Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 29: Here Comes the Rain

Outside my Kitchen
Good morning absent-minded professor's out there. No that's not started reading it has a 7:22 AM this morning. But I did just leave my freaking umbrella on the septa bus.
View from 21 Bus this morning
Well being convenient Center City I just walked all over a 10 bucks for an umbrella and went on my merry way to the trolley and EL.  It is now 9:06 AM the rain has still managed to hold off. It is very cool though
Nice Pole
out here at the fresh grocer parking lot. I have some food stamp pressure training today. I'll also I say snap refresher training today which is
Cute Old Dog 
for me three hours of complete waste of time instead of doing the work that is due by May 1. Can you believe it May is 2 days away??
Want a Wiener
Now sitting in a SNAP
refresher training for 3 hours. My position does not issue these benefits so I am killing time
Across the La Columber
. Thankfully it ended and I was was able to get some carfare
done because apparently only one of my client showed up at the second one just showed up at 3:09. That was about it for the clients that
showed up. This enabled me to please get my list of straight up so I can go ahead and just crack out the work tomorrow. 
I feel a chest cold kind of developing here hope we'll just
At Work
be that a minor one. 
It's 5:44 PM I stepped out my door and it was freezing right outside of work. I was very fortunate that the 21 bus came after about five minute wait

Monday April 28: Winding Down April

Catching the 21 in the AM
After not getting a real good amount of sleep I managed to get up and take a shower and show up at the meeting 15 minutes late. It's another nice cool day. After today it's expected to be three rainy days till Friday. At
Sunrise Hangout
that point we will enter the month of May a very busy month.
Meeting over got coffee at Loch Lomond and now
Catching the Trolley at 19th
I'm walking along 19th St. at 8:41 AM to catch the trolley Miele. This is all for now battery at 1%.
It's  5 o'clock and I'm finally leaving work. The welfare office I'd like to go home take a quick enough and head to my Monday night beginners
Another Big Sky
and see if they've taken care of my commitments for the month of May. The clouds have gathered for the upcoming rains that will fall upon us for the next 2 1/2 to 3 days. I got a whole bunch of chrome book reviews
Carried this to the WHY Meeting
and I might even told along with me in my backpack. So the rain is looking awfully threatening right now. 6:37PM I just finished taking a very short but intense nap. The clouds are still here but the rain it's not
40th and Chestnut
started which is a relief. I'm riding the 21 bus to 19th &Walnut.
I'm at 30th St. listening to the Beatles a hard days night and thinking of the color cube.
Reflection in Gold
I've got the Wednesday 4:30 commitment but not the Saturday the 3rd commitment done. I felt I had to do sales pitch. Well after that
Trouble in the News
I decided to get a nice massage to chill myself. I then went home for dinner and watching law and order episodes talk to my friend. So starts the end of April 2014.
We expect to get lots rain hopefully some gains.
Sideways Glance

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday: New Stuff

At Gold Standard
 Good morning Dennisons of West Philly. Start my day at 48 in Baltimore was going to have coffee with a friend. I found out 45 minutes later she is Illin and slept in. So I can't hung
Catching the Trolley to 37th Street
out with the young hipsters and read my city paper along with my coffee. 
I'm awaiting with other folks for 34 trolley ride will then try to catch the 40 bus to the bar none.
Finished up at the bar nine and it was good. I saw many folks I knew it was cool. Next I tentatively formulated plans for later on today and now hanging out with Drew at
Nice Saleswoman at Best Buy
the milk and Honey Café.
We later on went to the Best Buy to get some things I just got a chrome book Acer chrome book Yeah yes it has a 32 gig hard drive I
got the two-year warranty. This is in case I spill coffee on it or drop it. If that happens for two years I can just bring it in and get a new one.
It has no windows programs so runs faster and much less likely to get viruses! I also got a new backpack since I thought I lost the other one. I really didn't lose it
Add caption
but it's good to have a new backpack because the other one was just about to rip on one of the straps. I also got some pocket T-shirts and men's briefs which I really needed.
 yes I did
get Dean a new air mattress at the Walmart along the other things I got. He was very appreciative and now I don't have 
Acer Chromebook!
to listen to this mattress lose air every night making a SSsshhh.. sound! 
Drew then drove me back to my place on Sansom. I gave Dean the air mattress that I bought which was under 50 bucks which 
Larry Trying the Chromebook
is a good price. It's good to get that out-of-the-way before the week started. I quickly had to dash out and took a cab to meet Larry down at 6:30 PM at  Saxbys. Well I was able to use my new Chromebook and
Catching the 21
show it to Larry. He is thinking of getting one. He really liked it but he did notice that it has NO capslock. He likes use capsIock
Getting Dinner for Pat & I 
for when he creates appointments . I don't have any use for caps lock myself. Fact I can't stand people right in. It's SCREAMING!!
Went straight to Pat got a bitch during platter from couple Baish the mine talked on the phone
for an hour and a half and going to finish up this blog. I put a funky picture up if I call it urban
Urban Gothic
Gothic which appropriate affect of the walking person. Tomorrow is Monday it's now 11:59pm


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saturday, August 26: Arrival of a Wonderful Sunset

Rittenhouse Square
Good morning it's a glorious day out! Get on out because the word on the street is that it's going to rain after four today. Can you believe that?
It's 1007 and it is just gloriously nice out here today
The Blue Sky
. well I could call Dean and said for him to come down to Center City and meet the Starbucks at 16th and Walnut and we would get an air mattress. Well didn't quite come
The Starbucks
the plan. This seems to be no place in Center City that sells them. Also we called Walmart and or mini V and one other place and none of them had full-size. we were
Dean and I
getting a little stressed so we just dropped THAT idea and we decided to go to a buffet in South Philly that Dean really likes. It wasn't half bad and we talked a lot. We had a nice time. I just got a text
The Buffet
reminder about early August going up to Burlington Vermont to hang out with friends that I've known since junior high and elementary school. He's
Construction Near 30th
going to fly me up there. That's pretty damn cool! I then looked at my message from Mike and his party starts at four and right now it is 3:10 PM.
I was thinking the party started eight. Not sure why guarding it or excepted some people do not
Nice Place
stay up very late on Saturday nights. Pat has some pots and pans that he doesn't need and I'm going to pick him up now then go home and start planning my October vacation.
Urban Gothic
Well instead of planning, I took a nap. That was good. Pat ended up coming back because they weren't ready for him to show up there to church. I then decided on the gift.
Sunset Was GREAT
f for Mike's party and so did Pat. Pat is working right now.
Yes, I went to the party but soon after I got a bit bored and didn't feel very well so I went outside. When I went outside it was a beautiful
44th and Spruce
sunset. I just kept walking and took wonderful pictures of the sunset. I enjoyed that very
Sunset Over Sansom
much. I walked home and we watched the best lawn order episode ever. The plot twist was fantastic and unexpected. Great writing there folks. I am glad I went home. It was comfortable and I got a great nap. Gee wiz, I love a good nap. Now its on to Sunday. First stop the Satellite Cafe to meet a friend at 8am.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 25th: A Scenic Day for My Eyes

Its Friday and time for the news of this morning. First off a bunch of Philly Cops got off after they were accused of terrorizing some bodegas in N Philly. The Daily News wrote a

19th and Walnut
story about this in 2009 called "Tainted Justice." Oh yeh, the latest right-wing "hero" Cliven Bundy basically said that blacks were better off being slaves then today. He reasoning is they are subsidized
Parking Authority
by the government. What an stupid asshole. Sean Hannity is eating massive crow eh? Mr. Hannity was a big cheerleader for this fool. Yup right-wingers LOVE to talk about "freedom". Its more like free dumb!!
Well, I am riding
21 Bus w/Insane Person
on SEPTA heading late go the Sumrise. It's 7:21AM and I'm only at 24th Street. A poor muttering  woman in pink sweats sits in front of
Guess What this Is>>>>
me. I await a busy day at work but now I have the Velvet Underground to tune the world out.
Well meaning came and I went and now I'm going to go to work. I could get my little old tax refund
Beauty at Elkins Park
as early as Monday the 28th. That would be great!! I'll be gone for cash until then since I don't get paid till Friday of next week. But work was busy but it wasn't too bad. Whenever
After Work
coworkers leaving the unit and a relatively new caseworker will be replacing them next week. I got a lot done and let last half-hour it felt
The El at 46th Street
pretty good. I am now going to catch the train and meet  at Saxby's. Mike and I will be going to Pennsylvania hospital to visit Rob!
Mike and I
Well we were visited Rob. He looked healthier than I remember since I've known back in November. You been lifting weights next resizing and was not on heavy medications. We hung out almost 2 hours and it was nice time. The clouds were just
Color Streak
unbelievable in the sky today but someone Facebook. Some people really enjoyed the
See the  Cross
photo I took of the clouds. Mike and I left and took a nice stroll down Center City. The rain wasn't as hard as I thought it might be considering I don't have an umbrella. We sat in a cool Starbucks and talk to bit. I did some
Another Pregnancy
texting and took the 21 to Larry's. It is now 8:45 PM. Well I helped Larry bring down stuff from his
A Spring Rain
attic and watch a little bit of Wonder Woman and Blue Bloods. I then traipsed on the EL, talked on the phone, and went over to Pats place. I found him mostly asleep. I then
Odd Photo
went over 2 cup beach for a little snack of okra. I d tell asleep for a moment and now I'm heading home to get some rest good night.