Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday, July 30: Muggy Day to Walk

After a decent night sleep, I got up around 9:15 AM. I was going to go to the 10 and 1030 but my friend couldn't meet me at the time. She's going to go to
Demolition is Done
the blue sky at Trinity. I thought it well
what the heck show myself there and will be a different place to go. I headed for Saxby's and get a large
21st Century Gothic
iced coffee and read the newspaper and looked at the Internet customers were flowing in and out
Add caption
of this place. Well my friend came up and we talked a little bit and then headed to the Ethical  Society. It was
Sums it up
a 7th tradition. I saw some familier faces even though I haven't been to this  time in a while. I'm right now tempting to catch the 12 bus.
I got 219 S. at the Starbucks on time and my friend
City Hall
treated me with her Starbucks gift card. We talked a bit about our family and the political situation
One of the Convention Donkey's
as it stands. It went all right. I'm now walking to seventh Street to catch the 47 bus so then I can catch
the 48 bus home well my phone died at 2:52 PM. Well, I hope 47 but just showing up and then
9th and South
I waited 10 minutes and the 48 a month. I got home and Sharon  was very tired from her deal
9th and South 
with the gas company and her clients. She did have time to give me a quick haircut and your chain.
South Street
Because now I can shave without it being a real tortuous event. After that I went upstairs and unwind
Drones 4 Sale
a little bit and probably dozed off.  I needed to do this humidity really did suck the energy out of me. I remembered, that I
Waking From a Nap
had a commitment to set up chairs and help make coffee for 8 PM meeting tonight at
More Demolition 
Trinity. When I got there at 7:30 PM everything was all set up in the coffee was made. I went with
Decaf Iced Americano
the dude got some cookies. I decided I didn't want to sit in there so I left 15 minutes early.
Getting Cookies
 I went back to Saxby's & only then I discovered that I left  my backpack there. Man I was relieved!
4 Sharon
I didn't want to get 20 & the Parkway 48 with Amy  4 awhile. Hung out with Sharon  and watched the Phillies get 5 runs in the top of the eighth inning against the Braves.
Phillies Beating Braves

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday July 29th: Late 4 Work. Plugging Away

At Home
Good Day all. Well, I woke up and tried it that I needed more sleep. So I thought about last night going to a meeting every other dayô.
24th Street
I didn't really need to sleep pretty tired from the convention activities but I went to on
Wednesday. I got to work I was late but not of took Uber. I had to mitigate how
late I was going to be. Work was Okay. I got little bit done but there's too many distractions for me
Already Late
today. I really didn't get done but I was hoping to  get finished. I did
 however remember to eat my
Rush Hour on Fairmount
yogurt that was stored in the refrigerator. There were four of them  I'm was at 55th and Market getting
ready to go home on the Market Frankford EL.This man was telling the SEPTA clerk that he
At Work
just needs to get up to Kensington.  He looked like he just got out of the hospital. Watch his glee as
he is allowed into the station to catch the train
Well I got off the train at fifth and market Street. I then went to
Add caption
I needed something   decaffeinated to drink though I had some 
iced decaf Americano. I went to a
Market St in Old City
a place called the charter house café well I fat there and finish yesterday to block real quick. While
Add caption
I was sitting there, there were two guys sitting with a woman's her  name sounded like it was a
Add caption
Tuba. I think she's from Haiti or something looks pretty American to me quite frankly. Well I'll be
My Iced Coffee
at Larry's soon and I have a tuna hoagie and finish up this. Well that you know he was pretty darn good.
2nd Street
Very good! The AC is really nice 
in this house. Well I help run and get this link to send to the onion name our festival that's going to be on October 9 of this year. Speaking of October it'll be a lot cooler then. Supposed to cool
Hillary in Philly
My Tuna Hoagie
off a little bit this coming weekend

Thursday, July 28: A Tired Day. Group and Hillary Clinton

Well after getting very little sleep, I'm asked to get up and make it the sunrise about 15 minutes late. Well, the meeting was fine. Several of us talked about
Bus Stop
the election. It was a very animated conversation. One fellow seem pretty assured that the Democrats ground game
would beat Trump. Some of us more confident. I then saw turn off the work and made it on time. I
got word that the big boss was working around the office as she has want to do..

I bought 2 souvenirs from the convention today. One said "yes we can." and the other one was "stronger together."
La Colombe
Attempting to Edit Blog @ Work
It was a pretty exciting experience. I think I still had a rental and when I came home last night and this
morning. Well that's going on right now really really tired. 5:23 PM group but I'm tired but I'll end up going. I'm also going to pick up my backpack
Break at Work
at 1420 that I left yesterday. 
Well I went to Starbucks
and friend of mine from Group.
City Hall
 We talked for a while. I also got a really good photograph taken there as well. I was fortunate the rain
stopped. Group was pretty good tonight. I was told me tuition was a good thing.. That might help me
work on come on my sleeping and routine issues. One idea was to go to meetings every other day.
Then went home and Sharon and I want to Hillary Clinton speech right height. She worldwide Bill wore blue and help and Chelsea Clinton wore red. Sharon noticed that. The speech is pretty good I must say.
16th and Walnut
1420 Elevator
She looked well dressed. She did look presidential not wearing a pants suit. The New York Times notice
Hillary Clinton Acceptance 
as well is probably others that the Democrats were wearing the mantle of calling America "shining city on the Hill creating a law-enforcement
Add caption
and chance of "USA.. USA." Trump gave them that opening and thankfully they were smart enough to jump on it.  Well now the battle is
At Home
joining. This is going to be a very intense election. People will hate Hillary as much as they buffet on Obama. Racism isn't going to be the issue it sexism