Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20: The Commute

Well I got up pretty much immediately. I had in my mind that I wanted to get to to work 
a bit early to check up to some cereal and get myself organized before the 
 n the rush of clients hits. Did you know if this date 1969 we landed on the moon. I know that it's a good habit 
 ommemorative poster for that. I say sarcastically from the Virginia Slims commercial
 from that year. "You've come a long way  baby." Apparently the Republican
 majority is The Pennsylvania legislature wants to expand gambling in another way.
 They want to make 10 "satellite" casinos. They better handle of the rise can bring in Pennsylvania and make me a FedEx then raise any contacts us to solve this huge deficit! Decided to get off the block early and go to the Y won't get coffee. It's proud of the boy people move in that place.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday, July 19: Hot N Busy

Good day everyone. If you're getting half dissent night
 sleep after 
 watching the Phillies play the Royals in 1980, I woke
 up and decided to stay up and set of going back to sleep. My room was comfortable but it's pretty hazy 
 ut there. I got the 48 bus after much you want breakfast and feeding one of the cats. 
 ell of course the 7 bus is right behind the 48 bus per usual. I edited yesterday's blog posting and read about the fire department official being accused of insurance
 fraud by 
 leaning your car was stolen when she tortured in Washington DC. Anyhow I got to work with but early 
 nd it was a good thing because supervisor showed up about two minutes after I did as I was heading 
 o the men's room to get changed. Well I had a couple of high maintenance clients 
 t took up a lot of time today. Despite that I cleared most of them up. It was a good thing that came today
 because tomorrow I have a bunch of people schedule and being with them read it made the day much
 more difficult. So there were 23 people who didn't show up to the program last week and the week before
 combined. The list is made up of people who were at differently we checked it at a later date then the 
 ppointment. I have this hangnail that's really gotten under my thumb
 and now I'm getting I think an infection in the skin puffy it hurts to like unbutton
  my pants I can feel it a lot more each each day goes by so I might have to go to the doctors and get the thing taken care of. It's pretty 
 ot today. That's for sure I didn't go outside for lunch. I did manage to stay at work longer than I intended but it 
 orked for me in the source and I didn't get caught. I left around 515. I just miss the EL and instead
 of being 30 minutes or five minutes it was closer to 10 to 15 minutes. SEPTA tends to do that sometimes. It's
 now 5:37 PM. Well the Obamacare repeal bill and replacement is still alive barely but they're going to vote on it next week. This is
 after saying they were going to vote on it. All the Republicans
 care about is keeping their power. That's the motivation behind the boat as well as tax cuts for the rich and ideological purity.

Tuesday, January 18 : Decent Day in the Heat

Well after an interesting sleep I got up showered and got myself ready for 
 ork. I didn't get to eat breakfast so I'm gonna see if I can get some milk at the 7-Eleven I'm in Rite 
 id and have cereal at work. I came to the bus stop just in time as BOTH The 48 and 
 he seven bus came rolling down 23rd St. I took the 17th so I knew the trolleys for running for the first time in a week. It is now 2:19 PM. I'm taking lunch I'm going to the Bodega. 

 etting  ater from myself and I DeskMate and getting a soda for myself and some chips. 
 t is pretty warm out here. I got myself a little trouble because I left my pants hanging in the stall
 in the bathroom so I can't hang up my clothes in the clothes hanger. 
 ou know somebody always has to make a big deal out of stuff so my soup is pretty
 cool about it. I'm just going to have to clean out my dryer put 
 y pants in my drawers. And then somebody said they saw the
 mouse running through my middle drawer and I have no food
 there so I just threw out the papers and cleaned it out. But in running 
 o the cleaning crew guy who play tattletale. I'm just gonna pretend it
 didn't happen. I ended up leaving and heading to the electric cafĂ©. They have a closing because they were having hipster party full of really cool people. Anyhow
 the coffee was good and I had a nice comfortable chair 
  could just zone out on. I want to my session and that went pretty well
. I'd like the positive vibes that were encouraged. Anyhow I came home made my pastor talked on the phone and then watch the Phillies play the Kansas City Royals from 1980 on YouTube. It's really fun to watch that stuff I think. Ha ha


Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday, July 17: A Simple Monday

Well after fitful sleep because of electronics, I got up through on my 
 horts packed my bag and got going. The 48 
 us stop there was confusion thinking the bus was stopping somewhere else but we found out that
 was for Bastille day on Saturday. I found out that the trolleys are running. They made that 
 nnouncement. I spent most of my
 commuting time editing yesterday's blog post. I deleted
 a bunch of videos made some stills from 
 he videos and try to get as much done before I have to step in to work. There is 
 o reception at work at all. Well I got to work late but my 
Supervisor was later so that worked out well for me today. Today I worked on my weekly list. Actually 

 t's two weekly list which I combined on one page. Anyhow, I got 

 ost of them done which I was pleased about. Going to be us weekly list coming 
 ut tomorrow so I really wanted to get this one taken care of. I had some leftover pasta 
 or lunch and just grind it away at work. It was nice and uneventful day.
 Well I managed to get it River for
 a put on the system before anyone caught me. I then changed and 
 eaded to the market Frankford now to catch the train to downtown
 as per usual. Got off the EL and I'm working up Walnut Street and it looks like 
 t might rain. Well I came to Coffee Joe's in 
a cloudy day. Pennsylvania is the 42nd best run state in the country. Our budget 
 ijinks says rated us very low. They pass up spending band without a 
 evenue plan. Well it's time to heading to the church of the holy Trinity. And 
 fter the meeting gonna make a phone call hopefully talk. Well it's 9:25 PM and I could talk and cooked up 
 ome dinner after going to CVS. 
 ig news on the healthcare front today. It looks like 2 more Republicans defected i'm supporting the bill   so it appears at this time that the bill is dead. We can only hope that's true