Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Poway Ca: This Past Weekend.

$500 Guiter at Carvin
My past week in California was fun to listen to messages I took messages ate food beer too. I was relieved to be 3000 miles away from an October snowstorm that hit Philly but gave only rain to Millville.
I'm hoping to go possibly on the road trip this month to Arizona. THAT would be exciting!   My brother John  will be in Long Beach for a conference around the 10th,  so Alice and I plan  to hang out with him and celebrate both birthday's that weekend. Ought to be fun!!
I plan  get back to Philly by Thanksgiving depending on how things progress.
Street Name in Poway Ca
Alice's kids Mimi and Hannah have been very nice to me and I picked them up from school couple times last week. We looked at cars  last weekend. The one I liked;was a $3,000 Mercedes that had these flashy rims. Boy that would be a hoot to drive that! I checked out a guitar store called Carvin. Boy they had some like looking one's The cheapest one was $500!  I had never heard on them but they are right here in San Diego.   Halloween was very nice and quiet just the way I want a needed today and tomorrow is November 1 and getting the car and taken out and continuing paperwork stuff.
Grandpa Enjoying a Good Read
Heard from a friend in Millville  who give me some updates on the goings on. and another friend is going to be staying in Florida from  the 18th till probably March of next year so I have to miss seeing her and her husband.  I hope to be able to visit them this winter if I can pull it off. 
Love the Rims Baby!!
I plan to go to the pool and house is a member around him this is supposed to be actually be a little bit of rain on Friday. San Diego chargers lost in overtime cause the quarterback fumbled the ball and KC recovered the fumble and kicked a game-winning field goal.  The real football news is that the Eagles whipped some Dallas butt on Sunday night. Mo Pagano is coming out with a book in a few week. Its called ”Everyone has a Book” . Its too bad I am going to Miss 3rd Friday cause the book should be out by then.
I am now going to go to get my sister's care fixed. It s little dent and will cost $65 for the bumber (Plastic) to get fixed.
Gmail Not sure hoa it worked!
I have heard from friends at work. Its nice to know folks are thinking of me!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photos October 28

Dylan 1963
Video Chat
Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Friday, October 28, 2011

California October 13 to 27th

Leaving Philly
Overnight in Chicago
What a View!
 I  decided that I needed to take a break from my reality and called my sister who quickly invited me out to San Diego. She paid for the flight and on Thursday October 13th  went to work,  got my time off and took a Souithwest Airlines flight that had a layover in Chicago. After a long drawnout flight,  where I missed my connecting flight due to my plane from Philly being 3 hours late, I finally arrived in San Diego to see my sister and her kids. Been lying low and trying to relax at this time. I got to see La Jolla where she used to live many years ago before she had children and to Hillside, the funky part of San Diego.I sometime have picked up the kids at their High School. Its a pretty nice looking place all clean and modern. The funny thing is they have no cafeteria. The mod planners of the 70's decided since it does not rain too much here in San Diego, that the kids do not need to sit and eat inside.
One thing I notice out here is the the BIG roads and freeways everywhere. I can see if you have no car, you are pretty much outta luck.
Sat October 15
Funky Part of Downtown!
I am going to be out here for awhile and work on some matters and help out my sister when I can.  Here are some photos of the experience. You gotta love Vegas where you can shoot a machinegun!! Oh BOY!! This advertisement was at the Las Vagas airport. The wearther is very nice as everyone knows but it actually gets COLD at night. I was a bit surprised at that. Good thing I did manage to pack a sweater cause its been helpful the past 2 nights.
Well, got to go for now. Be back in Philly sometime around Thanksgiving . I have plenty to be thankful for.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

S**T Happens

Yup That's what's in There

Well, It was one of those kind of days. Saw something I never seen before with plumbing. I think the photo says it all. Never seen THAT before!! I wish I had a magic flute to make it all go away with a nice toot and all would be alright. Well, in the real world, the plumber will need to finish off this travesty and we pay for it. Even the plumber said he has not seen many of THIS going on.; He was able to find where the problem lies but did not have his auger with him in the truck. I was able then to clean the tub after the plumber drained the outside PVC and let all the trapped water gush out
Letting the Trapped Water Out
The Promised Land???
 Thank goodness I was off for the holiday and was able a plumber to come out and start the process. The tube is clean and I can start moving to the next thing. I took the dogs on a small road trip on the Harding Hwy. Went though Maliga, Elmer, Woodstown and Salem before crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge to the land of promise and a smooth road ahead. I was able to  escape the land of "Portentosa". I did hear that the ""Portentosa" has migrated North for the Winter. I am sure they will thrive.
I read this in my Washington Post email tonite.
Monday, October 10, 2011 10:18:28 PM
NBA Commissioner David Stern canceled the first two weeks of the season Monday after owners and players were unable to reach a new labor deal and end the lockout, the Associated Press is reporting.
I say "YAWN", "Who Cares" and "Oh Well!". Pro Basketball is boring with all those points and the same team in the playoffs and the showboating all the time. I say stick to the college hoops if you need to watch basketball.
Its been a Its been a HUGE example of crazy leading the shots kind of October so far. Maybe we all need to cancel the next few weeks till the balance of life is put in its rightful place by the time I turn 50 years old next month

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photos of the Week

Golden Glass
Reaper Needs a Ride
October Drive

Keep On Rocking Me Baby!

Cailiff Crowe October 8
Saturday late afternoon and evening, I went to see Cailiff and had a nice dinner. The Crowe's were there and finishing up the basement mildew issue. I was able to help a bit. I found out that he like Steve Miller's song Keep on Rocking Me Baby He would stop fussing and smile to the song. Hey I got up slept in a little bit to do some business in the house and then drove on down to Delaware. It was a nice day for a drive  really nice It was pretty warm and in the mid 80s . The dogs and I enjoyed the  cruise did what we had to do and and enjoyed the scenery. We had a funky plumbing issue when the toilet water went into the tub when I was using the plunger. Thought I would have to call the plumber but it seemed to resolve itself and now I have to get the tub drain unclogged. No plumber will be called cause $$ and I should be able to throw come chemicals in.
Bean and Jesus 10-8
Today Monday I had an eight o'clock dentist appointment and then I went  back to sleep.  Doing laundry have some errands to do and then go back to the dentist at 5Pm  I have the day off for Columbus holiday  and I guess the overtime is done so maybe it'll be more normal week then this week.  that should be an interesting day in the neighborhood and the weather still supposed be nice.  June seems to be taking well to the medication that she's on as well. Its now 12:30 Monday. Have a great day and stuff
On the Harding Hwy

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Caught in the Act!

Guess Where I Was??
The Old Sam's Place
Yes, I  worked overtime again today, but today I slacked off and guess what, I really liked it. I think it was good for me to just have coffee and hang at a friend's house and blog away on the computer.  We went to Earth Cup which used to be called Sam's Place way back in my  ye olde West Philly daze. The new place is much friendlier then the old Sam's Place and Pat gets along well there. He used to hate going to Sam's Place cause they were slacker snobs. I noticed it too at times. Wow, it makes the day seem longer and more varied when you do not have to work, umm...   I was caught by a surveillance camera slacking off while some clean mildew.  Well, tomorrow I get to visit and Monday, I get my 8am dentist appointment to fix my teeth and take care of business. I may get a call finding out if the FEMA office in downtown Philly has some overtime.
FEMA Food Stamps
Blogging in Action
Well, its now 4;30 and got to get over to Clark's Pond and see if I can be of some help and to pick up the puppies who have stayed over while I was working. Its a very nice day and a good day to drive back to Millville. Tomorrow, I am heading to Delaware.

The Week that Was: October 3rd to 7th.

This week has been well, pretty funky. October is usually a lite and fun month for me unlike March and April. I just found out one of my dogs probably has congestive heart failure which her days are numbered. June is on meds now. There goes .$200 down the tubes just for x-rays, to visit and prescription. We do have to look forward to  making a life and death decision soon.  This overtime is really tiring but I can not wait to see the $$. Its has just gotten really old I know I need the money.   except on the bus but that's very limited this point size I walk to sleep another day away..
It's weird things feel melancholy but that's only way I can describe feeling at this point come to the type stress and he really didn't deal with now the realization that heavy times are and it's October and  still eastern daylight time.
His famious speech concerning this mortal coil
    Weds night we went to Dahlik and it was quiet. We saw the Brewers play the Diamondbacks. The really big story was the death of Steve Jobs. He had pancreatic cancer for 8 years. CNN showed the same 8 photos over and over. They also had his famous commencement speech from 2005 at Stanford . He spoke on personal topics including death. I heard this statement:
No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life

Workin it!
SECA Auction!!
Thursday I woke up from a cold overnight and did not sleep very well. It was COLD and I was not prepared for it. I did not work the overtime this day since I had a Zoning Meeting. While going to this meeting I met up with the RRCA Director and her assistant. They were very pleasant and it was a nice conversation. At the end of the conversation at 7:21pm, I get a text message that the Zoning Board meeting was OVER! They had 4 folks and passed the minutes and some resolutions. The folks wanted to have a decision with 7 member and we were not even close, so I did not miss anything. I went to the Oar House with Linda and tried some fun beers. I have been drinking the cheap stuff like Pabst and Lager since the $$ is tight. We had a good conversation. She will be resigning the Zoning Board after next month's meeting. 
Working so Hard, the Computer has a Hernia!!
Yesterday, Friday,  I drove in to work feeling tired again. I found that I do not like to drive the commute to work. I felt a bit shaky on the road and did not feel relaxed at all. Work was bearable and I got a little OT in once again. We had a SECA kick off. SECA is the State Employees Combined Appeal. We had a fun auction to start the fund raising and had a good laugh. I then went over  Jon's house and picked up a pizza at a place called Joe's Pizza. We were joined by Pat and watched that wretched Phillies game which will go down in history as one of the most painful finishes ever. Yes, I include the 1977 Phillies Dodgers Playoff Game game referred to as "Black Friday". Guess what last night's DEPRESSING 1-0 loss was on Friday October 7th!!!! Scary aint it??

Oh well it's off


It's Curtains for the Phillies
WOW..the Gods really did it this time. Could you have imagined a MORE depressing way to see a game end. Ryan Howard making the last out (like last year) and seeing him crumpled on the ground while the Cardinals celebrate. It was a stunning sight seeing the folks in the stands stare blankly as if they could not believe it. What did it was ONE run in the last 17 innings as the offense went COLD again!
As Bob Ford said it:
There is little in baseball more depressing than watching the other team celebrate after the deciding game of a series, and nothing worse than having to watch it on your home field. That was the fate of the Phillies this season, though, as the Cardinals jumped into each others' arms while Ryan Howard, having twisted his ankle on the final groundout, lay writhing on the ground.

It was an ugly end, befitting a season of such promise that went unfulfilled.
Its been that kind of week in my world..Lets go...Flyers??

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Thought: Is Marriage for White People??

So another week starts. It's Monday. It's a cool crisp fall morning.
As I sit here some thoughts come to me. How bout that pastor Jim Dunkins running for Freeholder while saying he was not going to run till Lou Magazzu resigned. Umm. Mr Dunkuns needs to make up his mind. Better yet just keep to your original decision and just not run. I also wonder if MagazzuWatch keeps its focused eye on the Cumberland County freeholders when Republicans as expected take over the seats this Fall. I will be interested and hoping they'll be held to account when they screw up like the Democrats.

While reading the Philly Inquirer, (iPhone battery died) I saw an article written by Michael Smerconish that talks about a book called: “Is Marriage for White People?” It is written by Ralph Richard Brooks. The book is premised on the hypothesis that that educated black women can find enough men in their race and fail get married. Here is a summation:
During the past half century, marriage has declined throughout American society. Among those who do marry, the wife is more likely than ever to outearn or be better educated than her husband. Why have these changes occurred? How have they shaped intimate relationships?

Is Marriage for White People? answers these questions through an exploration of the lives of the black middle class. African Americans are the most unmarried group of people in our nation. Black women are more than three times as likely as white women never to marry. And when black women do marry, they are more likely than any other group of women to marry a man who is less educated or earns less than they do. In fact, more than half of college educated black wives have less educated husbands who are not.
Off to Work
This looks like a must read and should spark some dialogue about an issue that gets ignored or shouted about.
 I now start another week of FEMA food stamps and so far the rumor has it will be working overtime until Tuesday or I'll where I'll want a hamburger on Thursday.. Well, got to fly now

Monday, October 03, 2011

TrackRacket Lawsuit

Time is Money$$$
I got up this morning and decided to check some blogs of note. Well, I see that Robert Owens commented about the settlement of the TrackRacket lawsuit. This settlement happens back in July but it was kept hush-hush by the Motorsports Park and TrackRacket. It was kept so well that none of my sources could tell me what the terms were. They did hint that the lawyers made a bundle and lo and behold they were correct, they made 81,000 from the deal.
I would agree with Mr. Owens that 2 years of litigation and they come up with a "Noise Committee". I also think the only reason the park agreed to any of this stuff is due to the bankruptcy. I suppose that the TrackRacket claim that the Motorsports Park reduced home values fell flat on its face. Most of us have seen our home values plunge due to the great recession caused by the big banks.
I would state settling this lawsuit is good for everyone and now folks can act constructively and the track can get its act together and become the economic beacon it was advertised to be. I am glad that cooler heads prevailed. I guess the crying at public meetings will end as well:)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

September into October..

Extra Spicy
43rd and Locust Philly
Cailiff Crowe!!
This Last  week of  September ended with with rain and much cooler temps. I could feel the change of seasons with the cool air and the fact that at 7pm its DARK!! I continued to work  overtime.. Friday morning I barley made the 408 after coming home at 12 midnight since I had missed the one bus I needed to take and had to sit in Camden for almost 2 hours. It was a good ride up to Philly, no mishaps. At work worked from 4:30 to 7 on the FEMA Food Stamps. I then went to order some delicious Chinese food truck food at 38th and Chestnut and stayed overnight at Pats and just chilled for the evening. Saturday, I worked from 8am to7pm. I got so tired from calling all these folks about their applications, that I just went to Pats and slept at 8pm and got up around 8pm. I walked to a coffee shop at Penn's Campus. It was nice to just take a stroll with no where to go and relax. I  then took the bus this morning. I did some errands kitty litter and such. Jon Densie and Cailiff came over and we had some NY Style Pizza for dinner. Cailiff is growing week by week! It amazing to see. Right now as I type this, the Phillies are losing 5-4 in the top of the 8th. The Cardinals got 12 hits and 5 runs off Cliff Lee. The Eagles ALREADY lost to the SF 49ers 24-23.
Lets go Phillies. I am going to sleep now. I am too tired to stay up right now. Bastardo is up in the top of the 8th inning and now there is a man on first with 0 outs. Last inning Jimmy Rollings got cought stealing to end the enning. Lets go Phillies. Its 11:20 pm and I get up at 4:15am

Friday, September 30, 2011

Funky Nights

Weds Nite Dinner
Good day. Weds night, I stayed overnite in Philly. No shopping errend so I had time to enjoy some Middle Eastern fare. This was umm..umm good!  The strangeness of the week continued later that night. the chaparone thing did not work out so well.  it was a funky moment at the Tritone. Pat and I decided to walk across the street to Bob and Barbara's and watched the Phillies beat the Braves  and sent them home from the playoffs. At the same time Boston choked itself out of the playoffs by allowing 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth  at Baltimore. The Phillies will play St. Louis in the playoffs next week. The people were into it as well. It was a funky sports bar scene.
South Street Weds
Last night, I missed the Bus and had to hang in Camden for over an hour. It was "interesting" to say the least. That late 408 had Calvin and I saw Miss D on the bus and it was cool to see her. She and Calvin had the bus in fits of laughter. I was too tired to stay with them long but the ride did go by pretty good.

Camden at night
The work overtime presses on. Rumor has it that it will continue till Tuesday of next week  and the extension will be mentioned in churches in Philly. There is not enough time to write much, Dave is driving the bus this AM!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burning Bus

Well I thought it would be a strange week.  Yesterday Tues September 27 was one of thoseAfter a fitfully kind of sleep, I hopped on the 408. In Newfield, the bus managed to catch on fire!! I mean the FLAMES  were shooting out of the exhaust pipe burning rubber!!! We all got out fine and the replacement bus went straight to Route 55 which saved 20 min or so. I got to work  and what a sight I saw!!! There was a line around  the my welfare  office of  people looking for the FEMA money. You had to see it to believe it!! I mean it was pretty wild!! I was invited to Tritone  and told that I couls be a roadie to assist an 18 yr old band member. I don't have to pay cover. Came home on the 313 from Cape Map and boy was it FAST! I came home and just went to bed. This morning fetched milk and took out the garbage.
Newfield NJ Tues Sept 27
Yesterday at My Office 8:30am
The 408 Tues 6am