Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Studio X Thursday May 3rd at 6:30

Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts
PO Box 417, 22 North High Street, Millville, New Jersey 08332
Tel:(856) 327-4500 Fax: (856) 327-9280

Chairman: Libby Rothfarb Executive Director: Carolyne Krull

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Carolyne Krull ( 856-327-4500
WHEN: May 3, Thursday, 6:30 – 7:30pm
WHERE: Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts, 22 N. High Street, in Millville’s Glasstown Arts District

What: An Art Forum and Critique led by artist, Wanda Kline. This is a group of artists and creative people who get together every 6-8 weeks to discuss creative issues. Practicing artists, musicians, and poets are encouraged to work within a given theme and present this work for critiques at the meeting. Your first visit is free. Subsequent meetings will be planned on May 3. Please contact Wanda Kline at 609-399-4482 for more details about STUDIO X. Please RSVP by calling the RRCA at 856-327-4500.

Other participants—gallery owners or workers, art enthusiasts, interior designers, art collectors or anyone interested in the creative process—can come to watch the critique and enter into the discussion.

Kline actively pursues opportunities to show STUDIO X work in several venues throughout the year.

Vision Statement
To Promote and utilize the arts as the catalyst for cultural and economic revitalization of the region.
Mission Statement
To advance the center as the focal point for cultural, educational, and artistic enrichment and create a sense of community; while positively impacting the economic vitality of the Millville Glasstown Arts District.

Carolyne Krull, Executive DirectorRiverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts 22 N. High StreetMillville, NJ 08332

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Morning Notes

Its Friday and I decided to check email and do some surfing. Well I read that one of my favorite people on David Letterman's ShowLarry "Bud" Melman. He died yesterday. One of the best known of his skits was in 1983 at the NYC Port Authority Bus Termanal . So I was on You Tube and saw a link to the Ramones. That was fun to listen to for sure. Today is a far cry from last Friday. Its pretty mild out for sure. Well its getting on 8am got to hit the road to Philly. Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Poetry and Song at Windchimes

Had a nice time with Carolyne and June today at Windchimes.

A Five Hour Tour

I ment to write this several days ago when I just finished my epic journey from West Phila to Millville via Ardmore Pa.
Well, as you remember Vineland and points north had 13hours of sleet. I was let out of work early and thought I would make it to Millville by at least 6pm. Well, when I dropped the phone on sleet slush and it died on the spot. I then decided that I would go 8 miles west to Ardmore Pa on the Main line to have the phone fixed or replaced.
Tried to have them fist it but since I got it wet I was SOL. The friendly Verizon folks helped me to a new phone. It was 6pm until I got out of there and Lancaster Ave (RT 30) was a mess and backed up going east to Philly. I asked another customer and she suggested to go West on Rt 30 to the I-476 known as the blue Route. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The sleet was pouring down on Rt 30 and I went slooowly on to I 476. It was slow but there were not too many cars on the road, so it was passable. From there, I went to I 95 and that was very slow with much traffic. It was so slow, I had time to program a few of my speed-dials. As you could guess I did loose all the phone numbers, so I am in recovery mode..
Anyway, made it to the Walt Whitman with no slipping or sliding and was like a snail down RT 42. Well, guess what? Rt 55 was closed at the Glassboro/Ferrel Exit. Took a detour right past the court where I got my last speeding ticket. Found out later it was a horrable wreck where a mini-van went head-on with a semi!! 3 people died. YIKES!! After that, well just wanted to get home alive. When I reached Malaga at Rt 40 it was just rain and when I reached High Street, a cold hard rain fell. Went for RRCA for an hour and then went to bed and proceeded to just relax all day Saturday. Bye for now

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Flower Show 2007

I was working the flower show again this year. It was cold from March 5 to 9th. I worked went to bed and worked again. There was no phone nor paperwork so that was good. The family I worked with was cool too. I have worked each show since 1998 exept 2004. Here are some pictures