Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday, October 25: Humpin it & Comedy at Helium

Well, I woke up this morning and took a quick shower and figured I didn’t
 have time to eat breakfast till I got to work. I caught the 48 at the end of
 23rd St. and then got off at 18th St. because I missed the stop. Well I  got to  work on time before my su
pervisor. I then tried to go through the slog of unfinished business
 from yesterday. I wasn’t able to go halfway
 through my list of 25 alerts that were sitting there staring at me. A couple
 people did come in. I was left alone so that was good. I always
 appreciate that part. It was definitely a much cooler today 
 han yesterday. It definitely felt more like fall. After work I stop in the coffee 
 hop and then went to Patrick’s. We are invited to go see a comedy show at helium. I had never 
 een there and I haven’t hung out with Mr. Crowe in quite some time. Waiting 
  really long ass line and we saw the liberal redneck dude I forgot his name. He was pretty funny and it was 

 omething different to do. It was pretty overpriced about 25 bucks to get In. All in all was 
a good night out. We walked around afterwards and saw the
 interesting architecture. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday, October 24: Busy at Work. Sorting it All Out

Well I woke up in time but I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. 
 t was pretty miserable and rainy when I first got up. I then eventually 
 ot up but I know I was going to be late to work because I need to leave the house till 8:30 AM. I was very fortunate 
 o catch the 48 bus just it was waiting for the red light at 23rd and Fairmount Street. I then took the bus,  then I caught the trolley. Next I caught the EL pretty quickly. I managed to get to work at 9:15 AM 
 nd my supervisor was there so I have the sign and 15 minutes late. I didn’t proceeded 
 o grind away at the alerts and found out I got 20 more alerts put up though I started the day with a total of 60 showing up. I finished about 15 
 f them so I had 60-15 left. I’m very thankful they are not screaming sanctions in my ear with on slot of end of the month end of the
 quarter terminations. As I predicted and expected the dating thing has really cooled off. It is the pattern. I probably need a break from it considering I have
 to figure out a 
 ath and a strategy for my move and figure out where I can spend my money and all that. 
 o my whole spending patterns etc. it’s going to be a lot different I want to the Apple Store to find out how I 
 et those “predictive words“ into my Apple I found out through the genius is that I have to turn on the work predictive. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday, October 23: Bizarro World

Hello there I got up and call me self ready to go to work. It looks
 pretty cloudy but it’s not raining out. I ended up having 
 o walk all the way down near the whole foods before the bus came up. I just 
 issed a 48 and seven I was told. Well I got into work a little bit late. It maybe was five minutes. I got in before 
 y Supervisor so that’s all that matter. And then try to get some of these 
 0 alerts that have to face this week. The clouds are pretty thick and it look 
 ike it might rain. The rain did hold off this morning which was a relief. 

 ext I did get some of that stuff done with not too many interruptions. 
  didn’t get all the time but I did about a little over half done. I have my little
 samosas for lunch anMoved on with my work. Today’s gonna be the last 
 ay that I can really try to get stuff done because tomorrow I have a bunch of people and Thursday I have a shit load of people. I guess I’m hoping that Wednesday and Friday will be somewhat productive because next week is the last week of October. October is been an interesting lively month with results I couldn’t of predicted on October 1 it seemed to start with the horrible shooting in Las Vegas and went from there. 

Thursday, October 4: Thinking and I am Unfriended

Hello there I woke up to a beautiful sunrise from my window.
 That’s the best part about living in this one room. Sunrises are pretty 
 ood most days that’s for sure. I wake up and grab my camera and click click. 
 here’s a nice cool morning and I caught the bus as usual at the corner of 23rd and 

 airmount. Work was busy but it wasn’t bad for a Thursday. The alerts kind of slow down for a change and I worked and left on my merry way. I got this weird text from my transitioning friend. He basically defriended me in Facebook and wrote a cryptic message. I hope you gets better.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wednesday, October 3rd: More Training

Well it’s now October 22 when I’m writing this so I don’t know if I have much to say so I’m going 2
 look at my pictures and post them and see where it happens from there.Well I know that we had to have another training at work on this day. Seems like we have training like every month and they tell us within a week so you don’t have time to change your appointment 
 ates if need be. So the weather was a bit cool but it was pretty nice out that’s
 for sure. I want to boot I at lunches I want to the Budick at lunches
 per usual to get out and get some fresh air and got myself a couple snacks 
 long with my lunch. Will have to work I had a downtown and 

 ot us need peek at what they’re doing with love part. They’re renovating it and they’ve
 been doing that for the past two years. 
 t really did need to work that’s for sure. Then I caught the bus up to 
 rewerytown Routes going to go to the drive-through and me to date. October

 is traditionally been a month of High hopes in that department. It looks 
 ike we’re on that same path. Well the date was OK but the enthusiasm for 
 lacking and she didn’t ask a lot of questions. That’s generally 
 ot a good sign when they’re doing a checklist. I was never 
 ood at tests so I’m not expecting all that much to turn up after that

. Well photos were taken of the room in a Las Vegas hotel that a man shot and killed 50 people back on October 1. Going to politics this country nothings going to change and respect to gun laws. I am looking around for possible places to live and Brewerytown at this moment