Wednesday, May 31, 2017

(Backup) Wednesday, May 31: last day of a cloudy May

 Well here we are in the last day of May 2017. The state will not   xist again. It's been an interesting month but I think we're  ready to move on to June. I anticipate June will be hotter and sunnier than this may has been. I got to work a little bit late and got in that snap nailed. My supervisor bit in the crusty mood so    had to if you take time off. Anyhow after that    got into work and just try to take care of business since I didn't have any clients coming in. I've got I 90 person list to annotate before the end   f the week. I anticipated that means today or tomorrow. It's not gonna get done today  I can tell you that much but I've completed 20 so I only have 70 left woo hoo! The phone hasn't rang too much and I only had one walk in so that has made it a little bit better. I'm   till fighting this cold and right   ow as of 2:20 PM I just felt as good as I felt in the last 10 days. Well I finished off for   anctions I believe. So tomorrow I'm kind of hoping that nobody shows up so I can finish my report.    got distracted at the end but at least gave her for sanctions it hopefully willhi   leave me alone for the rest of the month ha ha. The new month is coming along tomorrow. I had to read surprise when I check my bank balance I managed to have them remove $70 worth of overture overage charges. Hard to believe isn't it is really sunny outside it's beautiful outside and even how to comprehend it it's not foggy cold misty and all the other fun stuff we had in the month of May. My first meeting till since Sunday and it's Wednesday today it's at the Eagle clubhouse home everybody know if you druther pilot years except for me. Anyhow my name gonna go home and take my meds late. And then see what happens next. It's now 619 the movie meeting starts at 6:30. 

Tuesday, May 30: Another Cool Cloudy May Day

  Today is the second to last day of May 2017. It's a cloudy   ool morning today. I am still fighting off this cold that I caught a week ago today. I'm guessing  I really caught it we can a half ago. That would be when I was at the cabin in   anitoulin Island. Anyhow I went to the Ryebread for the last time I  bought myself a coffee and oatmeal cookie. I just realized I left my oatmeal cookie there    also realized I forgot my meds this morning. Oh bummer! Ryebread is   losing today and re-opening at 1711 Fairmount Ave. it's a logical to have my morning coffee   here since it's four blocks away from the old spot. Enough I went to the clubhouse   here's two coffee shops closer. Anyhow I did schedule a   umber of people today. And the reports are all due this week. Do anything negative  about having Mondays off is that I lose a day of no appointments. Yes today would've   een a good day to hide under a rock and sleep forever. It's cloudy  cool spitting rain.  believe it or not it's not the rainiest May on record! My head don't feel that wonderful. 6 or 7 people 
  howed up today. Walking is well. I was OK nothing great got through it. My  supervisor Now going to be late to my appointment because the else seems to be on stall mode. It's now 5:19 PM. Went to my appointment which was pretty good. I paid $80 for the last couple of   ppointments. And then hung out at the coffee Joe. I was pretty good I killed some time   nd then came home and have some Indian that I brought home. That was really yummy 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Monday, May 29: A Quiet Dull Day in May

Yes Well I slept in after off-again on again sleep. I wasn't terribly  motivated so I set around the house watching videos and watch it rain for a moment   nd then it stopped raining. The weather remain cool & cloudy. Around 2 o'clock I started feeling    certain pill that I hadn't really felt like my throat my head was starting to hurt and   tuff so I've crashed for two   ours till about 5 PM. I next decided that I had to get my 5 tons of laundry taken care of today while I had a holiday. I called  Uber &spent 10 bucks on Uber and got a little bit of food at the Kabobeesh since  the Dana Mandi store was closed. I lucked out and got the 21 just in  time and then I caught the seven back home. I went to the CVS to pick up milk and  ice tea and got Sharon some ginger ale & Reese's. She cooked up some delicious looking chicken and that's what I'm gonna  have for dinner and nice well-balanced dinner and then chill out.   t's back to work again tomorrow.

Sunday, May 28: No Date and...Then AC Moore

 Well I managed to get up despite the drowsiness of the nighttime medicine   hat I'm taking cost me. I got up first at around 5 AM & had an early breakfast then went back to sleep and woke up again around 10:00 AM. My plants with Wes are supposed  to happen this afternoon   ince he texted me earlier today that he didn't sleep very well at all. I know that feeling. I agreed  to meet someone at the clothespin since she lives up in Northeast Philly.   t is now 12 noon. It's now 12:20 PM I'm watching the clouds hover over City Hall and the clothespin.  I'm gonna wait till approximate 1230 then I'm going to go to AC Moore's   nd get some frames get some coffee and head back to  home. Just chilling here while a  guy nearby says: "Free smiles, free Wi-Fi." Which it's cool under the tree here near the   lothespin. Well I end up getting blown off by the woman. It was just as well if   ou get a good AC Moore to be frames to my work    don't think I'm ready for that intimate relationship because I'm too sensitive. Well anyhow that's for a professional.  Anyhow, it's raining again but   t's not too cold and I brought an umbrella so I'm not gonna get soaked. I'm really   lad I got tomorrow off I'm sleeping in again. I'm gonna head home and I don't know what I'm   oing to eat but I'm first going to catch the seven bus and hope it's not running too late.   he seven bus showed up on time which was a timely manner I'm really pleased  about that. I came home and talk to Sharon and her dog butters is acting really cute. I then watched a lot of videos and went to bed and ate some pasta.