Friday, January 29, 2016

Thursday, January 28: Snow is Out of the Way.

Well, it's 630 P a.m. I did not feel so great and I figured I better sleep in. I think that was the sound decision. Anyhow I cut the 48 it was regular
23rd Street Near Fairmount
 stop for the first time in a week and the bus took forever to get that
downtown because of the bad traffic. That's the problem with sleeping in is that the traffic is god awful
1st Day at Normal Stop
on the bus. So I got in at 9:20 and got credit for coming in at 9:15 AM. I had two clients waiting got them
out of the way fairly quickly. I did order some Chinese without rice but I think I'm going to save that for
Clear Sidewalk
dinner or before group etc. It's a cool sunny day here and west Philadelphia. Like I said I got group
At Fresh Grocer
tonight and possibly a date Saturday after 4 PM. That's a make up day for Tuesday night which
was postponed due to the busing and the weather. So I did get my vitamins yesterday and I'll take
them with my lunch today. I did go to the fresh grocer and got myself my lunch provisions which included
Sky Above Work Parking Lot
salad greens seltzer water orange juice and yogurt. I think got two boxes of cereal for breakfast.
57th Looking South
Afterwords I saw two clients and slog though the rest of work. I then left work around 515. Super small about

15th Street
seven of us. I took a break and went out and sent pictures of myself and others in the 80s. It was pretty funny to send it out on
Top Stories
the Internet.
Afterwards, I talk to the parents for a while and we went to
PECO Building
chipotle and that was pretty good. After that I walked about a third of the way home. Once
It Arrives
I caught the bus it's zoomed myself home really fast. While waiting for the bus I took a bunch of pictures
Butters Being Cute
and I like some home a lot. I then came home and Sharon had cooked up some yummy fish and green
Sharon's Fish
vegetables which was very good.

Wednesday, January 27: Sick at the Start but Now Go 2 Go😎

The Well after a fitful sleep where I ran a fever and felt like I was hung over. I got up at 6:30 AM. I managed to rouse myself up and go to the sunrise this morning.
The speaker was probably the best speaker I've
Cool Tunes on Uber
seen since I've been there. Earlier I got a ride through Uber because the 48 was detoured and taking forever. The music was in the Uber was pretty good too! Anyhow,
Facing 20th and Walnut
I hung out with Dean afterwords at the Saxby's and left him a five spot. He lives closer
Waiting for the 21 Bus
now. I slowly got better and got there today
in pretty good shape. I didn't really any lunch
58th Looking North
because I wasn't hungry. I was very thirsty though and drank three things of water today. I rode up
Takes Forever to Load
two packets got an error and one of them and I'm mad at you go through half of the alerts that I had
Paper and Numbers Man
to get done. It wasn't a bad day at all. I got my order of fish oil today at the office. Annex went
to the fresh grocer to use their Wi-Fi and
Elixr Cafe Playing Feelies
checking what's been going on on the Internet since I got to
Paying for My Decaf!
work. Not so much. I then eventually caught the EL and went to Elixr Café. Guess what they were playing.
A Pensive Man
The Feelies Crazy Rhythms. I was pretty PSYCHED 😉☕️😜
Thanks Elixr Café!!!! Well I finished yesterday's blog post and updated today's blog post after the feelings they played Bing Crosby and then some cheesy 80s music. It was worth to hear the Feelies out in the open. I'm now running late to my appointment got to split now it's 7:26 PM. Therapy went well and had some things
to think about. Then Amy called and we talked while I was in the Starbucks using their Wi-Fi. I just bought
1420 Walnut
new headsets at 5 below and Amy has her backpack waiting for me. It's an L.L. Bean. Her kids are into
Getting Feb Transpass
the big backpacks there into the sport backpacks. I'm not sure what that means but whatever I'm
New Headphones
gonna have a high-quality backpack. It's starting to get colder and I'm going to head home
Randell Cunningham
on the 48. I just went to suburban station and bought my February Transpass.
I saw something on Facebook my brother put up back in the Randall Cunningham Keith Byers days. I took a picture
My Choice of Routes
2nd Bus is Mine
of one thing it's Keith buyers really hitting somebody hard. I then eventually got home on the 48. I ended up
On my iPhone
going to Bishops collar to get their chili since I figured Sharon was out of some some date she was going
Take Out at the Bishops
on at Rembrandt's.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tuesday, January 26: Long Day but a Decent Day!

Woke up to This
Well this morning I got up in time for the sunrise I thought but after a long shower and eating and figure how to hell I was going to get Center City without the 48 running again I was very late. I at least showed up late with Barbara so
I wasn't alone. Well I got to work on time today.
Navigating the Snow
I attempted to clean my sanction
Mike and Dean
mess that I left behind Friday. None of my people showed up but then again I didn't schedule a lot of
people one person was absent had all her people show up so there was a bit of a scramble.
My Desk
I skipped lunch and work right through. I wore my nice jacket and my best but I lost my hat. That's OK
Fresh Grocer Parking Lot
since it's pretty mild out here as of 5:23 PM I was to meet a date at 6 PM.
The date bailed till
Route 48 Down!
later this week because the buses were not running well in her area. And she didn't feel all that great☹
Today's News
I checked my messages earlier and I didn't see any message from her then they all came at once
Not Meeting a Date
about 6:03 PM today minutes ago. I'm  finished the soup @ the restaurant.
I am at Starbucks at 3rd and Arch. I kill some time before going to
Tasty Soup
the GSR meeting at 444 N. 3rd St. I got really tired but maybe
Add caption
the meeting about two minutes late along with someone else. The meeting lasted from 730 to about
Starbucks @ 3rd and Arch
9:30 PM I  then volunteered to be the Grapevine  Rep  4 the district. I'll be heading having free subscriptions mailed to my house and then I bring
Meeting Place
them over to the meeting. Next I left the meeting
and proceeded to wait for the 48 which didn't show up. Me and a nice woman split a cab fare up to
Fairmount. When I got home I ate leftovers and felt completely exhausted and just crashed at
Add caption
11:15 after talking with Amy for a minute. I could not BELIEVE how tired I was. I must really need it.