Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday, March 13: Fixing a Hole Where the Pain Gets In

Good morning. It’s the day of the third and least effective nor’easter. It’s basically flurries and drizzle. Went to the 

 unrise and heard a really good share that may help me deal with my better 

 ailure. Anyway today I have people coming in. In more on uplifting

 news the president backed down to the NRA. Come on are you really 

 urprised? He had lunch with the NRA and started speaking a different tune is as bad as the

 rest of them😖😣. I swear it’s gotten colder since I got off the L. But right

 now it’s just snow flurries at 9 o’clock. The big news flashing on my phone is that Trump fired Rex Tillerson   as secretary of state. He is one of the few adults in 

 he room. I work through a couple appointments and I complete another page or alerts. Then they were added like six more. Anyhow I fetch food for my  office mates around 3 o’clock. It’s been an OK day so far. Well 

  ended my day by doing a couple more alert and 

 mplementing 2 sanctions. I was about to implement a third but it’s in the midst of being close and there’s an 

 ppointment for the 15th. So I’ve got to keep a close eye on that the 

 eadline is the 16th I believe. Anyhow I don’t have any people scheduled and two

 people didn’t show up today who were supposed to. I then left work feeling 

 ess tired than I did yesterday and a little bit better mentally. I’m gonna show up late to the 5:30 PM meeting and then go to my appointment 7:45 PM

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday, March 12: A Regular Day w/ Overcast Sky

Well I wanted to get up on time so I could go to the sunrise but I was little bit late so I’ll try again 

 omorrow to be on time. It was sparsely attended but not bad at all. Anyhow, I walked down 19th St. to catch the trolley with my mind kind of in couple places at once. I got to 

 ork thinking I was gonna work on and sanctions but I had a couple

 people walking interrupt and then I got about 10 more alerts to get out of 

 he way. I also have a weekly report that I just got today. Well I 

 ot rid of the alerts and it’s 2:57 PM. I’m going to the Bodega that’s where

 I’m not now. Well he finished off a couple little things and finish 

 ne  anction packet. I’ve got to do a little bit better than that if I want to get them done on time. Anyhow I’m trying to make 

 he early night ou without being more than five minutes 

 ate. That may be a tall order well believe it or not, I made it in time for the anniversaries and 

 he end of the announcement so I made it there. The

 room was hot as hell and a couple people took really long shares I’m used to taking a nap after work and I was

 fighting tiredness and the mugginess because the room is small and the windows were closed. Now 

 ’m off to the 6:45 PM Monday night I just got a coffee and I’m out in their blow the misty drizzle 

Sunday, March 11: 6 Years & Far From Perfection

Well it’s been six years since that infamous Saturday night where I was supposed to meet

  my friend and she didn’t know where I was. Well I was indisposed at the 

 Roundhouse. Anyway, I’m still working on the prisoner of my mind. Anyway, I got up 

 nd I went to blue sky and then decided I would go to the coffee shop where I left my backpack. 

They close at 4 PM and I decided to take a train and walk 

from City Line Avenue since the 44 bus was not running that well due to 

 he St. Patrick’s Parade. I got there just at 4 o’clock and then my battery started to

 die. As I was leaving with the backpack that didn’t have a coordinate, a nice woman

 had her that I had needed power and she let me borrow record which 

 as very very nice of her. After that I waited for the 44 bus for 35 minutes because 

 t was running behind due to the a for mentioned St. Patrick’s Day

  arade. I had to miss the 530 meeting which I really wanted to go to because it was my first one 
 ever went to. I came home and immediately took a nap. The nap was definitely helpful that’s for sure.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Saturday, March 10: A Long Kind of Day

Good day ladies and gentlemen this is Mark speaking to my phone on Saturday,  March 10. It was this day six years ago I had my last drink. In fact it was on a Saturday and it was March 10, 2012. Anyhow a lot is changed and somethings

 haven’t as well. Anyhow a retrospective is not the point here. Well after 

 aking up in the middle the night and having early early breakfast I got up to the phone call of a penpal that I met on 

 Facebook and wrote to last year. And then I also wrote to this person in 2016. She called and her 

 and her daughter were in town so I met up with her. She’s very nice has a very thick accent and we met at Saxbys 

 nd we had a nice time. Talking about last minute and spontaneous 

 tuff I was digging it. She did call early and I just wasn’t really up for getting up at that moment but I’m glad the person called. She lives 

in upstate New York in a town called Hunter New York. They got 

 8 inches of snow up there. Well her grandson is a member of the Philadelphia boys choir and they have rehearsals. 

 o she came down to see your daughter lives in Marlton New Jersey. It was interesting 

 ow the kids parents on loud to go with them not allowed to get phone calls or texts from the parents. I was told because some 

  of the kids are as young as seven and eight years old when they join the Philadelphia 

 oys choir. Very interesting I must say. Well after that I didn’t know what to do with myself so I 

 ust slowly wobbled home and started feeling tired again. Instead of 

 going straight home I just took a lot of photographs as I was 

 inding through Center City. It was a lovely day, a bit cold, but a nice day for taking 

 hotos so that’s what I did. I find it brings me a lot of contentment and peace 

 henever things don’t. Well I went by myself with Larry and Veronica to South 3rd

 and South to see a remake of plan nine from outer space. Is one of those 

 eally “bad horror sci-fi things. DMC guy or the introduction dude was 

 retty cool actually. It was enjoyable. I then went home talked and crashed.

 I had a feeling I was going to need to sleep for tomorrow my anniversary

 day my wedding anniversary day and a day that will be remembered on its own.