Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday, December 14: Holidays Creeping Closer!

Greetings philosophical masters of the planet. This morning Trevor Noah posted
the above statement that report came out about eating pizza. I love pizza! I 

 anaged to get up get a little bit of money and head to sunrise

 a little bit late. I then met up with Mike and help Tim out a little bit. We

 sat and had coffee. I’m gonna be running late again. I’m like a kind meanest that way. I’m supposed to meet a new friend at La Colombe coffee Girard Avenue in the Fishtown section when I
get off the EL. I hope to work on my sanction report today because my coworkers get notified of when 

 y sanctions are running late so I’m constantly having to chase them and either get them in or get them scheduled. I hope to work on sanctions next week and 

 hrow them some kind of bone. Well I got seven new alerts and managed to get rid of them. Then he 

 worked on my sanction list and I’m in pretty good shape except for a couple troublesome cases. I’m hoping that I can get cleaned 

 p on my reports and work on sanctions next week if possible. The alerts haven’t come in in batches of 15 and 20 lately so that good me an opening. I’m sure in about

 two weeks or three weeks nobody’s going to going to just going to be slammed because of the holidays. We had a holiday party and that was pretty fun. Enjoyed it very much. 

  ate a whole A lot of food. I slowed down towards the end of the day after 

grinding and working all day.  most people were in the Christmas spirit. 

 obody was paying attention to me working which was just Jim dandy by me.  I’m heading towards Girard Station on the EL and go to  a Colombe. In 
other news that’s outside me, Trump named his new Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.  He was the budget director who wanted Cut the budget for everything except national defense and the border wall. Well the Wisconsin Republicans restricted the powers of the incoming Democrats. This affects

 the Democratic governor and the attorney general who won 

 n November are such dicks! It’s 6:23 PM and I’m sitting here at La Colombe it’s 

 retty empty and I have not heard from the person who supposed to

 meet me here. They were supposed to meet me at six. I think
 I’m usually always dude in this place right now. Well I made a video of my experience coming in here. Well I just got a call from Nadine it was real good friends with her and she thought it was tomorrow night. Oh boy oh well at least I got my blogging done I’m gonna go home now. I need some dinner and do something else. Nadine’s going to give me her phone number so maybe I can contact her

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday, December 13: An Enlightening Morning and Many appointments

It’s Thursday and nearing the end of the week. I managed to get

 up on time and got a little bit distracted so I was supposed 

 o meet my friend my sponsor at 7 o’clock but I push the 715. That worked out fine. It was a fine meeting. Then

 I went to morning meeting I don’t get to go to a lot. It was a good meeting. 

 omething different. I might have to go back there. Well I just want to stay

 for the entire meeting instead of leaving early. They do like to chat 

 fterwards and I would’ve loved to stay longer. I’ll definitely have to do it on a day I am off from

 work. Today probably wasn’t the best day to be late because I do have people coming in starting around 9:30 AM. Knowing my clients 

 omeone just come early thinking they’ll get out quicker. I’m 

 fraid that’s not the case because I generally don’t get in till nine anyway. I predicted

 I be at work by 9:40 and that’s probably what’s gonna happen. I

 just felt the first drops of rain. I have now for umbrellas but none of them are with me oh well.

 I already have one client in the office it’s off to work I go. Anyhow 

 he day moves on. Well when I walked in there were three people in already. I thought for moment 3/4 of the

 folks would come in. Well a total of nine people came in six at good cars and three were  sent to the program. The folks w/ disabilities were very high usually it’s the opposite ratio. Anyhow I plan 

 o do the day and it’s been a day we found out that somebody upstairs a man now got assaulted outside our building. I took the train w/ a fellow employee who was in a big hurry

 and even had time to stop at a coffee shop. It’s 524 usually I’m running late to my appointment. This coffee 

 loses at 6 PM. They’re getting their trash bags ready and hair bun 

 et up for a night out of work. I’m not sure what meeting on going to Wes says he’s not going. there

Well it’s been a good day but I know I’m a little worried a friend of 

mine’s going to disappear. But there’s not much I can do about it 

it’s out of my control. Well new outside my head, it looks like the Trump people are

having more problems with the law. Trump Inaugural Committee Under Investigation for Possible Finance Crimes. They got this 
 information by digging through

 Michael Cohen‘s hotel and Office. Congress passed the Farm Bill. It’s a huge bill That funds $400 billion 

 or farmers, poor, & forests. They did not answer house republican measures to add heavy duty work requirements for the snap program. That’s a relief for the poor but also for the caseworkers we’d have to administer that mess.

Well in more news from Trump world Trump wants to replace John Kelly who quit his Chief of Staff. He’s looking into hiring Chris Christie. My supervisor is thinking that he should. So I sent her a couple people from work the article.