Monday, January 22, 2007

Carmina Burana

While finishing up email and paying bills, I saw this about Carmina Burana.
I remember working at the Zellerbach Theatre
at the Annenburg Center back in the late 80's early 90's. They have a program called Dance Celebration.
I got to watch this dance group Pilobolus perform to Carmina Birana 3 or 4 times and it just blew me away.
is an old German drinking song from way on back! The English translation is there for us who failed to attend a fine Catholic School

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bush and global warming

Word is out that our President Bush may be ready to accept that
global warming is real

I guess he is wanting to change the subject from Iraq when he makes his State of the Union Address this Tuesday nite.
This will show that he is serious about this problem unlike before when he made this public service announcement on this issue

3rd Friday with Glasstown Artists and Barn Studio

The difference between NJ and Pa

Well, oh well another employee retires from state service. Its a trend in the Commonweath of Pa where I work. It something that saves Gov Rendell money since folks who are leaving are replaced by a smaller number of new employees who earn less and have less vacation time. Also they pay a much bigger chunk of their paycheck for health benefits thanks to that 2003 contract. Thanks to a better economy, a Tentative Agreement
was reached for the 2007 contract that effective July 1st 2007. It was after the union stated that: "Last year, PA ranked dead last in the number of state employees per population – we currently rank 47th and in the bottom ¼ in pay."
This proposed contact is better then the 2003 contract in that we do get pay raises!! The negative is that more money will be have to be paid for health care. It will be based on a percentage of pay.
I am sure that there will be a YES vote for this contact. Considering the climate and this governor its not a bad deal. Of course in New Jersey where I live now a 4.5% pay raise each year is the norm EVEN now while real estate taxes go up and up. I read that the teachers saved money by NOT hiring a professional negotator and they got 5% raises each year. Is this not the same school district that had a hiring freeze and laid off some teacher. Oh, and the SAME school district that does not have money for field trips? Please someone fill me in on this stuff

Monday, January 15, 2007

Putting it all togather for 3rd Friday

Hello again. The pictures show the work done to repaint both galleries as well as the atrum, the back hallway and the bathrooms. Today Jan 15th it was pretty much finished. The Barn studio students brought in their paintings today and the glasstown artists are to bring in their pieces tomorrow the 16th. We had a great group of volunteers. The RRCA opens tomorrow with the Barn Studio students and the Glasstown artists. It was to be a show all about the EagleFest but I think this is a stronger show and will bring people in

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Jan 13th

Well, got the painting done at the RRCA. Horray!! I came home happy after that to hang at the Oar House and talk local political turkey. Saw the EAGLES lose to the Saints after they came so dammed close. It was busy at the arts center today. Ellen Gavin was teaching class and after that kids were painting pieces of wood for a city mural. It was nice outside and I hear its gonna get back to WINTER by Tuesday. Tuesday I start my day with a 8am dentest apt then go back to work at the welfare wakka after a 2 week hiatus...Oh Buddy Holly might sing. I plan to show fun highlights of our New Years Eve party. It was a good time.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fresh Sawdust..Its the new black

Well, we repainted the entire Witt Gallery and got a good jump on the main gallery and the gallery shop. We had a smaller crew but it was fun. We claimed that the Art Monkey said "I choose the color" and that Linda Ronstat sucked. Someone cried out "Suffer" and we just laughed. Well its better than a bord spouse. Truly we


were quite "revolting"

Re-Paint life

I saw this at the RRCA Men's bathroom before it was painted over and had to capture it before it was painted over. It was that kind of day today where painting over was the order of the the day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year...New Paint at the RRCA

Its been awhile since I decided to write. Been busy with stuff. We had our christmas party and I plan to get out pictures as soon as next week. I took a week or so off of work to help with the repainting of the RRCA galleries. The colors are pretty exciting and its a big job. I am sure now at work they are cursing my name since, I DID schedule folks on Friday since I thought I was going back to work today (Thursday).
Back to the gallery...I think folks are warming up to the new color. At first there was a little resistance to change but the colors DO warm up the gallery. At this moment its a mess in here as of 8:40 am this morning. Here are 2 Volunteers who were at the Arts Center yesterday doing some spackling. Well back to work...