Monday, September 24, 2018

Sunday, September 23: Three Meetings and Not Much Else

I started my day with an 8 o’clock text message 

 rom Patrick. I then was too lazy to get the find my keys and gave them a 20 and decided

 I’d go to the Fairmount clubhouse. This  as this meeting was quite crowded unlike yesterday‘s  meaning which is pretty empty. Maybe ask because it was pretty sunny day yesterday on like 

 oday. It was a staff meeting at believe we spread step 5. Afterwards I stayed with this woman who has a walker and we ended up ordering lunch since it was on an 

 our and a half break between that meeting in Al-Anon meeting.

 So I ended up getting lunch at the pub place which used to be Ryebread.

 They ripped us off two bucks for delivery charge you know I came and 

 icked it up. Went to the Al-Anon meeting which was interesting. It was the 

 peaker. It wasn’t bad. She talked about anxiety and I shared about The same

 thing she kind of gave me a weird look but anyway I left there and came home and took a 

 adly needed nap. When I woke up an hour and 15 minutes later I 

 idn’t know what day it was practically. I eventually got up and

 talked on the phone and snacked a little bit. Didn’t do much and then 

 ent to the 60 minutes and made the coffee for the first time in a while I was going to help Pat move some furniture but he was tired after a long weekend of housesitting and pet sitting. I then wobbled home ending another rainy day 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saturday, September 22: New iPhone and Movie In Bryn Maur

Well after decent night of sleep, I got up ready to try to hit the
men’s meeting. Instead I got a call that I need to meet a friend at 52nd St. So I got up and I made my own coffee. It was decent but a bit strong. I’ve been 

 ventually caught the market Frankfurt line 2 52nd St. in West 

 Philadelphia. I meant my friend took care of business and then took the 

train back into Center City. Once I did that I needed to eat something because the coffee I made with really really strong and my stomach was empty. Meanwhile I talked to Jenn and Donna for a moment. I went to the Indian store and got some frozen food for lunch. And I got some dinner food  from that Kababish. I 

 illed up my refrigerator and quickly changed into something a little warmer since it was going to be fairly cool in the evening. 
I had to rush to make the train on time. I took a cab and made it by about 30 seconds. I definitely had too much caffeine because I was getting all wired out because I thought 

 hat the movie starting at 6:15 PM which was the timer supposed to meet. Anyhow we saw a movie

 called the wife at 7:15 PM. Glenn Close was really intense in that movie.

 It was like a psycho thriller about really what intensity relationships can 

 e. It reminded me of another movie where the woman did the artwork in the man walked 
round saying he did the artwork it was those paintings with the huge eyes. I forgot the 
name of the movie. Anyhow if you versus hung 
 round outside and talked a bit and then I caught the train back home to Center City. After that I ate one of my Indian foods and talked on the phone a bit and crashed

Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday, September 21: working hard

Hello there. After doing better we have lower I woke up pretty well rested. I got up and 

 ade it in time to chair the meeting on time. I’m chairing the meeting at Sunrise every other Friday. Where the lead the meeting and it was nice actually

 met someone new. She seemed pretty nice. That’s about as far as we go 

 here. It’s nice that I can get along on a civil matter it’s a  start. I 

 hen went to Saxbys and had a delicious coffee. Speaking of morning coffee I’m gonna really try to start making
it home just me but got a buy separately so 

  milk because the almond milk is really disgusting in coffee. Anyway I went to work and got some stuff done. I got the training done pretty quickly and cook couple of my over payments were sent back. I fixed a few of them but couple I let go I think three people back to the program and I did a last-minute car fare for a chronically pain in the butt client so she’ll go on Monday. I then went straight to early night out which was very crowded but really good. A nice woman offered me a seat and that was cool and then I shared. This is a mild accomplishment for me. They seem to appreciate it. Anyhow after that I met up with Pat lent him the 40 bucks and we ate Indian buffet. He then got me some freebies and we went to the fresh grocer at 40th St.. And then came home and laid myself down by 11:30 PM hooray

Thursday , September 20th: Gee It’s Cloudy AgainšŸ¤¢ and Pop Up Resentments!

Well I woke up with the alarm but I’ll still late to the meeting. Even

 though it’s late I still caught some good stuff. I got reimbursed for the conference and that was really good. I then on the way to work on the 21 five watch

 the little full frontal. If the show with former daily show corespondent Samantha Bee. She’s married to another Daily Show correspondent

 Jason Jones which proves that people stick with their own kind it’s very funny how that is I don’t what kind I am but that I digress. She did a good segment on single payer Health care. I really 

 njoyed it. Now back to work. That’s what I’m looking for I think men are for animal husbandry.

 What else were we were four anyway, it was a little bit busy I’d reach people. That will be so bad. I took care 

 f one or two the alerts. I’ve been found that I had on the bench of over

 payments that were half done. Turns out I had 32 that I had done. This confirms my future plan to do a little bit of overpayment each week instead of waiting 
 to 20 or 30 at a time.   Anyhow I got a couple meant from someone is pretty tough for me at times which was nice. I left with my buddy Peter who we had a little spat

 and I went to downtown and got a coffee. Well I went to my therapist today. I told   her I hadn’t been sharing
 much  @ meetings I’m so up my head and full ofanxiety that I just don’t do it I’m blocked one day or anxious another day etc. etc. And she told me 

 hat I know from meant intellectually knows that the more vulnerable you make yourself the more approachable. But my gut nts to do the app complete opposite and just curl up into a ball. I’m just venting right now but I just got it so I’m 

 onna go to living sober down on 19th St. and share I’m sure I won’t fall apart and die but Mr. Anxiety waiting for me all right talk to you later. Well I went to that meeting and with pretty good. I shared and it wasn’t the end of the world as I sometimes as I think it might be at times. I then went home with my suggestions from
my session today. I sat and chow down and talk to Amy for a while. It was refreshing to talk to her. And I did go to bed pretty close to 1130 which 
was good and I hope I can maintain this habit and I think need to make a must do! I must do such as going to work and going to my meetings and eating