Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday, April 30: Bracing for May!! (Final Edition)

Approaching 24th
Well I woke up feeling fairly away considering that I got up a little bit after six. I left my jacket at home
19th Street Near TD Bank
thinking it was warmer than it was. It's it may be hitting 80° today. I get fitted for my ankle brace today
Penn Spring
830 at 3400 Spruce St. Well, I managed to leave the meeting and catch the bus right away. Yes it's 8:27 AM
21 to Penn
and it's a nice spring day outside. I am going to pay $45 for my co-pay on this device. I'm hoping I can reduce my lateness
To the Hanger Clinic @ Penn
to a half hour in other words 9:30 AM. Or I got there on time. And I tried to brace on and needed help getting it on. It has a bunch of Velcro straps and laces. It's going to get take getting used to. The  man said it will feel like a boulder in your shoe.
Fitting My Ankle Brace
He's right on the left side just before my heel it does feel something running right up my foot. And that
52nd & Spruce
it feels pretty good. He said one day I'll wean off it. I'm looking forward to that day. Well it appears I'll be at about 20 minutes late for work. That's okay I got all kinds of paperwork showing that I was at

Leaving the Bodega
Food Truck Politics

a doctors office plus I got this thing on my ankle. Today was really busy with two mass call-in appointment
A Busy Day for My Disk and I
One massive seen 12 people today so I'm going to be one tired man. Looking forward to having some
Further Out Much to do
coffee before my group The mass calling was really massive because people actually showed up. noticed it's a wee bit chilly outside. I was thinking it was going to be 80° today but I was off the mark.
Looking North on 57th

View From the EL
I hope I don't get too tired today. There's protests on 40th St. and I know there's a protest in the City Hall
Puzzled at the Moment
area so we'll have to see what it's like. It's now 5:19 PM I'm at 46 street heading to 15th St. Well as I got
Some Random Photo
out the 15th St. only sass mom reminders that there's a protest going on. There were news vans and
Its Time
a large crowd listening to speakers and I don't know what they're saying. There were police scattered about
Protests Near City Hall
and police cars. I ended up at Starbucks where I got a coffee and got an appointment open
The Local Media was There
phone with the.   lawyer. I'll be 10:30  tomorrow. I can't be as late as I have to pay $40 now instead of
My View While Blogging
zero and four while. I also like to buy my monthly transpass tomorrow. Well group  was interesting. Yeah actually very enlightening in hopeful. When you get some parts
from a covering international that are really pretty neat. Well as you might have heard there were riots in
Police Patrol
Baltimore in the last 3 to 4 days. Are young black man was killed in police custody. Today they had a
Logan Circle
demonstration  today I don't know what happened if anything happened but the police helicopters are
Sharon in Her Back Porch
hovering overhead here at the parkway,  There was a demonstration in solidarity with the folks in Baltimore
A Neighbor's Lights
Here is a news account of what's going on.  Here is a 2nd news account as it was happening tonight

Everything is peaceful in the Parkway and Fairmount areas I just walked home from Center City. I then met
The Moon was Out
up with Sharon at the bishops and we walked back toward the salon after getting some takeout chili. We then went home after leaving
Going to the Shop
salon and looking at all the helicopters hovering ahead. It was quite an awesome site. I got my room cleaned up from all the lots that are invading. It was needed but my room got a little pasta room.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday, April 29: Spring has Sprung and May Approches

Well I decided to sleep in late past 6 AM since I needed my sleep badly. I woke up to a very nice spring morning.  It's spring as it was intended. I had trouble getting out of the house due to some digestive issues and

24th Street to Parkway

19th and Market
got out of the house in time. So I'm remembered that there's a detour on the 48 bus Monday through
Trolley Towards 30th Street
Friday 8 to 430 until May 8. This is due to PGW gas lines.
I was lucky I got the 48 bus at the Parkway and Pennsylvania Ave., Justin time. I also caught the
Sticking Dominance
trolley at that showed up and didn't wait long for the EL. I did manage before catching the 48 to go to the ride bread and get a coffee two
58th and Market at Lunch
yogurts and a cookie possibly Nana. I can't go through the morning without eating it really gets
My Desk
disturbing. 48 wasn't packed either when I got on. It tends to be very packed when it's approaching 8:30 AM.
After Work w Peter
10:29 AM and I have five people coming already which is just one less when I scheduled 20 people in. So they're all coming in today thus far.
Catching 21 Bus to Pat's
Oh after that rush it's slow down a lot and I was able to get some of my alerts done. It was too nice of a
42nd and Chestnut
day to work but I mean going to get paid on Friday. I felt like today should have been Thursday. Today is my
Getting Dinner
day off from mandatory after work activities.
That invited me over to share some Pakistani Indian food
Pat's Living Room
at the couple bash. It's 5:34 PM and I'm waiting because one woman has a $74 order needs to be taken
9/11 YouTube Video We Watched
care of for commuter wasn't too many other people here so I should be ready soon. At nine joyed our
Pat Checking the Video
dinner and watch an alternative viewpoint of 9/11. Dare I say a conspiracy theory of sorts. Basically that the collapse of the buildings was
Outside Pat's Back Door
controlled collapse. At the end after talking about his wife he said through "
Looking at Front Door
draw your inclusions." It is 8:16 PM it is getting darker and darker by the moment that is left to walk his dog.
To the Right of the Front Door
He is still having problems with the leaking soil pipe in his basement. Between the hours
Ranstead Street
of 8:10 PM and 8:20 PM I took some pretty cool shots just sitting on pet stairs. Here are a couple
Moon Over Ranstead
of them. I'm going to end up taking the bus to 22nd St. or the Alta 15th I thought sure yet. I will now head home. I used Pat's Wi-Fi to download the photos you see here. I was able to use my Chromebook. The Chrombook is useless without a Wi-Fi
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connection. I'm hoping to get back in time by 935 to get Shannon some pizza. I've already so I just
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want something to drink at this point. I got the 48 and now I'm at 19th St. at 9:25 PM I'm going to check
with Sharon to see if she still wants something to eat. I'm glad that kick me out or I would've been
Pat took This
there long for me I am good. Okay got through to share on the phone I'm going to go to Pete's pizza and
get her a slice I need to get a small pizza. I went to Pete's pizza and
it was Sherry. And I talked on the phone and bid today goodbye. I  have a date on Saturday going to
Millville on Sunday.  I will continue to sing songs that shouldn't be sung.