Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday , May 20: A Full Day in Manitoulin Island

 After an extremely cold evening in this cabin of mine I did get up in time to  head out to the first meeting which was going to start at 9 AM. It's as cold as I've slept in many a moon. But I pushed on because why not. Before I 
 went to the first meeting, 
   was fortunate enough to be able to buy an ice tea and a granola bars for breakfast. Also the coffee had real   milk so I was able to have some coffee. There's no major coffee place like Tim Hortons 
  n the island. I've heard of people driving all the way to Espanola just to go to the Tim Hortons there. It's been y'all is over an hour away. Anyhow  the 1st meeting was pretty good  then it was a small break or I took care of mother nature and look through some of my photos. The   hiladelphia panel with second. I was on the panel   ast in the last minute minute it was the highlight of my experience last year. I need to find that CD soon. Anyhow, after the Philadelphia  panel a group at the next  cabin we're setting up lunch time with hotdogs and hamburgers. My contribution was a box of Triscuits and a six pack of mini Pepsi cans. I was able to  go to the store and get some food provisions for myself to get me through the 24 hours or so. Really took my nap and it   as really very good. I was really tired. I   ad some yogurt and some more and Gina and downloaded some photos and edit them. I  then got a ride in from John. Dinner was really good we were the second table I had vegetarian lasagna string beans and  mashed potatoes. This is her was nice it was fruit with a little quip on the top. The   ext was the sobriety countdown where they start from 50 years and go down. The oldest and the   ewest person to get together. The person with the most sobriety  hands the   ig book to the one with the least amount of Sebright he. Lots of applause all around. Well after   hat ended it was a little bit a joke telling and delay until 8 o'clock start time   f the official meeting and the keynote speaker so to speak for the night. I decided I come out  since there was no smokers and just breathe and the beautiful air here do my Mark thing.    didn't feel so good I was really tired and getting depressed so I was very lucky to get a ride  back to the cabin nice and early. I ended up   atching old flyers videos in a bit of Bill Maher it was nice.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday, May 19: leaving Sault Ste. Marie Arriving at Manitoulin Island

 Good day everybody well I got up pretty early around 830 got my stuff together met up with April  and we did a little shopping and drinking coffee at Tim Hortons. I got some T-shirts for   heap it's a Canon it on so lease there a cheap souvenirs. I'm waiting for my ride to come at 11 o'clock. My ride   Cathie came up pretty soon after 11 o'clock. As a goodbye to Jeff. He was really   ospitable. When we drove for quite some time and we stopped at various cool places that she knew about from the   revious trips to Manitoulin Island. It's a beautiful sunny day it's cool but it really feels   ice. Rather be in this weather than 90° and humid back in Philadelphia. First stop   as what was the first stop was at the salon we went somewhere before the salon but I don't  remember OK will have to go up. Well the sights we went to in the way of really nice and then we went to a Frey stand and I got fries and a chicken burger and she got a bagel sandwich and tiny fries. The small fry's held a lot of fries that's for sure.I have to go back to that.   We picked up two given hitchhikers on the way they were very nice.  anyhow we arrived at the place around 445. I signed up for the $40 registration fee and I'm keeping an  eye out for when the Philadelphia people show up and register. When I ran into Pat and got my stuff loaded in his car. He told me he went   o a sweat lodge. Cathie told me to same thing.   he is going to many of them I've never been to one maybe this year maybe another year  I'll do one. It's 533 and the Friday night opening meeting is at 8 o'clock which is a good thing   ince I'm going to nap and set up my bed etc. Eventually I'm gonna want to buy groceries and pay the rent for the  cottage.It's now 7:30 PM and wait for the rest of the folks come out and we're all going to ride up   o the conference center for the beginning of the conference starting at 8 o'clock. Pretty nice day outside

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wednesday, May 17: 1st Day in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

 Well I arrived after midnight to Jeff's place in Sault Ste. Marie. I ended   p hanging out and I got myself settled and ready to relax. The couch was extremely comfortable and I slept very well. I got up  around 10 AM and we hung out and then Jeff and I went to the   convenience store called crazy Ernie's. Ernie long to go   ast it's owned by an Asian family. I got some required food such as milk cereal Pepsi ice tea   nd chips. Part of my nutritious diet. Jeff tells me it cost 275 for a cash fair   n the bus here. Hell that's more expensive than SEPTA & that's saying something!! I took  glorious shower and it's beautiful weather here I mean it's a little cloudy 
  ut it's about 65° and not humid.  When I went to the mall and decided that I would buy some clothes because I forgot to bring T -shirts when I packed. I also needed some socks and underwear is usual. It's cool  because the exchange rate is   eally good and it's Walmart so I bought a whole bunch of clothes for $52.00. I then   ent to the local casino which was in walking distance and got a good exchange   ate turn $52 into $71 Canadian so that was good. We went back to Jeff's place & hung out for a while.   e went to this funky little store that sells a little bit of everything from knives to computers   nd I bought a new wallet at this place. It's called a secondhand look. After that   e took the bus home and hung out for a bit. Just think got a hold of Flo and Flo picked   s up. We went down to harmony like we're slow got a new used trailer to spend our summers. It is a lot more sleeping space than the one I was in last year. We then went to Hayden and  drove around   nd I discovered fiddleheads that grown into the ground and treated like    a salad. We then hung around near Hayden Lake.. It was near where I went   nowmobiling last December. I met some more people there and they're all   ery nice. I meant Jeff's father and he's living the good life in retirement.   e lives up here but he has a place in Florida that he stays in five months of the year. Everybody  there was chilling out and relaxing. Quite a different   cene in the late spring   hat it is in the middle of December. that's what I last was there. We then came back to talk for a while at Jeff's apartment . I met one of his neighbors name Kim is also in the program. We next order chicken from crazy   rnie's convenient store. The wings were a bit dry but the drumsticks for a very very good. Later I watched a little bit of the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals in  their season on the NFL network. I then decided it was probably time to contact my  friend and see about when I can get up to Manitoulin Island. I already checked the bus to  get to Espanola but the bus only comes once today at 10:30 at night so that's not an option. She's been at school doing overnight clinicals and doesn't have a lot of money.