Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crusin in West Philly

Cold Sunday of the Wolf Moon.

Today is a VERY cold Sunday and I just found out that that the last full-moon was a wolf moon according to Native Nmerican tradition. It appears whiter and brighter. I wish I could get a hold of my old Jr. High Teacher Mr. Bornfriend. I am not sure I Its a coincidence that our pup Wolfe died on the very week. It is the last day in Jan 2010 and we have been offered another opportunity to be involved in the Arts District. We will see if its a real opportunity but its nice to know that someone is interested in having us involved. We will see. Well, I have been put on Shovel duty for the house. See ya.

President Obama Calls Out House Republican

He did a nice job. He was calm cool and collected. Check out this exchange with REP. JEB HENSARLING, R-TEXAS at the end of the 1 hour discussion that was held yesterday Jan 29th. The president stood up for his record and laid out who lead our country to a huge deficit and a great recession. I think President Obama had that beer!!
I am not the only one who thinks the President looked good and beat back the ole Republican talking points (Note please allow Windows Media Player to run)

Here is a statement by Derek Thompson from the Atlantic that sums it up:
First of all, the statement that old Republican deficits have now become monthly Democratic deficits is just plain false. Bush ran up deficits as high as $400 billion. The smallest deficit he ran in his last six years was $160 billion in 2007. Twelve-times-$160 billion makes $1.9 trillion, which is half a trillion more than our deficit in 2009, or our projected deficit in 2010.


Today we had a cold snow. It was about 5 inches or so. It was very pretty.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your Millville Commission at Work

Several weeks ago, while walking my dogs, I was going toward the construction site for the Riverfront Condos and underneath the Brandriff Ave bridge was this UGLY graffiti. I decided that I should call our City Commission. I email 3 of the Commissioners and each responded the same day and said it would be taken care of. Today my dog Jesus and I went for a walk in the snow and saw that ALL of the graffiti was cleaned up.
Thank you for your quick and effective response

Friday, January 29, 2010

Levoy to Open by Christmas

The Levoy theatre near my house is to open by December 25 2010!!!!
Kerry Ogren, son of Arthur J. Ogren Construction in Vineland, which was awarded the roughly $6.5 million renovation contract, spoke at Kwannis. He states that they will use local venders.
This is the same company that built the Jaycee Plaza (I think) and has been involved in other projects. They are a family business and this will be a crowning achievement if they can finish on time and on budget. I wish them luck. I think this is a partnership which will benefit both parties. I think it already has!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Full Moon Thursday

It was just "one of those days." There is no other way to describe it. I first forgot to set the alarm and woke up 3 hr late. I was tired and disorientated but at least I got to drive in to work. On the way to work I listened to the Michael Smerconish show where this Doctor stated that he interviewed hundreds of folks who had near-death experiences. In short, all the experiences were identical no matter the faith or personal background of the person. At work a co-worker's computer made a noise that was nothing short of loud!

I was subject to it half the day. I had folks walk in and have issues that I had to resolve on the spot. I got an email alert that JD Salinger died today at age 91. It was strange since we talked about the Catcher in the Rye being one of the MOST Banned books in the United States. In fact it is still being banned today I then learned around Noon that my dog Wolfie died this morning. I was driving to bury him and noticed the full moon and I thought well that explains it..

"Here in this darkness, I know what I've done, I know all at once who I am"
-Steely Dan
Don't Take Me Alive

"Sharing the things we know and love with those of our kind"
"A world of my own; I'll make it my home sweet home"
-Steely Dan
Deacon Blues

Rest in Peace Wolfie

You were a good soul!


This is real!!

Alternate Worker went out on Home Visit to meet with client who according to her regular worker,is paralyzed. Worker called client a couple of times on her phone from Ave and Blvd Strip Mall. Client finally returned worker phone call,twenty minutes later and stated she was in the same strip mall standing outside a Bank. Client stated she just came back from Doctor Appointment. When Client arrived at her home,client neice asked her what is wrong with client because client was limping up the stairs back to her apartment. While interviewing client,she stated that she has Cancer,and that she just survived a couple of Strokes. Alternate Home Visit worker is turning over client file to regular ongoing worker.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

News and Views

Well, I wake up this morning to that they are trashing Steve Wymbs . Then I read in the AC Press that the Riverfront Condos are lifting the age restriction. Man, that news is at least 3 weeks old. the Zoning Board voted to allow the developer to lift this restriction on the 1st Thursday of this month. Why report it late?? The article is very well-written I must say. Well, its 5:34am and I must be on my way to the welfare wakka to issue the February carfare. I will uplug the phone and start on my 126 clients (that number is a guess) and give out $78 so they are not stuck at their houses.
Here is what I will be doing in 10 minutes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dreams Books, IKEA and Football

Started the day late since I slept till about 11. I had some strange dreams. One was having 2 jobs in which I did not sleep between them and my car was broken down. Next a dream about India having bloody street fighting and folks fleeing to China..
Sunday!Anyhow, walked the dogs and then talked to my brother about the current political situation and Dan Deardoff who is really bad at football announcing. Went to Bogarts and got some good bus ride reading material. Its a relaxing and mellow scene at that bookstore , the ONLY one in Cumberland County New Jersey!! Went to the Crowe's to help them with building IKEA furniture. We all KNOW how EASY that is. I was then fed well and then watched the last quarter and the overtime of the NFC Championship game. It was well-played game and the Vikings and Saints were evenly matched. The end of the game was very exciting with Brett Farve throwing a crucial interception at the end of regulation. In overtime the Saints almost dropped the ball several time but they won on a 40 year Field Goal. Can you believe the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl?? They are going to be big underdog against the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks.Its going to be a rainy start of the week but like today its going to be mild.
A friend is going to be engaged as announced in Facebook and there will not be a job change coming up soon. We have no more cat in our studio. I guess I have to call up to see if I am working at the Philly Flower Show for the 12 year. It does not excite me like it did before. I guess since I am so far behind at work the thought of standing for 12 hours straight with hardly a break is not what it used to be. As Homer Simpson said " I will always be tired again!!

Why Health Care Reform is DEAD

I give you the Senate of the United States of America and its sponsors.I hear now that the Obama admin is gonna give up on the proposal that would BAN insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditons. This just sucks.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Health Care Reform is Dying

I saw this and it just captures my thoughts about the Mass. election.
This site is pretty funny

see more funny facebook stuff!

Saturday at Ostara Yoga

Its a Saturday and started the morning with a good cup of joe and then off to Ostara Yoga. I got some good stretches going on. Its a nice small class and they are cool people. I enjoy the peace and quiet and mental health benefits that I derive from going every Saturday morning at the Energy Center at 10:30am We then were invited to see a video in production. This was a song created from a poem by a local pastor. Man, he has quite a voice and his friends were very nice. It was nice to meet new people. Its a new opportunity. I just found a neat website that you can send private videos. Those in the know will receive the link. Its infomational and FUN!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pile ON

Well, Yesterday did all these overpayment and helped Carolyne with her resume. She is interviewing with a well-known person in Cumberland County. I believe its to promote a book. It sounds like a cool job and it will be part-time.
I missed Carl's Artists nite but I got slept pretty well. Still bummed out that Obama is getting the ole Clinton 1994 treatment for trying to fix the WORST economy since the Great Depression but hell Republicans have this cynicism thing down pat!
I took PATCO for the FIRST time ever. Its pretty good and it gets me to the Walter Rand pretty Quickly

Republicans are Laughing NOW

Well, they got their wish. No healthcare reform the Republicans can trash Obama like they did with Clinton in 1994. I think Jon Stewart said it best: STEWART: So there you go. Democrats have lost one special Senate election in our nation's 15th most populous state. Let me see if I can break this down for you in mathematical terms: there has been a two percent swing in the power differential for 50 percent of our legislative branch of government, which of course makes up 33 percent of the federal hierarchy, so it's... let's put it another way.


What the f*#ck? Two percent of 50 percent of thir-... oh right, I forgot! As the 41st member of the minority party, Brown will now be imbued with near limitless power over financial, military, and social policy, just as our founders had intended.

And so it is at ah... 11:04 fake Eastern standard time we at The Daily Show are gonna call it. Scott Brown is now apparently the 45th president of these United States Of America! Wooo! Yeah baby! Welcome. It has been a long incredibly grueling couple

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Millville Police Dispatch

The Police Advisory Committee met last night. New City Prosecutor Lauren Van Embden was the invited guest. The committee discussed various matters. The topic most on the minds of the committee was the proposal to layoff the police dispatchers and move all services to Cumberland County. We were told that the county sent a request for information to the police chief in December. It was a long list of questions to be returned so that the county could tell the police what the will and will not provide. The police do not know what all the details at this time but the County did say to the Chief that only basic emergency services would be provided. The committee was informed that the police department would have to pull police off the streets to answer calls. The overwhelming majority of the police in NJ that participate in the County dispatches have 5-10 police officers. Millville is ranked 58th in the state for the number of police officers.
A committee member stated that the 911 ends up transferring to the Millville dispatch. I know this to be true in my experience. Millville has 6 dispatchers at present. The city claims that the ending of the dispatch will save $450,000. The plans for the 2011 budget are starting and decisions will be made starting in the spring and by July the outlines of the budget will be made. At this time it is still just a proposal amongst many to save $$ for next year's budget. The city is in a position where it can not raise taxes 2 years in a row. This issue will be covered and discussed further by the city and this blog as well as the proposal is further developed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Trip to Leesburg Etc...

Yesterday we and the dogs went on a small road trip to Maurcetown, Leesburg and Port Norris. It was a dreary rainy day but the dogs really had a fun time and it was good to get outta town for a bit. Carolyne wanted to check out North Avenue Gifts in Port Norris. She and the owner (who has it up for sale) had a good discussion about the nature of business in this area. Some friends of mine are gonna put their house for sale someday. Possible sooner then we all think.They are doing lots of renovations this week.In this year. Who knows what might happen this year Next checked out Poetry on High at Bogarts, came home and cooked up some greens with tofu and goat cheese. I of course added spices to make it yummy. Steve has inspired us to eat better and its not all that hard to cook. Take it from a man who use to just cook pasta and rice with Indian food. Happy MLK Day Y'all!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Feelies

A band I really dug in the 80's and early 90's.Here is their Facebook page

Listen to this song. "Slipping (Into Something) - 1986

A Tragic Incident

It was today Sat Jan 16 about 7pm.

I was walking my dogs and just when I was to cross High Street at Pine Street, I saw a child collopsed on the street. All I know is that he is 5 years old. Hope he is ok.

Saturday Errends

I had some errends to do on glasses from America's Best Eyglasses. So far so with the new glasses. I then took RT 55 from the mall where Main Rd in Vinland turns into Millville and picked up a cell that was left. at an appartment near the Hobbies R Us store. I was then ready to go home and take care of other intems. It was a nice day to take a short ride

Saturday, January 16, 2010

3rd Friday Jan 15rh 2010

Well, This past Friday, 3rd Friday, I drove the car to work. Boy its fun but I did wish I had my glasses (got them today Saturday) and the radio stations would stop sucking. I did get to the end of Rt 55 and WXPN had a good tune on and I decided I would take a video. It was making a soundtrack to start the day and this blog entry. Work was buzy and its obvious that I did not get done all that stuff that was listed in the early morning email we all got. The weekend started Friday evening after work, when I dropped off Lauren Lopez's work at the Rite Aide a block away from work. Seen here is one of my favorites. It looked so good in our gallery along with the others. We have more art from others who have not picked it up as of yet. We got some food at New York Style pizza and stayed in for the night. Third Friday's ain't what they used to be but that's the way life goes. Heard Brainchurch was busy. Steve and his brother played. One day I am going to have to go see them play someday soon. Well, on to Saturday

Friday, January 15, 2010

All in a Day's Work

1) Crane’s overpayment project for carfare. Due today.

2) 2) Don’t forgrt to do overpayments for all negative rejections that we gave out transpasses t..

3) update log book and do overpayments for all people that do not bring back receipts for special allowances.

4) 4) the 300 plus non-compliant name list was due 1-11

5) 5) packet of 5 reports from downtown. Due 1-12

6) scaning and imaging. The 7 amrs you submit for review at end of the month must be scanned.

7) 7)don’t forget to close cash or submit names in sanction book on all no shows.

8) )schedule and clear 155 and 156 alerts daily

9) I will be giving you Feb. transportation list shortly.

10) 10) keep log of food stamps people getting carfare and 18 year old in high school

Glad its 3rd Friday. Having Chinese today to get me energy and giving back artwork to one of our former artists

Good News for South Jersey Commuters

As reported in the Jan 14th Phila Inquirer:

Proposed rail projects on the Philadelphia waterfront and in South Jersey got a significant boost yesterday when federal transportation officials announced plans to rescind Bush administration restrictions on transit spending.
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the Obama administration wanted greater flexibility to pay for transit projects that could provide an economic boost or benefit the environment.

That could make it easier to get federal money for a proposed $1.5 billion light-rail line from Camden to Gloucester County and for a $500 million light-rail line along the Philadelphia waterfront.
The $1.5 billion South Jersey project is proposed to run 18 miles alongside a Conrail freight line and serve Glassboro, Pitman, Mantua, Wenonah, Woodbury, Deptford, West Deptford, Westville, Bellmawr, Brooklawn, and Gloucester City.

The line would connect to PATCO and River Line trains at the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden, where passengers could catch trains to Philadelphia or Trenton.

The first leg, between Camden and Woodbury, could be operational in five years.

Gov. Corzine committed $500 million in state funding to help build the line, and transit officials said they hoped to get state, federal, and corporate funding for the rest.

Most of the DRPA's money comes from tolls paid by drivers who cross the agency's four bridges over the Delaware River.

Without substantial federal aid, the most likely source of money for the rail lines would be higher bridge tolls. Auto tolls are scheduled to rise by $1, to $5, on July 1, 2011. That revenue is committed to paying off existing debt and maintenance and repair projects that are already scheduled.

The new policy won't take effect until the FTA prepares rules and a 60-day public comment period is held. The rule-making process could take at least six months

As I reported in 2007, this line is to continue to Millville one day. Hopefully before 2022 when I turn 60 and can just sit on a comfortable train to my work in Philly. It is a dream that I live in a place with a train line near it and it may happen before I die. YESSS!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

News for Jan 2010

Well I am sure y'all tired of my bus stories and the Bridge Plaza so lets return to Millville.
Judge Paul Porecca lost HIS lawsuit against the city. The Judge hearing the case said that all the items were corrected prior to the lawsuit. That was not good enough so he brought a second lawsuit to have his attorney’s fees paid ($65,000). The city countered to have their fees paid and the judge ruled that his attorney was not entitled to having the city pay his attorney’s fees because he did not win. Millville then dropped its countersuit to have its fees paid. The total cost was over $60,000. Boy what a waste of taxpayer money!! The ONLY one's who made out were, of course, were the lawyers.
Millville First incorrect statements they presented an 8 page report that outlines several give backs that they would like to have NJMP agree to. It appears that Millville First have the timelines incorrect on when the 200 acres were to be purchased and the creation of 1500 jobs would be at the completion of the project (7-10 years) not within the first 2 years of operation. They have also stated that there have been no economic benefit to NJMP. It was not mentioned that the City has approved 3 hotels. I think its only because of NJMP. Do you think they would be built or EVEN conceived in this slowing economy?? The present economic situation has slowed the projects. It still has to go back to the planning board. Could there be someone from the city or the Commission giveing info to the Millville First?? Could be... There is also the outrageous lawsuit by the TrackRacket which which will enrich the lawyers and cost us Millville taxpayers even MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!
Well the Daily Journal practiced journalism and got results This was good news for the County taxpayer
This aint cool. A store was robbed on High Street near my house
This was not cool !!
Well, its Thursday Jan 14th and lots of bus riding and client interviews to go!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Facebook Memories:

Well, I went trolling though Facebook yesterday and today. Man I found some folks from High School I have not seen nor heard in 30 years or so. I also found a Facebook site about Ardmore Jr. High that was fun to read about all the teachers and the the motto. "ENTER TO LEARN GO FORTH TO SERVE." and STUDY IN ORDER THAT YOU MAY LEARN TO LIVE. That school was one of a kind for sure. Go to my Facebook site. You know just spell my name MARK KRULL under the "search" you will see that I am in this group.. On to more mondane stuff. The 408 was quite squeeky yesterday as you can hear from this video. Well go to get dressed and go to work now

Monday, January 11, 2010

Keep on Steppin!

When life gets weird, the weird turn pro. Got to keep on moving on!!
Have a safe and healthy week,my dear reader.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Janurary 9th Mundane and then Some

January 9th ends. Its was a mundane yet off kilter day as well. Yoga class was excellent. It was relaxing and we had folks who I have seen in awhile join us. We then ordered out from a Mexican restaurant 2 nice size burritos. They fed us for lunch and dinner and were tasty and fresh.We cleaned out the studio and Ronnie moved out most of her belongings. I just got a facebook notice that my niece is engaged and inviting folks over. Our Flowering Maple is growing very nicly in our bathroom. I guess it likes the humidity. I bought it during my stint at the Philadelphia Flower Show several years ago.
I went to the new barbershop on High Street.Its called Peppy's Kuts and it where the Revelation Records used to be. The gentleman was nice. We talked about the Eagles before they struck out against the Cowboys. The score was 34-14 The Cowboys look like the best team in the NFC right now. I got an email that makes me want to want to take a Tylenol and I just plan to ignore it since this person is being a hater. Anyway, I am hoping to get a good sleep and wake up when I want to. Its the one day I can sleep in and drink the coffee

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Funky Friday in Philly

Well after waiting for the bus in the nice little snowfall early today, I worked and then found out Carl 's work was showing at the Smile Gallery at 22nd and Sansom in Philadelphia. I figured it would be a good time to see him. His work went well with the other artists showng. This gallery is a nice snug place with a warm atmoshpere. I very much enjoyed it there. I ran into Wayne and Carol who were nice enough to drive me home where I ventured to the Brainchurch where Soupy Sails and Eraserhead were showing. I saw Ronnie, Paul , Bob and others there. Boy Eraserhead is quite disturbing with the guelish ET baby who really disfigured and slimy. Must say its and artistic statement and I think anyone who watches it needs to keep that in mind. It might be a good plug for using birth control as well. Anyway you have to see it to know what I mean. I am sure that alot of folks I know have seen it when it first came out. This is the first time I have sat and watched the whole thing.