Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Days of August 2010

Taken Today on Market Street

Got to Love Bootsie Plaza,  Glassboro
Just leaving Staples, Sunday
Its the last week of August 2010 and I decided to capture(again) the mundane events and place I go to each day going to and leaving work. Its a pretty hot week out thus far. Not as bad as July hot but pretty warm that is for sure. I am working at a dizzying pace and have on again off again dizziness but its not too bad. On Sunday I went to Staples to have them clean up the unwanted programs at start up and to install Norton 360 which is the latest all-in-one anti-virus product they tell me. I just got it back today Tues August 31st. It does seem to start better and faster but some items still come up slow. I started my week taking the Route 408 as per usual. Got a photo of Bootsie Plaza. Say did George Clinton put up stakes in Glassboro New Jersey??  Each day the Route 408 passes the old Pittman Hotel.
The Old Pittman Hotel
It must have been a beauty back in the day but those days are long gone. She was a rooming house most recently but I hear they plan to tear it down.   You will see 3 large dirt mounds to left of the hotel. Maybe they are going to bury "Mother" who seemed to live on the top floor. That the only light I would see turned on when thhe bus pass the hotel by. Yup it was a product of bygone era. It must have been very pretty.
Well, I do take the Market-Frankford El and its pretty quick.This video video shows some pretty goofy folks riding on the pm commute on Monday. Today, I was in a dizzy mood and decided to videotape cars and tractors coming at me. Check this out its pretty cool.
Well, Its Midnight and I really should get myself to sleep after I clean up the dishes I made when I cooked some pasta tonite

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

TRUST ME: A phrase that is just silly

Restoring Honor?? Nope, Restoring Hysteria and Right-Wing Rule

Gov. Sarah Palin has breakfast and visits with...Image via Wikipedia
Well, yesterday was Glen Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally in Washington D.C. It was a Tea Pary event dressed up as a non-partison event. First off any event that pays Sarah Palin to speak is NOT non-partisan just as any event with Michael Moore. I am sure that she was paid big BUCKS to show up and preach to the choir and puff herself up. I also agree with this gentleman that Mr. Beck KNEW exactly what he was doing scheduling this event on the VERY DAY Dr. King made his "I Have a Dream Speech" back in 1963. Lets get real here. If the folks speaking and ginning up the white folks ran things, there were be NO federal involvement in Civil Rights. Mr. Beck and Ms. Palin are just co-opting Dr. King's message for folks who are frighted that they (white folks) will soon be in the MINORITY. The right wing wants to defund the govt to make it MORE ineffectual so they say "I told you so" Frankly, I watched some video of this rally and it was full of my fellow white people. The real name of this "rally" should be National White Folks Appreciation Day. I say this since some of us white folks feel taken advantage of by those "other" folks who get all the handouts and breaks. Ok, so I guess the solution is to vote more right-wing Republicans like Joe Miller of Alaska, who is close to being the Republican candidate for US Senate in Alaska. Here are some of his views:
He wants to eliminate the Department of Education, believes the government shouldn't pay for unemployment insurance and says of climate change on his campaign site that it "may not even exist." Among the more mainstream GOP positions he's taken: Miller would cut welfare; eliminate health care for the poor by scrapping Medicaid; and the Anchorage Daily News reported that he has has called for sweeping cuts to Medicare and Social Security with a goal of phasing them out entirely in favor of total privatization.
Here is one position that ought to REALLY scared of this candidate. Here is a quote from ABC News.
“The unemployment compensation benefits have gotten -- first of all, it's not constitutionally authorized,” Miller, R-Alaska, said on ABC/Washington Post’s “Top Line.” “I think that’s the first thing that's gotta be looked at, so I do not favor their extension.”
Well, some of the folks there collect UC and Social Security benefits and others might get other indirect benefits from the feds. ;My favorate was a woman who wanted the govt. to "keep their hands off my Medicare" How can you argue with with such willful fools. who want to believe ANYTHING that Obama is a Muslim, Socialist and not born in this country. So the Glen Beck's and Rush Limbaugh's of the USA have a real advantage. They can take a kernal of truth and twist it like a pretzel and some white people will eat it whole. Well, when a person is scared of people or ideas that they know nothing about, they can be convinced of anything. In this crapped out economy the charlitins, huckers, and lying politicians looking to score votes will surely crawl out of their rocks and take more advantage of us scared white folks. A good example of the kind of cravin politician is Newt Gingrich. He has fanned the who "Ground Zero Mosque" issue and for extra measure here he is on FOX NEW with Chris Wallace. Mr Wallace can't really believe the crap he is spewing!!
Wallace: You also write this on the screen: "The secular socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did." Mr. Speaker, respectfully, isn't that wildly over the top?

Gingrich: No, not if by America you mean....Just listen to President Obama's language. He gets to decide who earns how much. He gets to decide when it's too much.

Wallace: We're not talking about any company. We're talking about companies that the government has put billions of dollars in...

Gingrich: No, no..he has said publicly and generically. Some Americans earn too much. So now he's going to decide that?

Wallace:No, he's not. He has said that some Americans earn too much

Well, in November the Republicans will work to repeal "Obama Care". Here is Eric Cantor who would push to repeal as soon as they take over the House of Representatives.
So we are faced with a situation where, hopefully, this November, a conservative majority will regain position in the House. And we're going to do everything we can to repeal the Bill, to delay the Bill, to defund the Bill, to do all of the above. I mean, these things go hand in hand, Laura.

Well, I have my opinions but listen and read what these folks are saying. They may be craven and fear mongers BUT they really (maybe not Beck since he is a radio huckster who did a "Morning Zoo" radio show back in the '80s when THAT was the thing to do) do believe in what they are saying and are on a mission from GOD to "Take Back America". Take back America where??? Please define what year. Is it 1920, 1896, 1952??

Here is one of our new conservative leaders in his prime. It reminds me of John DeBella of WMMR and his "Morning Zoo" back in the day

All this stuff makes me just want to BANG MY HEAD!!!

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A Real Day Off

Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to sleep in and so I did. I slept till 10:45am and man it felt real nice. I felt how the other half lives.
We later went to Fortescue New Jersey and it was a beautiful day to be there. The weather and atmosphere was better then being in DC with all that hot air. No flies gnats, just a nice breeze for the ending of Summer 2010. Now its back to work sun!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 26: A Really Long Day

Well, Its been a few days since I last blogged. It was a very, very busy week at work and in pet-sitting. I even stayed in Philly overnight. I had a place where the woman had 16 cats. This job takes 2 hours to do everything the correct way as per the 3 pages
of directions. This person has their own cats and rescues others and keeps them till they get a new home. From the amount of cats, finding new homes for lost, abandoned or abused cats is not that easy. This place has a system for keeping all the cats. Three of them are separated from the other free-range cats for 3 different reasons from Feline Leukemia to being to nasty to be with other cats. The other is in the garage for an unknown reason.
To get there by 6-6:30am, I caught the 4:15am Rt 408 NJ Transit Bus. The other day I did drive.
Its extra dark THAT time of the morning but the weather was nice and cool. At this hour, there are bout 5 folks going to the methadone clinic in Camden. Folks in recovery talk ONLY one thing themselves and their recovery that they are experience. One person I have not seen since December was with her husband and lost weight, another is 8 months pregnant with her 2nd child and 2nd daddy. Once in Camden, I caught PATCO
right away (PATCO trains run all night unlike SEPTA) and then at 8th Street, got the Market-EL line to 56th Street which is 2 blocks from work at 58th and Market.
Of course the Welfare-Wakka was booming with business with the end of the month carfare business to attend to and many folks needing to see our Career Development Unit at 9 am and 10am. So half of the day I really can not get MY work done. Oh well, I at least am working unlike many others I know in this Great Recession of 2010. So enjoy the movie I made and rest.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

The End of the Mon(th) Rolls Around

Well, The last week of August is here and this must mean the end of the Summer is in sight. Its the time for the media to talk about dumb stuff and for me folks to start asking about carfare for September. So this blog today is reserved for the Employee of the Mon(day) or the Mon(th). Its YOUR choice.
Here is a little jammmin near my house yesterday. Enjoy

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ginned up Outrage! Its a Mosque!!

I just saw this article in a blog called Down with Tyranny!
In short, how the far-right tries to gin up outrage for their own selfish ends. The whole Mosque hubub in NYC is a classic example of making someing upsetting to stir up people to be against the "enemy". Before it was the Commies and now we have Muslums as the "other" that look funny act different. Its a tradition for scummy politicians like New Gingrich who KNOWS better but likes to to stir the sinking white working class who are truly getting screwed. Just change the subject and get your right-wingers elected and question Obama about if he is a MUSLIM. Here is a passage
Obviously, this is about more than just a mosque. It’s also more than just a wedge issue. It leads us to the horror of what Republicans are at their core. It’s about people who always need someone to hate. They are addicted to it. The only thing worse than a new mosque to a Republican this week would be a new mosque built by married gay couples who are about to retire and collect their Social Security and Medicare.

The mosque insanity is 2010’s Terry Schiavo “crisis,” pushed forward by the usual gang of republikook congressloons and mediagoons. Should we ban Catholic churches being built because of the actions of some pedi-priests? Are ALL Catholics evil because of the actions of a few?
Its justt in time for the 2010 Mid-Terms. Senator Harry Reid is acting like a typical Democratic politician and saying the Mosque should not be built there 4 blocks from ground zero. Yup, you can count on some Dems to act like cowering children to right-wing bullies! Geez!!!
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Summer Cold at the Mall

This weekend the head cold I caught at work Thursday blossomed today. I had to sleep till 11am. I am not bedridden which is always good but the stuffy head, runny nose and scratchy throat is enough to slow me down. I walked the pups quickly since there was still a drizzle after the hard rain that fell this morning. I then walked to the Sun Bank to make my 2nd step in attempting to close out an account there. I guessing it will be next Sat till I can get the thing closed. Took the 553 bus to Wal-Mart to get my lens back on my glasses and an arm put on Carolyne's pair of glasses. I went to where the malls meet so to speak. You might like my attempt not to get run over on Rt 47. This is not a pedestrian-friendly area man. Cars do rule these malla. I had problems reading the privicy guidlines at the Wal-Mart Vision Center. I mean I am at a place where people who have less then steller vision go to and the privicy guidelines are written in an 8 point font. Enjoy this little trip in America in South Jersey. Next went to get my hair cut across the street at the other Mall to get my hair cut and almost left the camera there. It started to sprinkle but alas, it stopped. Got a burrito at Moes since I was hungry. I am eating in now and its quite spicy. I am also responding to inquiries about our VW Bus for sale and some furniture as well. Well, its now almost 6pm and the Thunderstorm has started again.
Can you read your privacy rights?

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Motorsports and Noise August 17 2010

At the August 17th 2010 Meeting, the Millville City Commission tabled a proposal to revise the city's agreement with the New Jersey Motorsports Park to address complaints about noise. A committee had been meeting with the management of the NJ Motorsports Park for several months. The committee has been hearing complaints about the proposed revisoin of the municipal agreement with the NJ Motorsports Park. Commissioner Finch and Vanaman were members of this committee. Commissioners Shannon and Quinn recused themselves from voting on this proposal due to possible conflict of interest Commissioner Dale Finch's statement of why he favored tableing the motion. He feels that the city needs to address the noise issue and not to work around it. At the public portion of the Millville City Commission meeting, folks gave impassioned speeches (including myself) pro and con. Michelle Post, founder of TrackRacket,
had folks stand up and show signs mocking the tabled ordinance and the so-called "good faith" agreement to reduce noise. Regular opponent of the track and the current sitting Commission, Robert Tesoroni, questioned why the motocross track was not going to be built in the area agreed to in the original agreement. One gentleman stared at the track opponents and basically called them out till a City Commissioner put a stop to that and told him to speak directly to the Commission itself. Still another speaker who described himself as a downtown businessman stated that the park has been an asset to his business. He also questioned why folks forgot about the loud noise at Airwork which was located near where the NJ Motorsports part is now. He stated there was no outcry about that private company and their noise. A most interesting speaker made a point that a previous City Commission tried to use 2 sets of noise levels to resolve this issue of the noise; one for the track to use and one for the nearby neighbors. The Motorsports Attorney spoke how disappointed. he was that the proposed ordinance was tabled. He listed the economic benefits of the track. He answers what "good faith" means. Oppenents have mocked the "good faith" provisions in the tabled ordence. He does state the park does not have a legal obligation to make changes but they have. Commissioner Derella closed out the meeting with comments on ambiant noise and how folks perceive it. He states that he hopes to have the City Commission hire a noise expert that will hopefully be satisfactory to the racetrack AND the opponents. The motorsports park proponents cite econimic benefits. A supporter of the park spells this out in response to a critic:
As for the NJMP, they would not have been able to afford to locate here if Millville had stood firm. No jobs, and the city owned land was bringing in zero tax revenue for the schools.
NJMP has spent $45 MILLION on capital improvements, more than half going to Cumberland County contractors. That equals jobs.
In the first two years, NJMP paid well over $1,355,000 in wages to Cumberland County residents.
NJMP did almot $3 MILLION in business with Cumberland County contractors and businesses. Almost $2 MILLION was to Millville businesses.
Critics of the NJ Motorsports also use figures to bolster their case that its using too much taxpayer money, is not doing enough for noise abaitment, and using the arrogance of the park as well. Here is a sample.
The taxpayers have invested $9 million into infrastructure to services out to the track. We live weekly with the noise. Taxpayers have floated a $425,000 loan to NJMP to help carry them through the offseason. We are going to forgo another $1million on land NJMP was to purchase for the ATV track. I think it is quite reasonable for the public to hear how many people pay to attend the events each weekend.
 I have an opinion on that one. First off  racetrack folks  have  little or NO political savvy. Some of the opponents are just using this issue for their political advantage and do not really give a hoot about the residents. Acting like adults might lead to less of a political advantage. The racetrack has tax abatements so opponents of the tax abatements are just piling on. TrackRacket comes off as strident to folks who might disagree. They act like they ares smarter then everyone else.I am not sure why the committee meeting with the NJMSP did not include any responsible critics of the track and the noise. Did they not think there there were no responsible opponents. I will let the reader decide that. There is that stridency of TrackRacket and others that might have something to do with it. I know a blogger who would be good for that committee. I have documented the opposition Millville First and Track Racket for some time now as you might see. Commisssioner Finch nailed it when he said it is dividing the city I agree the people have a valid complaint with the noise issue..why can't people just be adult and listen to all sides? Opponents are going to keep "harping" on the noise issue. They feel if they back down, the city will just forget about it. The critics want the issue resolved before the motocross track is built and frankly they might have the NJMSP over a barrel on this one.The track folks are now losing the political fight. This is my humble opinion and I wish the City Commisson luck with this issue. I wish there were more honest brokers in this issue and that I had a solution for this. Including the public in a "committee" would be a good idea. It might cause opponents to become more constructive and be of help to move forward. Now all they have to to is to fight. Can we just move forward?
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aug 19th and Stuff

Well, I am in the process of writing about the August 17th City Commission meeting. Its a work in progress and I had no time to upload and review videos and then write something that covered all the bases as I saw them.I was called a hypocrite since I am a state employee at the meeting. Feelings were raw and after the meeting several of us had a discussion of the noise. Yes, I can hear the track sometimes but again I hear lots of stuff that I do not talk about to everyone I see Its still hot out and there are changes on the way in life. We plan on having a yard sale on Sept 12. There will be great bargains galore. I drove in Philly the last 2 days and today I am taking the bus. We plan to join the Maraposa Coop soon. I hope to take time off work since I am getting really burnt out right now. I shaved my beard off and hardly anyone noticed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Its Tuesday morning and another week speeds itself onward. Yesterday was a not a bad day at all. I started by getting on the NJ Transit Route 408 Bus. It takes the scenic way North/South on NJ Route 47 called Delsea Drive everywhere except in Millville when its called 2nd Street. I then arrive in Philly and take care of some cute cats that I am watching this week. They sure were cute.  Work was not so bad either. I then hung out with a friend for a bit and did some catching up.
Tonite is the Millville City Commission meeting. The City Commission was set to approve a Motocross facility for the New Jersey Motorsports Park tonite BUT I just read in today's Daily Journal that this vote has been delayed:
Commissioner Dale Finch, a member of the city's committee that worked with the park on concerns from the public about noise, said the commission will not introduce an ordinance for the "Field of Dreams" motocross facility, designed by Trenton businessman Clayton Keeler, at tonight's meeting. Finch said the ordinance was originally scheduled to be voted on first reading tonight, but was delayed due to a procedural matter.
The Commission WILL however, vote to adopt an ordinance on second reading that will restrict the park's use of its PA system and race times. I am sure that these concessions will NOT be satisfactory for opponents of the track who want the track to just be "a good neighbor". I am not sure what defines a "good neighbor" I am sure I will be told by somebody and I look forward to reading about this. I think the 1 Million that folks talk about is a number based on when the economy was MUCH stronger then it is today. You know about the year 2004/2005 when real estate was booming into a big bubble that has now burst like Bubble Yum! Nobody can get the price they want on their real estate, not EVEN the government. I am sure the Motorsports Park has suffered under this economy just like most of us. I do hear that folks are getting the asking price for their homes near the track. Yes, I have no evidence of this right now but I have not see proof that the noise has depressed the real estate market BY ITSELF.The economy is affecting every business and non-profit trying to raise funds even here in Millville. I know one solution is not to sweeten a position to keep a person when your fundraising is lagging....
Well, time to shower and get ready for work
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Monday, August 16, 2010

House Painting

The project this weekend was to get the side entrance painted. I had already put tar on the roof, scraped and put the primer on several weeks ago and now since the colors were chosen it was time to move on. Saturday I caulked the cracks and crannies that were letting in water in the wood, then painted the first coat of a color called "blueish". Yes, it is blue, a light blue. Toward the end of Saturday, some friends came over and treated me to a cold one at the Oar House. That was a tasty beer for sure. I got some interesting news that will be confirmed later at official date that I have no idea when. Can't wait for that! It was a perfect sunny day in Millville and I got to check out the Millville Car Show. which was pretty cool.
Sunday, the weather was quite iffy, but the weather forecast from the Vineland Daily Journal online stated that was not supposed to rain till today Monday August 16th. I then caulked some areas that I had missed on Saturday and painted the 2nd coat of the blue and then put the 1st coat of the green on the wood ceiling. It came out pretty well, I think. Here is a video of the process.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Millville Car Show

While I was getting supplies from Howell's Hardware in Millville, I checked out the Annual M illville Car Show. Its held each year on High Street. Since I live so close and I had to walk to the Howell's anyway, I decided to check it out. There were some cool  autos. I really liked the car that had the Wally Gator theme. I remember that show. He was one groovy alligator for sure. It was a perfect Saturday to have it and its been the only event this summer due to the freeze in UEZ done by Gov Christie. I only wish I could have seen a canary yellow Oldsmoblile 442 Convertible like my Father had back in the early 70's. That was some kind of car with the duel exhaust and it was all STEEL baby!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Working it!

Well, I was in Philly for 2 days and at work, well I am working like a dog. I did not have time to clean up the desk. Today is our "clean up day". I did not schedule in the afternoon but of course 2 folks will be out and we see folks from a 9am and 10am list.
After a day like yesterday, where I had to go downtown for an appeal and visit the Phila Parking Authority, It was gread\t to to go to Fred's house. I went to the dream world last night and feel rested even though I got about 5 or so hrs of sleep. Got to catch the bus now.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Taken from the 408 Bus in Westville
Who's head is bigger??
Started the week with a date that counts to ten. Pretty neat Eh? I wrote this date 50 times at work. This cause our unit was cut in half with vacations and a person who called in sick. At Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare its just par for the course. At one point it was just TWO of us and my supervisor had to coax a 3rd person to come in. Man what a mess...oh well I am at least employed :) Even the Pentagon. is cutting jobs!!
Visited my friend pat and had 2 cold ones before going on the bus for the 2 hr ride back to Millville. I missed Dottie's walk and going to the Oar House with some friends who keep Dottie's walk going. Thank you Carl, Liz, Linda and Ned!
Well, the heat is back after a nice 10 day hiatus after the Great Millville Thunderstorm 2 Sunday's ago. The photo to the right taken at the 8th and Market PATCO station shows the forecast. Well, got to catch the bus now

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Last Week in Photos

Well, a new week has started. I am now using Carolyne's camera until my USB chord is back from the depths of hell(e.g SONY). It was my old pink camera and it works just dandy. Here is Fred looking good after being in Hawaii for 3 weeks. Man, I got to try that kind of going away one day. Anyhow this was taken with Carolyne's camera. Below is Dennis Taws new studio at the cottages that were developed from a decrepit gas station. Dennis did a nice job in less then 2 week getting it looking very good. He moved there since the great Millville Thunderstorm from 2 Sunday's ago put a gaping hole in the Amethyst and it was too HOT for him to paint.
Last nite we went to Fortescue and walked our dogs with Densie and Jon's crew of pups. It was very nice out with a cool breeze and the sunset was not too bad either. Well, got to catch the bus now BYE!!

Yard Sale of Aug 7. Next Sale is Sept 12!!

Its been a decent weekend. We had our yard sale and it went pretty good, I must say. It was a perfect day for being outside and we cleared out some clothes and other stuff. We will have ANOTHER sale on Sat Sept 12th. We have items from the attic that we can sell. Right now the attic is way too hot to be in for over 5 minutes.  We look forward to seeing folks on Sept 12th where we will have some new items for sale for cheap!
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