Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday September 30: Getting Paid in the Rain and Paying 4 It! 💰

 Good wet morning boys and girls. I woke up and it was pitch dark again. Another words it felt earlier than 6:20 AM when I aroused  myself out of bed. Watch some daily show and some Seth Meyers and then hopped on the 48 and went to the sunrise.   
I heard a time today which I liked. Reflection Depression, now that is the phrase!! That's a good way

of describing regretting your past/path. Forgot in the work on time. I had to see one of them the intake cases since the workers were out
for the days I then wrote up one thanks and packet today and got 28 new alert from my  

supervisor left early. But it hit fresh grocer and get myself some revisions. I kept it pretty small. I got about seven yogurt and apple bananas and some Turkey Hill iced tea. Going  

to whine down my day as I blow off the staffing is going on right now. When I was there they were talking about really nice inconsequential stuff.  

Well I think I ate most of the bananas if not all of them. And eight to the yogurts. I did some mopping up and have about five alerts left that  

just came up this afternoon. I do have to walk these dogs. The 2 mini pincher's  

in the heart of West Philly at 49th and Hazel. Afternoon I got a pleasant call that I appreciated it was short but pleasant. Several of my coworkers predicted this turn of events. Anyhow it's not raining that hard right this moment as of 5:33 PM.  

Here is our contract. I don't think they include the $300 deductible that we most of us are going to have to pay!!
This is the 1st time a state contract has then analyze for cost
This was the headline. State employees begin to cash in on their $525 million contracts. They 

make it look like we're just living high on the hog by the tone office the headline.  

Yes we did   get increases but co-pays are higher and there's a new $300 for each family member of $600 a year.
 well I got home fairly early and see the eat all of the dinner that Sharon wanted to split. I'm a little up my head so we were thought that issue

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday, September 29: Friends R Good and so is Working

 Well I woke up early enough to get to the meeting but it seems   Go dark out and I just didn't feel like rushing around like a chicken with   ts head running off. So, I just looked at some Internet means and distract my mind. After I got my stuff together I want going over to Ryebread   hink up some coffee and called Hoover. I took the uber share a r ride and he picked up another woman and we kind of got there slow. I was late and I really didn't care. It all  kind   f worked out when I got there because my supervisor wasn't even in yet. I then just told my story quickly and went on   with my work at hand. Feeling   flat but feeling grateful at the same time. So I had him canned food for lunch. It was okra soup for lack of a better term for it. Well, I did see  a couple people  at the end of the day and sent out my third 1628 and a and a well, I did see a couple people  at the end of the day and sent out my third 162 – a. After work I walked up to him a steady   isty rain. I was going to be meeting my friend Marissa at little pan Clodian. I don't really like that place that much . They make coffee really funky. And that's what they did. Instead of just   aving a prude coffee they make it like it's espresso because they leave the cup half full but it's really strong coffee not just the regular brewed  coffee.
well group is pretty crowded and he stuck to the 8:00 PM ending. This seems to be a new trend. I've come up with a few conspiracy  

theories. Either the Boston told him or his girlfriend. But unlike Donald Trump, I'm not gonna spread conspiracy theories. Will my friend told her really tragic story to me would you put my personal issues way down on the scale of life  

events. I hung out with her afterwords and we went to McDonald's and he went to her sponsors place. I then got to borrow her  
umbrella 🌂. I kept walking down 22nd and fortunately the 48 eventually show up at the parkway. I came home and had some of Sharon's 
delicious chili talked on the phone & watched a few videos. I went to

sleep sometime after midnight. It was an interesting day. We're now hitting cool and damp to end the month of September 2016.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday, September 28: An Epilogue Day

 Good day everyone. Good day to all of you. I woke up after a somewhat awkward suite  where I crashed really early feeling my chest tighten and exhaustion kicking in. Anyhow it was a pretty nice   orning in the old Fairmount section of Philadelphia I decided to skip the morning meeting because I   as pretty tired. I got to work about five minutes late and proceeded to work on my alerts as usual. I just felt reall y funny today between my chest tightening and breaking up sweat. I did make a doctors appointment for next Friday  at 1 PM. My cubicle night said maybe have a heart attack to the symptoms wedding and painting  of the chest but I don't feel that bad. Well I prodded along I didn't get as much done as I wanted to since I was mentally distracted. Today I have to retur n the home and five back to my items. Sharon went to the Bishops and I returned personal items and then went to the house   offee shop to chill and then go to the meeting at 6:30. Well the first thing I thought of listening to   vening with a little Janis Joplin. He's a blues singer who left her feelings out items and then went to the coffee shop to chill and then go to the meeting at 6:30. Well the first thing I thought of listening to evening with a little Janis Joplin. He's a blues singer who left her feelings out
   and are true and great. One of my favorite videos is from 1968 called "down on me." Anyhow the meeting was packed   nd right now I   ust feel kind of flatlined I just want to just be me and hang out and talk on the phone with some close friends with some Janis Joplin & look at some political humor or do none of that   nd watch TV who the hell knows. It's now 7:35 PM. Well I ended up hanging out with Sharon at the Bishops. That was mellow. I have not  done that in a long time. If you do that every week practically. She had a glass of wine  and I have some chili. It's nice to hang out with her. Been a trying week but I've got good   friends so all is good. I'm sure have very emotions but that's life in the big city!