Saturday, July 07, 2012

What a Long Strange Trip Its Been

Hello world. It has been a long time and new blogs coming and going. Those who know me know the various mid-life crisis's that I either put myself though or had happened to me, So I will not go over it blow by  blow.
In summation, I live in West Philly, I do not have a car,  and live in my own place. Overall, things have gone pretty well for me and that I am thankful to my family and friends. The only bad crap was of my own doing, thus I will pay my debt to society.
Today is July 9 and according to a Facebook post "National Remove Your Bra Day."  Well, with today promising to exceed 100 degrees, that would be a good idea for the ladies reading this blog (BOTH of You...)
I am on vacation this week and plan to go to LBI and seeing the family except Alice and her girls(bummer). Yup going to LBI and not drinking beer, a first man. I left a real mess at work but, gotta take time off with the family cause I do not get to see them too much. It should be a good time at the shore.
This photo is from someone I met who has an anatomy class at a meeting. I thought it was way cool and shows the last 7 months in a si-fi way.
I am off to a meeting and then a party with a SWIMMING POOL!