Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday, October 31: Halloween

Well I woke up after not a really good night sleep last night.. I knew I had to 
 arry-on because I have a lot of people coming in and I was to help Lisa move and 
  had an appointment. I knew I had to get those things straightened out. 
 o I just put 1 foot in front of the other and headed out from pats 🏡 October 
 as it very tough month for blogging. I seem to of lost my doozy as him

 as October rolled in. It went fast but a lot of stuff transpired. Some of it expected

 and some of it not so much. I pretty much expected my dating O’ Rama  to end 
 ecause it couldn’t go on like that forever. What I didn’t expect is that I would 

be moving in December. Well, I did help my friend move and she
 came back from Baltimore. It went very smoothly without clusterfucks at all. She did 
 ave a lot of stuff but it was organized and boxed. By the time we finished 
 here were a ton of kids trick-or-treating on a 
 ery kid friendly block. After we moved her stuff, and I ended up eating and then walking home.

Monday, October 30: A Breakthrough

Well I woke up at Pats pretty well rested which is a beautiful thing.
 I then went to coffee shop nearby and had a coffee. I want to work and went into for bureaucratic mode since I had 
 o finish this report that was due  this month. 
 ctually it’s due Wednesday but I know on Tuesday I’m not gonna get 
 uch of anything done on that. I decided I would leave early from work to

move stuff out. I said came out Sharon had just came home from her appointed
 rounds and we had a discussion about the moving situation 
 hich ended up going pretty well I must say. I then went to the Monday night 
 beginners and was the lead for the meeting. It went OK couple stutter 
 teps but it didn’t go too badly. I didn’t get much moved but I did rent 
  car in the last minute and moved a couple of boxes and some large framed 
 rt and photographs at the storage unit that I rented. I want to Pats and heads my usual Kababish food 
 nd I had a lot of trouble trying to get to sleep. I seem to be on it on again off again pattern of good nights sleep not so good night sleep. I had to clean up after the leaking dog and Pat was asleep but everything was A-OK I must say.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Saturday, October 28: Time to move

hi  Well after Friday nights activity I woke up with a flaming headache. I knew I
 had to do something and that something Wes to get ready to leave and immediately before November 
d up and down Fairmount Avenue
 oxes from the CVS and the liquor store. I have a lot of photos 
 o pack that’s what I did I went to the post office and get a change of address
 form. I’ll have to do it again in two weeks. I then packed all my 
 hotos in the boxes took all the photos off the wall. I just wanted to get as much done
 as possible because I’m trying to avoid as much fall out as possible.
 That is my M.O! So I rented and Enterprise Car Share car I parked it. I’ve been collected
 everything that I don’t absolutely want nor need and  put it  into white trash bags. Man I 
 ad a lot of stuff that basically been taking up space and I never used or never even noticed.

 In other words   I didn’t miss him. I then went to a storage place
 and rented two months for storageThey say they have a sale but between the taxes and the fees it’s basically the listed price. Morning.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday, October 27: I Owe! I Owe! It’s off to work I Go

Hello everybody my name is Mark. I live in Fairmount… Poops that’s one
 of my canned messages on OkCupid. Sometimes they work like last month and sometimes they 
 on’t like this month. Anyhow it’s 8:58 AM I’m
 entering work right now and I’m gonna sit down and have some cereal which will be very yummy because I’m pretty damn hungry! Well I got to 
 ork and had periodic interruptions throughout the day. About four of my folks came waltzing in today. We also stopped issuing trance passes in our office except in rare 
emergencies. I had to make changes to my narrative
 y narratives. That kind of slowed me down and stuff. It’s beautiful right now
 outside I’m headin to catch the EL and head home. I believe I’m going straight to
 Tonight was the holiday book event with Veronica. It was located at the
 bookstore next-door to Larry‘s. There a lot of people there it was pretty good crowd that’s for sure. I went
 last year as well. Some folks from group showed up as well. 
 ot as many but there were a few people and it was nice. Lisa joined us and we ended up walking back to her place from old city. It was not a bad walk at all