Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday September 17: Meeting, Waiting and Fake Drums

When I woke up this morning reasonably  early and 
 ent to the OCF coffee house. I first had to cross the car that that was the rock 'n' roll Marathon. There were 
eople ringing bells and screaming them on. It turns out that Wes 
 verslept. That was OK because Mike was there and I was actually social before the meeting. I 
 as also on that site well talking on my phone. So after that I 
 ecided to take a walk to Brewerytown. Wes lives there now and it's a part of 
 hilly close by I don't get to see very often. I don't tend to explore. So this is the second 
 eekend that I've explored down there. It's a little more funky but it's not too bad at all. 
 ess of the perfect households with strollers running around. 
 nlike last week I didn't almost buy a $300 bike. I ended up running into Wes who said he woke up late for the earlier 
 eeting and he was going to be seeing 

 is daughter soon. I came home and relaxed that something that drink. I also decided to take a 
 ap. I like my Saturday afternoon naps they're pretty fun. I'm just checking things out and I enjoyed the walk. People are  moving out there because 
the area I live near Fairmount Avenue 
 s so wildly expensive to buy and to rent  as well. Well after my nap I decided I would deliver my music to the Q do we do laundromat. I took a uber pool and I went on a very zigzagging horse
 as a woman picked up two other passengers. Fortunately other people took up the slack and open the door and made the coffee for the 60 minutes.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday, September 16: Photography, Wynnewood, and West Philly

Man oh man I got up from my  sleep in a weird dream, I woke up to a nice but 
 umid morning. I was going to try to bring the photo go to the meeting
 and then go to West Philadelphia. Wes left a message but he didn't feel well and have a visit 
 amantha. I looked at the clock and realize by Thomas 
 finished eating and setting up it was going on 10 o'clock and I need it but the shower 
 really bad boiling hot. I did figure out how to set up the wiring on the AC Moore frames. I 
 ound a good extra thick now that made hammering a lot easier to get done without 
 pending a ton of time on it. I was doing well which is good. I went down to Staples to 
 rint out labels for the photographs. That's a little bit of time and 
 hen I ended up taking Uber back after I went to the Ritttenhouse fine art sale that's going on along 
 alnut Street in Ritttenhouse SQ. Well when I got there I noticed there was 
  little cubbyhole area if you got a few stairs where the show be going
 on. There was a woman and she's going to be putting up the work along with the gallery director. Well PATRICK invited 
 e to come over and have lunch with him and
 help him with his chemo account which was compromised. Well it ended up unplanned meeting at the Starbucks on Malik and would actually came to freshen. So I made a change of plans 
 nd took the EL in the palely train to Mary Ann. That went pretty smoothly I 
 ot the Marion and it was about him a mile to Montgomery Avenue and where the Starbucks was. I first she was that another Starbucks closer to Saint Joe's University in to the line Avenue. He agreed to come to my place. We hung out for about an hour and it was pleasant and civil.
 She's pretty zesty for life and goes to school and works full-time and has 11-year-old kid. I thought I got back from the suburbs I went into town charged up my phone and headed towards Pats. Before that ho
wever I agreed to go to 22nd St. between Walnut and Locust to look at a place for my friend who's moving back to Philly after she comes back from LA. Arrival is it going to be interesting for sure. Lacy moving into seems to be pretty nice it's called chamfer Street and Locust. I'm not sure exactly what you're supposed to arrive

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday, September 15: Warm Payday

Well I woke up in some sort away this morning. I didn't get to see Tom and 
 ang out with a little bit this morning we can't without the usual stuff 
 orking women stuff. Bicarb on my large buffet but that I had to just open one of them purposely at work on my big list. I went out for lunch and it was pretty damn humid. I went to the Banega and got some water Pepsi and chips. 
  got some ice tea is well for next week. So I slogged
 the way and people are in good spirits since it was a Friday. I finished up work and headed on downtown where I was meeting a friend down 
 t eighth and Sansom. I eventually got some coffee and mellowed out a little bit. I then met up and had the most delicious dinner
 made by her friend. It was quite 
 asty. I then hung out for a while and then fell asleep actually. The bad news is I've run out of room for photos for my 
 log. I'm waiting for the creator 
 f Blogger plus lock touch plus to write me back so maybe I can stop this problem again. This is probably the third time
 that I've had this issue with running out of room for photos. Well the 
 eekends coming up and I got paid I'm hoping some of this computer problem it would be nice