March 20th

Friday March 20th was the opening of the Fithian House Gallery in our home. Plenty of people came enjoyed the exhibit and each other. Mayor Quinn and others came to see our new gallery. Bob White played as well and was excellent We are open Thursday thru Sunday 1pm to 7pm and open to 9pm on 3rd Friday's
Below are the artists featured
Including: Painting/Sculpture—Kevin Quigley, Nathalie DeRuyver, Kevin Cooper, Julie Raboczi, Jesse Rinyu, John Egenstafer, Art Dickson, John Stopkoski, Wayne Russell. Artist Books: Vicki LeMaster. Dolls: Francine Strauss and Bugduddie Dolls by JoAnne Haight. Mixed-media ceramics: Pat Rossiter. Stained Glass: Nelda Seidel. Old Shep’s Honey and Beeswax ornaments, soaps, candles. Jewelry: Vicki LeMaster and Debbie Pasquale. Greenwich Teaburner’s Tea: Michelle DeMarco, EM Bath Products: Elaine McNesby. Francesca’s Bittersweet: baked goods. Bird Houses: Sandra Morrissey’s Forever Bird Houses and Frank Kammerer. Vintage clothing, gifts and collectibles: Linda Raines of Rusty Heart, Kim Bolton of Peace & Love, Julie Algarin and Shoshana Osofsky. Styles range from Outsider Art to Surrealism and Realism. See more at our website www.fithianhouse.vpweb.com

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update March 19

Well, its down to the final day before our Gallery is opening. Lots of changes in the house and taking care of business. I just saw that John Fea mentioned our gallery on his blog. This is way cool!!
There are about 14 or 19 candidates running for the Millville City Commission. This election is going to be interesting. I heard a prediction from a reliable source that it will be Quinn, Shannon, Vanaman, Derella, and Finch. This is from a person who has lived here who has never been mentioned by name or reference. Its going to be hard fought. I agree that the incumbents have
earned re-election.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Local Reps in Action

Two articles from the AC Press show our local govt reps in action.. Congressman for life LoBiondao got some earmarks that he is against.
and Assemblyman Matt(handicapped Parking Man) Millim grilled the state DOT about WHY
Cumberland County did not get ANY money from the Stimulus package.

"It's the poorest county in the state, with high unemployment and businesses anxious for work.

So the question to the state's transportation commissioner Thursday was straightforward: Why won't any of the roughly $900 million in federal transportation stimulus money be spent on projects in Cumberland County?

"If I seem selfish, I am," Assemblyman Matt Milam, D-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic, said. "I have an obligation to the people down there."

The whole article is here http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/182/story/427532.html

What can I say. Its all hot air after the fact

Thursday, March 12, 2009

MDC To Decide New Ad Agency Today!

This morning at 8am, the lock box will be opened and the final tally will be made. I would be there but got to go to philly to work. Please let me know who got the contract!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jon Stewart calls out CNBC and Jim Cramer

In about eight minutes, Jon Stewart destroys Jim Cramer, along with CNBC, for the way they all flacked the financial and real estate bubbles right up until the brink of disaster. The most trusted name in financial news? I dont't think so !!!!

Here is the 2nd Jon Stewart clip in which he responds to Jim Cramer.
On Monday night's "Daily Show" Stewart responded to Cramer's response, and while he apologized for getting that bit wrong, he also had quite an effective comeback -- the "Mad Money" host had recommended buying Bear Stearns five days before the clip in question.

Kitchen Changes

Moved some kitchen cabinets and now have seating. New paint color as well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Root Canal from Hell

Well, my teeth started to hurt about 4 days ago and yesterday, they REALLY started to hurt. I called my dentest yesterday and got a Root Canal TODAY. While I do appreciated the prompt apt, IT HURT LIKE CRAZY!! The dentist had a problem finding the root due to the crown and there was NOT enough novacane so I made a small screem. He said to stop screaming and I said " I do not want to scream." His reply "Then don't!"
I had to go to 4 Pharmacies to get the Percocet. The pharmacy tech states the govt is clamping down on the issuance of this drug since its an opiate. It was the worst Root Canel I can remember but its over
I was luck the pain has died down but I am so tired. No work for me tomorrow! Above is the step by step process from the X-Ray from LEFT to RIGHT.
Oh by the way you can look at Flower Show photos on Picasa

Monday, March 09, 2009

Installing a New Router and Wireless Printer

I got a Netgear Wirless Router with Built-in DSL Modem. I am supposed to not need the modem I got from Verizon. Got a wireless printer so lets see if it works...

No Stimulus $$$$$$$ for Cumberland County

This just shows how INEFFECTIVE our representatives are. I mean NOT a RED CENT. Here is an article from the Daily Journal. Pay attention to the Comments. They make sense.

County wants stimulus money

Legislators: Cumberland deserves a piece of the pie

By JOEL LANDAU • Staff Writer • March 9, 2009

South Jersey legislators whose district includes Vineland and Millville are asking Gov. Jon Corzine why he doesn't plan to use any federal stimulus money toward transportation projects in Cumberland County.Sen. Jeff Van Drew and Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matt Milam, all Democrats representing the state's 1st Legislative District, faxed a letter to the governor's office Saturday.

The legislators noted the state will receive $894 million in transportation funds from the federal stimulus bill, but none of that money is directed for Cumberland County.

"This decision treats Cumberland County unfairly, and we find it hard to believe no Cumberland County projects were among the 55 chosen to receive nearly $1 billion," the lawmakers wrote. "To put it simply, the decision is unacceptable."

Corzine spokesman Robert Corrales said Sunday the governor's office had not yet received the letter but would review it shortly.

The legislators asked the governor to place some of the money into the county, noting it would create much-needed jobs and economic development.

Milam, a member of the Assembly's Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee, said he also would question state Transportation Commissioner Stephen Dilts when the commissioner testifies before the committee Thursday.

"The federal stimulus package is a golden opportunity to create jobs, spark our economy and reshape our state's future during this difficult time, but that will only happen if everybody benefits, the legislators wrote.

Transportation projects that did make the list for stimulus funds include replacing two drawbridges that span Ocean City and Somers Point at a cost of $70 million; a $5.9 million resurfacing project for the White Horse Pike in Hammonton and Mullica; and an $80 million plan to rehabilitate an eight-mile stretch of Interstate 295 in Camden and Gloucester counties.

In your voice

Read reactions to this story
User Image
Maybe if Van Drew spent more time lobbying on behalf of his district and less time introducing hundreds of pieces of pointless legislation we would be better off. Cumberland County getting shortchanged is also a consequence of our county and state legislators being influenced by outside forces especially Camden County. When our state and County legislators accept all this outside money it severely comprises their ability to fight for us. Quite blunty, the people in power don't take them seriously as they know where their contributions are coming from. So, look for Van Drew to start cursing and Albano, Milam, and Magazzu to squawk. Look for a few crumbs to come our way, so as to give the appearance that these guys are "fighting for us". But never forget that Cumberland County residents will always be getting shortchanged until we get new independent leadership that is beholden only to people in the county.
3/9/2009 7:58:24 AM
User Image
albertinacan wrote:
The state probably thinks they are doing us a favor by letting us raise the PRISON populations' families. We need barbed wire not road repairs ?
They'll point to the Abbott money and say , you people are greedy, while the gansters shoot up our towns.
3/9/2009 7:21:27 AM
User Image
Ronin1 wrote:
Two reason we didn't get any money from the state: 1. Sweet Lou is a NOBODY outside of this county despite what he thinks about himself. 2. No one cares about this county... including Lou. This should come as no surprise to anyone. The state has no reason to invest in this county. Sad, but true.
3/9/2009 7:05:29 AM

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fithian Houses on Pine

Here is an article from 1951 that shows that our house
was built by the Fithian Brothers. Not sure its easy to read but
its interesting

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Flower Show ETC..

Well, I am now at St. Mary's church in Philly. I just helped a friend do his taxes and they were pretty easy.I was let out of work at the flower show early due to business being slow. The same family members were there whith some girlfriends and friends. Only one other person working is from Philadelphia and that is Linda who I knew from working the Annenburg Center 20 years ago. I have lost most of not all my OT which will mean that I will make half but half a loaf is better then none. The press release for the Fithian House is out and we will see.
Going to Dalak for a cold one then to bed since I must return to the flower show by 8am to move stuff out of the truck and stand on my feet for 10 hr or so