Friday, July 24, 2015

Tuesday, July 21: Better rested

just left the house at 8:33 AM. I'm going to now go to the ride bread and get myself some coffee and
maybe a snack. I'm a lot more rested than I was yesterday. I  I am now hoping not to be too late for
Market Street
work well I got to work OK and it was work not much else to say about that. Well I found 6 to 7
people today and it wasn't too bad I just didn't get any of my packets done again but I did get some
Music to My Ears
more alerts which I took care of some of them. As I was leaving work on my something feeling more
Fairmount Ave
tired. I got to the The dentist about 15 minutes late at 4:15. After the dentist appointment I don't
nauseous and tired. Not just because of the fluoride and tired due to the fact that I probably haven't caught
OCF Coffee
up on my sleep as of yet. When I got to the 6:45 PM meeting almost immediately I was feeling very sleepy
Out of It
and they must have noticed I was almost like passing out. Young woman in the red dress is cute. I ended
A Cool Building Eastern State Penitentiary 
up going home and crashing at 8 o'clock. After that pass out I got up around 11 took out the
Why Can't I Meet Her?
trash and then went back to sleep. I have really good dreams. I feel so tired that it's hard to dream. But
Looming Storm
then we see a picture of woman who looks like Lisa and there is hope after all. Swim like her but there.
I even emailed a message or one of her contacts I figured what the hell.  The contact thought she was still married. She said also that she is very sweet. Oh I bet she is!

Monday, July 20: hot one

Well  The sleep last night was a fitful night with at least 2 bad dreams, I got up at around 8:15 AM this
Add caption
morning I managed to get to work not tell me later and remember everything such as my man my briefcase
My Workplace
in my computer. I'm over a week behind on editing and making my blogs work I just haven't been in the
mood. It seems my mind has been in other places from where I should be & somewhere I shouldn't.
It's the practical side versus tomorrow five versus the middle. So anyway I was sort of out of joint all
19th Street
morning didn't get any of my packets done I just want to model through some old work that was about
Rittenhouse SQ
it it wasn't all that productive. It was like a daylong date dissipation and then resignation. Well I'm
18th and Walnut
a coffee Joe's now and they're playing a band that sounds very much like the replacement.
Coffee Joe
Think they are the replacements. I'm chilling out here and sexy face he didn't work very well.
Too Cool for School
And then behind the counter wasn't in the best mood so…
Well it didn't help that I said that you played in a band that
Add caption
really came out corny:( well I went to the Monday night beginners and well I was so tired I found myself
Ben Franklin Parkway
falling asleep in the back. After the break I felt a lot more awake but I'm definitely not feeling totally groovy. Before arriving home I 
hung out with Sharon at a Chinese restaurant @ 20th and Hamilton Streets. It was pretty good but the service was kind a rude. We walked over to Bishops collar and I finished off my lemonade and told Sharon I had to go home. I passed out and Sharon came home and I put a air conditioner in my part of the third floor. Sharon set up the van. I slept

Sunday, July 19: A Day w/ Drew

Getting Coffee
Indeed it was a day with Drew. Woke up at eight and he picked me up around 830. After picking up
At Rybread
coffee at the Rye bread we went to Essington. He showed me his  shop and the work ahead which was spray
Crossing the River
painting cabinet doors for a job he has to complete tomorrow. It was extremely fortunate that we were inside
since was going to be in the mid 90s today. With the work went pretty well he just moved along getting
Add caption
into a rhythm while working. We then went to lunch and drink treated me to a chicken cheese steak.
Workin in the HEAT
The place was pretty mellow and we ate for about an hour and then we went back to work. We were
Lunch Break
at the wedding and make sure we had enough to drink. This player had issues the machine got
Add caption
overheated and stop twice and you had to take the thing apart twice to unclog it or keep it from leaking.
Cabinet Doors Drying Out
It acted like a motorcycle constantly needing repair and upkeep to keep it going.  Well around
4:15 PM we did finish I was hoping to be able to take a nap but I at least go shower since Sharon
Long Time No See
allowed me to use her father's car to get to my 8 o'clock meeting and meet 2 people at seven. Well was just three of us there since Larry Veronica were staying in extra day in the old Cape May. After the meeting I decided to go to get a massage and it was a really good one. So ends an eventful Sunday

Saturday, July 18: Exploring the Possibilities

Greetings all who indoor the humidity of mid July in Philadelphia. They started off with me getting up going
back to sleep and getting up again. I didn't meet anybody at Starbucks instead I stayed home
and ate breakfast and had some Sharon's kick ass coffee. I then headed down to the 10 and 1030
Front and Market Street for the 48
a little bit late. It went pretty well. I then walked with a couple friends and then I realized I did not have
Entering the House
my keys with me to go to West Philly and take care of this cat. I came home and saw Sharon and cutting
Proud Moment
hair and I went upstairs to charge my phone and my charger. I finally got my application for the Di
In South Philly
Vinci's printed.
I got my photo books opened up and realized I had to bring them with me so I found an old computer
briefcase and I am heading to South Philly. Going to 702 Catherine by the 32 bus. I am walking down Catherine
7th and Catherine
to seven and hopefully they are actually open and I submit my application. I asked for advice about
Add caption
not having a website. I was giving advice by not a friend of mine just to submit images and tell him that
Add caption
I'll make a flight later. She's going to give me an idea of where to go. That will be very much appreciated.
DiVinci Art Alliance
Well by the time I got home I was pretty tired again. It was so many choices I somewhat froze
Haunting South Philly
up and make a  decision. But it was a good thing to visit the gallery and meet one about two years
it was extremely nice to me. Next was in search of a decent coffee shop and needed the relief from
Looking up Web Hosts
the heat if I had walked from Center City 16th St. all the way down to 7th and Catherine. I'm a decent
Cute Cat
place at six and Baimbridge called the coffee beanery. I believe that was the name of the guy let me
stay there till he was mopping up the floor. I was very relaxed in this place.