Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday, January 30: A Good Day of Working It

Near Bust Stop at 24th
Good day my winter or your friends. I got up went back to sleep and it was 6:50 AM and I cited I
19th and Walnut
didn't get the sunrise. I wanted to get the even if I was going to be running late. I got there and it was the
Funny Idea
first tradition. Mason basic the way I like it. I got to work a tiny bit late. Once there at work, right now many
interviews and that was good. Actually a very good workday. The managers allowed me to stay an
The Fax at Work
extra 45 minutes and I got a whole shitload of carfare done. It's  not all of it, but I go about two
56th Station
thirds of it,😄
I'm in much better shape for Monday. Just before I left work I was called by someone with a relationship
specialist. I scheduled myself for an interview with Philadelphia singles
 out in Valley Forge @ 4pm. It should be an
Pat's Radio Transmitter
experience even if they don't accept  me.
The background, I was at my computer and this thing called
mature dating came up and I I thought it was pretty interesting but I bet the fee is really high!
it watched a YouTube video about postwar Germany in the mid 40s after the Nazis fell on upstairs
Puddles the Clown. Last Winter Fave
extensively to sleep it's 11 o'clock time to go out in the brave tundra
Add caption
get the hell home. I need to get my beard shaved hopefully my favorite hairstylist will have room if not
Phone call
homebody's going to cut my face facial hair
I'm at Pat's. I'm on the first floor and he's upstairs  asleep. I'm gonna catch the The 11:34 PM  bus and then
catch the 7 bus home . I won't be home till later my landlord informed me that some of my mail
1990 Again?
and the former roommates mail was tied up on the screen door so I just walked back to my old place.
View from 4405
I did get the mail exactly where you said it was. interesting thoughts in my mind now. Is it like 1992 again?
Lost Mail
When  I'm enjoying my life then I just jumped out of it into something else. I hope I listen to friends this time around. I decided to walk and hopefully make it 22nd St. Fortunately the 42 bus came just in time I would've missed the 12:41 AM route 7

Walking by Drexel

bus. It came about a minute early and that would've been sad and cold. So I'll get home about 50
minutes later but I did at least get the last of the junk mail from 4405 Sansom.well I came home and watch the little Bellmore and turn on my electric blanket to keep warm. Well I did a little searching on the Valley Forge Pl. and it sounds like a big old scam so I'm gonna blow those people off you can read that here. 

Route 42
It is really cold and it's supposed to remain cold and we might have a nice snowfall Sunday. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday January 29th: A Late Start

Good morning. I decided to sleep in since I was SO tired. I had the most intense dream from
Add caption
6:30 to 8am. My teeth got all messed up by dental floss. I was seeing old friends for some vacation.
I thought it was 10am not 8am. Well, I ate some Joe's O's with milk and that was nice. I read that SEPTA is
View from Art Museum
getting the 15th Street subway concourse and tunnel fixed up. Problem is that it will not START till 2016. It will be finished in 2020. That
Spring Garden Off ramp
will be 1 year before I can retire. Well I was running so late. It was 9:21 AM so I took a cab to work.
Market Street West Philly
This where I could get the work between 930 and 935 instead of 10 AM. I've got carfare tons of people to

see. It's not quite as bitter cold this morning that again I slept an hour and a half later too.

Work was pretty darn busy and I work like a feverish full in love with his own bad self. But it was steady
Cheap Pepsi Sold Here
and I think the fact we got to our Texas sleep helped a lot. I was able to ignore the blabbing that goes
Lunchtime Sky
on Thursdays. I stayed after work and hung out a little bit and talk to some good stuff. I'm now going
Editing Myself
to group. I'm first going to get a cuppa Joe and be a little bit late. Generally things don't really stop
Panoramic View of Elixir Coffee
till about 620 to 6:30 PM. Well I decided to take a pit stop at Elixir
Walnut Street

coffee which is actually a little closer than the Starbucks and definitely a funk your hip or joint with tasty
At Elixir Cafe
coffee and by the way. I just listen to these girls trying to bring in a new an associate to sell
The 1420
some kind of product. I'm so thankful that I don't have to try to earn a living doing that. Group
In the Living Room
was definitely good News about relationships. It was eye-opening. I was able to catch the 21 and seven showed up very quickly which was a relief. Came home and saw Sharon take care of some financial stuff and I can heat up some pasta. Bring got into an auto accident but she tells me she's okay which is a dam good thing. Chill out now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tuesday, January 27: Wake Up to the Hype!! Storm a BUST!!

Good morning all you snowbirds. The huge historic snowstorm to turned into a 2 inch bust. John Bolaris  and all those bubble headed

Pretty but NO Big Deal. Taken at 9:30 anm
 "meteorologists" hype this thing up for revenue generation.
Yup!! Except BOLARIS
That might received plenty of revenue from their HYPED-UP forecasts,  but they sure blew the forecast. Some even had the guts to
Add caption
admit it unlike Polaris. Anyhow I still have a two hour delay so I took my time getting up. Well, I guess I better get dressed to get some
Add caption
coffee and wait for SEPTA to show up. I heard they went on "modified schedule" could be a while till I get there.

Rybread this Morning
I'm guessing about 10am.  Meteorologists, Yup they sure blew it. This about equals the
My Route to Work
infamous "storm of the century" type that happened in the late 90s. I was working the flowers your own and
The 48 Arrives
lost lots of weight just because the flower show was curtailed and there was no snow. Well I went to the right bread got some coffee and
On the Trolley
caught the bus at the bus stop.The detour finally ended😎

I expect to be at work b10:41 AM. I got told Levin until I'm considered
 late. Hopefully none of my clients showed up yet! It's 2:42 PM and I just made a video of the driving
Computer Issues Again
conditions near my office and I got something to   drink.
Work was pretty mellow
After Work
today. When I walked in there were three people in the waiting room and the phone didn't bring that
much when I was at my desk. Only two of my original 12 people came in. I did think ahead and
Roof Collagse
reschedule at least six others. I took the L to 15th St. where I decided to go to elixir café. I got a call from
Roof Collapse
someone that a meeting at law Columbia up and Frankford on Sunday at one. They were very articulate on current affairs and it
Elexir Coffee
was very enjoyable. Next thing you know it it's 10 of seven and I hadn't even started blogging. Editing my blog
17th and Delancey
to make it look pretty. I'm going to be late for the gratitude and I probably won't be able to sit around the nice
comfort table because I'm going to be at least 10 minutes late. Well it ended about 10 after eight which is pretty good.
Getting Colder
I'm out here at my usual stomping ground of 22nd St. I was fortunate enough to catch the 21 from 17th St. and save myself some trudging
Cool News App
in the cold. Speaking of cold it's 28° with a crisp breeze. The five day forecast is showing some pretty
Getting Home
damn cold weather coming.. The picture of me looking tired is on the seven bus it came fairly quickly after I  
Creating this Posting
  missed the 48. No after I got off the seven, I remembered that Sharon had wanted me to get some
At Bishops
new milk. I went today AM/PM didn't have it and CVS had exactly one left. I also noticed at CVS charged a
dollar 79 for yogurt and the a.m. p.m. mini mart charged a dollar 49 for the same brand yogurt. Well I
decided to see if Shannon was at Bishops and she was and we hung out for a bit. We
One of the 3 Cats
came home with some dinner and Sharon celebrated her birthday till midnight.