Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tampa to Philly: Bus

Good Saturday to you  all. Its now 7pm. I am getting ready for my trip to Tampa that starts Monday. I am planning how and when I will get back to Philadelphia next week at this time. I sent an email to my friend Linda and Ned and a copy of this to myself. I have made font changes to make the schedules easier to read and understand

I fly out to Tampa Monday April 1st at 8am. As for returning back to Philly, since I can not drive due
to the Commonwealth taking 17 calender days to process the ending of my 60 day suspension, we can not drive non-stop to Millville NJ. (I would take the NJ Transit back to Philly)

Greyhound schedule is below:

As you see below. Going from Tampa to Philly gets me back by Sunday with enough time to rest and decompress before I go to back to work on Monday April 8th.

Assuming we can Arrive at Rocky Mount by 7pm on Saturday. This bus will arrive in Philly
around 8 am Monday morning.

7:45 AM
Sat, 04/06 11:00 AM
Sun, 04/07 1D, 3H, 15M
1 $99.00 
(START) - TAMPA, FL 07:45 AM  
ORLANDO, FL   10:15 AM 
JACKSONVILLE, FL 12:45 PM 2PM 1:15 Layover 
FAYETTEVILLE, NC 08:45 PM 10:00 PM 1:15 Layover 
RALEIGH, NC   11:30 PM  
UNIV OF DE , 09:20 AM 

Rocky Mt. NC to Philadelphia

07:55 PM
Sun, 04/07 07:55 AM
Mon, 04/08 12H, 0M   $49.00  

AHOSKIE, NC 09:20 PM  
EXMORE, VA 12:15 AM 12:15 AM  
OAK HALL, VA 01:05 AM 01:05 AM  
SALISBURY, MD 02:05 AM 02:05 AM  
DOVER, DE 03:50 AM  

Saturday 30

Saturday, March 30, 2013
I went to the men's meeting then went to Larry's a little bit late to learn how to work the three remotes and the Nielsen thing. I am to watch and feed his little cat. I  then discovered that the keys that he had given me  the extra keys
Be Careful of Resentments!
back in January!! I did find them at Pat's Place. I took the El do down to 2nd Street to Larry's this set of keys fits!! That was  a huge relief for me. She was thinking of coming up and inviting Sue and we were going to a  Indian place but I  told her I have this pet sitting gig and that I was a little tense. Maybe tomorrow?  Pat has been chilling practicing his acoustic guitar.Now he is drawing a sketch of himself which will appear on Facebook and this blog.  I  went back to Pats and we walked his dog Abbie to an ATM and to CVS for scripts. I should hear from M and she was busy as of 1:30.
Hey M. Just got back from doggie walk. Beautiful day.
U know M. I'm not really sure how today is going to play out. As it turns out, J went to his dads this morning. However now that I wasn't able to stop at the super market last night before meeting u as well as not allowing a desert to marinate in light cream, if I go out today I don't know if ill be able to prepare my mothers birthday cake for tomorrow. Again, I don't want to keep u hangin around waiting around for me. My sister who I was sorta counting on told me that she would take care of the cake, which the one we make, mom loves. Can't be store bought. She backed out yesterday. Said she had too much going on to bake. Anyway I have to run to market and then prepare and bake.I should be available later but don't want to keep u hanging if u have something else going on. Let me know.
anyhow it's a beautiful day outside and I got I'm on vacation I'm just having trouble winding down a little bit so we'll see.Pat is going to make dinner soon and then work overtime at the Dental School from 5:30 to 10:30. I was tired and I crashed at Pats I met up with Drew after the 8 pm meeting he was at, I showed up at the business meeting and several of us went out for a bite to eat.. he made $200 working.
I am ending my Saturday at the condo w Cleo the cat. No WIFI HERE😧😧

March 23rd: Waiting for Spring

I saw this symbol of marriage equality on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was pretty cool and striking. So I made it my profile picture since the Supreme Court will be deciding the status of Prop 8 and the Defence of Marriage Act.I support the repeal of both laws, which  are discriminatory to a whole group of US citizens. This is not what America is about. Lets hope reason and fairness win out.
46th Street El Stop

12:15 Am Today
Its Wednesday and I am thinking of Spring. You know that season between Winter and Summer. March 2013 has been quite chilly across the Northeast of the good ole USA. I have taken various photos recording what has transpired on this cool month of March 2013. For breakfast this morning, I had corn flakes, coffee and Mango Juice and my morning meds. I am of course taking the 21 bus to the Sunrise Semester to  start my
workday. I postponed my teeth cleaning till after I get back from Tampa Fla since I have a mess of work to try to get started on. Its the beginning of the month while am away.
 4th and Pine

I Support Gay Marriage!

Its looking good out there for sure. Speaking of good, the momentum for Marriage Equality has been breathtaking. Its a positive trend in otherwise negative trends in this country. It has been the highlight of this year so far. Its fun to see Rick Santorum BLAME the TV show Will and Grace for gay marriage. You know its good when Rush Limbaugh concedes that gay marriage is "‘inevitable". It just goes to show that if the public wants or approves something, the powers that be will BEND to PUBLIC opinion. Lets see what the Supreme Court responds.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Day of Work: Vacation Starts

Friday March 21st. It was a very nice, sunny day. I started the morning with a meeting and then went to Saxby's for a coffee with Russell. It was pretty mellow. Work was not too bad. It was pretty chill in the morning since not a lot of folks were in due to it being Good Friday and folks went to church rather then to work. As for me, I  had a lot of work stuff to clean up and since it's the end of the month, I stayed late. Well, the REAL reason was because I am off to Tampa Florida for a week to relax with a couple I know from Millville back in the day.
I went  to Pats house and I enjoyed some split pea soup since I was pretty hungry. After eating, Pat turned me on to some acoustic guitar covers of Kraftwerk song "The Model" and the Stranglers tune "Golden Brown". It sounds real good right now on my Braven speaker. It fills up the Apartment nicely.
Thanks for your concern. I am NOT gonna drive. I would REALLY get myself in trouble
The profile pic is to support marriage equality.It's really popular on Facebook. I think is a great way to support gay marriage
I close out this blog entry with a non sequitur or 2.
First off, the video above was taken on the way home from Pat's. Its 11:45pm on Chestnut outside the Kilimanjaro Restaurant  I was minding my own business when I herd these 2 woman making squealing sounds. The sound was so odd, I decided to document this sound.
Sue seems estranged from her family. You might want to call her.

Its All Good in the Hood

Getting Home
its Thursday, the last week of March. Here is a short review of this day.
Work was the usual drama with one of bosses asserting or trying to assert her control. After work was fairly eventful. it started when I was walking down 15th to meet Larry at Starbucks. As I was walking, behind me a young woman with boots was marching on so i HAD to keep the pace up.
A work Break
The weather is feeling a little bit warmer warming up the scare people with that's for sure so I have a group that I have Dr apt w Shrink later tonight at 9:30 and that's about it for now.
It was a big group tonight.
Add caption
It was thought-provoking. I brought up the
Going Home
Christian issue at the end. afterwards I went with Larry and walked him to the 15th St. EL stop where he was going to 2nd Street. I met Drew at Little Pete's. I had a chicken rice soup and he had a grilled cheese sandwich and a vegetable soup. I then took the 32 bus from broad and Locust right to the Pennsylvanian and I went to Dr. Cohen's. I mentioned something that provoked his to say, "cross addiction. that was interesting to say the least. i almost fell sleep on his couch.
I finished my apt and caught the 7 bus from 24th and Pennsylvania Aves.

After the 7 bus, there was a long wait catch the 21 bus ride went into a place that used to be called Roosevelts off now talk Arborg of the double arm arm Roy Rogers and it's 1120 it'll be around 1130 when I get home it's March 28, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nice Job Ford!!

I just caught an article in the Inquirer today about car advertisement  by Ford for Figo a small car that is made in India.  One has the Kardashian s bound and gagged in the rear of the car and the other has Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with 3 woman bound in the back of a Figo.
There is an outcry in India and elsewhere at the ads that were not not to be seen in the public. Well, in the age of the social media the fools deserve to be found out. Maybe Ford might want to keep a closer watch on its subcontractors. Yup sexism is alive and well at Ford

Space Relations: March 2013

Getting to My Seat
Waiting for the 21 7:05am
The last week of March finds that I am still allowing others determine how I feel. I have been better about that due going to meetings and listening to others. I am luck to have met some fine folks in the past year.
I know that there are other too caught in their own egos that disregard others. Yes, I ran into one last night. I will just say one thing. Its about respect to others and knowing that how a person treats another can affect their lives. Just saying you know. I should mix up my meetings a bit. Might be time.
Pat's Guitar
At La Columble 
Yes, we did have snow yesterday but here in West Philly it just all melted and it was just wet and cold most of the day. It was just a Monday you know, where we all have to start the week and keep it moving. Speaking of moving the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on Same-Sex Marriage. The laws being contested are The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California's Proposition 9 passed in 2008 which defines marriage as a union of a man and a woman.
A week from now I will be in Tampa visiting Linda and Ned. It will be nice to be in warm weather for a week. Driving back will be a trip for sure. I plan to document that.
Switching Wallets.
Proposition 8 which defines marriage as being being between a man and a woman only. I hope that the  majority of the court will expand the Equal Protection Clause and allow Gays to marry. They should enjoy and suffer just like us heterosexuals do. That is the bottom line in my mind!!
This morning Blogging

Well, a Tuesday awaits. It was a bright orange sunrise :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday 2013

Waiting for 21
Drew and I on South Street
Good Sunday the 24th. Was blogging about the Feelies and got the 21 late for the Bar None at Bridget Foy's . I  caught the 57 bus at at 4th and  Walnut where I saw a Ride the Ducks florist bus and I hope to get this bar none and not so late time not sure what I'm to do from there.
I am at the chop shop now. Guess what radio station is playing? That station they play the same 10 songs. I had a 30 min wait.

Hung out here

Across from Eddies
Bar None
After that, met up with Drew and  went to Alyan's restaurant. We hung out and he got a bite to eat. Drew went home and I caught the 40 bus from 4th and Lombard to 41st and Market and went to see Pat. We both crashed for an hour, then ate some pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. Man it was yummy! I plan to meet Larry at Saxby's  at 7:30 then to the 8 o'clock meeting
Leaving Pat's for Errands
At Chop Shop for Haircut
Good meeting! I met a couple new guys and one says there's a meeting at 45th St. so I could hang out the Earth cup for for coffee. That would be cool. I am going to Pat's he's going to sketch and I am going to watch Archer which I love that Comedy Central show. it's a really good show. Archer and Grumpy Cat recent discoveries that make my life just a little bit more fun.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday: A Busy Day!

Clean Appartment
Today is a cold morning lunch yet it was sunny cold bear report I went to meetings driving and then the Masons and goblets need handles and belt and then I went to the apple store and got think play my music and now going to the film festival and will see what happens after the film festival
Saturday I went  to the Roslyn Film Festival
The MC
I'm at the Roslyn film Festival the movies are for both Infinite. This was a Si-Fi film about connecting p with your past.  Si-Fi brain shows interviews with zombies like they are an oppressed minority.    A Christmas to Remember was about a family that encounters a burglar dressed as Santa. Its pretty cute. Signed Henry.I didn't like that one.
I-95 to a Gated Community
Dancing Outside the Box. This was about wheelchair dancing.   Blobageddon, toy soldier. It was about a father and son. the father is deployed to Iraq and leaves. The last 2 shorts were done by by the same filmmakers. They were somewhat dopey. They were called. Not so Average Joe's, and Magic Tony.
I went outside for intermission. It is now 9:30PM. The raffle to support the Roslyn Firehouse. It's HOT as hell, no circulation. I want to hit the WAWA and get back to Philly!
Got Pants at Macy's
I'm in the land of suburbia Roslyn film Festival finding out
I am at a film festival.We are listening to the filmmakers answer audience questions.
Yup At a Firehouse!!
Geez, it's was  HOT as hell in that room. I got real grumpy and wanted to leave!!! I do not like suburbia. The women are stuck up.I want back to Philly and met up with Drew at Chris Jazz House. I was not in to it at at all. I just left my grumpy self out of there!
Going to a place like a Jazz club is just not me. And not good when when tired. I was feeling dull

The Feelies at Union Transfer

At the Union Transfer March 22 2013
Friday March 22 2013.
2 sets, 4 Encores. 3 hours of non-stop jamming!
Songs from REM, Beatles, and Velvet Underground. Fantastic! I want to do it again.
Video was with IPhone 5 in existing light.
I went with Drew and he thought the show was rockin!'

This was a rockin 3 hour blast of a concert. What more can be said about a concert that had this:
4 encores, covers from Beatkes, Velvet Underground, REM, and the last song of the night "Paint It Black!"
Man I would to see them again!!

Here is another song from last night!'

The Feelies Rock Philly

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Away: An Experiment with Orange

I used Dragon Dictation and now correcting the errors that it makes.
It's good when my arm and/or thumb are tired. I will have to cut and paste this around after I go to my group & chillin with Pat. Lets just say around 10:40 to 11:57 pm. 
7 am March 21st at Bus Stop
 I am at work now after getting off the bus to do the Welfare Wakka. Pay Day is tomorrow.
I sincerely hope I will do laundry, buy pants, clean the Apartment and get a WIFI speaker for my iTunes.
I can't wait to see how my latest entry will look after revisions and when the photos are put in. The Blogger App does not have the ability for attaching photos. Maybe a late version perhaps??

Good morning on a flurry-laden Thursday morning. This year, Spring has started with cold and snow flurries. My computer is still at HP where they SHOULD scrap it and return me a NEW one. i am under warranty you know.
7:15 am
I am considering someone coming to my place one-shot deal and I'm off to work so hopefully I can get some stuff done I am not quite as exhausted as I was yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, I hung out with Pat at his humble abode.he's been inviting met for dinner He knows how to make nutritious meals. We watched 3 episodes of Archer last night. Its mellow to be at hi place with his 2 dogs and cat. I am not sure if I will see $ by the Summer when I plan a trip to Nova Scotia.
Let me put it out there, I want to take a writing/Blogging class and do my hobby of photography in a real way. This I must pray on. That is how I will be able to expand my horizons.
I am joining Larry and his wife to a art show in Roslyn Pa. Saturday night. It's toward my Mother's place in Horsham. That will be something different :)
Earlier this afternoon,  I sent the rough draft to 5 of my friends. I am curious what the reaction might be.. Well as of 10pm this evening the answer was ZILCH.
As work was winding down, i went to Facebook reading stuff on my timeline.
Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky
I read about Michelle Shocked singing that God hates fags. She is now a right wing Christian. Robert Drake of WXPN first reported this Yesterday. i happened upon a post about winning tickets to see the Feelies tomorrow night. sudden it was a contact CVS get free tickets feelings at the union transfer so instead I just decided to buy two tickets for me and for Drew. I can't wait for see them!!
this is just fantastic!! the concert starts at 830 so I have time to take care of a meeting and eat something beforehand. I got SO LUCKY! Coolness.
I am back in West Philly at Pat's house. He crashed while I was about 45 minutes late in getting to his house. After my appointment, I talked with a friend and she states she nightmares about God and the Devil competing for her attentions. I think she just needed to talk to someone about it. She hopefully will write these dreams out so that they lose the power to make her life miserable. I can only hope so.
A Normal Day at Work
Its pretty darn cold out tonight, boy it feels good to be in the glory of Pat's heater blasting warm air all around. His dogs are digging it for sure.
Well, good day

I am NOT having another one☕

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poetry at the Green Line and Stuff

Pat's Sketch
At the Green Line
It started as a good old  rainy Tuesday morning in March. I went to LaColumbe for coffee then went to Sunrise I had to leave early from Sunrise to finish my root canal. I called my regular dentist and they said that a crown is $ 725!!. That is too much   but I was told that I could get  a"buildup" that will be $170. Next year I will get the crown when I have insurance again.
Barbara at the Green Line
I  took the 42 from the dentist then the 31. That was goofy since I had to at 32nd and Market and catch the EL to 56th Street.
Good Time at the Green Line March 19 2013
Interesting news  my computer is shot. Well,I t just would not boot up last Monday when I got home back from my meeting .My tech dude spent 3 days on it. he finished restoring it and the next morning it would not start again. At that point he just had to call HP. He told me that the chip that controls the sound (THAT went out in November) caused the motherboard to malfunction I hope to get a new computer from HP.
Lookin from the Outside
I think I found another one to buy with my tax return. It's a Lenevo 510 for $375.
This way when I be broke, I will have a back up. You know windows computers are disposable. Yup, I ain't gonna pay a GRAND for a MAC. Air.
On Mar 19, 2013, at 9:10 AM, Tim said on an email   

Yo, Mark you go through 'puters like some people go through potato chips. How did it die? Like did it just quit? The hard drive crash or what?
What can I say, Tim is correct. I hope to have the HP back back this weekend.

Well, Pat Drew and I went to the Green Line at 45th and Locust. There I met Barbara Breener of "Brenner's Brew" fame. It was a nice atmosphere a nd the poetry. At the end,  poet Joanne Leva retold Herman Melville's classic Moby Dick in poetic form. She was accompanied by John Mosemann. Mr Mosemann played some crazy/funky intraments that made the mood stand out. I really enjoyed this very much. It did remind me of Bogarts Books on some weekends of live music.
This site will have links to the videos I took by TODAY MARCH 2 6pm. This is because my computer went to "sleep" and I had to upload the videos over again. I have the computer not sleeping for 5 hours.
Its sunny out now at 9:08am
Here is a video. Its now 5;45