Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not so Great: October 30th

56th Street 
I I slept without enough covers and woke up didn't feel rested in the day just took off from there.
Going home feeling beat
Feeling the effects of a social mistake they made which I did apologize. Then that funky, carried into work where a couple people just couldn't get off the hobbyhorse to tell me I did something wrong.
It's quiet nobody is here

And it's a rare thing indeed

Since both plans for this weekend fell through I'm hoping I can relax and rejuvenate good night

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Carfare Time!

Good morning I'm a fine looking Tuesday morning. Sunrise particularly intense this morning. I woke
On the 21 with Mike
up feeling well rested for a change! I dropped off a little bit of cash are prepared so you give head is hot date tonight!
Now to work to work on carfare and reports It should be busy! Work was not too bad at all!  I got one list
down and started another list. I only had one client interview  ALL DAY! Can't remember the last time that happened! I'm not permitted to
Dinner Tonite and Lunch Tomorrow
stay late so I'm going home and getting some laundry done. Next going to a meeting at 7 called Gratitude. It went well. I have not been there for awhile. Next a crashed a party that was promoting YELP
a place called "The  Captain's Vintage.
3rd Floor Neighbor

I was surprised that I was allowed in unimpeded by the very large guard. I got myself some photos, a coke and video for my trouble I next went to Pat's and grabbed some food from Kobbobish. Pat was sleepy and I ate while his dogs were really wanting my food.
Enter My Domain

October 28th: Tired of Cleaning

Looking Better
Kendal Approaching
Good morning and nice fairly mild Fall day. But skinny and the clean my apartment at 9 Am. Yeah they ripped me off price wise with the did a nice job. They  organised stuff and need to divider between Mike and I look like it's not
Kitchen on Oct 28th
broken. That will save me $100 bucks NOT ordering a new one. My neighbor came up and smiles I'm going to hire him for half the price and I trust
him too. Here is a video of the cleaning 

 In my co-workers absence I saw a lot of people so I'm kind of taking my time taking a shower and grabbing some lunch. After work got the 21 bus home on time since the new administration is strict about us leaving at 5 PM!! When I got home I hung out with Kendal my neighbor and Mike. I took a long nap  and I ended up just sleeping all though the nigh And I complete I guess I'll go pats for dinner and do the laundry another day. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday Dawning! RIP Lou Reed

View from Bridgit Foy's Restroom.
Sunday morning went to the Bar Non as usual w/ Mike.  and I'm standing in the background of a woman to get picture of who couple who are getting married and paid $200.00 to have their names is posted on the marquee at the TLA!
I will take note of that if I Wanna promote something like my blog??!
After the meeting I talked with a friend  and then attempted to make plans with different people. At this moment, my definite plan is to meet Drew at Alyan's Middle Eastern Cuisine at 4th near South.
Drew at Alyan's
Met up with Drew and we had a delicious meal baba ghanouj and felafel sandwich. We caught up on what we've been doing as I lives is the last month or so and it was good. If I reminders
Lis at Ritz East
had a blood clot but thankfully it was really nothing at all after you went to the emergency room last night. After eating wee stroll around the old city are going to the Ritz V to see what was playing. While we were looking at the Ritz East, we saw a woman…
Society Hill Towers
Street performer with a harmonica and a xylophone. She's been to South America and all of the country and even went on a boat cruise in South America.She was performing well people waiting in line at the Ritz East for the Philadelphia film Festival. She's also an artist. She was  very nice and Drew and I
Add caption
talked for a her for awhile. Drew had to go to his date and I wanted to go pick up my headphones at Pat's. I then caught a 21 very quickly and took a short nap at Pat's. The 2nd 2 week roommate is not here yet so I can get the place.
cleaned up before he comes for his 2 weeks. While on my travals today I just heard that Lou Reed died today. He was 71 years old. It's hard to imagine listening to the Velvet Underground (I am listening to it now at home) that he would ever age.) Maybe someone will be inspired by his work and create rock and roll that means something. At least he broadend the range and scope of modern music beyond just Rock.
Waiting for 21 Bus
Its now 7:03 PM Mike and I are heading to the meaning waiting for the Sunday SEPTA which will be another five minutes of the concert this 707 time. Will be at Saxby's meeting Larry at 7:21.
Molly in Buffalo
The meeting was very good. So my night with a phone call with a friend in Buffalo and I'm not going to Millville next weekend! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

October 26: Life in the City

I went to Sunrise after waiting for a bus was 15 minutes late. Afterwards, I then hung out with a friend Starbucks. I'm went  the
TD bank at 38th to get a cashier's check for the landlord . It will be the last time I pay $500.  to use the rent will be up in December. Let's see  get a weird post on
Pat's Ca
Facebook arm and I think was directed me but oh well I learned something. I'm sitting here at ordering a pizza with a cute little kitty cat on my lap. I just called Pasquale's pizza and that now getting a large pizza
My Parents 1972
g with green pepper and mushroom.

I then  to go to Harry's Occult Shop  for a book signing with Larry and his wife. This ought to be VERY interesting for sure. Maybe I will go to South Street early and get my haircut and face cut as well. I suppose
Probation DONE!!
I should look a little more normal. 
The black and white photo is of my parents taken in 1972 going on a vacation at the Greenbrier. Its a nice hotel they liked to go to to escape us kids ( 7 in all) every so often. I think my mother liked to
go glamorous sometimes. Note the fur coat. My father was still wearing a hat which was a conventional men's attire that was popular until the 1970's
Pat's New Drum Kit
 I just thought I would just randomly add this. 
Pat just told me today that he bought a set of Tama drums. It's 5 piece and he is certainly glad it for about $300 bucks Pat said to that he always wanted to get a drum kit! I am now on the bus heading eventually to a book signing 
at Harry's Occult Shop on South Street.
Add caption
On the way to the book signing I got my haircut at the Chop Stop at 6th and South. It felt good to get all that hair off.
A Book Signing was Held Here.
I then went to Harry's Occult Shop at 1238 South Street.It had a nice incense 
smell and it was a nice store. It got pretty cool since when the sun was setting. At 6:17 PM and we left Harry's and took the Broad Street line then the Market-Frankford Line to 2nd Street. T9here we went to the Book Trader where Veronica had a 2nd book signing. I went up to Larry's and watched a little of the
Larry and I at Harry's
World Series between the Red Sox and the Cardinals (Cardinals won in the 9th on a funky play). I talked to Kerry and Molly
Veronica and Store Employee.
while they were driving home from going to a state park near Buffalo
. I then took the EL home and I saw that dude Max we met at the Cigar Shop. At the Cigar Shop he talked about Ok Cupid and the women in it. He has a company called Bio-Meme.
A Pretty Dog at Cigar Shop.
With his product, 
you can test people on your phone for chlamydia and other sexual diseasesReally weird, yet a concept that might take off
Halloween is Near
in this day and age.
He told me he dated a borderline (Umm)I got his phone
number. He is from Santa Rosa California.
Max on the EL.
I went home and thought I would make pasta but I fell asleep while the water was boiling. THANK GOD, I got up an hour later and the water was still at boil.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gee Wiz: Friday is Here

On the EL
Good Morning
Another clear cold morning in October 2013. Running late to the sunrise again. when you get call me at rugby as usual.
It was okay. After and hang out with a few folks. We talked about all kinds of things such as O.J. Simpson Kato Kalin(OJ's drug dealer) and our recent history. and hang out with a few folks. We talked about all kinds of things such as O.J.
West Philly Near 53rd and Market
Simpson Kato Kalin(OJ's drug dealer) and our recent history. and hang out with a few folks. We talked about all kinds of things such as O.J. Simpson Kato Kalin(OJ's drug dealer) and our recent history. Work was pretty mellow since I did not see very many of my clients. I did a bunch of paperwork while the women around me had a good time. 
After work back to get some personal business and then when over the pats hang out for a bit before it crashed on the floor.
It's the end of a strange week quietly sleeping.

October 24th: Feeling flat on Thursday

Flat, well I would define as such:
Add caption
Obtaining combination of exhaustion and stillness mixed with emotionally blank. One thing is for sure feeling is definitely on the
back (yard) burner somewhere such as a Homer Simpson grill Time for travel in November after I mellow  out this weekend. Maybe I will see Wes if I can find him from is the undisclosed  location. I maybe visit
Add caption
 Stuart in Baltimore. Who cares I'm not being my letters or interpreted. That's really not correct, the USA/NSA is the monitoring  my emails right now, yeah the pub having a stupid field day lookin at my blog during bathroom break! Well work was work wasn't too bad and then met Larry for coffee at Starbucks.The group was cool and it was
Good dude
 almost an hour longer really cool stuff. Intense but out of this world.  I was fortunate I caught a 21 right away along with somebody I know from group is nice or conversation then I want to pats. That was so exhausted slept while he was boiling water!!  Thankfully nothing happened.
I'm a Kabobbish waiting and waiting for my food and watching the World Series
Pickin things up!
Boston vs St Louis. Well the channel was
changed and I was in stead watching CNN shell critical of Sea World and how they handle the killer whales in their captivity.
58th and Chestnut
I went home to see if Mike any and he  didn't since his friend will be helping him out. I
A Penny for your Thoughts
then went back to parents and he went to sleep and I made a decision on a trip via
                                      A nut at a coffee shop. Well, its all in the mind!!
Thu, Nov 7 2013Depart Philadelphia, PA, 30th St Station on November 7, 2013 11:00 PM arrive Buffalo, NY, Downtown Terminal at November 8, 2013 7:00 AM  Journey 2Reservation for 1 Passenger Mon, Nov 11 2013Depart Buffalo, NY, Downtown Terminal on November 11, 2013 10:30 PM arrive Philadelphia, PA.
I went sleep pattern thinking and I will go to Buffalo where I will be greeted like a king!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Good morning, it's Wednesday I'm going to get some milk at 7-11. It's5:47 in the AM it's cold out but if you have warm things it's not
Waiting and Talking
so bad. Anyway, I'm living in the midst of of changing Fall,

Pat wants me to find a used computer for $100 and I'm telling him AT LEAST $150. Yup,I think I  will be visiting the woods 
named Stafford. the my sister says RUN FORREST!!! RUN!!
Lots on my Desk
when one first one when one The arts has earned its coauthor anyway not breakfast. 
Sunrise was good &Afterwards, I got a ride directly to work One fellow drove 4 of us in his car and I've never LAUGHED so hard!! All I can say is Coco!!  What wasn't there not many people
A Label
came in and there was an issue with parking spaces today. It was a matter of folks using Admin Parking since 2 of our admin's have retured and folks had "deals" to use the spots...etc

I then took
the 5:39 PM train to Stafford! There's reporting out of Wayne and noticed that it gets a lot darker
Last Train??
sooner. By November 
which is two weeks from now it will be dark when the time gets changed to standard time. Went to the whole
Incense Peppermints.
Don't Predict my Future
foods hello whole bunch of vegetables 2 pounds of them. I swear we are walking around the food like we were doing Fen Sui on them. Next we talked for several hours.
Entering a new Mind space??
I was given
links of how to understand 
Indigos since I was not getting it. I was the topic of a discussion It was mind blowing. It was difficult and sad and I'm very tired good night.
Before leaving this page, please look at the photos. Please give me your interpretation of what these photos says about me or yourself. Feel free to comment. I am very curious. Thanks for your indulgence