Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Impact Fees for New Jersey

I was writing a letter to Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew about impact fees and going to
Google I found an article asking people to urge Mr Van Drew to run against Congressman Frank LaBiando. I plan to write him later to just do that since Congressman LaBiando has won each election in a cakewalk so go here and send Jeff Van Drew a letter so we can have a real choice in 2006!!

Please write to your local officals and urge them to support state-wide impact fees to perserve our way of life!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Jan 11 Commute

Hello again. I am in one of my active periods on this blog. So I decided to take photos of my daily 50 mile commute from Millville NJ to Philly. I took these with one hand while my other had was on the wheel. It can get dicey but they did come out pretty good. These were taken on balmy Janurary11th 2006 morning. My 1989 Toyota Cressida has 168K on it and runs pretty nice. So enjoy this

Monday, January 09, 2006

Janurary 1994

On Jan 19th 1994 the high temp was 6 degrees! The Inquirer declared that it was the coldest high temp on record!!
It was even noticed by the British
"Tankers carrying oil to the hungry power plants on the Delaware River off Philadelphia are ice-bound. On Thursday, the federal government was shut down, turning Washington into a libertarian's paradise. Airports in the Northeast closed for a while, then slowly came back. Emergency shelters were set up in some states where travelers were forced off impassable highways. This cold covered the ENTIRE northeast

I Speak for the Trees for Trees have no Tongues

Well, No one spoke for the 8.3 Acres of trees that were accidently moved to make way for the Millville Town Center. I am wondering how no person saw this happining and reported it. The school wanted to keep the trees and no one called to report it while it was happening.
Now the intersection of 2nd St and High Street is an eyesore.
Progress I guess.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


I was in my shed and lo and behold I found these from Sports Illustrated. It was cool to see these again since this year has
been a dud for Eagles fans. Well enjoy