Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last day of August: And So It Goes

My Wall This morning
Good morning survivors patriots and fun-loving folk of all sizes shapes
Fairmont Ave
. Today is August 31 and August is leaving us with
Ridge Avenue
a really hot humid day. Well I got up in Fairmount and pack some things to go
On Ridge Ave
and walk down from an avenue. Due to the Budweiser welcome America concert, I had to
Davine Lorraine
walk all the way down to the end of Fairmount to broad Street and Ridge Avenue. There I caught
the 16 bus down Ridge Avenue tonight and then I walk down to Larry's place. Julio within a very fabulous
That's Me
mood. We played a little bit and I had a banana or two from Larry's. I then walked down to
2nd and South
pens landing around the corner and caught
Cool Bike
the 42 bus to second and Spruce. I got a box of tissues there by chance my nose is running like crazy from
We Should be SO Lucky
the stress of yesterday. After buying bar none hung out with the dude and we walked up to seventh
Artichoke Wrap @ Last Drop
Street where he is visiting family. I then walked further 13 from Pine and went to the last drop café
Going to Airport by 4:30
. There I had a artichoke wrapwhich was excellent though it had a sponsor. I met a friend at 13th and Spruce we went to a meeting and then hard hung out at Starbucks for about a half hour. Joe's roommate came by to drop off the car since he has to work. I now have his car and I'm supposed to pick him up at the airport by 430. It is now 30 wait I have about 45 minutes to chill. Well chillin is done time to go to the Airport
to pick up Joe. I just heard some sprinkles outside just now. 
I'm picking up Joe who is  flying in from Denver. 
I'm sitting here at the cell phone lot just waiting. The clouds have moved out on the most part and I 
am sitting here at 4:41 PM the original arrival time was 425 Southwest Airlines. After I got to the airport to
pick Joe up and gave me an Oregon hat May dropped me  off at 12th and Market.  I then met Drew at
12th & Locust for a meeting . Drew and I then went to Cosi and  had one of their flatbread pizzas. It was quite good . Sadly at one point
our order was never completed This event took an extra 25 minutes to get dinner. We hung out and talked for a while until the rain subsides and Drew had to ride his
bike common I decide to take a cab back to Fairmount. Hung out for a short while and then I went
upstairs and crashed to 1:30 AM

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday, August 30: Welcome to the Occupation

The Stairwell
Good morning  public transit commuters. It's a nice August day but
Add caption
not if you ride SEPTA between Center City in Fairmount trying to get the west Philly. It's another 
The Back Porch
Labor Day weekend and more fun less dating too. But I am going to be living in a nice place and I  
probably could use the walk anyway to burn some of my soft underbelly. I got up early then went back
22nd Street
to sleep got up around nine fixed up my blogs. The blogs needed editing for the last 3 to 4 days.
$89 Per Day
I will. I wasn't in the mood I'm now going out to 49th and Hazel then I have to go back to Larry's
At 22nd and Market
and help his wife and I'm going to miss his 10 @ 1030. I got to
West Philly
my pet sitting job and was trying to unlock the wrong door for 15 minutes. I got hot and bothered
Add caption
and realized why had a headache that I skipped my meds which is never a good idea. The walk was easy
Inside the Croyden
man I walk down 49 street where an old neighbor acted nice is usually does
Stuff about
and then asked for money. Geez I'm so glad don't live on that block anymore. Now I think I'm going to
It Even had a Countdown Clock
Rent-A-Car and Carrie about seven bags of laundry to the
bags are for Dean and drop off Dean's laundry I then hope to hang out with Sharon and maybe later 
Colorful Art
on tonight hang out with Drew and his friends. It's now 2:35 PM and
The Stack of Clothes
s getting overcast here and West Philly,
It's amazing what piles up even in a smaller apartment without
The Zip0Car
 closet space.
Well it's 7:33 PM minute trying day I keep getting sweaty and thirsty anyway I'm just chilling out
here Pats church on that beanbag chair just mellowing out,
Okay here's what happened I was getting paper towels for him. My phone died!!
Extreme Caution
 I could not call him to say that I was back. He did not answer the front door when I try to
The  ZipCar
knock I tried to call the number on the church door he did not answer after I got there I realized that
I had been knocking on the wrong door in the wrong entrance. Is that old song goes "Mama said there'd be days like this.".
Church on Chestnut Street
got back to Paramount showered and blew my nose again again
Finished Charging Phone
and I'm going to bed before midnight!! YAY!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday, August 29: Here comes Labor Day weekend

On the Deck at 24th and Fairmount
I woke up at 24th and Sam out this morning on that nice comfortable bed. What I woke to was awesome sunrise
and I took lots of pictures of it as you can see. I Took a cab down to the sunrise. It's a tradition meeting and I liked it. Then I went to Coffee Joe afterwards. At coffee Joe met a really nice woman who is visiting United States from India. She's from the states but she's living in an ashram in southern India.
At Coffee Joe
Talkative Cabbie

A Nice Sunny Day
She was very cool. I see you're at that place all the time when I go in there. Then went to work and busily
Got Keys from Her
try to get some things done and I think I did get some things done. I then went home and help myself while
19th and Walnut
helping a friend. I also found myself so tired. I managed to get myself appeared to Fairmount despite the
Vine Street Expressway
ridiculous blockages all over here. Yes Labor Day weekend doesn't mean Jerry Lewis anymore it means
The Square Cloud
the welcome America concert. I was told it wasn't Beyoncé it's one of my faves wink wink the self admitted
Panoramic View
genius Kanye West as the headliner. Yes hung out with Sharon and ate a delicious sandwich talked out
on the back deck. On the way to Fairmount took a picture of the made in America set up and the beautiful sunset along with a nice little square cloud and crash the mighty crash. Beautiful sunset as well. This sunset included a square cloud over the Ben Franklin Parkway.
Cool Living Room. I will be Living Here
I put it on Facebook and go some responses. Should be an interesting weekend boys and girls!