Saturday, June 23, 2018

Friday, June 22: Breakfast at Saxbys and Overnight In Media

Good morning. The day has finally arrived I’m not broke for a little while. I slept in last night and 

 hat was a good thing. I need to do that more often for a little while since

 apparently I’m susceptible to something out there. I’m guessing it does because the last time I felt half

 the shit I was a patch and I think I pretend to Dustin just messed up my sinuses big-time. Anyhow I decided to breakfast at the factory since I didn’t eat at home. I didn’t want to be hungry while working

  through today. Hopefully my supervisors night and I can just ate in 20 minutes late. If I can’t, oh well I’ll  ust put in my 20 minutes

 on the time sheet. I’ll leave early if I start feeling punky like I did yesterday & the day before. Well it’s 925 let’s hope I can get some stuff done today and head to my moms in peace. Well I got

 quite a bit done considering that I didn’t feel great but I was definitely 

 etter than yesterday. We have some pretty good laughs to which I must say was fun. I

 actually left 10 minutes before five I got all my alerts done and a sanction

 to people before the deadline. Well I boarded the train at 56 and market 

 nd it really did smell really bad. It really smelled like chemicals. I arrived 
 owntown and went to 5 below at 16th and Chestnut Streets. I got my cheap  umbrella and 2 bottled waters.  Next I went to get some coffee. I got  that and then headed to the 

 arket Frankford Line. Well I got to train plenty of time to catch six at 2 PM train but realized I forgot my umbrella on the train. I saw one  of the car numbers and then I looked through each car until 

  finally did find it! 😀 They caught  he training time and the rain so far is hold off
let me to go to media eat
  inner and then I’m supposed to meet Pat around 10 o’clock in world outside my bubble, the Pennsylvania state legislature passed the state budget a week ahead of time! I think this is the first time they passed it on time
since Governor Wolf took office. Can you get see what happens when 

both sides attempt to cooperate with each other a little bit. Well it started to pour rain and I did promise my Mother I would stay overnight so I thought

 it better for my health club to be working in the rain but I’m fighting off this cold. David up going out to eat but the

 diner and I had a chicken pot pie which is very good not really just won’t be moving at all. No I told her we could save money.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Thursday June 21: Big Brother Watches Me

Well I got up in time just to go to work because I was very tired  till from this little bit of cold I have. I got 

 ressed and got in before my supervisor did which was fortunate. I got 

 n around 9:10 AM. I then saw two people and set up a couple notices to finish off the next set of 25 alerts. You know it’s the end of the month and

 the end of the fiscal year when they’re going to clean their caseload 

 ut and I will be the recipient of rejection the terminations. While I was doing that it was a lively discussion about childbirth experiences in the next row keep it off. It was 

 ascinating… Not. Anyhow this little cold kind of kicking my ass right this moment. Michael’s it get better by Sunday morning. That will take some

 relaxation and what not. I did manage to get some work done but I got 24 alerts in two days. It’s the end of the month coming up and the end of the fiscal year as well so they tend to just close out people in mass. They say they don’t do it but 20 years of experience has shown e that 

 ndeed is true. I hate errantly have a follower. The office of where I live has been checking out my blog so I am being monitored by big brother right now so I’m just going to avoid taking any Photos 

 ithin a 500 yard radius of the building since they do web cameras all around the building. I’ve never experienced anything like this work I’m

 being monitored and watch so I’m gonna live like I live in a totalitarian country where everybody’s monitoring my actions. Interesting times we live in


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday, June 20: Work Root Canal Plus Movies

Well after going to bed at a reasonable amount of time and that is one right now. It went pretty 

 ell I talk to couple people and then rolling out to work. I was able to  get there on time ecause when the sunrise that I have plenty of time to get to work. I want to work at my second summer cold

 I was fully bloomed. I had was stopped up my nose is running and I 

 hink I forgot to take my meds morning. So I hung in there and got some work done today.  I made sure I  as much as I 

 ould and actually had a Pepsi for the first time in three weeks. I just needed

 something flavorful and the diet Pepsi was out. I managed to whittle down my section little

 bit today and took care of some paperwork process. My head is really stuffed up 

 nd my nose is running like crazy here I was gonna leave around 2 o’clock and I thought I could

 get some stuff done by 230. The next thing I noticed it was 3:20 PM and I have got to to go already. Believe it or not Trump relented and signed an executive order that supposed to end the family separation. This just 

 appened a little after 3 PM today according to news report that I read. Of course, not indicating any kind of the winter of the issue of immigration. He can never admit he is wrong.Apparently this executive order doesn’t change much. Apparently the administration  will do indefinite detention
 this is according to an article in Slate I just read assess 6:13 PM. Well the root canal’s over!!That was a bit of a rough one they worked 
n a molar so it didn’t

 last too long I just got to the Novocain shakes and I can’t feel

 my top right my 👄 Other than that I feel glorious🤣I just got up 

 rom a nap and ate some leftovers real quick. My friend drop by and we 

 alked up to 11 and look at where I was able to get some coffee 

 t Saxbys .Just as we walked out the bus was coming. We went to 323 South Street 

 which is the South St., Cinema.  Little movies were all pretty good. Each 

 ad a different thing to him but they were Boulevard in blood and Gary people etc.  Natlie left early. I got home

 and had more food and talked on the phone 4 awhile. Hola good time was had. Nice way to break up that otherwise difficult day for me.